The [email protected] 2 Performs On PS3 With Bonus Content

By Spencer . July 19, 2011 . 5:04pm

idolmXbox 360 exclusive The [email protected] 2 is coming to PlayStation 3, according to this week’s magazine leaks. Namco Bandai is making a few tweaks to the popular idol training game.


Game balance has been adjusted and the PlayStation 3 version includes a difficulty mode for beginners. The [email protected] 2 also has hyper mode for expert players. The [email protected] 2 has a ton of downloadable content. Some of it will be available on-disc in the PlayStation 3 release. Clothes, accessories, and songs from the first to third DLC catalog are on-disc.


The [email protected] 2 will be available as part of a box set that includes the first volume of the anime series on Blu-ray, soundtrack CD, and a copy of an [email protected] magazine for 19,800 yen ($250). A standalone game will retail for 7,980 yen ($100). Both versions will be available in Japan on October 27.

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  • KotaroInugami

    Wait wait wait, time out, does this mean it can play on my american PS3!?! :D

    • Yes if you want to spend 100 dollars on it 

      • KotaroInugami

        Yes I want, it’s taxpayer money anyway. :O

        • Then by all means go ahead! I’ll do it too or wait for an used copy to show up on ebay, I used to download the videos on xbl and dreaming of playing this game and now it will be possible lol

  • Guess I can finally import this game! Sooo gotta preorder it if this rumor is actually true.

    Please inform us if that’s the case :)

  • Importing

  • Import inbound!

  • OK thats awsome.

  • They should do the same with a PS3 version of Uta No Prince Sama. I love it.
    Regardless, this coveted series seems pretty cool to come with the anime too.

  • Do want! Absolutely! XD Especially with the DLC on disc. I’m going to have to save up. 

    • Ditto! Sorry to those who have a grudge against Bamco, but I’ll probably buy everything this has to offer, even it cost twice, thrice the original game.

  • Wow, what a week it’s been already…

  • aoihana

    Wait for it…wait for it…F$&# Yeah! 

    DLC Songs, Accessories, AND Clothes already on the disk?! Region locking kept me from you for so long but now, oh now, [email protected] 2, you’ll be mine! One word: Awesome. I can’t wait >_<

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t know if a lot would be included on disc, it’s still Bamco, they live on this franchise by selling millions of accessories as DLC, even for the Idolmasters on PSP.. I wouldn’t bet on anything more than a couple of outfits.. whether on PS3 or 360, still cost a heck of a lot to get DLCs from Jpn PSN or 360 marketplace.

      I never did get the appeal of this series though (I got the first game and Live for You on sale before), it’s too loli for my taste.. and they’ve been using the same songs w/ different remix forever, and the minigames are way too hard for me :(… and I thought the cel shaded graphics for Dream Club is much better (I usually don’t buy expensive outfit DLCs, but that game has some amazing ones lol..)

  • Xerain

    So Gal*Gun and Otomedius Excellent are the only reasons left for me to buy a 360 now.

  • SlashZaku

    Wondering how many fans in Japan were waiting for this news.  And isn’t there a PSP title?  They could probably do some nifty content unlock for IM2 with a save from PSP just for added kick (don’t think it was released in NA so that’d be moot).

  • YES. Pre-order time. Currently watching the anime. Region-free PS3 RULES. 

  • kroufonz

    namco ultimate betrayal! lol

    altough we’ve known that this gonna happen sooner or later (especially after more and more of jrpg and visual novel released on ps3):P

    from september to end 2011 will be really really hectic for japanese games fans (both import and localized)

    day one import!

  • kroufonz

    oh and it will be awesome if they could also get rid of those bishi group jupiter for the game:P

    namco is now looking much better than capcom.

  • Yukito

    Damn, about time. =/

  • Dimentionalist

    What’s that noise!? I think I just heard a Japanese XBOX 360 owner breaking his disc in half.

    • they broke when they included horrid males.

      • Just because it’s getting a PS3 port doesn’t mean its sales are going to get a whole lot better. Pretty niche game even for Japan.

      • JustaGenericUser

        I’m not sure what they were thinking there. Especially when they replaced three of the idols just for those yaoibaiting bois.

    • Aoshi00

      Well, ports happen.. and they would still be nickel and diming w/ tons of DLCs on Jpn PSN just as they do on Xbox marketplace, or for the PSP games.. I highly doubt they’d be so generous like the GotY edition over here including all the DLCs released to date.  Frankly, the amount of DLCs for games like [email protected] and Dream Club are quite ridiculous :(.. especially for unimportant things like clothes and accessories (as nice as some of them look) that don’t add to gameplay per se.. Extra outfits should be unlocked by in-game challenges/currency like Bayonetta.. this is almost as bad as buying weapons w/ real money for MMOs.. but still good for PS3 owners I guess since it’s region free..

    • I was expecting this to happen sooner or later, especially since SP was
      on the PSP and the “concert” on PS Home. I know a couple [email protected] that only
      bought a 360 for the this series and they were mad, heh. Hey, it
      happens. Maybe I’ll offer to buy their system off them to levitate the grief.

  • Darkrise

    FINALY! I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while, and dlc on disc? Awesome.

  • Elemiel

    Am I dreaming?! Did I end up in some sort of alternate universe?! This is the greatest news I’ve heard today! :D

  • 5parrowhawk

    Cue Tales of Vesperia-esque fanriots.

    Still ain’t buying it until they bring back the Ryuuguu Komachi idols.
    …Would make for even more hilarious fanriots if the missing characters returned as an Xbox exclusive.

  • Pretty huge blow to the xbox 360 in Japan. But smart move by Namdai. 


  • AzureNova


  • NotABananana

    First day import.

  • Aria Bouche

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, now my JP 360 has become useless!  Well no, PS3 owners still don’t have [email protected] and [email protected] Live for you!  Still buying it either way.

    • Aoshi00

      You really imported a Jpn 360 just to play [email protected]? And it won’t be useless, it plays like 95% of the US 360 games too, making it close to a region free 360.

      • Aria Bouche

        I sure did but there are other neat JP only 360 games but I mainly play [email protected] and record video.  As for US games it doesn’t play all the ones I want to play and I don’t really want to buy an american 360.  I also fear this will hit the 360 hard in Japan because [email protected] is one of the reasons why the system sold, number one selling 360 game, and DLC.

        • Aoshi00

          There’s really only a handful of US 360 games that can’t be played on the Jpn 360 that I could think of, like Deathsmiles, Infinite Undiscovery, or Nier.. but Nier’s also on PS3, and you should have no prob playing shmups or VNs w/ a Jpn 360…  I don’t think this is really a system seller though.. chances are most people who are alrdy interested in 360 in Jpn have alrdy bought it for other games or the previous [email protected] from reviews on Amazon Jpn, it seems that this isn’t really that good a game either..  And if you do own a Jpn 360, you should’ve alrdy gotten this game right?  Like I said before, it’s hard for me to see Bamco including more than a couple of DLCs on disc for this PS3 port, as they will still sell all of them on PSN separately, so maybe you aren’t missing much. It’s like if you have Vesperia, why would you care the PS3 port getting some extras since you played the game alrdy.

          • The PS3 re-release of Vesperia greatly improved gameplay, actually had DLC, and added more side-story and backstory exploration for the characters due to integrating The First Strike into the history, and added two more playable characters.  It left 360 players feeling cheated out, especially those in the US seeing as for most the PS3 version is near-unobtainable.

          • Aoshi00

            But that doesn’t mean the original was a Beta by any means, Eternal Sonata PS3 had more contents as well.  Some people felt cheated because they bought the system solely for that single game, which is a little silly to me, because once you own that system there’s tons of other great games on it.

            Sure, a port always has extras compared w/ the originals, that’s the bonus for making up to those who don’t get to play the game a year or 2 later.  It’s like GotY edition for most games, like Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, Fallout 3, should those who bought the original on day one feel cheated?  And I doubt Idolmaster2 on PS3 would include the hundreds of dollars of DLC all on disc for free.  Yes, it would’ve been great if the extra content was released for 360 as DLCs as well, but 360 gamers in the US alrdy played the game long ago, US PS3 gamers don’t even get to play Vesperia unless they have a 360, so what’s so bad about that?

            What I’m saying is this PS3 port wouldn’t make your Jpn 360 less attractive, those who got the system still got to play the game much earlier.. it’s like Steins;Gate gets ported to PC and PSP w/ a little extras (though later sold as DLC on 360), the 360 users alrdy got to enjoy the contents alrdy.  The fact is the ver that comes out later will always have more contents for a lower price, like Street Fighter 4.. should those who bought the original or Super feel cheated now that Arcade ver is out including everything?  (I know the extras are sold as optional add-ons, but US PS3 gamers still don’t get to play Eng. Vesperia at all w/ extra contents or not)

  • DanteJones

    Is there any chance of this being localized? I know the 360 version has been out for a while, but maybe with dual-platform or just the PS3 there’ll be a higher chance?

    • godmars

      At the very lest you’ll be able to play it on your PS3 if you import it.

      • DanteJones

        That’s true. Is it relatively easy to play if you don’t know Japanese?

        • NotABananana

          With a guide, yes. You won’t get much of the plot, however.

    • CheckEmBrah

      I wouldn’t count on it. 

      • NotABananana

        No, I do think there’s a much “higher” chance, the problem is that in NA this game would be as niche as it gets and it would be rather risky.

  • Why do I get the feeling Japanese 360 owners will feel an encore of the whole Tales of Vesperia scenario all over again? :s

    • Ravage27

      Idolmaster games are about the only reason why people buy 360s in Japan, so your feeling is most assuredly correct. Whatever the case, MS can forget about Japan next gen, i just can’t see their current userbase giving them another chance.

      Then again, publishing a Japan-centric game exclusively for a dead platform makes no sense in the first place. Yet another reminder of just how dumb NamcoBandai execs are.

      • It seems that way, but there are a few games like Steins; Gate that is released on the 360 in Japan.
        Then again, a lot of those types of games get released on the PSP, too…

  • CheckEmBrah

    $250 + shipping to USA… Damn..

  • Mister_Nep

    P-Pinch me.

  • MarkMario

    . . .
    (For those who don’t get it)

  • DaFool Visualnews

    This news makes me very happy.  Perhaps they might release an Asian (Hong Kong) edition?  Those are usually exactly the same as the Japanese version, only cheaper… considering Vesperia had one.

    Japanese speakers out there, as soon as you get your copy, we the JP-illiterate will appreciate any guide you make by translating the menus (I couldn’t care less about the actual dialogue… the girls could be making cute farting noises for all I care — I just need to know how to make them dance!)

  • Of course, Namco. Re-releasing updated versions of 360 games for PS3 again like the cool kid you are.

    Kind of a kick in the face for those that bought a JP 360 specifically for the game. At least it’s not as severe as the Vesperia re-release. 

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t understand this mentality really… should 360 gamers feel cheated Steins;Gate was ported later on to PC or PSP?  Now more people get to play it, Idolmaster was ported to PSP before, just like many VNs.  It’s good that people got to play the game 1 year early alrdy.  Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, Fallout 3, SFIV all later have GotY edition that include more contents for cheaper, that doesn’t mean the people who bought it on day 1 are cheated. If people really penny pinch that much, then they should wait at least 1 to 2 years before buying any game. It’s like Love Plus, if it ever gets ported to another system other than the DS/3DS, should the owners of the originals feel cheated? [email protected] is really a niche game to begin w/.

      •  I never figured it out either – for most part, PC gaming suffers iteration problems as well. You enter earlier, you get an earlier version of the game. You can’t get what hasn’t been worked on until that point.

        If we felt cheated every time a game with improvements came out, I’m surprised we don’t see the sort of backlash for sequels period.

        Okay, Left for Dead 2 aside, but gamers fold more often than they should.

        Technically, Idolmaster PSP isn’t a ‘port’ of the X360 version, though – A lot of it was reworked (From a story perspective) since a major change was that their careers didn’t terminate at the end of the game – They did in the X360 which was based off the original Arcade.

        • malek86

          Maybe it’s just me, but I actually prefer having the game sooner, than playing it later with improvements. Unless the original game sucks, of course. But in that case, the improvements probably won’t be enough to make it good in the first place.

          I don’t really care about having tons of extras either, because I’ll move to another game as soon I’ve had enough of the game I’m playing… which is often even before I finish the story. So I’d rather just have the game sooner. Or I could also just wait for the improved version to come out, and pick up the original one for a pittance.

          “Left for Dead 2 aside”

          That was more due to Valve originally promising support for L4D, and then announcing the sequel. In fact people calmed down once Valve announced a couple DLC campaigns.

          • Like I said, Left for Dead 2 aside – That was a bit of a special case, and even then, most gamers folded. They ended up honouring the promise made initially anyway, but well, seeing the sequel made the assumption that they’d be short strawed.

            I’ve admittedly been doing the journalist circles for too long, so I could cite quite a few examples where ‘Strike action’ didn’t go off according to plan. Or at all, really.

            I guess what I’m really getting at is that if you really believe that you got ‘ripped off’ when a better version comes out six or twelve months down the track then you have no business attempting any sort of early or even late adoption. Wait until a franchise is closed, done and dusted, and you’ll get the very last iteration of the game. It’s the only way to be sure, but you then have no rights to complain about coming in so late.

            We play games for what’s there, not for a potential better. Sure it’d be nice if the potential’s realised, but that’s later.

            If you want it earlier, you get the version that is out there at the time it’s available. If you don’t like that arrangement, I can only suggest to invest in a time machine, because that’s the only way you’re fixing that problem.

            I’m not referring to you specifically of course – You get that the above point – although I’ve been having more than a few discussions with people who well, don’t get it.

  • Finally! I’m so happy ಥ⌣ಥ
    Now I can hear GO MY WAY live instead of from Youtube!

  • What or whom do I have to sacrifice to get this translated?


  • Well, I’m not sure what to think. I’ve been expecting it actually (Although my PS3 is suffering from a near death condition which annoys me a bit) so I’m actually sort of glad how it’s panning out. (I own a Japanese 360 of course and the game, and love the franchise to death. They release games however they release them, and that’s the way the industry works – like it or put your money where your mouth is (Well, back in the wallet in this case) and prove the point.)

    However, it does raise other concerns, mostly to do with the fact they’re not making the money it used to.

    I’m more worried about some of the behind the scenes stuff. I’ll have to ask around some more I think.

    It’ll be an interesting litmus test though – will the percieved import popularity of the series actually translate to a significant growth? It’s hard to say, but the only way we’ll find out is sales of course. Here’s to hoping for an increased popularity of the series as a whole?

    Also need to note that the Xbox 360 version is currently on catalog 5 – If we went at 360 prices, you’re looking at 6800 points for all the relevant costume stuff only (And somewhere around 9000 points for everything) so if they translate, you’re only looking at about… what 5000 yen for every 3500 points… You get the idea.

    Sorry, that’s about 6800 MS points PER catalog. Multiply by 2, since we’re in catalog 5, not 4.

    • malek86

      Idolmaster 2 sold less than the previous games, though that may be partly attributed to a fan backlash over the boys band.

      I wouldn’t be that worried though. I don’t really see this port as proof that they aren’t making the same money as before. Rather, I think they want to have a game out in concurrence with the anime, just like what happened to Steins;Gate on PSP and the sequel on 360, which seemed to enjoy higher sales than normal due to being released during the anime run.

      Of course, they invested a lot of money on the anime, which might mean they are trying to revitalize the series (but if early Biglobe surveys are any indications, fans aren’t particularly enthralled).

      •  Well, it’s a bit complex to say the least – For most part the MS point system served as an interesting way of disguising costs.

        6800 MS points for the costume side of catalog 4 is nearly 10000 yen – (Yes, it’s close to the price of the ACTUAL GAME). NBGI would have to price the DLC in yen, and it’s going to be REALLY obvious as to just how expensive the game will be.

        Catalog 5 is about the same again. (Only Catalog 1, 2 and 3 are included. So no Kyun! Vampire Girl or LOBM, and Kyun! is one of the most popular songs requested from my experience)

        So for you to ‘Catch up’ with the DLC, you’re only looking at dropping at about twice the cost of the game itself, which is going to be a tough ask (Unless of course, you have other reasons like MAD work.)

        And this time, there’s no ability to distort, and the prices for a lot of the items are big enough (1000-1200 MS Points for some costumes and the songs) that costs will be, well obvious if priced in Yen.

        Which means that they’ll have to cut back the costs or show the high ongoing price. Good? Only if they’re smart enough to realise that all costs are now very easily priced and consequently put the prices down to compensate.

        If they don’t, the DLC prices could prove to hurt the franchise a lot, when people realise it’ll only set you back about 1500 yen for a song.

        • malek86

          I don’t think people didn’t already realize that they were paying an arm and a leg for those DLC contents.

          • From what I’ve spoken with people, most people HAVEN’T realised just how expensive it is to buy in. Not that I particularly blame them (They’re all happy about the announcement) but well…

            It’d make an interesting case of bill shock. Those already playing already know about the expenses, and a new group of importers will… well, find out the hard way, I suspect. Even with a 3 catalog subsidisation – Of course assuming that ‘On disc’ means ‘Unlocked and free’.

            If it isn’t, well, let the bill shock begin.

    • Guest

      Afaik there was some kind of outrage about Idolmaster 2 so that could be a reason as to why it sold worse than the first game. I mean looking at the Amazon ratings it seems quite possible.

      • That was largely due to Japanese Otaku outraging over two things:
        – Four of the girls that were in the first game seems to be out of the roster.
        – There’s a new boy band trio introduced into the roster.

        And the reactions [NSFW]:

        I don’t have anything against Otaku, but that was just a massive overraction, if you ask me…

        • Not quite true – Jupiter are NOT playable in any form – They only exist for storyline purposes. (at this point) They were not ‘added into the roster’ by any sense of the definition.

          It is true that storyline modes for 4 of the idols don’t exist (yet anyway) although given there’s I think 10 idols and their storylines to go through, that’s huge enough already. You’ll also run across the other 4 as part of the storyline mode anyway.

          Also, you still get access to the entire 765 troupe in the stage for you for performances. No Jupiter, so technically all the girls are available as part of the roster, and none of the guys are.

          • Huh. So I remembered things inverted, apparently. Thanks for the clarification.

      • Not really – A lot of that ended with them folding and picking up the game anyway. I’ve yet to really see a game strike that worked though.

        Other elements of the fandom were basically chomping at the bit for the guys, and were disappointed for other reasons (namely, the guys were NOT manipulatable in a video sense) since the MAD community is nothing small to sneeze at. (It’s actually why the series did well enough to justify staying on the 360)

        It sort of was impossible to win – no matter how they went, they’d lose with the construction of the game. Same goes with the anime – there’s a lot of expectations and simply put, you can’t get everyone.

  • malek86

    Nice, now I can finally import it. On the other hand, maybe my japanese is a bit too lacking to play a management game. If only they had ported L4U instead.

    Also, that price *shudders*

    • Aoshi00

      One thing I don’t like is the responses are timed when you pick how to answer the girl.. it has like a 3 2 1 counter really rushing you.. I played the first 2 games but could never get into it though as I didn’t like the songs very much..

      • malek86

        Ahah, The Witcher 2 has that too, and considering the kind of game, it’s even worse. It’s not bad though, it gives you a sense of urgency which reinforces the idea that your choices have consequences. Sometimes I waste too much time on those questions, anyway.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea.. but if I’m timed, I always panic and don’t have enough time to read and pick the best answers, which can’t bring up the idol’s confidence.. and the mini games were actually hard too, for me anyway.. so I gave up early on.. I would just feel much better if the conversation isn’t timed. and Live for you was just a rhythm game.. this sequel I heard is not that good among the fans..

      • kactaplb

        In psp ver, not only were they timed, but they were always in different order, so you can’t just>oh already see this scene, pick choice 1, orz…

    • kactaplb

      I played psp ver, and I found the japanese knowledge needed to play was quite light. So if imas2 is similiar…

  • Guest

    So I won’t have to import a Japanese 360 after all.

    I’m glad I waited for the inevitable.

    Let’s hope Dream C Club will be ported as well.

    • Aoshi00

      The first Dream Club has been ported to PSP alrdy, just like many other 360 VNs, if you don’t mind playing on a portable instead of console.  The PSP DLCs are now sold on Jpn PSN as well.

  • Locklear93

    Ah, Idolmaster on a region-free console.  This is a step in the right direction.  Now I just need a Chinese/English Asian release…

    Oh, leave me alone; I can dream. :P

  • This is, unarguably, the greatest gaming news I’ve heard all year. Region-free gaming for the win!

  • this makes me hot. and yay, another opportunity to learn more japanese!

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