Medical Monster Hunter, Nano Driver, May Get Overseas Release

By Spencer . July 4, 2011 . 1:19am

nanod2Nano Diver is Takara Tomy’s take on the ever-popular hunting genre. This PSP game is set inside your body where you (well a shrunken version of you) and a group of ad-hoc connected friends battle viruses.


Premium Agency, the company behind Death by Cube and Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive, is developing Nano Diver. Their product page notes there are roughly 130 weapons to find, the game has a lifesaving theme, and… Premium Agency plans to release Nano Diver overseas.


To date, Nano Diver has not been announced for North America or Europe. The medical hunting action game hasn’t even been released in Japan yet. Tomy have Nano Diver slated for September 1. We’re curious to see who’s going to pick this title up and localize it.


nanod3 nanod4 nanod

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  • Phoenix_Apollo

    …I’m not going to lie, that sounds like it could be an awesome game. Depending on how Japan receives it, I might buy it should it come here.

  • Ne~at… It’s like the doctors from Trauma Center series decided: “Oh, screw the tools. Let’s go down there and wrestle them ourselves.”

  • shuratan

    The future, in your hands now. I wonder how it actually plays compared to stuff like mh. 

  • 5parrowhawk

    [Most of] the interface is a hilariously shameless rip from MH.

    Although the ECG in the lower left corner is an interesting addition – presumably you fail if the patient dies on you. Let’s see what they make of this. 

    • Hraesvelgr

      It seems like a lot of the Monster Hunter “clones” have very similar UIs.

      • There is always a comment like that around -_-.

        But im seriously starting to take these hunting games as a new genre now, more than “MH ripoff”

        • kupomogli

          If it actually tries to be somewhat different then I can see that it could be called a new genre, however the game looks like it’s just a clone of Monster Hunter.  Looks like the exact same game with different paint.

          Watch the trailer.  Characters move exactly the same, characters attack extremely similar, etc.  You might as well call it Monster Hunter:  Epidemic. Skip to 1:40 and watch it to the end for gameplay.

          • Saw the vid…. And my opinions…

            First, MH doesnt happens inside of a human body, this itself makes it a lot different…
            And second… The only thing that looks alike is the health and stamina bar, but the camera and even the character’s size looks different as from MH.

            But well, if u want to see it like that, then go on ahead, but i stopped to see them as “ripoff” when different companies starting to do these kind of games…

            All rpgs started pretty much the same you know? Blocky, pixels, images, world maps and whatnot. We might be in the middle of the beginning of a new genre.

          • blah blah

            It taking place inside a body is just a concept.
            And size of a character, camera and stuff have nothing to do with it starting a new genre.
            We could also argue that most RPGs past 20 years or so have been ripoffs for being generic in terms of gameplay (mostly generic within subgenres like traditional, action, strategy, etc) and story.

          • That’s exactly my point. Then all games but the first one (first rpg, first plataformer) has been ripoff of the original? You cant say that either because in those days the videogames were new too, so everything still looked new…

            It all start almost the same, maybe later we will see new stuff from other companies other than capcom in this “hunting genre” MH started

        • Aren’t they already in the Action, Adventure and Hack-and-Slash categories, in terms of gameplay?

          • Nope, this might as well be a new genre, i havent seen a hack and slash game like MH because you barely swing the sword.

            If you have played the game u should know that this is a precision game more than anything

  • Go for the PSN! I’m very curious about this, but I hope it’s more fun than God Eater.

  • Like the premise, nice to see more PSP games that may get localized.

  • Oh like Osmosis Jones and Ozzy & Drix? Its quite cool to see a game utilize it for a concept.

  • Gohobojoe

    It’ll be Monster Hunter with squick to it.

  • Ravage27

    wad the…really??? Wow if it really gets localised when i have already given up hope of getting PSP games from Japan at this point.

    Will support for sure, and i’ll even buy a second copy if there’s a PSN copy available to future-proof it for Vita.

  • Will this cure cancer?

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