Falcom President: “There Are A Lot More [Ys] Adventures To Cover”

By Ishaan . July 11, 2011 . 3:35pm


Issue #111 of game magazine, GamesTM, has an 8-page feature on the History of the Ys series. Parts of the original draft for the feature have been edited out of the magazine version, and the uncredited author, John Szczepaniak, has some of these available for reading on his blog, including brief quotes from the president of Falcom.


Here’s a brief snippet from the post, which you can check out at the link above if you’re interested in reading it:


JS: The popularity of the Ys series has endured for 24 years. Why do you feel this is? Are you planning a surprise for its 25th anniversary?

TK: In Ys lore Adol is said to have left hundreds of adventure journals. The latest adventure we released was the 7th adventure so there are a lot more adventures to cover. It might be the excitement of wondering what adventure Adol tackled at what age that makes this series possible.


There are also a few quotes from Ys fan-translator, Deuce, who’s licensed some of his work to Xseed for recent Ys releases, and with Ken Berry, Xseed’s director of publishing, about the partnership with both Falcom and Deuce.

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  • So there are going to be another 93 games? Well, not that I wouldn’t buy them so keep it going dude!!

    I want to know everything about Adol so I can be like him one day!!

    • Exkaiser

      Not “a hundred.” “Hundreds.”

      •  Lol even better, must be like a new adventure on every corner there~

  • That is a lot of story there.  I wonder how soon we will see the game where we play as a 80yr. Adol…

    • According to the prestory for Ys I, Adol died at the age of 64. So sorry. Unless something else happens, no 80 year old Adol.

      • D’oh!  Thanks for the correction.

        Well around age 64 then.

      • Which is why I wonder how there are still so many stories left, considering each game so far seems to have covered about a year or so, unless there’s been a considerable gap between games that more adventures could have fit in.

         Also, that would make Europa a pretty dangerous world, with localized, world-threatening disasters happening many times a year :P

        I say bring on the rest of these adventures, Falcom!

        • Exkaiser

          Not all of Adol’s adventures had to be world-threatening. That’s why not all of them are game-worthy.

          •  Very true

            I’d love to see a montage of his most mundane adventures though, could be good for a laugh.

      • Ryos

        Geriatric Adol: the most awesome elderly swordsman ever?  I’ll go with Adol to the ends of Europa and beyond. :O

      • Michael Tripp

        I never knew such a timeline and history of Adol existed. Can you cite the webpage or source you got your information about when Adol died? I’d like to check it out as someone interested in the lore.

  • I fucking love Ys

  • I think I might get in on it on the next generation handhelds.Though looking at further comments, the protagonist changes ages in each game respectively? I wouldnt want to play as a really seasoned one.

    • So far he looks pretty much the same in every game, with difference on his gear and well that he gets taller obviously, though assuming it will cover all his adventures it’s easy to tell that he will get older in future installments, kinda interesting though would be the first time for me in a game series.

      • epy

        I would assume they will either slow down the passing of the time in between Adol’s adventures or throw in a playable young pretty boy having a major role in the story for people that are into that to use.

        Me, I’ll be maining Adol even when he’s a 60 year old guy. I’ve been there through all his travels.

    • Exkaiser

      No, he’s pretty static.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I’ll chime in with pretty much the same answer. Adol doesn’t age too much but it is obvious that he’s gotten older (imo). I think Adol in Ys VII looks pretty different from Adol in recent Ys I art. Well no let me rephrase that. I think he looks different but it’s subtle. I feel that the smaller subtle differences are night and day though. But that’s just me. Anyways he hasn’t aged too much. He’s gone from like a 16 year old to someone in his early 20’s. That’s it. Ys art has changed a lot of the years though.

    • What’s wrong with a seasoned protagonist?  The JRPG stereotype of farmboy turning hero is getting pretty stale. 

      Playing as a more experienced character can allow different dialogue/story arcs to occur.

  • Hmm..I think I got to get myself playing this games. 

  • Draparde

    Ys 100, yes please! (i would wana see the person who would have all 100 games lined up in a collection) 

    • xhunter

      They said hundreds. I expect Ys 250 by 2500 !

      • With 2 part adventures and Gaidens and all it’s possible, I wait for the day Ys “The number is so long it doesn’t fit on the cover anymore” releases~

        • Zero_Destiny

          Just like my game’s tittle. ^_^ We had to put it in Super Small font and cut it up into 3 rows to fit: The Secret Final Tales of the Last Hearts’ End and their Magnificent Story Woven from Nothing but BURNING PASSION: HD COLLECTOR’S EDITION & EIGHT YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION. ALSO THIS GAME WAS GAME OF THE MONTH THREE YEARS AGO EDITION II on the spine. Good times. :D

          • The game name is so awesome tho, I think it deserves an extra cover just for that, you know like the hard covers over the actual cases uh like Dissidia~

            Also you need some great art on the cover man, and I mean seriously great art not your current version!!

      • Draparde

        !! how could i have been so foolish to have missed that S on the end of hundred!  ><! 

  • Poor Adol, destined to spend his life slaving away on fighting evil, kinda like Link. Poor Link….

    • WonderSteve

      Oh but he gets all those beautiful women. What a “poor” guy.

      • Can’t remember him getting any of the girls, they just are there, which is nice but that’s it~

        • WonderSteve

          The game just doesn’t want to make the male players jealous.

          Just look the artbook of Ys…

  • Lordphantomhive

    Dang Adol has been busy lol.

  • Xeahnort

    I would like to play YS: Origins or YS: The mask of sun on PSP or Vita

  • inori_risingsun

    yay,more ys,….!!!!i really want psp port of ys origins,..

  • Peter Johansson

    As long as the Ys series continues to have awesome music it can go on forever and ever! ^^

  • This is my second favorite series after Tales.
    Continue Falcom! FOREVER!

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