The King Of Fighters XIII On PS3 And Xbox 360 Adds Billy Kane

By Spencer . June 28, 2011 . 5:14pm

billykFamitsu has news about the home version of The King of Fighters XIII. SNK is adding Billy Kane to the roster. First seen in the Fatal Fury series, Kane brings a bo with him to battle.


The King of Fighters XIII will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 27 in Japan. Atlus confirmed they will release The King of Fighters XIII in North America this holiday season.


In addition to online play, The King of Fighters XIII will have mission and story modes, although details about those are scarce. When I played the game back at E3, I just got to try Mai out.

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  • Christian Wright

    adding characters and cant even balance the ones they have >_>

    • z_merquise

      Adding characters especially the fan-favorite ones is always a good thing. Balancing the game should always come next so I think there’s no need to worry.

    • Balance could be improved, but at least Yun isn’t in this.

    • The balance is great, Raiden’s dropkick is the only real problem. Have you played it? It really is very well off aside from raiden. Japan loves k’ too much.

      • KyoyaHibari

        LOL I’ve witnessed the horrors of Raiden’s dropkick they need to nerf that to the ground, massive damage, easy comboing to Super, and quick startup frames is just a nightmare

  • urbanscholar



    A much needed addition to the game. Hope Billy’s got his own team.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome though i think somebody already leak this a few months ago.

    if they put Vanessa and Oswald i would be soooo happy!!!!!!!

  • KyoyaHibari

    I was expecting more characters added with the port, Billy is a good addition, I hope they add Hotaru, Tung, Vanessa, Angel, Bao, Jhun, and possibly May Lee :D

    • PrinceHeir

      May Lee’s Voice Actor Died though :(

    • mikanko

      May Lee isn’t really an SNK original character.  She was created on behest of the Korean company Eolith to have female Korean representation, and it’s unlikely we’ll see her or other Eolith characters again as SNKP kinda likes distancing themselves from them, plus might have to pay for the rights to use them.

      Sucks because she’s easily one of my favorite characters in 2002. Angel has a better shot because of popularity, but is still highly unlikely because of this.

  • eilegz

    i hope they fix that crappy netcode or better use ggpo. kof xii online was one of the worst online experience ever in a fighting game.

  • hope vanessa and ramon get included too

  • if they add one more character, should be Eiji to go with Billy.  Could make an Ash/Billy/Eiji CPU team out of that at least.  I’m just happy I got my favorite character back.

  • YES YES hopefully Blue mary and Yamazaki come too

  • Ladius

    This is awesome-tastic. Can’t wait to see him in action!

  • RagnaXBL

    who the hell is that?, guess i’m not the biggest KOF fan then

    • Duuuude, he’s in 97, 98, 2k2 and 2k3. He’s been around for a long time since he also appeared in the Fatal Fury series.

      • RagnaXBL

        ah i see, only played XII, which is apparently really horrible
        anyways still looking forward to this, i’ll play any fighter not made by capcom or namco :/

        • 12 was an incomplete game. No extras, mediocre online, bugs and glitches, and some minor stuff were left out.

          Go grab KOF XI for the PS2, or Garou: Mark of the Wolves on XBL(Which isn’t a KOF game, but very very good)

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          Even if you’ve never played any of the other KOF games, he’s been in fighting games since the very first Fatal Fury, way back in 1991.

      • he´s in 95 too ;D

  • Talk about boring.

    However, I’m willing to forgive SNK if they bring Blue Mary in – you know, the 97 team.

  • Talk about boring.

    However, I’m willing to forgive SNK if they bring Blue Mary in – you know, the 97 team. 

  • YsyDoesIt

    I’m so happy over the return of King beyond much else, but Billy is awesome to have back.

  • Hey, Billy is awesome, and I appreciate SNK for adding anything at all.

    Billy was always my main whenever he appeared. My mains shall be Ash, Kensou/Athena, and Billy I guess. Should be fun.

  • Good to see Billy back

  • Souji Tendou

    Ah, Billy nice to have you, now if only we can somehow get Rock Howard, I’d really wants to see him in 2D KoF. :/

    • krokounleashed

      Play KOF XI? ;)

      • Rock isn’t in XI. :/

        • krokounleashed

          Right, its cvs2 and NGBC. And Hotaru in KOF XI.

  • Guest

    I would be happy if they just redrew Athena to make her look like her classic self again

    She looks like one of those creepy Japanese Otaku nerds that cosplay in Anime outfits with those huge Anime masks

    • mikanko

      I think she looks closer to her original Psycho Soldier design.  I think KoF XII’s sprites were trying to re-imagine the roster to show the characters roots rather than keep their KoF likeness.  Hence Clark and Ralph taking the ‘roid route to more closely resemble Ikari Warriors/80s Stalone and Schwarzenegger movies.

      • Guest

        If it’s ugly who really cares. I don’t think anyone wants original Mega Man from the US cover in their games so really now…Athenas face looks hideous. I would also say redraw Ralph and Clark and fix Ryo’s stance to what it was before but I guess I can live with those..King also lost her toughness…

        Shinkiro is a legend. SNK really needs to bring him back from Capcom….

        • mikanko

          Considering Billy Kane and ’98 Iori were found on scraps of data in the old KoF XII disc, it’s possible work was being done on the character before the rumored exodus of KoF staff late last year.  It’s still pretty hard to know right now if there’s much of a team left at SNK to work on the existing game, so completely redesigning characters just isn’t likely. 

          So yeah, 80’s steroid action movie clark and moe blob Athena are likely there to stay.  I don’t think they’re that bad, and have grown to like them, but after the sprites being re-used for fifteen years I was pretty happy to see the new looks of the cast in XII… Actually playing that game was a different story however.  <.<;;

          • MoriyaMug

            The sprites got a complete overhaul in ’96. That’s the last time anyone touched them, other than the occasional edit (usually for clothing/costume changes).

    • The lower half of her body also looks rather…. “different” from her previous designs, if you know what I mean.

    • It’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

    • a_paranoid_nerd

      Funny you should say that, because that’s exactly what they did. This is her original design from way back in Psycho Soldier, chubby legs and all. And dontcha dare diss them legs.

    • “She looks like one of those creepy Japanese Otaku nerds that cosplay in Anime outfits with those huge Anime masks”
      Son, That was the plan since day one.*
      *KOF 94


    Hopefully, Yamazaki will be getting the love next.

  • mikanko

    Mary Ryan next please.

    • Since its Billy they added, I’d say if they are going to add anyone else then Mary’s chances are pretty high.  Same with Yamazaki.  Personally I’m hoping for Vanessa.

      • mikanko

        If they’re doing a dream match throwback team I think ’98 Iori was with Billy in the fragmented data they found off the KoF XII disc.  the old ’95 Iori team with Billy and Eiji is just as likely.  Billy wearing his older FF outfit in the reveal would also suggest this.

        She was hired by an unnamed party as a private detective to investigate Orochi with Billy Kane and Yamazaki.  Doubt that really holds merit for her being teamed with them again if they’re doing anything remotely canon, she doesn’t really belong on an “outlaw” team (and KoF XIII’s teams actually do have canon explanations thus far, even Mature and Vice).  She’d be more likely to show up in XIV or as KoF XIII DLC as part of a 2nd girl team, or a secret agent team next to Vanessa and Seth/Ramon.

        The article in Famitsu mentions that a DLC character is part of preordering the Japanese ver. of the game.  This might just be Billy Kane, or it’s possible they’ll be putting a system in place similar to Blazblue for addon characters.

  • cmurph666

    Billy, huh?

    This comes as a huge surprise. I didn’t expect SNK to add more characters, let alone Mission and Story modes.

    Might as well add Blue mary and Yamazaki while you’re at it SNK.

  • Vanessa please. Or B. Jenet. Or Hotaru.

    Or Gato, cuz I’m gay for him.

  • thundergodCN

    Nerf Raiden and this game will rock even more

  • Klarktastic

    is there an European released planed for this? 

    • krokounleashed

      Yeah c’mon zen united, you can do this.

    • mikanko

      In the recent interview with Atlus and SNK over at orochinagi the SNK rep said they had news concerning a European relase coming up soon.

  • Been waiting for this instalment for a while now. The return of Mai is lovingly welcomed!

    Billy, huh? I can dig it.

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    Billy, K’, and Kula all in one game? Tournaments just got even more lame. 

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      If by “lame,” you mean, “Yeah, three of my favorite characters are back!” then yes,  I agree with you.

    • mikanko

      You really like to complain about top tiers. :/ If you think third strike is that bad you might want to stay clear of anything made by SNK in general.

      The problem with K’ and Raiden being on almost every team in high level competitive play has more to do with how easy they are to use, and get more damage out of.  If you take time to learn the character, most of the cast is supposed to be very viable.  Every KoF game has been pretty unbalanced, and there’s a lot of consensus that XIII may be one of if not the most balanced KoF games yet.

      • Totally agree, except for this; “Every KoF game has been pretty unbalanced”. quite the opposite I believe, to the point that here in south-america (don´t wanna brag but S.A has the best KOF fighters in the world, japan, china level) almost every person plays on “random”, of course that that changes on a tournament, but in arcades, against unknown people, you see experts playing on random…and really, I´ve been playing KOF since 94 and I´ve played competitively till KOF 2000, and I´ve never, ever, saw unbalancing on any KOF (maybe some strikers on 2000), even omega Rugal on 95 had it flaws. you can think of yashiro´s team (orochi) in 97/98, or Iori, or Chizuru or Kim…but still, a good player can neutralize them…and there´s another point, in order to “spam” in KOF, you definitely MUST know how to play the game…Raiden, for me, is the first unbalanced character on KOF, but not because of his combos, that drop kick is just too destructive.
        In fact, unbalancing on fighting games began with MVC2, and personally, It began and ended with MVC2, years later, unbalancing became an issue once again, with SF4 and MVC3, but of all fighting games I´ve ever played (wich are a lot) I can´t think of a clear example of an unbalanced fighter (good fighters that is)

        • MoriyaMug

          The KOF series has always had its fair share of balance issues, yes… none more so than ’96, of course, but every game was flawed in that regard. As for ’95, Omega Rugal had nothing on Saisyu. ’96 was all about Chin and Iori, while ’97 had Terry and Benimaru. ’98 was utterly dominated by Chris and Daimon. I stopped paying much attention around ’99, though I do recall watching videos of just how ridiculously broken KOF2000 was.

          I haven’t closely messed with Raiden to see how bad he really is, but here’s hoping they put in an “Arrange” mode, like they did with KOFXI. And Duck King. No one deserves to be in KOF like the Duck.

  • a_paranoid_nerd

    Nice MUGEN screenshot.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Hoping they complete his team and add Blue Mary and Yamazaki.

  • K’, Kula and Mai already did the trick for me to believe in this KOF, specially K’. I never cared too much about Billy, but he is one of the classics, so is good to have him back.

    I also agree that it would be nice to see a lot of the suggested characters in the previous comments, but I’ll go underground and say that I hope they cast Hinako Shijou, the sumo-wrestling cute blondie (way better than E.Honda). Perhaps in a women trio with Vanessa and Hotaru since they are all characters I like to play with anyway. xD

  • reading some of the comments… It surprises me the amount of fanboy/girl requests, c´mon guys, we are finally getting kof13 in consoles…just be happy for what we are gonna get and stop asking the impossible.


    Yamazaki and blue mary please!


  • Blue Mary and B. Jenet over Mai and Billy Kane any day. Jus’ sayin’

    I’m just really happy that we’ll be getting KOF13~ I thought we wouldn’t. Atlus, thank you and thank you again ;;

  • BRING BACK HEAVY D!! Lack of roles models in my games yo.
    Also Alba Meria in sprite form would be nice.

  • Hey Hey Hey !

    this news is wonderful!

    I dont know why i scream everytime  i read Kof XIII news ! i am so excited about this game.

    Eiji kisaragi
    Blue mary

    my lists of wants !

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