Some Tips Before You Play The Catherine Demo

By Spencer . July 12, 2011 . 4:14pm


There’s a Catherine demo online and it covers the very beginning of Vincent’s nightmare. You’ll meet Katherine, Vincent, and Catherine before diving into one of the game’s block towers. You have to climb up before a monster reaches Vincent and stabs him with a giant fork. What should you do?


"Number one – don’t panic. If you start pushing/pulling blocks at random, it’s going to end badly," said Scott Williams, QA Lead at Atlus USA. "It’s not really a technique, but the most advanced thing to learn is how the blocks fall when they are pushed out. Getting blocks to fall correctly can be very important late in the game."


"Getting through Hard difficulty initially was quite difficult," Williams said after I asked what was the toughest part about testing Catherine. "The "Hard" difficulty definitely just that. We had to complete the game under this setting for testing in which we died over and over again. We died over and over again for quality!"


"Anyone looking for a challenge will be happy with the Hard difficulty setting. Normal difficulty is nothing to scoff at either," Williams added.


The English demo has Troy Baker as Vincent Brooks, Laura Bailey as Catherine, and Michelle Ruff as Katherine McBride. Notable voice actors play Vincent’s drinking buddies at the Stray Sheep too. Liam O’Brien voices Orlando Haddick, Yuri Lowenthal is Toby, and Travis Willingham plays Jonny.


PlayStation 3 owners can download the demo from PlayStation Network now. The localized Catherine demo is also available for Xbox Live Gold members. All Xbox 360 owners will be able to download it at a later date. Catherine comes out on July 26.

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  • AnimeRemix

    Thanks for the heads up Siliconera! Now I’m going to download the demo from psn! =D

    Nice tips. But I doubt I’ll ever play Catherine on Hard difficulty…@[email protected]

    • EusisLandale

      I doubt I’ll ever play through hard either. Normal, maybe.
      During the second climb in the demo I had a few close calls. Oddly what worried me the most was the that blocks changed when the monster hit them. Did not want to stick around to find out why they changed, but I would so very much like to know why the blocks changed when they got hit. >_>

      • Aoshi00

        The demo stages are actually 1-1 and 2-3, two of the easiest in the game and the demo is easy mode too (the trick to getting gold is don’t let that chain meter run out by moving up as soon as possible and not missing the coins).  Normal’s layout and traps/obstacles are much harder than easy (which isn’t really easy) and there is no undoing a move if you made a mistake or hit a dead end, and the save points are not very friendly sometimes so you would need to start all over again.  Even if you’re playing on easy, it’s still quite a challenging and rewarding experience and one would die many times.  I’ve tried playing half of the game in normal but gave up, the boss stages in normal were too hard for me.. but as you learn more moves from tutorials thruout the game, maneuvering Vince to climb the blocks would become your 2nd nature even if you’re sweating :) You will panic, but you get better by memorizing the pattern and improve your instinct/reflex :)

        Anyway, just tried the Eng. demo, the dub is beyond excellent (as expected from Troy Baker), everyone sounds great including Jonny, Toby’s also good, so’s the sheep giving Vincent hints.  The lines and how they’re delivered are very natural sounding just like the original Jpn dub, that’s why you need professional VAs :)  I love it they even say shi* and drop the F-bomb in this mature game.. the dialogue just flows very well.  Awesome localization Atlus.

        Oh, one thing I really prefer the US ver is the narrator sounds extremely cool compared to the Jpn one which sounds very mechanical and wimpy, just a weird voice which took me quite a while to get used to, but the Eng voice here is so suave, I guess we would hear him in the online polls/confession stand too :)

        • Thanks for the explanations. Sadly, I’m disagreeing for now with the voice acting, and I’m a little anxious when hearing these actors deliver the lines. The Japanese version was definitely more fluid (but, when isn’t it?). However, that was the same feeling with P3 and 4, especially, so guess I’ll get used to it. Will probably be better for newer audiences, anyway.

          • Aoshi00

            Sure thing.  I’ve only played ver little, several hrs, of P3/4 in Eng., I’ve played about half of P4 in Jpn, so I’m more used to the Jpn dub as well (while the Eng dub was not bad it sounded more forced because of the Jpn school elements)… but for Catherine, to me both Jpn and Eng dub sound very natural, the more I heard from this demo sounded much better than the trailers (it was hard to judge because they were just clips, Jonny sounded weird at first but here he sounds almost as cool as Koyasu Takehito), just very natural sounding adult conversation, they’re not even shy of curse words :)  I’ve played the game quite a bit alrdy (got all endings for both PS3/360 ver, should’ve just imported PS3 and now get the US ver on 360 *.* now triple dipping..), I’m pretty much getting the US ver just to enjoy the story in Eng, there’s a lot of dialogue in this game, it’s like experiencing a movie in a different way again.  I mean Yamadera Kouichi and Mitsuishi Kotono are veteran VAs and very versatile (they were Kaji and Misato), but Troy Baker and Michelle Ruff seem to give a good performance too, even though their portrayal is not exactly the same as the Jpn actors, since their voices are clearly different..

            For me, the Eng narrator/guide voice just sounds much better and cooler, I wanted to turn off the voice in the Jpn ver but couldn’t lol (it was a weird voice w/ many short pauses btwn words done on purpose).. now I don’t mind listening to this smooth voice thruout the whole game :)

          • I agree the writing or translation is a natural-sounding conversation, but guess it’s the pauses between them that irk a little. But, I get annoyed with every game nowadays like this. Hoping the actors’ performances get better as the game goes on. I do imagine enjoying this or the Japanese version more so having played the other one first. Didn’t even know there are multiple endings. Awesome.

  • ThatBlackGuy

     the demo kinda had 1 part that glitched up for me made the first level unpassable nothing a retry didnt help with.

  • KotaroInugami

    Don’t panic?… It’s a giant fork! D:

    • cj_iwakura

      Look at those fingernails’ color, too.

  • This might be the only game I’m contemplating playing on hard difficulty. I don’t really like a challenge but the exhilaration I felt from playing the Japanese demo would be amplified to near heart attack levels by playing on hard difficulty and that gets me excited! 

    • Word. Hard difficulty is the only way to go with a game like this.

    • Agreed. Like real nightmares.

  • darkfox1

    OMG ALL THOSE VA’S are like an anime VA heaven. Most of them should know each other since some did dubs together. They all so famous and good 

  • downloading the demo right now,   glad to see some of my favorites VA’S will be in the game XD

  • PrinceHeir

    well i already plan on buying the game so no demo for me :)

    don’t want to be spoiled you know??? :P

    • EusisLandale

      Unless you consider adapting to very sensitive controls being spoiled, I doubt the demo would do so. Nothing in it hasn’t been seen in any sort of preview.

  • I liked the demo so far.. but the controls… Jesus christ… I’ve died so many times due to the terrible controls, almost made me rage

  • Rihawf

    I wasn’t that interested on the game, but then just saw the demo and got interested.
    Weird, huh?

    • Hmm, a little weird, but very glad to hear. Did you do more than see the demo?

  • Just finished the demo and I have to admit it’s pretty interesting…and pretty
    I’ll wait for reviews and if it gets anything above 8 on average, I’ma get it

    • If you enjoy the gameplay and storytelling in this initial form that should be enough to want to buy it. I bet the full game gets quite a bit more interesting. Do you seriously have to rely on a review score?

  • I was skeptical before I even played the demo — despite that though I paid off my Deluxe Edition preorder. After playing the demo, I can guarantee I will not be disappointed. Catherine will give me a reason to play my PS3 again, I’ve only got four games for it after all! (Yakuza 3/4, Killzone 3 (came bundled with it) and Heavy Rain).

  • If you enjoy the gameplay and storytelling in this initial form that should be enough to want to buy it. I bet the full game gets quite a bit more interesting. Do you seriously have to rely on a review score?

  • Barrit

    Since this is a demo, is the audio going to be optimized for the final version?

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the audio for the anime scenes was much louder than the audio for the in-game rendered cutscenes. The voices during the tower parts was also a bit low and not always very clear unless you read the subtitles. I had to keep adjusting my volume.

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, I noticed that too, I was wondering why the anime audio was much louder than the in-game audio which was a bit annoying and strange.  Hopefully it’s just the demo like you said, as I don’t remember in-game and anime cutscenes’ sound having different volume in either Jpn PS3 or 360 ver.. Anyway, liking the dub so far, to me sounds as good as the Jpn dub (the first F-bomb threw me off :)

      • Ah, I should have refreshed instead of sounding repetitive.

    • You’re right. Was strange. Just played the Japanese version, and the anime scenes’ volume levels were very similar to gameplay’s. I’m playing with decent headphones as well. Sounds like the main issue is the quieter non-gameplay scenes, as you said, with the U.S. demo.

  • Loki

    I noticed that Jamieson Price was the narrator, so that’s one more great VA.

  • I love the humor in this game, but Katherine needs some new friends.

  • Downloading this baby later today, even tho I already played the japanese demo and loved it to death!

  • kyuketsukimiyu

    In the game before the levels, you get to talk to the other sheep. I really recommend doing this as they give really good techniques you may not have thought of for getting up the tower. 
    But yes, being calm is probably the best advice. You can get a lot more done in the time they give you then you may realize.

  • LOVED the demo, keep getting stuck in the monster chase.  Thanks for dying for quality, Atlus, that’s why we love y’all!

    •  The same thing happened to me when I played the demo yesterday. I died the first time on the boss chase. (I was fine the second time though.)

      It really looks so pretty!

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