A Role Playing Game For Aspiring Tavern Owners

By Spencer . July 8, 2011 . 2:18am


Think Recettear: An Item’s Shop Tale, but instead of managing a store you’re in charge of a bar. That’s the premise of Adventure Bar of Wonderland Portable. The goal in this upcoming PSP game is to have the best bar in the kingdom.


How do you do this? By rising the ranks in cooking contests and drink sales tallies the monarchy arranges at fixed times. Sounds like Wonderland is one kingdom that doesn’t have to worry about a pending apocalypse.


Adventure Bar of Wonderland Portable still has dungeons to explore and monsters to fight. That’s how you’ll find ingredients to cook exotic dishes. Adventure Bar of Wonderland Portable has a turn based combat system and uses something similar overkill mechanic from Final Fantasy X. Defeat an enemy with full force and you have a better chance of getting rare food. Developer Rideon Games created more than 10 types of dungeons and over 400 recipes for their PSP game.


Adventure Bar of Wonderland Portable will be available on Japan’s PlayStation Store on July 12 for 600 yen ($7.30).


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  • Looks like a game that seems worth picking up, I easily enjoyed Recettear: An Item’s Shop Tale and I am a sucker for turn-based.

    Capitalism, ho~

  • looks a lot blander than recettear imo,,,

    rm2k style graphics and boring looking combat system

    shame, cus it sounded like a cool concept. ill stick to atelier and tht noora game

    • The Graphics reminded me of RM too. But they are way too detailed and big for rm2k and the sprites look far better. Maybe RMXP or something later with widescreen support… wasn’t there one for PS3?

      But well, there are a lot of good RM games out.

    • FireCouch

      Honestly, I like the graphics 5x more than Recettear.  It doesn’t have that extreme moe taste to it, and although the graphics are simple it’s at least clean.  Simple and clean… oh man.

  • Crampin’ my style :argh:

    Anyway, neat, this is basically an indie game on the PSN. Bit cheap, too! and it does still look pretty good, even if some of the maps look a bit plain.

    You guys wouldn’t happen to have a name in Japanese and/or a developer for this, would you?

    • Ladius

      And thus a localization was born :O

      • katamari

        That would be awesome.

    • DarkWaterClone

      Well it would be cool to see you be able to bring this game out on PSN for North America. I think it is great people have options for download only these days. Because years ago you could only do a disc & now with the option of download only games like this are easier to come out of Japan.

      Also how big is Carpe Fulgur? Because if you are thinking about PSP  localization on top of PC localization. You would have to be bigger then just a few people. Unless you are thinking about future projects & not thinking about adding say this game to your list of games you are bringing out soon. Like this game could start being brought out after your games you are working on right now.

      I am not sure if this is a hint or not that you might be looking into PSP games coming out of Japan. But if it is that is great news. Because I really enjoy the PSP & there is lots of great games on that system. So I welcome more people bringing out PSP games. Plus with download only as an option it makes the chances of a game coming out of Japan a little greater.

      That being said thanks for bringing out games on the PC. Because no other company is bringing out Japanese PC games & if it wasn’t for you I would never have a chance to play them.

    • We mentioned the developer in the post, but perhaps this is more helpful.


      • Oh, this is the crew behind Badman! Okay, that explains some things actually.

        Also makes it quite likely NISA would be the one to pick this up, if it comes over. :x

        • Even though it is a cheap game, NISA is on the fence on the PSP anyways.  If you guys want it go for it.

          • Ryos

            Yeah, NISA seems to have decided PSP is bad mojo – which is too bad because they were one of the few companies left that were localizing PSP games.

  • Alcohol abuse, ho!

  • Gelsa

    Bland graphics but an interesting concept! I’d buy it depending on price. Less than or around 10 bucks? Sure.

  • PersonaSpace

    As a bartneder and a JRPG player, I want this game so bad. Time to start bugging XSEED!

    • Shinji Kazuya

      Not now. They are busy with The Legend of Heroes :<

  • … This game actually looks pretty neat! I’d get it.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Looks interesting, but darn do the maps look so bland. They could have put some more effort into it, especially that grass area.

    • Historiata

      Uuuuh… for $7 USD?

  • PersonaSpace

    Do you guys have a Japanese name for this? It would make it a lot easier to find info on.

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