There’s Going To Be Marvel vs. Capcom 3 News At Comic-Con

By Ishaan . July 10, 2011 . 3:28pm

Capcom aren’t done with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 yet; far from it. They’re teasing more news on the game at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. We caught a glimpse of this entry on the Comic-Con schedule:


11:00-12:00 Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting fans! Come to this panel to hear the fantastic news about this legendary fighting game franchise straight from producer Ryota Niitsuma. Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek as well as a chance to come onstage to showcase your fighting skills against each other for fantastic prizes. Followed by a Q&A session. Room 25ABC


More downloadable content perhaps? Ultra Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Make your bets, folks.

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  • its going to be marvel vs capcom 3 vita :D

  • Alright new chracter are about to be annouced. I hope they bring chuck green or maybe megaman or maybe wayne from lost planet

  • Super Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    Spectator mode, 4 new characters including Mega Man X

    New challenges, new gameplay modes all characters rebalanced


    • Historiata

      Funny how if you said this several years ago, people would think they’re making an entirely new game, hahahaha.

    • ForeverFidelis

      Most likely bet is 12 new characters.

      According to Lupniko at least. And after leaking the MVC3 roster, he’s become a pretty reliable source.

    • After X, they’ll add Axl, since everybody wants the X Saga Power Trio of X, Zero, Axl.

      Also, I hope Gene from God Hand would be one of the first 12.

  • Historiata

    Chibiterasu, anyone?

  • I hope it’s Super MVC3. Add a handful of new additions and I’d be happy. I don’t want another two DLC characters that there’d be no point in buying.

    • Oh yeah cuz they can’t just add those in by DLCs nooo u want to buy the same game that should have those contents but didn’t… You Sir have been Anally Raped by Capcom

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Not only will they add a story mode, but extra (costly) downloadable costumes, stages, color palettes and characters. They might as well give Thor something new, like an extra weapon, move or a better taunt, he’s the least used character overall. And then Marvel decided that their characters will have a Japanese voice option too, Sentinel anyone?
    And for the RPG fans, the story mode will play exactly like NxC and its story will probably be better than SRW A3! Hell it has to be better, its an RPG by Capcom+Marvel!
    What more could there possibly be? That’s right, third party guest character dlc! Who will it be? Maybe Travis Touchdown? Beyond the Grave? Tetsuo? Kaneda? Pegasus Seiya? Guts? Casshern? Adol Christian? Someone from Touhou? Ryu Hayabusa? Princess Yggdra? Teddie? Guile’s theme? I place my bet on Django from Boktai.
    If this all happens than I demand cookies :3
    oh yeah put Bison as dlc with him saying this:

    • Guest

       Kaneda from AKIRA would WTF awesome but I would replace Pegasus Seiya with Shaka from Saint Seiya cause dude fights with his eyes closed  and sends you through multiple dimensions that would be cool to see instead of Ryuseiken or rolling crash suplex

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        I concur, what was I thinking?

  • LezardValeth

    New characters would be nice….Venom and BB hood plz thx.

  • puchinri

    Comin to a Wii near U?

    • SetzerGabbiani

      I c what you did there.

      • puchinri

        (I will be amused if it so though. Not surprised if it’s just more DLC or something though.)

  • FireCouch

    Judging by the oh so reliable Lupinko leaks, apparently there is going to be 12 new characters.  Can’t wait.

  • Ian

    Super ultra arcade marvel vs capcom 3? XD

  • z_merquise

    Here’s hoping for Ghost Rider. The previous Ghost Rider comic series (the one written by Jason Aaron) was really an awesome, B-movie horror, grindhouse-style fun. That series what turned me to a Ghost Rider fan. Really recommend it to other comic readers here.

    And if they’re going to add Venom, I do hope it’s the current Venom:

    The current Venom series so far is also very good. And add the fact that it’s written by one of my favorite comic writer Rick Remender (the same guy who wrote the story and the hilarious dialogue from the FPS game Bulletstorm) turned it to a must-buy for me every month.

    As for the Capcom’s side, I wish they go to the more obscure characters with huge potential like Linn Kurosawa of Capcom’s Alien vs. Predator arcade game. Nothing wrong with the likes of Frank West and Megaman but I don’t want such cool characters like her not to be used again:

    Though I won’t mind the other most requested characters like Strider, Vergil and Gene of God Hand since I also like them.

    • I’m pretty sure Lupinko de-confirmed Ghost Rider, and he’s usually been right about everything he has subtly leaked.

  • XypherCode

    a PC version perhaps? 3DS? Wii U? lol :D

  • kroufonz

    gotta sell my mvc3 ASAP

  • “Super MVC 3 Arcade edition!?”, c`mon!, please, no more DLC. Just move on and bring us something new.

  • Here’s hopin’ for Phoenix Wright and Squirrel Girl!

  • Yu_TheKing

    Bring back Jin Saotome and return Jill to how she was before.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    If it’s Super MVC3, it better be DLC or I’m not biting. And spectator mode would be nice, Capcom. In fact, I’d say it’s more than nice. It’s probably more important than adding any characters.

  • Another DLC that will make our pockets empty. hope they release a new Marvel vs. capcom the roster for me is not that good.

  • mikanko

    Please just nerf the hell out of x-factor and bring the online interface at least on par with SSF4.  I was a big fan of the game early on, but game has a painful online experience, and I don’t think I’ve touched it in months.

  • Marvelous Marvel vs. Capcom 3. How less predictable can it be if Capcom didn’t spend the past 3 months fixing/updating this trash?

  • Souji Tendou

    I’m calling it, 2nd iteration of MvC 3, with 6 (or more?) new characters…!


  • Super MvsC3 must have:

    1)Spectator Mode for online
    2)More interesting characters (Frank West and Gene are two good)
    3)Better balancing (I don’t want to have my ass kicked in the first combo)
    4)More modes both online and offline(MvsC3 was bare bones if compared to SF IV even)
    5)A channel where I can see and learn with the best (like SSF IV)
    6)Charge 40 dollars or less for a boxed version and if possible DLC.

    And the most important of it all

    7)A teaser for a new Darkstalkers

    Do it Capcom.

    • Kris

      As for #7, I keep hoping that they add more and more Darkstalkers characters until they get the entire Vampire Savior cast. 
      Then, they can make some new characters, make the engine work like VS’s, and call it a day. (yes, I know that’s not how game development works, but I can dream, right?)

      • GG and VS are definitely hard to top as far as fighters go, in my opinion. Vampire Savior: what a great series that hasn’t received a new game in so long and deserves one! They just did things right.

        • Guest

          Also on a side note, I think it’s time Capcom upgrades Tatsunoko vs Capcom for multiplat (including Wii U) because I can never get online with Wii’s crappy online….

    • Getting your “ass kicked in the first combo” isn’t a matter of balance. Marvel has always been about unleashing massively ridiculous combos.  Just don’t get hit.

      But I agree with everything else you said.

  • jugun

    Its gonna be Mega Awesome Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Superb Clash of the Universe with two New Characters,and a shinny title on the case that will cost you $50 =D,They really need to wow me to get Hyped 

  • kidhyuga

    Vergil from Devil may cry
    Megaman ( Battle Network or Starforce)
    Ken from Street fighter
    Protoman from megaman Nt warrior/ Battle network
    All the characters from Marvel vs. Capcom 2? :D

    •  personally if they grabbed someone from the battle network series i would hope for Bass. he has a good rang of attacks and who doesn’t like character who just float around.

  • damndamndrum

    Psylocke. Please.

  • kidhyuga


  • Wiccan1109

    I have this burning feeling that if it is related to new characters (though i think theyve left it a bit too long to really cash in for that) i cant imagine they wouldnt include Gambit, Venom, Strider and Frank (Maybe Doc Oc since he was in the data?). I dont really like any of them but they always win the polls. I’d expect them to add the above 4 as really high profile characters and then like waste 2 slots on  really obscure and stupid choices that no one likes. Like maybe a sea sponge, rocket racoon, an empty coke bottle or a t-virus syringe.

  • Yukito

    Going to be Super Marvel Vs Capcom 3 HD Turbo Remix with two new characters and a save lock on the content.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Yes, but for that, there’d have to actually be new characters…

      • Yukito

        I said that. “with two new characters and a save lock on the content.”

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          I realize that, the joke was that Capcom would actually have to make new characters for such a thing, which they have given no evidence of so far

  • If its a new characters i welcome then openly but if its a new game i think i may throw a temper tantrum and jut get a hammer and chisel and break my version of the game for the fun of it, By the new one and do the same

  • Guest

    After watching the new X-Men movie I wouldn’t mind Havoc in the game.

    Also obligatory Gene from Godhand, Asura from Asura’s Wrath and Masamune Date from Sengoku Basara request…

  • SetzerGabbiani


    And a character rebalancing patch.

  • Monster Hunter’s Kirin Girl or Rathalos. Got to have a monster hunter on MvC3. 

  • Given the lack of any real content having been added, disregarding the shadow battles and Events (seeing as they were likely already finished and just timed releases, as there were already “clear event #” conditions for titles on release) I would really like to see a massive patch, adding a spectator mode, re-balancing and an announce on some proper new content.

    What wouldn’t be fantastic is the announcement of a “super” edition. That combined with the general lack of additional content and support would almost certainly create a massive backlash.

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