Sorry, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Is Disc-Only, You Can’t Upgrade Via DLC

By Spencer . July 20, 2011 . 5:41pm

umc Capcom just announced Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which has twelve new characters, spectator mode, and balance tweaks. The game is slated to come out in November, but what about people who bought Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Will they be able to upgrade to Ultimate by purchasing downloadable content?


"Right now, we’re only thinking about releasing a disc version," said Ryota Niitsuma, producer, in an interview with Siliconera. I asked Niitsuma-san for more details and if there was a "data" issue like Super Street Fighter IV.


"Given the development schedule, there wasn’t enough time to work out all of the details to release it as downloadable content, as well. Also, for the reason you mentioned, there is so much data in the game it was easier to go this route," Niitsuma answered.


When Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comes out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 it will retail for $39.99.

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  • Shinji Kazuya

    Oh boy. I think folks aren’t gonna be happy with this, Capcom.

  • Capcom is CRAZY!

  • imaguni

    Wow, Capcom really is going to need to watch their backs after this week… 

  • Given the development schedule, there wasn’t enough time to work out all
    of the details to release it as downloadable content, as well.

    Now, I don’t mean to be “that guy” but you’re releasing this only 6 months after the original game and you’re citing a lack of development time? I understand that Capcom is a business and all that jazz, but I refuse to believe that they need this out so soon that they can’t take the time to accommodate players by making it DLC.

    Edit– For the record, I haven’t bought MvC3, so I’m speaking from a neutral stance here. It seems like a very silly situation.

    • mikanko

      It’s 9 months, which is still pretty damn quickly, but yeah.  MvC3 has found to have its share of problems, and the games overall menu interface could really use a 100% complete doing over. 

      Most fans of the game still think it’s fun, but also wouldn’t be adverse to overhauling a few of the core game mechanics completely.  If the changes are done right, (and they might not be) if a patch were doable it’d probably be several times larger than the AE patch for SF4.  That might make it harder to get a greenlight on.

      • Woops, had the release date of MvC3 wrong.

      • almost kinda reminds me of the whole left for dead 2 controversy 

        • Except Capcom customers aren’t dumb enough to stage public boycotts.

        • I treated the whole L4D2 one a little differently because it’s a whole new game – that meant new levels, new enemies, different game script – albeit with the same gameplay and general storyline. UMvC3 is pretty much the same game with more characters, and apparently other fixes.

          I guess, these situations are pretty similar. But how similar they really are depends on how big these changes are in UMvC3. If it really is some sort of a gameplay overhaul, then I suppose that justifies it. I think the gripe is that it just sounds like it’s patchable or DLCable.

          But yeah, the whole L4D2 thing.. I kinda of thought was crazy. The first game was great, and they came up with a second one in a short period of time with new levels, new infected and new characters – and the biggest complaint was that it came out too soon?! Too good to be true, I guess.

          EDIT: Blargh. Sorry for the rant. I’m pretty rambly.

    • Exkaiser

      Yeah, I can understand it being too large and hard to getting that greenlit or whatever, but citing the development time seems odd.

      But, well, speaking as a casual fighting game fan, I don’t think $40 for a 12-character expansion is too shabby. It’s really quite hefty for an expansion roster. SSFIV was 10 characters, BB: Continuum Shift was 4 (one of them wasn’t really a new character, I think?) + 3 DLC, SFIII: 2nd Impact was three characters and separated Yun and Yang into different characters, TvC: Ultimate All-Stars was 4, though the original version of the game wasn’t localized.

      Of course, it’s never enough for some people.

  • No buy. Crapcom should be ashamed of themselves. 

    • Shinji Kazuya

      Crapcom. Haven’t tought of that one but fits so well!

    • [ Didn’t read actual comment. Reply liked for avatar. ]

  • They’d have been better of putting a few more characters in and just calling it MvC4, they’d get less grief for doing that and wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of a dlc upgrade for 3

    • Exkaiser

      They’d also have to wait a while for that or people would just want them to call it, well, Ultimate MvC3.

      • Guest

        I would much rather an update to Tatsunoko vs Capcom (including Phoenix, Speed Racer, Date Masamune, Gene from Godhand, Space Ace, Kikaioh from Tech Romancer, Soul Taker, and Gordian robot) along with an HD port (since Wii online still sucks) but whatever

  • Wow, Capcom. That’s low. 

  • This is funny because I only rented it and several of my friends bought it and all the DLC.

    And who else wants to see how the heck Phoenix Wright is going to fight?

    • Exkaiser

      I don’t need to see how he’s going to fight to call him my main already.

      Dude’s radical.

  • DemonicX

    Well then, I will not be buying it.

  • pgover

    And I’ll still be buying it. I’m too interested in the characters being added to let something as insignificant as this slow me down. Besides, DLC would probably be more expensive in the long run.

    • Oh god, that tweet is real ?

      • TomSkylark

        If so then whatever poor intern runs their twitter account should probably be out of a job.

        • Guest

          If it’s real Capcom needs to understand their fanbase better…or learn how to use the internet and acquire better marketing research skills…

    • shadowind

      Obviously the person at Capcom Europe who posted this tweet is a fecking idiot! How can he/she claim it’s our fault when we WERE involved from the start by giving feedback as well as doing other things to support the game.

  • gamingbus

    Why are you all complaining? This will sell. Very well in fact. When it comes time to shove, everyone will jump on board, and forget all about the fact that their $60 fighting game was nothing more than a beta.

  • FireCouch

    I really don’t see how that would work as DLC.  Like, at all.  It’s 12 characters, 8 stages, completely redone menus, better network coding, spectator and other new modes.  Not to mention this isn’t like Arcade Edition where all they changed was balancing and 4 new characters.

     And complaining that it is released too early?  So if they decided to release this next summer instead of November it would be acceptable? 

    • An announcement for a balance update of the game released only 5 months ago shows how little effort Capcom put into it.

    • alundra311

      They could have just delayed the original’s release instead of releasing an updated version within a year’s time.

  • FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Strider’s in. Gotta buy it.

    • Arcm

      honestly that is the same very reason I’m buying lol

  • z_merquise

    Good for the people who waited.

    As for me, I felt happy that this game added characters I really like (GHOST RIDER!!! WOOOOOO!!!) but at the same time, felt regret on buying the first game.

    I do have mixed feelings right now. (Am I the only one? I think PrinceHeir shared my pain, hehe)

    No wonder Capcom is one of the beloved and at the same time, the most hated game companies.

    Okay, that sounds harsh. I was just frustrated for a moment there. Still, going to get this anyway because of Strider, Vergil, Iron Fist and, most especially, GHOST RIDER!!!

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Not only will I not be buying this, I will wait a year on Street Fighter x Tekken now, just in case there’s an update of that. If this were DLC, I would have no problem, but you cannot expect us to pay $100 in a year for two retail titles. Don’t give me that crap about a release schedule when it hasn’t even been a year since the original came out. You’ve lost a customer, Capcom.

    • mikanko

      If SF X Tekken is popular enough there’ll probably be an update on it in a year.  Probably not as sudden as this, but 14 months tops. 

      If you’d rather save your money than not play the game for a year that’s your money.  I don’t see what’s so bad about spending 60$ on a game I’ll put more hours into than Uncharted 3, or dozens of other games that’re finished in 10 hours.  I guess it depends on how much time you spend playing fighting games, and what you consider a good price for your entertainment by the hour.

      • Guest

        Uncharted has online MP dont forget that…

    • dragoon_slayer12

      Hopefully for our sake, tekken x street fighter will be the Ex version.

  • Don’t worry, the inevitable Arcade Edition will be. It’ll be on PC sometime as well.

  • Exand

    In response to:

    “Right now, we’re only thinking about releasing a disc version”

    I say:
    “Right now, I’m only thinking about how I’m not buying the disc version”

    Not even 6 months since the original release, and they want me to pay $40 for another disc? That’s only $15 lower than what I paid for the original game on release!

    Get bent Capcom.

    I’m cancelling my preorder for SFxT as well.

    • FireCouch

      So you are okay with giving them $40 bucks in a year, just not now?

      • Exand

        Uh, what?

      • Guest

        Its also the fact that this new game renders the original one obsolete because this is an online intensive game. So you really only paid $60 for a game lasting anywhere between 6 months depending on when you bought it (imagine someone just buying the game this week and just finding this out) as the online community will gravitate to the next game.

  • So current MvC3 owners can’t do a DLC upgrade, but in the case of people who don’t currently own MvC3, if we buy this Ultimate version, is it possible to play against someone using the normal MvC3 online, or are the two versions really that different?

    • The two versions will be really that different. Think of it as a new game.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        No, I think of the game I spent $70 on as a BETA that I paid for. You can try to justify it all you want, they’re still spitting in the eye of everyone who bought the original version.

        • I think of the game as a $60 beta too… and I’m not justifying Capcom’s actions. I’m actually against the whole crap stunt they’re pulling.

          I just used the new game thing to help answer Sakurai’s question. xD

          • Thanks for the answer, Nise.  That’s really disappointing since most people I know who enjoy fighting games already have MvC3, guess I might as well get the original rather than hold out for this.  I don’t blame you guys for being upset.

          • mikanko

            You might want to hold out for this, other than the original’s price likely to drop a lot.  Once this comes out, most people won’t be playing the original much longer.

  • LezardValeth

    Pretty messed up how this little strategy started by Street Fighter IV is panning out at an epidemic rate into any fighter franchise thereafter….BlazBlue got dlc and a re-release….Street Fighter has been re-hashed TWICE since original release…and now MvC3? Not trying to be a killjoy but that is honestly kind of ridiculous. Pay $60 for a game @ release, and then 6 months later only have to pay $40 for the same game with MORE content? Kinda a cigarette into the iris of fans who bought the game on release wouldn’t you say? Very disappointed with this development, even more-so with the meh roster, but that part of my rant is entirely opinionated and I won’t expand upon it. I really don’t like this new trend.

    • dragoon_slayer12

      Although its annoying, look at it this way, Jill and shoma both cost $5, with that in mind, the new 12 would cost $60 alone without the new features. Using mvc3 as a guideline, super sf iv would’ve cost equal or greater, with arcade bringing it close to $100+. I agree with you in every sense, they need to stop this, cuz this is what dlc is for and this just shows its “easier to abandon current titles and just make ‘new ones ‘”, but at a $40 price, it’s an acceptable “bargain” in comparison.

    • Guest

      It’s not a new trend…for Capcom….we got several iterations of SF II back in the day and three versions of SF III… all separate games. The only difference this gen is the inclusion of DLC (which can get pretty pricey once you add it all together). Even Hyperdimension Neptunia I think the total cost for all DLC is over $100….

      • Oh, dear. Hyperdimension Neptunia’s DLC…

        Before that point, I have never seen a shoddy product charge for characters they initially announced as being part of the game, all the while putting up a straight face without any shame. I don’t like to trample on other people’s works, but I don’t think Compile Heart worked hard enough in this case. Mk II better be good; it seems like their last chance to salvage the series’ name.

  • Fonic

    Really glad I waited.
    Capcom’s getting too predictable these days. But if they ever bring back Breath of Fire all will be forgiven.

    • Sir bring back Breath of Fire would forgive Capcom of all their sins (except for not loving Megaman anymore)

      • dragoon_slayer12

        Not even a god of their choosing can forgive them for canceling legends 3, unless, of course, they turn it into a super sexy vita game that comes packaged with full on hd Remakes of 1 and 2. Then, I grant them permission to rule they world and would gladly have all my checks direct deposited into an account of their choosing for 10 years. And since I know this would never happen, breath of fire revivals and Remakes would at least make me less mad at them

    • kupomogli

      BoF is my favorite Capcom series.  Dragon Quarter was such as an amazing game yet was bashed so hard by the press and public because of the graphics and the D Ratio that the game had hardly any sales. 

      Except for Breath of Fire 3(my favorite in the series, so I imported it) being ported to the PSP in Japan and PAL Land, we haven’t heard anything about the series :(.

  • Ian

    Lol just make full version of game already!!
    always release “beta” version for money this is like street figther 4 and super street fighter 4 ~~

  • Seriously? Street Fighter IV all over again. Not this time.

  • mikanko

    Just ask them if those lifebars are final, because after seeing the game in motion they’re horrible for telling how much life your characters have.  Why mess with something that wasn’t broken. >__<

  • Hexen

    I’ll just wait for its final version. ” Ultimate Deluxe Marvel VS. Capcom 3 Arcade Plus + Advance Mode Alpha ” won’t come soon enough.

    • dragoon_slayer12

      you forgot ex, final and great versions of games have to have ex in there

  • ffboi7

    Understandable for this but what about RE4 and RE:CV HD! I demand a disc release >.< isn't it a more easier route to release it on disc rather then having to download a 1-2gb game T_T. Japan gets one a disc release T_T

    • dragoon_slayer12

      Yes and no. Easier for is cuz we can save our precious (especially for ps3 with all the useless installs!) Space, but for them, manufacturing and distribution is costly. It’s part of the reason why games cost so much. Only reason they keep digital titles at same price is because, as a gaming society, we have accepted console titles as $60, and handheld titles as $40. Cut all the manufacturing and distribution, $30 should be the correcting pricing of triple A titles for them to make a killer profit without “being greedy”. That would also increase sales, and destroy the used sales market. Only way it would hurt them is by the few “multiple copies of same title” families would then be able to share that one title with all the consoles. But that’s where sony’s brilliant (yet sometimes annoying) 5 console share limit comes into play (while 360 user must be logged into the same profile online, which would kill the online aspect of certain games)

      • Families do share the hard copy too.. I nearly never buyed a game twice just so that my brother can play it too so I don’t get where they loose money by this.

        • dragoon_slayer12

          I meant more so of the families that buy multiple copies of same game so they can play online together.

  • I won’t find it hard to believe if the 2010s will be the decade in gaming where Japan will issue TAKE THATs to western gamers.

    This is just icing on the cake, if you ask me.

    • Guest

      I’m no Mortal Kombat fan but when you look at it, you get a lot for that game and they still give you more in terms of DLC…

  • EvilAkito

    I am so glad that I didn’t buy Marvel Vs Capcom 3. I already got burned by Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue.

    • But at least Blazblue Continuum Shift and BB:CS II were still somewhat linked since BB:CS had the new chars for DLC :/

      • BTA

        And beyond that, CS added a whole new story mode. Though I can certainly see how it wouldn’t be worth it if you play MP exclusively, as it didn’t add that many characters.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    No, you just want to waste more money through the manufacturing process. If they really was smart (and worst for us), they would sell each character for their standard $5, with the extra modes costing a bit more. As individual items, this is a bargain, but this is also another smack in the face for first time buyers (fell for it with street fighter iv, although I did but they 3ds version, but I think that’s different, glad I didn’t purchase mvc3 now). I love how they promised so much content for mvc3, put a little effort, then ditch the game altogether.

    • Guest

      you know its even crazier that they also did this for iphone ipad with Street Fighter Volt which only adds like two more characters and still no iPad HD upscaling (though the cheaper price for those games make it not seem so bad)

  • thaKingRocka

    I’m no apologist, but this warrants a new disc to me. I don’t see why they didn’t hold off on this stuff and release it as 4. As far as I’m concerned, 8 characters is enough to justify a fighting game’s release. They’ve added 12. I will be buying this … but I can say with certainty that I won’t buy any DLC characters or anything. If I don’t have access to it from the start on the disc included in the MSRP, then I feel cheated.

  • hush404

    Capcom has a lot of respect in my books because they keep doing titles right. That said, they’re going at pricing all wrong. Especially with their fighters they’ve adopted the method of “re-release it at least 3 times, while throwing in some dlc” and it’s really starting to tick me off. I bought SFIV… I then re-bought (I’d say it was re-buying) it with SSFIV and eventually spent some money on DLC costumes thinking that was it… and now SSFIVA is out and… I’m starting to see a mammoth amount of cash spent on one game…

    So… MvC3 came out and I waited. I KNEW they would be pulling the same thing. News came along, 2 DLC characters and then silence. A while later… UMvC3… *Shakes head. Yep, I got it right. Thing is… I don’t even know if I should get UMvC3… as 4-6 months from now we could get a UMvC3A (arcade) version with new characters that you’re not allowed to download otherwise.

    This isn’t 1993 anymore Capcom. Quit it with the flood of ‘next editions’ which only add new characters. That’s what internet connections and DLC is for.

  • mikanko

    I’ll reiterate, if they fix some of this games major problems with the interface as well as make a couple significant tweaks to the game mechanics this is worth the $40 for me.  I don’t think I’ve touched MvC3 since the CS2 update hit/AH3 getting released, but easily put in over a hundred hours playing the game in the first few months of release.  With new games being what they are today, I’m not sure I see sense in the argument that it’s not worth 60$.  It’s not a perfect game, maybe it got rushed a bit, but lots of games these days are.

    An updated version of the game that’ll breath new life into it for me and others will get released for $40 near a year later, and I’ll probably spend enough time playing it to warrant $40 of entertainment value.

    How am I such a sucker, and how is Capcom ripping me off? 

    Also, Rocket Raccoon is the man. The dude has just as many explosives and guns packed on him as Cable, except he’s shorter, furrier, and a lot more clever with his smart ass remarks.

  • Capcom better consider themself luck cause I’m still buying Asura Wrath, Street fighter X Tekken,and dead rising OTR and thats all. Never again.

    • Guest

      yeah but watch them pull something similar with SF X Tekken…

      • They’d have to get the rights from Namco as well for extra versions, they got lucky just getting SXT.


  • Oh, Capcom~ Up to your old antics, I see. c:

  • SoulEater98

    Definitely won’t be getting this game. I’ll wait till the fourth MvC3 game comes out next year, and THEN think about getting it.

    • FireCouch

      Do it.  Have fun not playing the game.

      • Shinji Kazuya

        Oh he will! There’s so much greater games ta play that he won’t know what ta play!

  • I don’t get why people want it to be DLC so bad. For all those characters, it’d probably be pretty expensive anyway, plus with a new disc you get a whole new set of achievements/trophies.

    • “plus with a new disc you get a whole new set of achievements/trophies”

      You would still be able to get the new set of achievement/trophies if it was downloadable unless you mean you can get the same achievement from the beta again.

  • Electrium

    What?!  I just bought this game (new, mind you) three weeks ago.  There is NO WAY I’m going to buy it again so quickly.  Even if I bought it at launch, I wouldn’t – this is absolute BS.

    Go for it, Capcom!  Neglect your “fans” even more!  See what happens!

    • Pasta_Soup

      Sucks man.  Either play it hard until November or just sell it on Craigslist or something to get as much money back as possible.

  • zweii

    Capcom is on a wicked streak. I can’t wait to see what they have for us next. Im just guessing here but i think they’ll probably kill some bunnies next.

  • RagnaXBL

    Lol this game just came out a couple of months ago, oh well i’m a sucker for fighting games…

  • nice, i skipped on mvc3 gonna pick this up

    yea screw doodoocom or whatever :3 

    • Dont buy it. I wanna see CRAPCOM tank. BRING US LEGENDS 3!

  • So… people are complaining about $70 worth of dlc (if you didn’t already get Jill and Shuma), and we are getting it for $40…. It’s just another disc lol. Come on everyone, who doesn’t want to beat the crap out of Wolverine by shouting “OBJECTION!”

    It just kinda sucks they did not release this game as the final product.

    • Guest

      Yeah….it’s not so much the $39 its…”well what about my now useless MvsC 3 disc I just bought a few months ago and the crapload of DLC I wasted my money on thats also now useless?”

      • i agree this is the only real issue and i hope they fix the problem by making it dlc for thoose who bought vanilla  as this is a good deal for the money your paying

  • aoihana

    To be honest, yes, Capcom keeps f***ing us on DLC. Yes, they did cancel ML3. Yes, I’m sure it felt like a punch to the stomach for a lot of you. Yes[last yes, promise.], it was the last straw for some of you, but let’s move past all this hostility. Capcom is still a great developer overall so let’s give em a chance. I for one will be buying this because I didn’t buy the DLC, and for those of you that did, and are complaining about it, you should know better. It’s Capcom, after all ^^

    I’m also glad they changed the cover art, I hated the last one. Morrigan[my favorite character] looked like a mouse in the last cover. Glad this new one is so awesome ^^

  • Wiccan1109

    Oh my god i cant believe they put Rocket Racoon in there. About a week after MvC3 was released i posted on a forum that theyd waste DLC slots on really stupid and obscure characters. I did a google search for stupid marvel characters and found out about him, i had no idea of his existence. Since then ive been adamant they would add him because theyre twisted like that. Colour me a shade of heart attack when i find out they ACTUALLY added him, i couldnt stop laughing. Debating over whether i’ll buy it or not, but the roster is quite interesting. :)

  • shadowind

    I’m truly disappointed that they added Rocket Raccoon in this version! I wouldn’t have minded seeing Squirrel Girl, Valkyrie or Energizer from Power Pack in this game, not Rocket Raccoon and especially Vergil, seeing as we already have two DMC characters in the game!!! I just thank God that I didn’t buy the original version of this game when it first came out.

  • Wow, still no Megaman.

    WTF are you DOING Capcom.

  • On Megaman not being included, just think for a moment, would you take Megaman’s very limited style of play (since the first MvC) just for the sake of having him in the roster? Is it okay for you Megaman fans that he’s plays like crap in this game?

    MvC3 is all about varying playstyle while serving tremendous amounts of fanservice. I think Megaman isn’t gonna cut it, because Zero is a much more versatile rep and suitable for the craziness that is MvC3. Even if you give Megaman more powers and abilities, he’s still gonna suck as a character, because he will have to deal with lots of problems.

    • Pasta_Soup

      Not that I really care if Megaman is in the game or not, but just because he played a certain way in previous installments doesn’t mean that the team responsible for developing this game couldn’t tweak him into a competitive fighter. 

      I’m sure you’ve noticed that the majority of the cast in MvC3 is playable/useful in some way or another even if they were terrible in the past.

      • That is because these characters who ‘suck’ back then were really versatile to begin with, it’s just players didn’t give them a chance. Megaman on the other hand, while popular, isn’t an interesting character to fiddle around with, even back then. He even forces the player to play just one game, going as far as punishing the player for playing him differently (i.e., as a rushdown character). MvC3 is all about creativity. With the way he is in the past, there’s no changing the fact that he pins down the player’s creativity.

        Add in the lack of material from the Megaman franchise, and you now have a valid reason why Capcom just wouldn’t add Megaman to UMvC3.

        I’ll even take a Sengoku BASARA character for a Capcom slot over Megaman any day. Capcom can take all of my money if they can do that.

    • kevinposta

      Very limited playstyle? Rock volnutt played perfectly in Tatsunoko and his Weapon Change allowed for some interesting approaches, cancels and combos.
      Have you mixed up MvC1 Roll with Mega, somehow?

      • Do you honestly want Ammy v1.7 or something? And like I said earlier, if they’re considering Megaman, they must have considered the original one, not the others, to be included, which of course will play blandly in this game. 

        Even I would want the original to rep Capcom for the heck of it.Too bad Capcom isn’t including anyone from BASARA or Rival Schools though.

        • kevinposta

          Actually, original Megaman has way more stuff to work with than Volnutt.
          He has 8 weapons for 10 games, without even mentioning his armors, Rush support and his Items.
          They can make him a great fighter, seriously. If they did with Tron, they can with Megaman. In fact over half of Tron’s moveset is made up…

    • Well then how the h3ll did Rocket Raccoon get into the roster? He is limited as well. And that lawyer guy, Phoenix Wright  who the heck can he fight? Also, there are plenty of MegaMans to choose from. Megaman from the following games can be used Battle Network, Star force, Legends (used in that wii game), ZX. All of those MegaMans have more move sets and play styles. Battle Network and Star Force for example have different weapons as in the weapons from their chips/cards (swords,guns,fists ect). If you think about any character can have a non limited style of play if you think hard enough.    

      • Can’t speak for Rocket Raccoon, haven’t read/seen anything about him. I’m not that old. You can just think of Phoenix Wright as a Norimaro. I don’t like his possible inclusion, but it can’t be helped.

        Choosing the right Megaman to do the job is the name of the game now? Past MvCs had the original Megaman in them, might as well put him in if they’re considering him for UMvC3.

        Switching to the right Megaman for the occasion sounds a little bit absurd, like what they did to Ryu in the first MvC. This will complicate things for a game that tries to appeal to the casual crowd.

        • Well, yeah it is now. Because they have been choosing different MegaMans in a whole bunch of different fighting games. Zero from MMZ and Megaman.EXE were in that samurai fighting game. ( forgot the name its like Osomething blade wars.) Legends was in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. The original Mega was in Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 because that character is more of an icon for capcom back then. Its pose to be capcom and marvel fan service, who wouldnt want to see their favorite blue bomber fight comic heroes like Ironman. It all comes down to  that I think. If you say Megaman is limited well “MegaMan” can be like 6 different Megamans. Choosing to make more sense for fighting games in this age. Cuz it used to be that your friends came over to have a good time playing M v C 1 and 2. Not these online matchs.  

  • MrDolomite

    Seems pretty stupid to not have a DLC release.
    Guess I’ll just take my money elsewhere. I’m not paying forty bucks for some new characters.

  • hystzen

    So i might as well throw this copy of MvC 3 in bin …in a age of DLC im shocked that capcom still do this (not really)

  • cmurph666


  • Yep, I’m joining the boycott to Capcom.

  • F your fighting games Crapcom bring us Legends 3!

  • will it have a Non Assist Mode?

  • eilegz

    waiting for arcade edition….

  •  $19.99 or GTFO…

  • That’s good for me because I want it all and would pay $100 for just Nova.

  • Ace

    Man, that MvC3 beta was the most expensive beta I’ve ever been a part of. 

  • My body who brought MVSC3 should recieve a Free Copy of Ultimate MVSC3 or a refund.( A refund is out of the Question)

    Who am I kidding, Buying the game anyways, hell with this one we get a DLC of The Alpha Arcade Edition in another year 6 new characters.Hopefully a version of Megamen will show up.

  • Kitestwinblades

    I’d personally would love to see the megaman legends Roll and megaman. how the heck can you add tron for the SECOND time, keep these megaman themed stages, and NOT have those too? We’ll have Data and Servebot before them at this rate. I dont care what anyone says, I’d take megaman and roll over zero and tron anyday.

  • Thank you very much for pissing me off even further Capcom! Not only did you cancel Mega freakin’ Man Legends, but then you have the NERVE to release something like this when the original hasn’t even been out for at least a year, and then won’t make it as DLC either, forcing people to, ONCE AGAIN, pay for an upgrade if they want their online gaming community to be intact! I will not be made a fool, so I give up on buying ANYMORE Capcom games. Mega Man games? Hell, Keiji already quit Capcom, so yeah I’ll buy those. Street X Tekken? Yeah sure! I’ll get the Namco one. Big freakin’ deal! Monster Hunter and Resident Evil? Don’t worry! I won’t buy those anymore because you’ll probably do some crap to those games, too (Example, Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DS! YOU CAN’T DELETE SAVED FILES!!! THE F***?!?!?!)! This proves that Capcom cares about money WAY more than the fans, but if you want more proof, look up about Mega Man Legends 3 and prove me wrong! I give up! I’M THREW WITH CAPCOM! They’re dead to me! Play with someone else’s emotions and S H A M E  O N  Y O U!!!

    • WilliamJasper

      it’s very disappointing indeed. this is certainly like a pattern. first sf4, which cost $60 at first, but then comes ssf4. if you have the original, you can’t face the people with the newer ver. lets say you get that version, then, hello? ssf4ae comes, and the same rule applies (yeah i tried it). they think we are dumb, but eventually they’ll figure it out and realize we have other things to spend our money on then just their games and upgrades. we are not rich! >:(

  • Tokom23

    “Given the development schedule, there wasn’t enough time to work out
    all of the details to release it as downloadable content, as well. Also,
    for the reason you mentioned, there is so much data in the game it was
    easier to go this route,” Niitsuma answered.

    WTF? There wasn’t enough time my ass! How can you have the BALLS to say
    “This game will release in November” and then say that loads of fudge?!
    Maybe if you would’ve RELEASED THIS GAME LATER we would’ve have it as
    DLC! You are named CAPCOM, but that thinking CAP is now getting tight on
    your heads, isn’t it?!I’m going to Capcom and cause some trouble! WHO’S
    WITH ME?!

    • I’ll get my gun.

      • WilliamJasper

        Don’t worry.
        *Gets rocket launcher*
        I came prepared. >:3

  • SerendipityX

    This is just pure BS…no buy.

  • sorry we won’t include it via dlc..
    sorry i won’t pay AGAIN after say 7 months? for another game wit 8+ new charas..

  • Lordphantomhive

    Sounds like they’re also shutting down the servers when UMvC3 comes out.-_- The owners of the original are really getting screw.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but when I read the headline I thought, “Who the hell would expect to be able to upgrade via DLC?” Seriously: The idea never occurred to me at all.

    Not sure if I’ll buy it, regardless, because I got bored of MvC3 after a few weeks and now can’t remember the last time I played it. Then again, I’m the person who bought every upgrade of SF2 on home consoles I could. (And also bought SF4 and SSF4 and Arcade Edition.) So maybe I’m sort of biased here.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I think Capcom (even though they were and still are milking dlc A LOT) are the only ones that would not like to see the age of cloud gaming and/or digital content in general take over the industry. 
    Sadly, I feel the same, but for different reasons (not to make a profit of the same game with more improvements that should have been included in the first place…)

  • Nah. Not really biased. Got bored with it soon too, even though I was ruining people with my Storm and Chun Li, but not only is online full of rage quitting spammers (who can STILL do that, don’t see a correction of that if they quit, THEY LOSE!!! Their “penalty” doesn’t even work well anyway. My brother tried it and I watched, there was NO DIFFERENCE when he went back online while on penalty), but the lag is also unbearable. I mean, it’s not just people with unfortunate connection, but if you want to face someone who is, let’s say, currently at Japan, and you live at freakin’ California, then there’s no way to fight well cause there’s gonna some frequent pauses, or just annoying no-button responses (Yes I tried this too). I didn’t see ANYWHERE in the information of the update about them fixing that. I don’t know about you, but I will not get this. Wasting money on a game that doesn’t have the very important features to keep the game FRESH AND CLEAN, oh but wait, they had it on the PSN version of MVC2?! Come on now, Capcom!!!

    Also, they STILL DON’T HAVE MEGA MAN IN ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3, because they said, “We had a lot of requests from fans for Mega Man or at least one of them
    to be in the game. Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom
    characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking.
    Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut.”
    Are they blind or are they just idiotic?! Wake up! You just said you had A LOT OF REQUESTS, so how in god’s name can he NOT BE IN THE TOP?! Do you hate your mascot or Keiji that much (no, Keiji, the creator of Mega Man, was not treated well in Capcom)?! You didn’t bring out Mega Man, but you guys had the so called THOUGHT of putting in Red Arremer (or Firebrand), who wasn’t even WANTED, but what the hell…..they STILL PUT HIM IN THIS GAME!! AAAAAAAH! *Nerd Rage*

    (Note: Their Arcade sucked, too, which I didn’t see them saying that they fixed either, so that’s a definite no. I’m getting Arcana Heart 3, getting Mortal Kombat with Freddy Kruegar, continue to play Blazblue CSII and Tekken 6, then later on King of Fighters XIII to keep me satisfied of missing good fighting games).

    …..Kay. I’m calm. Done with my rant. Finished and disappointed in Capcom. Characters like Bulleta (Baby Bonnie Hood in Darkstalkers), Sakura (Street Fighter), and/or Karin (Street Fighter Alpha 3) would’ve been nice, but I’m not gonna rant about them. I have a headache now. Bet if Capcom’s reading this, they’re probably laughing their asses off…..Don’t care anymore. Given up on Capcom. Going to sleep. Good night…..

    • WilliamJasper

      *applause* that was beautiful. Really….*sniff*

  • neo_firenze

    Why are so many people whining that they wish the new content was DLC to MvC3?  At $5 a pop (same price as the MvC3 DLC characters, or MK DLC characters if we’re lumping in the competition), the 12 new characters alone would come to $60, and that’s just characters.  I’ll gladly pay $40 for the added characters, along with new stages, online system improvements, and gameplay tweaks. 

    Besides, having it on a disc will take less HDD space and I won’t have to worry about the servers ever going down if I need to redownload DLC.  And you can sell a disc second hand if you get tired of it, a benefit you don’t get with DLC.  Heck, you can sell your MvC3 disc and put that money toward UMvC3 if you want, reducing your expenses even more over the alternative of paid DLC for new content.

    This actually seems like a significantly more consumer-friendly option – I’m truly baffled at the negativity.  Can’t explain nerd rage on the internet, I guess.

  • It’s a load of BS that Capcom is releasing this as disc only. They better change their minds and make at least DLC optional. But to make matters worse, if we want the first MAJOR updates/patches we have to pay $40!!!!! I say boycott Capcom! If people want to be stupid enough to go out and buy the game again fine, but to have the gall to force every customer who already bought the full version (I bought the Collector’s myself!), this is a kick to the privates! We are in a day and age where digital content is where the money is at, GET WITH THE PROGRAM CAPCOM! This isn’t like the PS1 or PS2 where online updates and DLC were a thing of the future, it’s here, now, give it to us that way!

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