Hakuoki: Demon Of The Fleeting Blossom Will Be North America’s First Otome Game

By Spencer . July 2, 2011 . 12:17pm

hakuok+iAll of those otome surveys from Aksys led to the localization of a girl’s romance game. Aksys picked up Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom from Idea Factory. For Hakuoki fans, this is the game that started it the series, which has grown into a manga and anime series.


Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom takes place at the end of Japan’s Edo period. After 200 years of rule the shogunate begins to dissolve and the Shinsengumi rose during the political turmoil. Defined by samurai traditions, the Shinsengumi protect the streets of Kyoto from ronin.


Chizuru Yukimura, a young woman looking for her father is the game’s protagonist. She isn’t the only one. The Shinsengumi are searching for her father inside the town of Hakuoki, which holds its own secrets – supernatural secrets. Now protected by the Shinsengumi, can you find your father and more importantly true love?


That’s the goal of Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. Players will make choices that affect Chizuru’s relationship status that lead up to one of the game’s multiple endings. A handy chart within the game lets you keep track of romance and corruption levels so you can target (or avoid) the man of your dreams (or nightmares).


Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom will be released for PSP, in stores and on PSN, in the first quarter of 2012.


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  • Ereek


    Ah, I can’t wait that long.

    • Well, it got lots of text to translate.

      • Ereek

         Of course, but I can still be impatient.

        • A game i want could be released next week and i would still be impatient xD

  • shy_mel

    I demand a reverse harem ending!
    Edit: Sorry I didn’t know the difference. Not really much into anime terminology like most of y’all are.

    • Harem ending or reverse harem?

      • kroufonz

        reverse harem

    • kroufonz

      harem ending is impossible in otome game tough unless you mean reverse harem:p

  • savvy30039

    Man I love the artwork in this game. Even if the game itself is lackluster I’d buy it for those gorgeous CGs.

    • You’d probably like the artbooks then :p

  • Doesn’t Yo-Jin-Bo still count as North America’s very first otome game, released by Hirameki International some years ago?

    • Tsuruhime

      The translation was so horrible it made me cry. ;A; It was made all tacky and cheesy. But still, it’s pretty much the only visual novel otome game.

      Princess Debut is under the otome game category too, but, the art is, low quality, and I’m a bit old for going after most of the guys. |D

      • lol but Princess Debut is still a cute game. XD I still have endings to collect in it.. just too lazy to figure out how.

      • I’d say Princess Debut is more of a rhythm game with otome elements tho. XD 

        I still enjoyed Yo-Jin-Bo quite a lot back then tho, I mean.. fan translation of otome games were non-existent back then and it was the first otome game to ever be released, so I was just totally hyped by it.. and it was quite funny. ;>

  • Hey now, does no one remember Yo-Jin-Bo?! I loved that game ;>>
    *cough* On topic, I wonder what will be in the special edition version? I’ve never liked buying downloads myself ^^;

    • Roses4Aria

      I loved Yo-Jin-Bo too.  Especially Ittosai.  I could play his route over and over just to hear that voice.  Sigh…

      I was wondering about the special edition as well.  Can’t wait to find out. :) 

  • Grats to all who have a PSP but sadly I won’t be getting it. Don’t have one nor plan to get one. DS/3DS yeap but not PSP. Again though grats to who do, hope you enjoy it.

  • Tsuruhime

    Well. I’m certainly excited for this. It didn’t matter what game it was, I’m just happy a decent otome game, that’s JUST A VISUAL NOVEL is coming the USA. I just hate people complaining about bringing galge over. There are a lot more galge in the USA than otome games.

  • Wow, I cannot describe how excited I am for this.  I have wanted this game for so long!

  • Roses4Aria

    Well, I’m sure I don’t need to say how happy I am again, but I’ll say it anyway, LOL.

    Aksys, I love you!!

  • blah blah

    I was expecting this or Hiiro no Kakera.
    Though Hiiro no Kakera seems vastly logical compared to Hakuoki.
    Both seasons are rated overall as “so-so” on ANN.
    Hakuoki and Hiiro are both on DS, but Hakuoki DS has an english patch coming.
    And obviously choosing to bring a visual novel on PSP (supposedly almost dead) with Sony being strict about that stuff, even though Aksys could have chosen a DS game is a little odd.

    • I believe that Hiiro no Kakera has even more massive amounts of text compared to Hakuouki, I’m not too sure tho, as I’ve quite both games noth even halfway in.

      The Hakuouki anime can’t really be compared to the game tho, as it just cuts all those smexy events together and fails much at it, tho I do have to admit that the fight scenes are rather enjoyable.

      The PSP might be dead in a while, but you can buy the game via PSN and therefore also play it on the Vita. PSP means higher resolution graphics and high quality for the sound, I prefer the DS too, but honestly, the voices of Hiiro no Kakera were so terribly compressed that it was no fun to play this full voiced version.. :<

      • Hiiro no Kakera is @[email protected] when it comes to the amount of text and terms. Granted, Hakuouki is also @[email protected] when it comes to specific terms from the feudal Japan era, but I have to say, having played through both, while Hiiro no Kakera probably had a stronger storyline, I HAD A HARD TIME REPLAYING IT. The text was just….ugh. I loved the game, but it’s hard on the brain.

        Hakuouki was a bit easier in that sense, although it’s also more depressing in some cases. The storyline for both are, however, much better than some other games I can think of off the top of my head

    • I think Hakuoki was probably chosen because some anime fans might easily identify the game title because of the fact that it has an anime. Like if Koei (or if Koei gave the rights to someone) releases La Corda d’Oro or Harukanaru games in English, because we have the manga and anime available. Or even Neo Angelique because of Sentai Filmworks..

      Hiiro no Kakera, I’ve heard of the title, but never really looked into it.. so I wouldn’t really be too excited if that came out over Hakuoki. Mostly because my love for the Shinsengumi is stronger than anything but Angelique. Not like that wouldn’t stop me from picking it up. I’ll support the otome games no matter what. I’m a sucker for pretty artwork or voice actors or the bishounen themselves. >.> Especially Suwabe Junichi-sama or Hayami Sho-sama. (Tho.. I’d die of happiness if a Prince of Tennis otome game was released.. I love that series to death and just because of the sheer fact that half the characters are my favorite characters. lol)

      • Aoshi00

        I love Suwabe Junichi (Fuuma in X, Atobe in Prince of Tennis) and Hayami Sho *.*.. at one point they made me doubt my sexual orientation lol.. their cool voice could just melt anyone..

        • lol, my boyfriend’s the same with Miyano Mamoru. I think he fell for him heavy with Star Driver and Dog Days.

          • Aoshi00

            Miyano Mamoru is my new favorite, I liked all the chars he voiced so far, King in Ouran HS Host Club, Yagami Light in Death Note, Elza in Last Story, and best of all Okabe the mad scientist in Steins;Gate.  That guy’s so dramatic and hilarious :)   Hayami Sho was a veteran though, his voice is so deep and cool..

            swoon… I watched the Zetsuai OVA when I was very young, I was like “is it okay to fall for guys?” lol.. I guess it’s like people ask guys if they would give in if Brad Pitt makes a move on them :) Koyasu Takehito was in this one too, so sexy..


          • Miyano’s great too.. I heard him in Ouran and love his voice there. (Same with his singing..) Hayami’s always been my favorite since Yami no Matsuei.. his Muraki.. *drool* Tho.. his acting is incredible! lol Koyasu’s great too~ I fell for him in Fushigi Yuugi, Weiss Kreuz, Angelique, and Meine Liebe. His role in Level E was hilarious. XDD And he’s okay in Dog Days, so far. *has only seen the first 8 episodes* And thanks to Durarara!!!, Umineko, and Kuroshitsuji, I adore Ono Daisuke too. lol they all have great singing voices.. *.*

  • Hope it does well.  I don’t know if I’ll get it (Otome is aimed at female audience, I’m not female) but I may bite for a good story and cause anyways…

  • Hours

    Sweet. It’s nice to see Aksys following through with their otome survey. Too bad we have to wait until 2012.

    I’ll be buying this game for sure though, I always like to support new niche genres in the west whenever I can, especially if they are being released by great companies like Aksys.

    But it’s not the first otome game to make it to the US, there was Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards for PC and Princess Debut for the DS.

  • epy

    Er… so its like… bishounen Shinsengumi with vampires?

    Cannot say it’s my cup of tea but it will be interesting to see how it does.

    • That sums it up pretty well. ;>

  • HOLY FRICK YES I AM SO EXCITED AND GETTING THIS. Extra awesome points for it being released on the PSP as well!! ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff-

  • IceRomancer

    Might purchase this just to support these kind of games in north america :)

  • Can’t wait to hear about the special edition~ Totally buying that! Besides having the possible token mini-artbook, what else could they do?

  • Lenne

    Yesssssssssssss <3

  • regreto

    finally Otome Game!
    going to buy it for sure :)

  • Huh. Depressing story.

    • puchinri

      You mean the game’s story is? Is it very dark?

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I’m a guy…but I’ll still buy this. I’ll try out an otome game. Both out of respect for Aksys and because IT’S A VISUAL NOVEL ON THE PSP. 999 was amazing, so I’m convinced they’ll do this and Fate/Extra justice.

    • You’re actually pretty lucky in that respect. There ARE a few otome games I think guys would like for the story. Just like how some galgames have really good stories (Chaos;Head, Clannad (key stuff in general), Sorayume, etc) that girls would have fun playing. Hakuouki would be one of those. Even if you take out all the romance, you still get a fun historical ride through feudal Japan….with vampires and fighting :D.

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        It’ll be an awkward ride for me for sure, but I’m open to it. I just want more VNs to come on consoles/handhelds. I really, really like them. The historical aspect will just add to the experience.

  • Ladius

    Wow, one otome game I actually want to play! After Fate Extra’s announcement this is a day one purchase too, just to support that great company called Aksys and their visual novel love :D

  • fuzzy_hobo

    I thought SCEA was averse to visual novel-esque games on the psp? Didn’t NISA try to do Sakura Wars 1+2 for psp and SCEA rejected it? Perhaps because it’s later in the psp’s lifespan they are more lenient, or did Aksys work some magic?
    Regardless, I’m glad an otome game will make it stateside. I’ll support you Aksys!

    • SirRichard

      Perhaps the survey results were encouraging enough for SCEA? Could be one of the reasons why Aksys sent them out.

    • Rumor and speculation?

    • androvsky

      As I recall, the story NISA told about Sakura Wars 1+2 seems to be widely misunderstood.  Someone before NISA tried to get Sakura Wars 1+2 approved, but SCEA rejected it for unknown reasons.  Keep in mind that would’ve been the era when SCEA rejected several previous-gen two game collections for PSP, such as Suikoden 1+2, Breath of Fire 3+4, etc.  NISA was saying it would be tough for them to get it approved since SCEA had already turned it down once.

      That whole interview with NISA complaining about getting VNs approved was odd, since they’d just gotten two approved (Disgaea Infinite and Sakura Wars).  They did say getting the ones approved that they did was tough, but I’m sure SCEA will pretty much approve anything on the PSP at this point.  Too bad NISA’s now given up on the system.

      • fuzzy_hobo

        Ack. I completely forgot about Disgaea Infinite, but thanks for the clarification.

      • I heard the reason why the double pack games (like Suikoden I+II) weren’t approved for an English release was because of the fact that nothing extra was inserted into the port for the PSP. That was part of the “requirements” to release PSP games in English of titles that existed.

  • savvy30039

    I am worshiping Aksys SO HARD right now. Hence the picture.

    • That’s a hilariously awesome picture XD

    • I demand a spot on that picture. Aksys I love you guys so much (the Q&A section was pretty hilarious though, with everyone trying to guess the number of DLC’s in Agarest Zero XDD)

  • Room201

    Yes! Not only am I happy that this will be my second official NA otome game purchase (Princess Debut? hahaha :’D) but that it will also be for the PSP.

    I can’t wait for further news about the Special Edition!

  • Is it Ok if I first watch the anime, or does it no justice to the VN?

    • KyoyaHibari

      I haven’t actually seen the novel or the anime, but I hear that the anime had decent reviews.

    • kroufonz

      dunno since i never played the VN, the anime quite decent tough.

      but usually 13 episodes anime rarely do VN justice (even if it is decent enough)

    • Let’s hold on until the game! (at least that’s what i wanna do)

  • Hm day 1. Byakuya Kuchiki, is that you?!

    • KyoyaHibari

      Dude, this is a female visual novel, the fighting is scarce if any, I can’t see myself trying to attract guys as a girl in a visual novel >.>

      • kroufonz

        maybe tsuna love to create his own bishi harem:p

      • Aoshi00

        I like the art and Shinsengumi chars, but it would be hard for me to play otome games (from the perspective of a girl) picking out from a bunch of pretty boys.. Watching Fushigi Yuugi was my limit…  always nice to see cool looking Shisengumi though.  It’s cool this is getting localized, there seems to be so many Hakuoki games like Angelique…

        • The other Hakuouki games are continuations and fandisks of the original as far as I know tho.. while the Angelique games introduce new heroines in each new game (or almost in each of them) and have different stories.

          I actually find it quite awful of otome game publishers to give the original game halfhearted endings (like Wand of Fortune) and then produce a fandisk / second game with nothing but real endings for each character, bleh.. (lots of eroge otome games do that too.. :<)

          • Aoshi00

            Gotcha.. Steins;Gate spinoff is kind of a fan disk too but it’s pretty funny.. guess it’s the best to play this PSP game as my first Hakuouki then.. just thought the PS3 one has really nice graphics.. seems to be lots of unlock DLC..

          • I’m not sure if the PS3 game is a continuation or the original with extras tho, never read any reviews of it, since I currently have no PS3 and all.. ;_;

            I’m not against fandisks in general! I just don’t like it when the company is too cheap to give the original game a real, satisfying ending and you’re forced to buy the fandisk to get at least a little satisfaction.. ;_; It’s just mean and scheming. :< I do love me some neat fandisk to further amuse myself with something that completely satisfied me the first time already tho.. ;)

      • The MC girl is sexy, that’s the way i look it :3

        BTW, in these games, as far as i’ve seen… You dont have to attract them that much, they pretty much go for you xDD

      • And why can’t you attract guys in some VN? I have no problem playing gal games, and I’m a woman.

        Admittedly, I’m more wary of things directed at girls because they tend to gag me (perhaps I’ve not come across something good yet)… but the simple idea of attracting men as a woman in a VN is not a big deal, same as the opposite.

        • KyoyaHibari

          Lol although I haven’t played any visual novels I must say the idea of it sounds a little odd to me, but as I said I’ve never played a visual novel before nor a gal/otome game.

      • The idea sounds compelling and Im curious of new play experiences. 

        • KyoyaHibari

          Lol that word is getting kind of monotonous but w/e, how can you want it day 1 if you haven’t even seen any game play? >.>

          • I usually get interested in games based on graphics, sound, presentation and character design. The character design in this looks pretty nice. 

  • We’re getting an otome game AND IT’S HAKUOUKI?!   :D  Love you so much, Aksys!  

    I thought the anime was pretty good and I’ve been wanting to check out the game, but I had a hard time finding the PSP version in Book-Off when I was in Japan, so I’m really excited to see Aksys hasn’t given up on PSP yet.  Will definitely be saving up for this!

  • madison ortega

    “Now protected by the Shinsengumi, can you find…true love?”
    that is, until they’re killed off D:
    BUT I’m super excited that this is coming to the U.S!! xD With the success it has in Japan, it would have been a pity to not bring it here 

    • puchinri

      I thought loved save the day? Characters that would usually die sometimes survive? (Like a particular Persona game…)
      Hopefully we’ll get more popular otome series coming over too~!

  • cj_iwakura

    Yay, more Idea Factory games. Just what the industry needs.

    • Ladius

      Judging a game because of its publisher is a really bad habit, imho. This is a visual novel, not a jrpg, and even if you disliked IF’s battle systems or plots you have absolutely no reason to badmouth Hakuoki since it’s a completely different game with different team, character design, writing and setting. It’s like dismissing Time Hollow because you didn’t like Otomedius and they’re both by Konami, or badmouthing Steins Gate because you dislike Phantom Breaker, and so on.

      Even in the jrpg department IF has developed dozens of extremely different games since the PS1 times: some are good, others are decent, some others are utter crap, but killing them off with generalizations doesn’t really do any good.

      • cj_iwakura

        Name a good game they’ve made. All I see is an ocean of mediocrity. Publishers shouldn’t waste their time on b-list developers when genuine GEMS are getting ignored left and right.

        • Hakuouki is extremely popular in Japan, though…

  • Darkrise

    As a guy, it feels a little weird playing from a female character’s perspective, for me anyways but if the story is good, then I’ll give it a try, especially if buying it will support more visual novels being brought over. (Chaos; Head & Steins; Gate FTW!)

    • puchinri

      It probably won’t be as weird as you think. Girls play from a guy’s perspective all the time, and you just grow into the role if you like the character you’re playing or the other characters around~.

    • Aoshi00

      I dunno.. I can’t do it, it’s hard to think “I’ve gotta get Okita”, “I’ve gotta seduce Saitou”, “I’ve gotta get bitten by Hijikata” or something lol..  I think the main audience is really for girls, since it is an otome game after all.. My sis used to play Angelique many years ago..  when Fushigi Yuugi was popular back then.. My favorite Shinsengumi is still Watsuki’s ver in Kenshin.

      • i might get it to get a good laugh, and i think the MC girl is smexy :3, i may get a foreveralone ending and get her for me, mwahahah!

        • Aoshi00

          yea, the MC looks pretty spunky and cute :)  I’ll see which male char I like and then I’ll have girl pick him lol..  I’ve always liked the art in Hakuoki though Shinsengumi is so cool.. but this is still my favorite Saitou..



          • I somehow find the girls made by women artist (like from kaichou ha maid sama and whatnot) being so freaking sexy, i admit im really weak to that, so hell, i love aksys too, im gonna get it, even if it may make me feel… confused xD

            And yeah xD, he was pretty cool, but knowing me, i would pick a more “honest” man for her >80, if there is, like sanosuke, he was my fav char in ruroni kenshin

          • As far as I remember Hijikata was the nicest to her.. I’ll definitely go for the flirty badass Okita tho.. :> (Okay, honestly, I’ll go for all of them, even Toudou, who’s too much of a shota for my taste.. XD)

        • Chizuru is sexy? I wish she were.. she’s just utterly useless and whiny and emo all the time.. :<

          • We(speaking for Wild and me) are just hopeless Otaku boys, as long as the girl is cute and not Sakura levels of annoying the girl is A-Ok~ :3

          • Hmm… well, it would surely annoy me like hell if I was a guy and the girl I’m trying to protect is always standing in the way, completely frozen from the shock of being attacked and I’d always get hurt because of her, because she can’t even run away.. XD

            I prefer heroines like Alice in Clover no Kuni no Alice, who stands up for herself and actually thinks about her actions and is still damn cute. Or a girl that can fight for herself but relies on the guys at times since she’s not all that strong to bear it all by herself, like the heroines in the newer Harutoki franchises (3 onwards). Hakuouki seriously has one of the most annoying otome game heroines I know of.. ;__;

            But it’s not like most galge/eroge heroes are much better anyways… XD

          • @miruki:disqus  Lol, I see. Then again that’s the passion I’m talking about concerning the males, protecting the helpless girl, though no serious character development is sure annoying, maybe I watch the anime before~

            I agree though, I like strong female heroines a lot myself, Alice is awesome, though I’ve only read the manga, currently looking for the games. And the newer series sounds pretty cool, may look up those ones too, lol.

            Also yes, they aren’t..almost never, with small exceptions like Shirou and co. >_<

          • Tsuruhime

            miruki^Clover no Kuni no Alice was the best out of the series. /ships GrayxAlice hardcore.In Joker, Alice somewhat annoyed me at times, maybe it was just me, or I just wanted more out of it. :TBut Alice’s voice actress for the movie (coming out later this month) just doesn’t seem to fit.

          • Well, i know nothing about her xD, but i like her face >8D, sriously, like heart no kuni’s alice and kaicho ha maid sama xD i just cant deal with those

        • Tsuruhime

          Well, Chizuru is not super ~*~moe moe~*~ with huge boobs like Ashe from Under The Moon.

      • You just think it’s hard to think that because you haven’t play the game yet. :3

        • Aoshi00

          lol.. maybe you’re right.. I’ll give it a try and channel my inner otome :)

      • Most guys actually have a hard time playing a game that has a female lead.. Unless it’s a fanservicey title, then they don’t really care because they get to look at someone hot on their screen all the time. lol a friend of mine said the same thing about playing FFXIII’s Lightning. He said he couldn’t relate to her because of the fact that she’s a female. XD I tried talking him into thinking of it as if he was in the situation, since he also has a brother, and that failed too. lol

        But as a female, we have to play from the male perspective in almost all the games that we play.. not like it’s a bad thing. Hence why there’s tons of different types of fangirls (and thank god I’m not a fujoshi, lol).

        • Aoshi00

          I don’t think I have a problem playing as or relate to a female lead, but this is a game specifically about one stepping into the shoes of the female lead getting the guys so… Fushigi Yuugi’s Miaka was a bit of an annoying ditz and she had so many handsome guardians to choose from (it was mainly a tug o war btwn Tamahome and Hotohori), but there were other girls too, like rival miko Yui or Soi, so it had many different types of romance.. also I did enjoy a few manga by Watase Yuu which always have a female main char, I guess if the adventure is interesting it’s good.  The other cool manga/anime w/ a female lead was Please Save My Earth also and the relationship from previous lives and current lives are so complicated..  lol.. I think good looking Shinsengumi is totally geared toward fujoshi :)

          • lol a lot of titles, no matter the genre, can be twisted for fujoshi. But I really don’t see the appeal, hence why I’m not one. XD

            lol but.. for roles getting the person of the opposite sex.. just think like Mass Effect or Dragon Age without the gameplay? lol A friend of mine adores DA games and create multiple characters to see all the different relationships with all the different personalities. XD

          • Aoshi00

            I never tried to play as a female Shepard in ME even though I was curious about how the romance (and make out scenes lol) would turn out (I only saw some videos).. I guess I just think of the male one as default.. if for MMO, I would never choose a female avatar because I’d be like lying or something :)

          • There’s other girls in Hakuouki too! And they’re hot even! XD

        • Playing as a male lead is not annoying, as long as he’s a decent character and not a wussy idiot that doesn’t get the most obvious things and acts like an utter idiot. Sadly lots of games (especially from Japan) do have an idiotic / wussy / completely unreasonable hero. :<

          I don't really get how this works for Japanese eroge / bishoujo games, as I can't imagine relating to some dumb idiot that can't do anything without the help of his bachelorettes. Best example to me is Soul Link, where first half of the game you play the older brother, who's got smarts and wits and acts rather reasonable, I could relate to him (part of that is also thanks to him being voiced, I just don't like voiceless protagonists). Then suddenly you play as his voiceless and wimpy little brother and from then on the only reason that kept me playing was to find out what happened to the badass older bro as the younger one just annoyed me.

          I'm glad there's eroges like Kara no Shoujo & Demonbane with protagonists with an actual character instead of a lifeless lump of pixels that's trying to make you think it's you.. bleh.

          If Persona 3 & 4 didn't have such awesomely monologuing characters I wouldn't have enjoyed the games as much, since the protagonists are just plain boring and I cannot relate to them at all. Same goes for Dragon Quest & Suikoden. :<

          • Oh.. I never said it was annoying, just that we have to play from the male perspective a good majority of the time. XD As a fan of RPGs, a good part of the games are male leads. lol

          • Ah, I didn’t mean to imply that you said it would be annoying, I just meant that I’m also okay with it, as long as it’s not getting annoying due to a dumb male lead. XD 

      • savvy30039

        You kinda end up reverse role playing the characters when you have to play as the opposite sex. Like when I played Harvest Moon 64 back in the day, I married the girl I most identified with and thought of the main character more as “He’s cute,” than “I’m him.”

        Same with ren’ai games. It’s more about whether you like the visual novel style gameplay than whether you want to be the main character. As long as there’s someone in the game to latch onto, it doesn’t have to be the player character.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, I guess I would just make the girl choose Okita or Saitou depending on which char I like more.  I have never played any games in the Hakuouki series because the genre is otome I was worried I can’t get into it.. and there are so many of them I don’t know where to start.. wonder if I could jump right into the PS3 one..  I like the art and Shinsengumi, if it has a decent story that’s enough for me.

      • Hakuouki isn’t much of a flirty game where the heroine is thinking much about nailing the guys or anything, the story choices are much more subtle and the story is pretty dark and quite bloody at times. So it’s easy to think of it as a story read from a female point of few… Hakuouki clearly isn’t my favourite kind of game, as I can’t stand useless heroines at all, but it’s not much of fluffy shoujo romance and quite compatible with guys I’d say.

        • Aoshi00

          The setting and art drew me in alrdy, I loved anything Shinsengumi because of Kenshin and I certainly don’t mind the vampire stuff..  More hot female chars is nice to hear :).  If I like this I might get the PS3 game too.  I bought White Album but haven’t played too much yet.. Right now I just started the Steins;Gate sequel/spinoff, pretty funny so far..

          • I’m totally into Kara no Shoujo and Fable III right now… thank you Steam, for having Fable in that brilliant Summer Sale.. <3

            I'm sad that the other girls from Hakuouki are so much cooler and hotter than that stupid heroine tho. XD

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. I have a feeling the heroine is ditzy :)  cool, let us know how Kara no shoujo is later.. I really don’t play games on PC at all.. my PC had been always a piece of junk until I got my Vaio laptop like 2 yrs ago, and it’s probably still not good for games (I tried to run the Jpn demo before and I just couldn’t get the Jpn text to display right it was all symbols)..  I was holding out on Fable 3 because of the so-so reviews, I’ll get that eventually.. It would be cool if they port Kara no shoujo to console eventually, even if the H or grotesque death scenes are toned down..

          • Bleh, end of reply chain again.. XD

            Anyways, the heroine is not just ditzy.. she’s just dumb. Whenever they get attacked by the bad guys she’s just totally useless, not moving away when they attack nor attacking back, no. She just stupidly freezes and everyone who’s trying to protect her gets hurt because of her, but instead of changing anything she just blames herself afterwards and gets all emo.. maybe it changes to the better in the end. I dropped the game after a few hours because there was too much unvoiced text and dropped the anime after the first season, so I have no idea what happens later on (besides from what I’ve read in reviews.)

            You have to install the Japanese language files on you compo before you can play Japanese games. System settings.. then Region & Language settings or something similar, from there you can install Japanese and then you have to change the Unicode setting to Japanese, otherwise programs can’t show the  characters (and most of the time will just crash upon starting them XD).

            Every PC is good enough for visual novel games. Seriously. My old PC which I got 11 years ago was just fine for every single one of them.. :) I completely prefer VN games on the PC to be honest. Especially PS2 games always have such awful loading times, especially when saving, which is completely annoying. :< I guess that doesn't apply for PSP games anymore tho. :) I wish they'd port Dear MY Sun to PSP… or even better PC… XD

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, I remember you said you didn’t like Hakuouki that much before, but hey it has Shinsengumi :)  I dunno, I could read Jpn fine on everything else, just not for the VNs, I’ve tried changing the region or text setting before but could never get it to work so I gave up.. that’s why I never imported PC VNs from Jpn because I’m afraid I couldn’t get them to work and they’re expensive.. nowadays I’m used to playing VNs on my Jpn 360, because I know there’d be no problem on console.. spoiled by achievement too lol… right now I’m still wondering if I should get Dunamis on PS3 or 360..

          • Anyways, what I wanted to say: Go and play Kara no Shoujo right now, as it’s awesome! <3 And it will run on a Vaio for sure.. :)

          • Dunamis was that time-loop game, right? I so want that.. ;_; The hero looks so badass.. XD And I’m such a sucker for this mystery stuff, sigh..

            It’s not like Hakuouki is bad or anything, it’s written rather well and the guys have great characters, the side characters are awesome too. It’s just such a pity that the heroine is so useless.. I just can’t stand such awfully weak characters. ;_;

            But yeah! Shinsengumi! <33 And vampires! But not in the classical Dracula sense, much much cooler! :D I'll totally buy it despite me being all meh about the heroine, who knows, maybe Aksys will localise an otome game with an badass heroine next time, but there won't be a next time unless sales are high enough, right? :)

            Achievements for VN games? Isn't unlocking the GC and all scenes/endings enough of an achievement already? lol..

  • kroufonz

    can we assume SCEA ain’t gonna blocked VN now?

    i wonder if this succeed aksys will bring the PS3 version of hakuoki too?

  • Juuu

    I was hoping for PS3 release, but this is GREAT! An otome game, in America, really happening. Here I thought Yo-Jin-Bo and Princess Debut was the begining and end of that, but nope. Aksys, you are basically my favorite publisher, just saying.

     I’m so glad to see a company actively translating niche titles, since Atlus seems to be focusing more on their in-house stuff and downloads [which isn’t a bad thing-first party Atlus is great too! Yay, Catherine!] Plus, Aksys localizations are just absolutely stellar-the cast of Deathsmiles, in particular, just jumped off the screen and the regional accents according to character nationality was a great touch. Topped only by the awesome job they did with 999. I hold them right up there with Atlus and now NISA in that regard, whew. Preordering a full, boxed, retail copy, and I will encourage others to do the same! :D Bring on the otome! 

    • Hours

      I’d actually rank Aksys & XSEED above Atlus and NISA currently.

      I still like Atlus & NISA, but they’ve both been cutting back a lot on their releases, and they’re not even releasing all of their own stuff anymore. (Growlanser & La Pucelle PSP for example.) Not to mention dropping lots of great series by other companies like Luminous Arc III & Super Robot Wars OG.

      In today’s current climate of big companies totally ignoring their long time RPG & VN fans (Nintendo, Capcom, Square, Namco, etc.), it’s really great to see two companies that are supporting their fans and taking chances on interesting niche games such as Hakuoki & Fate/Extra.

      • I wouldn’t release La Pucelle PSP either, seeing how it failed in Japan.

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        Yup. Aksys and XSeed actually bring me the super ultra niche stuff I like to play. You know, the really interesting stuff you didn’t think would get picked up. Like 999. Atlus and NISA kinda do that, but they’re kinda set in their ways to the point that I’m losing a bit of interest.

        Plus, Atlus, Aksys, and XSeed are continuing their support of the PSP retail games, so I’m really glad about that. DS games, too. I don’t want either handheld to die off just yet, so I’m really happy they’re keeping them alive.

  • OverlordFuka

    Finally, a romance game for girls. Don’t see those often, unless you’re playing something like Rune Factory.

    Hey all you guys! Don’t knock this ’cause the hero is a girl! Girls play from a guy’s perspective all the time, you should give it a try. ;)

  • kroufonz

    ISn’t aksys supposed to announce “two marvelous otome game” so what’s the other one then????

    • I re-read that part of the liveblog and it was quite misleading.. it does sound like two otome titles were gonna be announced by Aksys. lol

      • Well, Fate/Extra does let your play as a girl and has dating game aspects… I wouldn’t call it an otome game tho.. Aksys announcement of “revealing TWO new MARVELOUS OTOME GAMES” was indeed very misleading.

        • I’m kinda “eh” about Fate/Extra.. I don’t know much of the universe and just don’t want to jump into it with Fate/Extra. The only thing that has me thinking about picking it up is for my love of Suwabe Junichi. ^^; Such a fangirl…

          • Well, there’s still some time to get into the universe (it’s not that complicated imo anyways) – you could watch the anime or play the fan translation of the game (which is an eroge tho).

            I don’t really think you need too much knowledge about the Fate universe to be okay in Fate/Extra without getting confused tho. :)

  • Wackoramaco87

    Yay~! Thank you so much Aksys! After looking up information on this, it seems rather interesting- can’t wait to play it! =D

  • Wow! That’s great news! I didn’t think they’d pick Hakuoki, to be honest. Even though it’s incredibly popular in Japan and spawned an anime, I thought the Shinsengumi aspect would make them overlook it in favor of something more import friendly like Will ‘O Wisp, Wand of Fortune or Hiiro no Kakera.

    I’m really excited! Especially since this is one of the few IF otomes I haven’t played yet. :D

    • I doubt the Shinsengumi aspect would’ve been overlooked because of the fact that anime/manga fans are quite used to them.. Like in Kenshin, Gintama, Peace Maker Kurogane, Kaze Hikaru, the Chaos Wars game, and so on. Ooh.. and y’know people… they love their samurai and/or swords..

  • I dont have nothing against otome games and I would love to play it, but like always, its in japanese…

    • I think you’re missing the point..?

    • ………. “America’s” first otome game implies English XD

      • EmmyG

         …. also as mentioned it’s nowhere NEAR the first one available in English.

  • ManaKnight

    I will so buy this game.

  • haqua

    And now the entire world can enjoy bishounens. /rainbow

  • haven’t visited this time era since Ruroken! can’t wait!

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Is it okay to buy this even though I’m a guy? lol, jk it looks interesting, but I have yet to play any visual novel games too, maybe sometime soon in the future…

    • It’s a neat story, but if you’re uncomfortable with playing a girls’ romance game and you have a DS, try out 999: 9 Persons 9 Doors 9 Hours or Phoenix Wright.  They have more puzzles than a typical visual novel, but they’re a great starting point.

  • Tsuruhime

    So back on Aksys forums people are complaining that it’s on PSP, and how ~*~it’s an otome it should be on a system that girls would have like a ds~*~ Seeing how there are very few titles on the DS that even reach the T ranking, I highly doubt the DS version would stand a chance, and seeing the DS version is even rated C in Japan.

    • Cant believe people are complaining. It isnt like there isnt a sizeable number of PSPs in the US…

  • j.

    So happy I hung onto my psp. Thank you Aksys! You guys are awesome. :)

  • Hakuoki is pretty awesome for an otome game :D

    For those who love it already, get ready for the awesome!

    For those that are curious, definitely need to try it out so you can dabble into the otome genre! :)

  • As an importer and otome game player, I will freely admit that a LOT of otome games don’t have strong stories.

    Now before all the guys start butting in, I turn your attention to about 80% of the current galgame section where…..quite honestly, as a VN advocate, I have to say that a strong story isn’t actually the main focus for a lot of games. For eroges, character designs and seiyuus sometimes come at the expense of a solid story (or in some case, it’s just a smut fest XD But that can be said for any 18+ game). For otome games, a LOT of games spend more money on the seiyuus than the storyline. I can’t tell you how many really interesting concepts started out great but you could tell the point at which the publishers ran out of money (damn you Armen Noir, I’m looking at you T____T). Heck, that’s true for console games too. Action, RPG, strategy, you name it :T

    BUT, on the bright side, I actually do like the storyline for Hakuouki quite a bit. It’s not the absolute best, but it’s also not completely fluff and shoujo sparkles (there’s quite a bit of drama at times). It’s also one of the few otome games I can say that guys shouldn’t be embarrassed to play. It’s like Ouran High School and shoujo mangas. I know for a fact guys watch/read it, I’ve got guys friends XD.

    I was hoping for something from the Harutoki series, which is a hybrid of VN and RPG (kind of like Utawarerumono) since I thought Aksys would feel safer bringing over something with RPG elements (since it’s an established genre here) but I’m not complaining at all. I’ll be blowing the rest of my allowance on a limited edition and regular edition (a gift for my friend) when it comes out.

    • Guest

      Will O Wisp looked more interesting to me based on that Nintendo DS fan translation of the first chapter

      • NO. NO NO NO NO. Will O Wisp falls under that category I was just ranting about. It looks great on paper and it starts out interesting, but you can really see where the game starts to fall apart towards the middle. Some of the routes completely got shafted and there are plot holes in a lot of gaping places. The game isn’t BAD per se, but unless Aksys plans on bringing the fandisk over as well (which expands on the unfinished parts), I don’t recommend it

        And it’s too short. Really, I felt cheated for the price tag when I first bought it :I

    • I don’t think Koei would sell their game licenses for reasonable prices tho… Harutoki would require lots of rewriting the system, if you just think about the dialogue boxes.. I would have loved to see 4 or 5 get over here tho, as the gameplay is absolutely great and I’m sure they’d be well received in the west.

      I have to admit, that I think Hakuouki is a bit too depressing on some routes, actually. :/

      • Oooh, but I love the character design for 3’s Nozomi the most. D: (Oh.. and Benkei’s design too..) I’m quite unfamiliar with anything past 3, but 5’s Yuki does have a cute outfit tho.. *thinks*

        • Nozome was great! The story of the third Harutoki was absolutely great in general, actually. But as far as I know there’s no PSP version, so I don’t see it having any chances at all anymore.. ;_; 4 and 5 do have PSP version (4 has a port, while 5 was for PSP from the beginning) – I haven’t played 5 yet, but from what I read from reviews and seen from screenshots I believe gameplay wise 5 and 4 are very similar. The heroine of 4 (I forgot her official name.. XD) was pretty cool too and I liked her design a lot as well.. some of the routes were so touching and the story was similarish sad and moving as the story of Harutoki 3 (just not as much XD). But I don’t see them getting over to the West, sadly… would love to play them in English. ;_;

    • DaFool Visualnews

      Wasn’t Harutoki a PSOne and GBA game?  Unless there’s a modern remake which I don’t know about?

      That said, aren’t there any other hybrid SRPG type Otome games at all?  I’m more apt to play them if they have gameplay.

      You know what would be grand?  A Juuni Kokki RPG.

    • I agree. I actually play Hakuouki because of the character designs AND the seiyuus. The story/plot is kinda interesting (though, I think Are You Alice?’s story probably the best plot in otome game for now, despite the lack of harem) and a bit cliched at times, but considering that Hakuoki has quite A LOT of spin-offs, this, I’m not surprised.

      And this would be a great fill-in for Hakouki anime. The last part of the anime ALWAYS MAKES ME CRY.

      So….if this game is in US, this means the CV will be English too right? I need them to be good (especially that one scene in Hijikata’s route.)

  • I was expecting them to localize the PS3 ver but better than nothing, i guess…

    • PS3 games in general are more expensive that PSP games, so at the very least if this completely flops (which I hope to god it doesn’t) they’ll be less impacted….hopefully….

      • Guest

        SCEA has a rule against VN released for the PS3 in the US as they dont consider them games

        • ………………..W)IFI#@(JF (#)J( F#J

          Dammit, there goes all my hopes of a localized version of Alchemist’s updated version of Umineko T____T

          • blah blah

            It also applies to PSP, but I’m guessing Aksys proved Sony wrong about Agarest Senki and now Aksys gets an extra chance to prove Sony wrong.

        • Are there even that many on it anyway? 

          • kroufonz

            if you mean vn on ps3 there is many of them now (there is barely any before 2010) while for upcoming future release it even has more vn than 360

  • Guest

    They should bring over Megazone 23 Aoi Garland for PS3. that at least is a sequel to the 80’s OAV and has some turn based RPG battles thrown in

    • You played that game? I was considering on importing it, but kinda forgot about it.

      • Guest

        Yeah. Watch the original Anime to get an interest for it first

        • Oh, I watched the anime already, that’s the reason I was interested in the game in the first place. I may look it up when I have some extra money~

          • Guest

            Its like 35 used on eBay

  • MidnightRain

    Wow! I’m excited!! Between Hakouki and JAST USA publishing the Starry Sky Series, my life is complete. :} 

    • Roses4Aria

      Wow!  Is the Starry Sky thing confirmed?  I knew Jast was considering it, but hadn’t heard that they had confirmed it.  Yay!  Did they pick up the whole series or just the first game?

      Bwhaahaahaa! With this, the first steps in otome-lovers’ plans to take over the west are almost comp–er, uh, what was I saying…?

      • At the end of the Jast panel, they showed a picture of Starry Sky, stating that the project begins.
        There’s a phone shot of it @ AnimeExpo’s liveblog from the panel.. Or you can check out the same picture at angemedia’s LJ post about Hakuoki and Starry Sky: http://angemedia.livejournal.com/431262.html

        • please come to psp, i love those character designs

          • It would be great if it was the PSP games.. but Jast does PC games. But we still don’t have any actual news about what they’re doing with Starry Sky. Gotta wait to find out more~ lol but they are selling the PSP imports for $40 each @ their jlist.com website.

          • rurin

            that’s really exciting >.< I didn't know starry sky was going to be localized!
            Being on PC actually makes me happy though, since I don't own a PSP…..

  • I’m not otome(oh rly lol), but i’m excited to play this, love Hakouki!!!

  • Aksys are making history:)

  • I am super uber happy now!!! Atlast… I get to play it… And I love the idea that my choices will land me with some random guy… Thank you Akys i love you!!! XD
    Will definitely be getting the limited edition!!!! I am so sosooooo excited now…

  • Will Akys translate more visual novel?

  • aoihana

    PSP? Portable Bishounen’s? Count.Me.In. 

  • blah blah

    Wow, it seems to be getting a lot of positive comments.
    I guess it was a good choice?

  • riana ardila

    SO HAPPY:3
    then what i can do now is save my money for buying PSP (>_<")

  • masuto

    omg some of those screenshots are spoilers!

  • EmmyG

    But this ISN’T north america’s first otome game by a long shot!

    This isn’t even north america’s first originally-japanese otome game. (Yo Jin Bo)

    This isn’t even north america’s first originally-japanese otome game for consoles. (Princess Debut)

    Why are your writers such liars?

    • Tsuruhime

      Well it’s an otome game WITH GREAT ART.
      Yo Jin Bo was somewhat of a hit and miss, no wonder the company that published and translated the English version is no longer in business. The game was inaccurately translated (some things were placed in just for giggles by English translators.) and had faults, but, yet, it was the first otome game.

      Princess Debut, I feel like pedophile when I play it, since the youngest guy is only thirteen and the oldest sixteen. Most of the characters are either in between. Plus it was kind of cheesy. ;;

      • Eri

        Cheesy as it was, I suppose it technically is an otome game. The intended audience isn’t the same though (^-^;;)

  • I LOVE! 

  • chocoxpanda7

    Ah but would the seiyuus still be the same as they were before in the original because i really really love the seiyuus they were perfect for the shinsengumi…

  • Eri

    Buying to support, even though I have the game in Japanese right he on my shelf.

    And now the eternal question: What about europe?

  • Ooh, brilliant! Definitely buying this to support Aksys and their daring game choices. I’m always interested to see what they’re going to localise next.

  • OMG Yes!!!!

  • YYEEEEESSSSSS Ikemen samurais in English wktk wktk

  • YES YES YESSS! 8DDDD <3333 

  • tass123

    Very happy!
    And since the PSP is region free we in Europe don’t have to worry.
    The only thing they could screw up was if they tried to dub it. (Or even if they did, not include Japanese voices)

    Hakuoki is such great read (I’ve played every single one) and great otome games to start with, so hopefully more people will get interested in reading visual novels.

  • Erin Owen


  • XxDestinyXx

    I went from thinking Aksys was cool to totally loving them with this one game. lol
    If they start releasing Otome games regularly, I may just develop a case of hero worship.  ;)

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