Why Doesn’t Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Have Mega Man?

By Spencer . July 21, 2011 . 2:03pm

megam The entire Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster has been leaked. Producer Ryota Niitsuma confirmed it when I spoke with him yesterday. Since we know which characters are in the game, we also know who didn’t make the cut.


Mega Man appeared in a number of Capcom crossover titles and fighting games. Even in Onimusha Blade Warriors has the Blue Bomber, specifically Mega Man EXE. So, why doesn’t Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 include some incarnation of Mega Man?


"I’m sorry, there is no Mega Man in Ultimate," Niitsuma apologized. "We had a lot of requests from fans for Mega Man or at least one of them to be in the game. Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut."


Firebrand, the flying red demon, is one of Capcom’s lesser known characters and he made it in, though. Requests from fans of Gargoyle’s Quest didn’t have anything to do with this. Capcom wanted a creature-like character who could fly for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. With that criteria in mind, they thought of Firebrand and added him to the game.


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comes out in North America this November.

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  • http://youtu.be/BtsoPKftK9w

    Watch the MegaMan part it pretty much sums it up! I have no idea why they seem to want to move away from MegaMan. 

    • greenellow

      wow, i haven’t laughed that hard in long time

      • Wow. thats so exact. At least were all in agreement now. Megaman fans, i say keep raging, if crapcom cares about their franchise, money and selling, they will listen because it sure is a very large quantity of Megaman lovers(Like ME), but I wont rage about it just pray that the capcom creator of UMVC3 will have a change of heart and wise up to the occasion

    • dragoon_slayer12


  • Draparde

    Oh well, maybe next time…

  • I’d like to know who these fans are that Capcom keeps listening to.

  • Capcom is as dead to me as Megaman is to them.

  • Yu_TheKing

    So basically: Choose a character that can fly over a character that has been severely requested. (different iterations, mind you)

    Great Move =w=

  • You’re fucking kidding me, right?


    The DLC poll that was taken sometime after the game came out. Unless these people just walked outside and asked the first twelve people about what characters they want to see in the game, I think.. I THINK Megaman came out on top.

    Go ahead, count it up.

    • Zonic505

      As the person who ran the survey on Unity and a Mega Man fan (despite I don’t care if he’s in as he was just awkward to use in MvC2 & TvC for me), I find this news kind of bull. X was THE top request, w/ over 2,500 people wanting him as DLC.

      I’ll accept the “we could think of plenty supers, but not enough normals” part, but “not enough people requested him” is something I won’t.

      • Even a “not enough normals” isn’t an excuse. Cause then the same could be applied to Wright and he’s in. So normals aren’t even an issue.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    Why don’t capcom just admit they THEY don’t like mega man….

    Regardless of the fact that they canceled two mega man titles, they added zero, which shows they like bad ass characters, but X himself they don’t like. It’s like if Disney was to ignore mickey, without him, they would be nothing.

  • So who’s buying the MM franchise then is my question.

    • Definitely not SEGA, since they have their hands full with Sonic, definitely not Namco Bandai since it’s all about Dragonball and Naruto nowadays.

      I’m guessing Taito, since they take care of their IPs really well.

      • Are you mad? Taito is owned by Square-Enix…


        • I don’t recall Zuntata (Taito’s in-house composer group), composing music for a Final Fantasy game, let alone Amano and Nomura, portraying Taito characters.

          Besides, out of all the subsidiaries Square Enix acquired, Taito is the most suited, since they have seniority in the game biz over its parent company.

    • Exkaiser

      No one.

    • PrinceHeir

      i want a megaman game made by



  • jugun

    Who can fly………………..=.- Bass,F****** Air Man,Wily,Mega on Rush,smh the list goes on 

    • Code

      Air Man can fly?

  • WOW that’s the lamest excuse i ever heard.  If this was true, then why no Venom or Gambit i remember lots of people asking for him, hell i know lots of people asked for different types of megaman.  Capcom could just be lazy and use the megaman trigger from TvC but nope.  If this doesn’t say Megaman is Dead, idk what does

    • Yu_TheKing

      I know of at least 5 different Megamans (or Megamen) to think. Even if they wanted to be modern or recent or something they could’ve chosen the Starforce Megaman. I don’t see why they didn’t choose one. 

  • RAGE

    • Keiji Inafune, Megaman Universe, Megaman Legends 3,and Now Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom…   Suddenly this makes Nintendo not look so bad for being hesitant to release two new and untested IPs in the U.S. as opposed to a celebrated and iconic franchise.  In Capcom’s instance, Megaman.

      • Thomas Maloney

        You get an “A” for effort, but I think you forgot a few things:

        – No Monster Hunter Portable 3rd overseas
        – No Last Ranker overseas
        – No Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2 overseas
        – Possibly no Professor Layton x Phoenix Wright overseas (?)
        – Rehash of Street Fighter IV
        – Another rehash of Street Fighter IV
        – Devil May Cry handed over to Ninja Theory
        – Rehash of Dead Rising 2
        – Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D gets a hard save lock
        – Capcom drops support of the 3DS and Wii
        – Megaman Universe canceled
        – Megaman Legends 3 Prototype pushed back, then canceled
        – Megaman Legends 3 Project canceled altogether
        – Rehash of Marvel VS Capcom 3 (with 12 new characters that should have been in the original version)

        ^ Even has a new Megaman Legends stage ;D

        • Woah, woah.

          – People asked for another “rehash” of SFIV
          – They’ve said they’re trying to bring Portable 3rd HD over
          – AAI2 will be coming eventually, just not on the DS
          – Layton x Ace Attorney, if it comes, will either be Level 5 or Nintendo
          – Mercenaries 3D is not the only 3DS game with a save lock

  • And Capcom says that the Mega Man franchise is very important to them….

  • Yeah, I have to say that he’s gotta be lying about that ranking issue. Right before Marvel 3 came out, Megaman X was on the VERY TOP OF THE LIST on fan requests in Japan, while in the American one, he was on the top 10. Regardless, I can deal with it because even if he’s out I’m quite pumped that Phoenix Wright is in along with Ghost Rider. Plus, I think it’d be in bad taste anyway if they put him in after the cancellation of Legends 3.

  • haqua

    Oh, Capcom. I’m not even a fan and this is all kind of annoying.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Why don’t they just say that Mega Man is a money loser for them, or Inafune owns the rights to the character, or it was a term of his contract that Mega Man couldn’t appear in any form for a set amount of time after he left?

    There’s something rotten here.  Why not just release a clear and concise statement?

    • haqua

      They’re probably scared of how people will react. Thing is, they don’t realize people will only be angrier if they don’t just say it right out.
      Depends on if that’s really the situation, though…

  • nyobzoo

    “Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom characters, he just didn’t
    enter the top part of the ranking. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the

    really? and Firebrand did? I call BS

  • z_merquise

    Capcom better get their mighty shields ready. Because a powerful storm is coming to them and it’s going to be intense. And full of angry people.

  • kroufonz

    yeah whatever capcom, whatever ……

    rip mm

  • I’m probably a little out of line, but if Capcom would stop making these mistakes then they wouldn’t have to apologize so much.

    Last time I checked, an apology means there is an acknowledgement of the mistake, that there is remorse for the action, and it will be fixed the next time. I feel like this isn’t really happening, and that’s why there are so many angry people.

  • sluggish

     Yes i am sorry too …… for what Capcom have become, for the way they treat Megaman, for their lame excuses, for their greed because because it’s always the fans’ fault right guyss

    Not enough demand?X was the top requested character for this game both in east and west if you had cared to check out polls.I thought numbers mattered so much to you Cashcom?Seriously what the hell happened to your brains

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Heh, unfortunately? Nah you just didn’t want him in it, simple as that Capcom.

  • LezardValeth

    I honestly do not see how some of the most popular votes didn’t make it in and yet we get stupid ass additions like “Rocket Raccoon” and “Firebrand” and yet no Megaman?….and I’m sorry but I didn’t really see any votes for Ghostrider at all in most of the polls I’ve seen scattered throughout the web. I think they just added whoever the hell they wanted, rather annoying. Am I the only one who personally hates this roster besides Strider and Vergil? Honestly…

    • You’re not part of the majority they care about.

      • The majority who are dying to play as Rocket Raccoon, Firebrand and Nova and don’t give a crap about Cyclops, MegaMan or Venom?

        • Well apparently it’s edgy to force yourself to like a character you don’t even care about, just to spite mega man fans. People who are saying Firebrand is cool most likely won’t be playing as him. he’s not a fan favorite. He’s not an icon or a mascot. But he flies! :D

          Firebrand beats Mega Man any day. *jerking off motion*

          • I don’t know if anyone at this site is a bigger fan of Firebrand than I, but even I think it’s crazy to not include Mega Man.

          • oh and strider got put in due to FAN VOTES!!!! But wheres Megaman???? I detect Megaman Conspiracy here

        • If what Niitsuma says is true, then not enough people who wanted Mega Man made their voices heard. It sucks being in the minority, doesn’t it?

  • kroufonz

    “Capcom wanted a creature-like character who could fly”

    -then why don’t just use ryu dragon form or nina (this new roster lacking some girl)
    -megaman game also has alot of flying chara too

    • Exkaiser

      Because Firebrand is boss.

      And, well, the various Ryus’ dragon forms would be even less recognizable than him. Kind of a silly recommendation.

      • sluggish

         You are a fail troll bro go wash your hands or smth.Oh and grow up

        • Exkaiser

          Who’s trolling? Firebrand is really cool. I love Demon’s Crest, it’s a great game. I was hoping he’d get in but not betting on it, and I got excited when I saw his name in the first screenshot I saw.

          Perhaps you should grow up and not assume that people who disagree with you are trolling. Are you going telling me that the -dragon forms- of any of the various Ryus are any less obscure than Red Arremer? They certainly aren’t.

          Wishing for them is merely because they fit into the loosely defined description of “a creature-like character who could fly” is silly. I can understand why you might not want Firebrand instead of your favorite RPG hero, but proposing the transformed version is just grasping. Why not just say outright, “Well, I’m disappointed with the final roster, I would have preferred characters such as Ryu from BoF to characters I am unfamiliar with, such as Firebrand”?

          Perhaps I could call you a troll, since you created an account only to complain about Capcom, but that’s silly.

          But no, seriously bro, play Demon’s Crest.

          • Finally someone who appreciates how awesome Demon´s Crest is. Those were the days man =/ , now no one makes games like that anymore, specially Capcom.

          • Sakurazaki

            I’ve never played Demon’s Crest, but I was introduced to Firebrand from Gargoyle’s Quest II on the NES.

            It’s still enough to give me some hype for him, though, haha.

          • sluggish

            Yep you are definitely under 15 with a “classy” grammar.XD.Just shut up and let the real gamers discuss OK little boy

  • MrDolomite

    I thought the Megaman in this game was Zero?

    I’m not complaining.

  • pardon my french but bull$#!+

  • Well on the bright side we get TRUE heroes like Rocket Raccoon instead

  • I’m split over this. I liked the original roster well enough. But I can’t believe they did not ad SOME FORM of Megaman to the roster. That and that not even ONE FEMALE was added. I don’t even know half of the new roster on the marvel side, and I’m pretty well above average on my Marvel literacy. I’ve come to the conclusion that Marvel is a misogynist company. If they added the raccoon, they could’ve added Squirrel Girl instead. Psyloke, Miss Marvel or Emma Frost instead of Nova or Iron Fist. Hawkeye, Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider are cool but the rest are just meh, and more obsucure that many girls on that Universe.

    Capcom I don’t mind as much, as they alreayd have a lot of females on it anyway..but I so wish Poison was part of this roster instead of SFxT. Firebrand, Nemesis and Frank West are a waste of slots for me. I’ll wait for the eventual “Arcade” edition, hopefully with added estrogen.

    • Don’t find it hard to believe if Marvel is using Ultimate MvC3 up to Arcade Edition as a marketing machine for their upcoming comic book character films.

  • Scallion

    The Megaman fanbase is probably the most obnoxious and childishly self-entitled fanbase in existence.
    You’ll get him in DLC, and you’ll gladly pay way too much money for it, like you’ve been doing for every rehashed, boring, archaic, uninspired MM title released for the past 25 years. Then again, dissing Rocket f’n Raccoon? That’s low.
    Forget what I said. You cats don’t deserve anything.

    • Exkaiser

      They don’t even know who Rocket Raccoon is. They’re even dissing Firebrand. Firebrand!

      • Yu_TheKing

        At first I was a bit critical of Raccoon especially. But then I researched and he may have potential of top tier character in terms of projectile prowess. Similar to Cable in a sense.

        • Scallion

          He’s…a trash-talking Raccoon who carries huge guns. The trolling potential for him is enormous. I’m maining him with Nextwave-hurr MODOK, just because.

          Iron Fist is an obvious choice–he’s a martial arts expert with a cult fanbase and recently had an excellent comic run. Dr. Strange is…Dr. Strange. Come on. He’s a classic character and more or less Marvel’s magic-based Superman with pitch-perfect cheese factor–“BY THE HOARY HOSTS OF HOGGOTH~!”

          All the whining in the universe cannot trump how awesome he is, and if they get the cat who voiced Orpheus in on it…

  • Crapcom

  • Doctor StrangeFirebrandGhost RiderFrank WestHawkeyeNemesisIron FistPhoenix WrightNovaStrider HiryuRocket RaccoonVergil Okay, so the new character are as followed.Doctor Strange? Really? Don’t we already have enough “Doctors” already?Ghost Rider? No problem, pretty cool.
    Hawkeye? A bow style wouldn’t hurt as much, so okay.Iron Fist? I don’t even know him o.o…Nova? An intergalactic super space cop? Really?Rocket Raccoon? okay wtf? Really? OF ALL THE FREAKING MARVEL CHARACTERS REALLY?!?!?! Venom would whip his butt… AND HE WAS THE MOST VOTED?!Firebrand? REPLACED MEGAMAN? Damn, cold move…. and the statement on Capcom wanting a flying creature is total BS! They could have done so much better…Frank West? Oh hell yeah.
    Nemesis? ….
    Phoenix Wright? OBJECTION! Who wouldn’t want to see that on top of there screen getting a K.OStrider Hiryu? OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GGGGOOODDD YES? :D
    Vergil? Same as Strider :D lol

  • Plus it’s a good thing I didn’t get the first one… then again, if Capcom is going to pull a freaking SSFIV Arcade on us…

    • axess707

      And they’re still planning to do that and still without any form of Megaman.

  • That’s bullshit and you fuckin know it!

    1)Mega Man X 2568 +542 (34.07%)
    2)Phoenix Wright 2116 +251 (28.07%)
    3)Strider 1865 +671 (24.74%)
    4)Gene 1194 +82 (15.84%)
    5)Frank West 1112 +2 (14.75%)
    6)Vergil 1110 +38 (14.73%)
    7)Juri 1062 +69 (14.09%)
    8)B.B Hood 993 +26 (13.17%)
    9)Classic Mega Man 967 +78 (12.83%)
    10)Bass.EXE 889 +2 (11.79%)
    11)Jon Talbain 887 +96 (11.77%)
    12)Ryu (BoF) 791 +1 (10.49%)
    13)Sigma 790 +12 (10.48%)
    14)Captain Commando 778 +36 (10.32%)
    15)Leon Kennedy 742 +61 (09.84%)
    16)Cammy 681 +14 (09.03%)
    17)M. Bison 667 +54 (08.85%)
    18)Jin Saotome 613 +65 (08.13%)
    19)Mega Man EXE 548 +52 (07.27%)
    20)Date Masamune 496 +32 (06.58%)
    21)Ken 464 +85 (06.16%)
    22)Batsu 379 +46 (05.03%)
    23)Guile 333 +12 (04.41%)
    24)Chuck Greene 321 +74 (04.26%)
    25)Edward Falcon 247 +0 (03.28%)

    • SonicRulez

      There are 3 Mega Men on that list! Three! This is total crap and they know it. Nobody and I mean NOBODY wanted Rocket Racoon, Firebrand, or hell even the super popular Phoenix Wright over Mega Man. I don’t think anyone could really fathom a crossover game without the company’s flagship character. I mean, did anyone think for a second that Spidey and Wolverine wouldn’t be coming from Marvel’s side?

    • PrinceHeir

      i am freaking glad Juri and Gene is high :)

      still the lack of megaman sucks but what can you do??

      the once capcom frontline mascot has become a shadow of his former self T____T

  • Oooh.. madness in the comments?

  • Capcom obviously just stopped caring what the fans think. Phoenix and Ghost Rider are the only characters in UMvC3 that seem like they were put in because the fans wanted them, along with Frank and Vergil to a lesser extent. Venom, Cyclops, Mega Man, these are characters people knew and wanted. Who is going to say “Firebrand? Rocket Raccoon? This game is a must-buy!”. Just feels like Capcom’s trying to tell the fans what they want.

    • Exkaiser

      I saw Firebrand and thought it was a must-buy.

      • Not gonna lie, as much as I want to curb-stomp Capcom for what they did to MML3, they pulled this move on me with Firebrand. Way to play with my emotions…

      • Really??? where do u see him at and on what poll are you looking at??? You sure your not just riding capcom like a rodeo show???

        • Exkaiser

          Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with my post. What do polls have to do with whether or not I based my personal excitement on the addition of Firebrand to the roster?

          Perhaps you should consider at least reading a bit before you respond to week-old threads with nonsense.

    • 1)Mega Man X 2568 +542 (34.07%)
      2)Phoenix Wright 2116 +251 (28.07%)
      3)Strider 1865 +671 (24.74%)
      4)Gene 1194 +82 (15.84%)
      5)Frank West 1112 +2 (14.75%)
      6)Vergil 1110 +38 (14.73%)

      Funny, the producer of UMVC3 says Mega Man wasn’t high on the list. Based on this poll EVERY CHARACTER (with the exception of Gene because he’s not really a capcom character)  WHO WAS HIGH ON THE POLL GOT IN TO THE GAME. It’s funny, Nitsuma’s ranking matches ours, with the exception of mega man.

  • LOL Capcom, remember the time when Japan raged to SNK, “NO MAI, NO BUY!”?  Well, Classic Megaman is MvC’s equivalent of that.  Oh, don’t tell me you actually forgot pre-3rd Strike SF games, where Chun-li was missing in action and as a result, SFIII was seen as a financial flop.

    • Exkaiser

      But people still bought MvC3 without Megaman. Not the same at all.

      • William Carpenter

        And yet the first complaint I always here, from any gamer, casual or hardcore or whatever, “man, it sure is dumb they didn’t put Mega Man in”.

        It’s about branding. People know Mega Man, and they know that he’s an intricate part of Capcom.

        And people get hella pissed when Capcom forgets that.

      • Same with people who had buyer’s remorse about KOFXII.

        • mikanko

          MvC3s buyer remorse has everything to do with herpderp Wolverine combos, x-factor, horrible online, dark phoenix and about fifty other things (including Strider) before anyone says, “oh yeah Megaman”

          edit: to be fair I’m thinking of the less than casual crowd. Same crowd’s buyer remorse for KoF XII had more to do with the unfinished gameplay elements over a missing Mai.

  • kylehyde

    Sad to say this, but the answer is that the franchise has been murdered.

  • FireCouch

    Pathetic. Your self entitlement is ridiculous.

  • Oh my god, calm down.  It’s just one character and one game franchise, it’s not the end of the world, and certainly not something to wish death on someone for.

  • NTyron52

    “Why Doesn’t Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Have Mega Man?” – Siliconera –
    For the same reason that he doesn’t have a future in this game.

    Megaman fans, there are two types of fans: Die-Hard fans and Killing-Fans.

    Die-Hard fans are those who are not pleased for not having something in a game but they get over it.

    Killing-Fans are the fans who spend day after day playing a game and
    until those hear about something is not in the particular game, they go over the internet commenting and, particularly, criticizing the
    game with child-ish arguments which results in butchering the game while the developers of that particular game feel embarassed for this
    situation, until they finally decide that these fans are over praising this inclusion without making a groundwork to make this character to be fully
    balanced, which is hard due to how many fans have different visions and they would be really optimistic about his inclusion.

    You Megaman Fanbase, are the Killing-Fans.

    • FireCouch

      Hey look!  Someone with a brain!

      • Thomas Maloney

        where’s CAPtain COMmando when you need him?


        • Well, since we already have Crimson Viper who has a move similar to the Captain Corridor, I don’t moan about the lack of his presence.

      • NTyron52

        Finally, someone that has the brains to comprehend how silly this whole situation of raging is.

        Another thing that I like, is how these crying fanboys keep saying the same thing: “He should be in because he’s the mascot/face of Capcom!” but not using valuable arguments… basically, they are trolling, pretty much.

        Honestly, as a MvC character, Megaman was pretty overrated. Where’s the motivation? Where is the inspirations for his moves? What did he ever do for his own gameplay besides jumping back and shooting the same projectile over and over again?

        • Champ W

          Being Megaman X, he has different types of armors, so perhaps Capcom could tweak those armors into the gameplay to make his moves different.

          After all, some armors are not always about shootings the same projectiles over and over, and later on X series, different armor also has a different special finishing move.

          • NTyron52

            I was actually talking about Classic Megaman, but I always thought X should be in… but with your explanation on the Armors I think he would be somewhat similar to Arthur… but I’d like to see X more than any other Megaman incarnation.;

          • Champ W

            Ah I see, I am all for X as well.

            And just like Zero, X can use the bosses’ moves, making his attacks more versatile in fighting. So continuing from my explanation, I think X could be similar to Arthur + Zero.

            Not a bad combination, in my opinion :/

        • Scrooge_McDuck

          Compatibility, sensibility and the variation of moves as a fighter is never a problem in MvC. After all, we get Phoenix Wright and Rocket Raccoon.

          I do think the raging got a bit out of hand, but your explanation of why Mega Man didn’t get in really is a non-issue.

          • NTyron52

            Well, the problem is that we haven’t seen Phoenix Wright or Rocket Racoon yet… another one is that Classic has some serious issues due to limited gameplay in MvC2, it would make him unbalanced in this game…

          • mikanko

            Rocket Raccoon is awesome.  Guy has more guns than cable, and is not a joke character in the comics.  People just don’t know, and it’s easy to assume a raccoon doesn’t belong in a fighting game. 

            I bet Seth and company over in Capcom PR are steaming that he got leaked without footage of how he plays.  He’s a more serious fighter than either Vieutiful Joe or Arthur, and is often in far more serious comics than Deadpool.

            Admittedly Phoenix Wright fan pandering to one of their most recently successful franchises, and had development started on him in a previous game.  He’ll certainly be a bit different than any other cast member. 

            Nitsuma admitted to finding it hard to differentiate Megaman and Zero who’s already there to represent the series.  You can fault Nitsuma’s creativity as a game developer if you want.

            In MvC3 Vanilla Ryu definitely had this problem as there’s absolutely no justifiable reason to use him over Akuma.  MvC3 is a fighting game with SF fans taking up a larger portion of its demographic, so between Megaman and Ryu who do you decide to force into the game even though they kinda suck? 

          • NTyron52

            Well, but the other problem is that if they add more powerups, armors and all of that then he’ll become a clone of Arthur and personally, I think it’s good to see a character that hasn’t been playable in MvC3 than one that has been playable multiple times in this case.

            The problem to why people think “this character sucks” is because the tournament players don’t play with them, instead, they play with the same ones over again and that ultimately results in fans playing with those characters because the tournament players have discovered the secrets behind those characters… it doesn’t mean that those characters sucks, it’s just that we haven’t discovered anything about them… along with that, it seems that I’m the only player in the world who plays online with Zangief in MvC2, I don’t win everytime, but enough to people think that he has a chance to be an absolute monster in that game when played in the right hands… I’d say the same for Shuma Gorath too, he’s definitely great which leads me to believe that Tier Lists are ultimately flawed…

        • Amusingly, the hardcore crowd used the overrated card on Phoenix Wright, even though it’s only done to pander to Capcom’s own home market, Japan.

    • Almost as bad as sonic fans…..

      But on topic it felt weird not having him in the first version of MvC3 but to not even make the update…
      thought he was Capcom’s mascot…

      Dark day in gaming

      • NTyron52

        Weird it indeed was, but if you look back, at how MvC2’s Megaman was, then you might change your mind… I did.

        • Honestly, isn’t Classic Megaman’s own series full of unused concepts that didn’t make it to his own series?  Heck, Rush Drill was one of those unused concepts in his own series that made it into MvC.

          In addition, before Capcom uses the “not enough memory/storage” card, one of Classic’s powers is copying one his enemies’ attack, which I did NOT see happen in MvC!  Honestly, I’d love to see him get access to other characters’ attacks.

          • Exkaiser

            That really doesn’t seem very effective in a competitive fighting game. All fine and dandy in Smash Bros, but it would probably just be a liability in MvC. Besides, Classic only took people’s powers once he’d killed them.

            What MvC Megaman did was take a smattering of powers from his latest game (Tornado Hold and Mega Ball from 8, I recall) and switch them out with a command. That seems to work fine- I would perhaps pick Megaman 1 powers for his next fighting game appearance, myself. I could see Super Arm and Thunder Beam, for example, making for decent fighting game options.

          • sluggish

            Don’t you have a job or smth.Seriously how old are you

          • NTyron52

            That’s my exact vision of how Megaman could have been in the MvC series.
            Look at Arthur for example, he has every powerup from Super Ghouls n’ Goblins and it works… I’d like to see his GutsMan powerup where he picks up rocks falling from the sky (?), but I’d still prefer Megaman X with his arsenal of powers, the Giga Attack could be his Lvl 3!…

    • Your post there is full of melodrama. Might wanna fix that.

      • Exkaiser

        This whole discussion is full of melodrama. I think everyone needs to calm down and get a nice cup of coffee.

        • But..but I don’t drink coffee..! ;___;

          • Exkaiser


            Come on, Raioh, why don’t you settle down and enjoy the brew?

          • Champ W

            Tea then? Or some soft drinks to make your mood softer?

        • Eh, fan counter-rage doesn’t sit well with me.

          A call for order is all well and good, but things like “It’s your fault because you care too much, and are all basement dwelling neckbeards!” just brings more problems with it.

          • Exkaiser

            Yes, well, both sides need to calm down.

            I don’t like fan rage and I don’t like anti-fan rage. I don’t really like rage in general, since rage leads to irrationality.

            If we must be angry, let us at least be angry like GENTLEMEN.

          • mikanko

            I wish I had taken this advice and left this thread earlier.  I feel dirty. =/

          • NTyron52

            Well, I agree with you… one comment of mine was considered too “anti-fan” around here, so man, I’ll stop it… but my comment in this topic wasn’t ati-fan at all, I was talking about another one…

            @mikanko I wish I had too. Makes me feel bad…

          • NTyron52

            And that’s exactly the problem with fans nowadays. Every game that has one things missing is a pile of crap… it’s bad, but it’s true unfortunately…

    • Ryu is a groundbased fighter in a game where you can fly 30 feet into the air.

      Based on all the games he was in prior to xmen vs streetfighter he was just a regular brawler. The developers decided to make him jump high into the air and shoot hadoken lasers. It was silly to see at first, but then it just became fun.

      The point is the developers can balance a character out into any way they see fit (ie tweaking Sentinel again). Ryu doesn’t make sense in this game, but the developers made him make sense. Mega Man, of course, would work. Don’t be silly.

      Not to mention the fact the the producer is a flat out LIAR when he says Mega Man was not high on the polls. He was FIRST place in many of them. So really, who’s killing mega man? The people who complained when MML 3 got cancelled? When mega man universe got cancelled? When he was purposely left out of UMVC3. Or the developers who got butthurt when Mega Man’s creator left capcom? Is Niitsuma a liar for saying mega man wasn’t high in the ranking?Oh, I should correct myself, he says not high in HIS rankings, where the FUCKING CONSUMERS apparently don’t matter. 

      Your reasons for him for NOT being in this game is weak. Ryu is a capcom mascot along with Mega Man. Would you bitch if Ryu wasn’t in it?

      I’m not even a mega man fan, I never used him in MVC. I’m just appalled at the immaturity and lies that capcom have committed this year.

      And lastly. We are the consumers. WE decide what WE WANT. If we don’t get what we want, we don’t buy.

      I encourage people who are displeased about this, email Niitsuma the capcom-unity poll and to boycott a game people already paid full price for.

      • NTyron52

        As if Megaman will or would make the game any better. The truth is, He won’t, even though, he is the mascot of Capcom, he pretty much got OVER praised by HIS fans and just because he is the mascot of Capcom, it doesn’t mean he has to be in.

         He has to have great moves for this game, which, apparently, wasn’t the case in MvC2 and like in that game he didn’t make the game any better. he was JUST another character of the roster.

         Another thing, sometimes consumers don’t even KNOW what they WANT. Last year, lots of people wanted MvC3, but later they didn’t, for no apparent reason besides of this silly situation of just one character not being in the roster.

        Well, the game has a Marvel feel, and that’s what is supposed to be so every character has to jump that high… I’m not saying he couldn’t work, of course he could, but it’s just not the character that could have been in MvC2.

        • Honestly, since MvC1, after seeing Megaman in action, I wanted to see X or Zero. MvC2 comes along and neither one of them is in. They could have put one of them in there.

          Then TvC comes out and lo and behold, Zero. MvC3 comes out and I’m hoping it’s X turn to shine…….Zero. I’m thinking, ok I didn’t get to play TvC and now I can play as Zero, thats fine. But I still want X, maybe DLC? Denied.

          UMvC3 is announced, ok maybe X will get in now? Entire new character roster is leaked, denied once again. And now we’re fed some BS excuse by Niitsuma. I’ve got every right to boycott their product after being let down so much.

    • sluggish

       We are killing nothing it is Capcom bro.Get your facts right andor stop bitching like you care

    • William Carpenter

      Wait, so… you’re saying Mega Man isn’t going to be included in UMvC3 because the mean ole Mega Man fans make Capcom sad? I never thought about it like that…

      • NTyron52

        Well, this raging is getting overwhelming… which would result in Capcom rushing the development of Megaman and then release him without some total deep development… later, fans would be unpleased with how Megaman would have turned out to be in this game, and ultimately those fans would complain about it all the time and saying that it’s Capcom’s fault, it’s not, it’s the fans’ fault.

    • Thats one good troll comment on mega man fans. Thats not even a given fact dude. Where do u get your blank and clearly not thought thorugh comments from?

  • Didn’t Mega Man X win that poll that Capcom Unity did near the beginning of the year?

    • Thomas Maloney


  • Optical_Matrix

    Pure Bullsh*t. Megaman X is the most requested character by a substantial margin. It’s sad to think that not only was yet another Megaman game cancelled this week, but now Capcom can’t even be bothered to include him in a Versus game? Megaman 1987-2011.

    • ColetonMiller

      I’d ‘Like’ this, but that thought is just depressing D:

  • cmurph666


    I’m 100% sure this is all to spite Keiji Inafune.

  • Lets see here, Universe was canceled for no reason, Legends 3 was canceled for terrible reasons that are easily debunked, and now they straight out lie that no one wanted any Megaman incarnation in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Crapcom you seriously hate the blue bomber that much huh? You might as well just admit it since this guy if just full of it, X was number ONE on as a choosen character that everyone wanted for gods sake what more proof do you need that Megaman is still as popular as he was years ago, maybe even more.

    • andref

      He didn’t say he wasn’t wanted but didn’t make the cut which we don’t know what really fits what they are looking for. Maybe they couldn’t fit him in with his particular playstyle and didn’t see a way to take advantage of his skills to enact all the signature air combos shown in every MvC3 trailer

      • But they put in Hawk Eye who a projectile type guy anyway, they even said Dr. Strange, and Ghost Rider wouldn’t work with the game. Now change their tune for game they announce the same year the original game was released, seem kinda fishy to me, but that’s just my opinion.

        • andref

          Good point though megaman could be included to have partial ability changes to incorporate attacks though would be a bit weird

          • If the can put Wright in the game, a person whom has no possible moveset existing, I fail to see how they could come up with nothing for X. Seeing as X has a massive arsenal at his disposal.

    • Exkaiser

      Terrible reasons that are easily debunked… like the game didn’t have a large enough fanbase to make it profitable?

      That’s something you can “easily debunk”? Heh, alright.

      • Yeah funny that check that so called low fanbase on facebook page growing like wild fire and tell them that, they’ll get a kick out of that stop talking non sense Megaman Legends 3 what have been possible Crapcom, want to stop supporting 3DS for the most Bull crap reasons. Omikidan didnt sell well, that because you didn’t advertise it Crapcom, you release besides you know POKEMON yeah that’s real smart, Resident Evil Mercenaries, trying to sell a minigame for full price even with that Drm/save scandal and you wonder why it didn’t sell, yeah Crapcom can blame themselves not the fans for their idiocy.

        • Exkaiser

          Which facebook page is this? How many people?  How long do you think it will continue to grow?

          The largest one I’m seeing is the one that is just under 10,000 people.

          10,000 people is not even a tenth of enough to support the game. Perhaps you could point me to one with, say, 200,000? 300,000? And even then, where is the proof that all of these people would buy the game were it released?

          How can you say you know without a doubt that the game would have made money? Are you, perhaps, an industry professional with access to the numbers and research of Capcom’s production division? Do you, perhaps, come from an alternate future in which the game was released to monstrous sales?

          I think you might just be an upset fan and are basing your idea of how profitable the game might or might not be upon how much you want the game personally and a fraction of the internet that seems larger than it is.

          • Well of coarse I’m upset there are tons who are upset they didn’t even release the damn beta which was to show we would actually buy the game that Crapcom was intending in the first place, but no we didn’t even get that as promise, face it Crapcom screwed up I don’t think you need to come from some alternate timeline to know that, and if you want to keep defending them be my guest, I don’t really care, and all you keep saying is the same argument anyway the sales weren’t enough right did you come from the future to tell if this true, that this would come to fruition, that Crapcom would suffer huge loses.

            Where both just speculating and assuming things since again they never gave us the Beta to show if the game would sell or not, they even told us we would have to pay even that(yeah real nice Crapcom, how generous of you) and we gladly accepted that, we wanted the game, so yeah to you I’m just a pissed off fan, but no I’m more angered then if they simply canceled the game, no it goes deeper then that, they had to pull this stunt right in our faces and go on with their false hopes and just pull the carrot right in front our faces when they placed it there in the first place, then they go blame us for this. And were just suppose to accept that, yeah no, I don’t think so.

          • Exkaiser

            Hah, as if I’m “defending” Capcom by asking you to provide a rational argument. I’m afraid there’s no burden of proof on me to prove that the game wouldn’t sell well, because the game was cancelled and it wasn’t my decision. And my opinion on the matter doesn’t change anything- not whether Capcom releases the game and not the soundness of the arguments you provide. Understand? You can rage and spit incoherent drivel at me all you like, but it doesn’t change anything.

            All I’m asking is that you at least spit coherent, well-reasoned arguments in your anger. Instead of that, you are merely going to continue asserting that I am some sort of martyr for some company I could care less about, aren’t you?

            The facts are this: The game was cancelled because Capcom believed it to be an unprofitable venture. Upset fans insist the game “deserves” to be released because it would be profitable. What can I say to this? I want the game to be released, but I have no proof of its profitability. All I can do is ask that others at least voice their disappointment in an orderly fashion.

            But here, since you seem to want me to justify Capcom’s decision for you, and you seem shocked at the idea that not enough people participated, let me ask you this: do you know how many people are registered devroom members? Of the international devroom, 5,325. This is shared between NA and Europe. Of course, not nearly every one of those people participated. A good majority of them voted, I’ll bet, but far fewer people participated in the design contests or commented on the blogs or posted on the forums and so on. They people who participated did so very intensely, and they were very passionate about it (I should know, I was right there with ’em!). However: 5000 is not a lot of people.

            Are you still going to tell me that it’s not true there could have been more participation on the Devroom? Where were those 4000 people who liked that facebook page when the dev team was asking for people to join the devroom and get involved? It takes as much effort to get registered with the Devroom as it does to like a facebook page and it’s a way more direct way to say “Capcom, I want this game.”

            Look, I got angry when I saw that Capcom of Europe tweet. I thought, as a member of the devroom, the fandom had really put their back into it and done their all and level of fan participation was high. I thought that they must have just made a gross misstep in saying “there just weren’t enough fans in general” instead of “there just weren’t that many fans participating. But I looked at the numbers just now and, while I still think that was godawful PR, I can’t disagree when they say there wasn’t enough participation

          • Well you have your argument, I have mine you can just keep saying there wasn’t enough people to want are game but the fact is we were screwed they promised the beta and they did not provide it, its ridiculous to make the game for them anyway and they should damn grateful they got 5000, to me that’s a pretty good number for most people don’t have the confidence to throw there hat in the ring with their ideas, I’m sorry that I’m coming as an angry person but I’m actually quite calm and I’m sorry I had to bring it on a page that has nothing to do with this matter since I ain’t getting Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 since I believe its just a pathetic cash in and could have been dlc but that’s just my opinion. *Replying below this.

  • max_REM

    It’s your mascot character! 

    • NTyron52

      Thanks for trolling and not giving an actual good reason for why he should be in.

      • Jermaine Williams

        isnt being the mascot character enough reason to be in a cross over game its like Super Smash Bros not having Mario it would just be weird

        • NTyron52

          It would be weird, that’s for sure, but wouldn’t make the game any “worse”.

          • neocatzon

            it’s not worsen the game but worsen the fanbase trust. Say, Capcom betray their own mascot. Cancelled two megaman games and now this. People will still buy the game of course, it’s a great game. But, they’re unreasonable to kick blue bomber from their sight

  • Yamaneko22


  • BULLSHIT, Capcom.
    You honestly want us to believe we voted for f**king HAWKEYE over Megaman? I really, REALLY  doubt you’re telling the truth here, especially since the fact this article exists means a crap ton of fans wanted to see him in MVC3. 

    • Pasta_Soup

      Out of the hundreds of thousands of fans who enjoy playing Marvel, I’m sure a decent number of them welcome the site of Hawkeye over Megaman, me being one of them.

      Not that Hawkeye even took Megaman’s place as he’s on the Marvel side of the roster.

  • Genjo

    hmmm i guess Capcom is doing somethng fishy i mean i don’t blame the mega man x fans for being pissed/angry about him not making the cutt.  but they maybe add two more characters which could be him i mean they added jill Valenttine and
    Shuma-gorath as DLC there’s small chances that he could be one of the DLC content characters they add when they release U MVC3.

    • They didnt really “add” Jill and Shuma. They just locked them out and had everyone pay $5 to unlock them.

  •  1)Mega Man X 2568 +542 (34.07%)
    2)Phoenix Wright 2116 +251 (28.07%)
    3)Strider 1865 +671 (24.74%)
    4)Gene 1194 +82 (15.84%)
    5)Frank West 1112 +2 (14.75%)
    6)Vergil 1110 +38 (14.73%)
    7)Juri 1062 +69 (14.09%)
    8)B.B Hood 993 +26 (13.17%)
    9)Classic Mega Man 967 +78 (12.83%)
    10)Bass.EXE 889 +2 (11.79%)

    Thats the official Capcom poll results for the DLC poll they had awhile ago.

    Didnt make the top of the rankings huh?

    • William Carpenter

      Wasn’t Mega Man X in the top spot for the Japanese poll, too?

      • mikanko

        I believe Phoenix Wright was technically, but if you added up the different Rockman votes for either X or Classic etc. he was number one in the most prominent fan poll in Japan.

        • sluggish

          No he was not it was X

          • mikanko

            I’m probably thinking of a different poll then.  There were quite a few.

    • mikanko

      There was never an official Capcom poll.  Every poll was conducted by fans.  People seem to fail at reading comprehension.

      • What exactly makes it invalid, then?

        Being “unofficial” doesn’t really invalidate it.

        • mikanko

          Because half of the characters for UMVC3 had already had work done on them before the game ever came out and a poll was even held?  Because a couple thousand votes on a message forum don’t necessarily equal an accurate portrayal of what Capcom may deem as fan demand in their fighting game that sold 2 million copies?

          Nitsuma could well be lying about who was asked for the most, and maybe an incarnation of Megaman was the most demanded.  Never did Capcom say they were catering solely to fan demand off of internet message boards when making their games, which kinda makes it invalid.

          • sluggish

             Could be lying.When did they tell the truth?

            “We won’t add that character because he doesn’t get along well with gang”

            After two weeks.Bam

            “Behold the guy who previously did not fit in well”

          • mikanko

            No clue who you’re even talking about. 

            If you’re talking about Phoenix Wright, he had a lot of work done on him in Tatsuno vs. Capcom that never came to fruition.  It’s likely they finally had more time to finalize him and get him to work in the game.  It’s been a lot more than two weeks.  They could also have messed up, and he’s a horrible character, but we’ll wait and see.

            Nitsuma had said he wasn’t a fan of X being in the game sometime last year because he had a hard time implementing him without him being worse than Zero. 

            Fan demand, other game franchises sales, and what the developers want to put in the game were likely all calculated when they came up with the cast.  There’s nothing unreasonable about that formula.  People need to rage less.

          • I get what you’re saying, but you really didn’t satisfy the inquiry. It’s moot now.

  • It is the same. I expected him to be a DLC and now he’s not in it at all. I sold the game and bought super street fighter IV for 8 bucks. At least I know what I’m getting. And I won’t be buying UMVC3 either.

  • sluggish

    As far as i can see most people know  the excuses are bulshit while some others believe all the lies they hear from Capcom.Yep we see the real fanboys.How can some one enjoy being screwed over and over by Capcom really?

  • LOL NO. You’re full of bullshit Capcom. Megaman has been Capcom’s poster boy for decades and now they’re just going to shaft him left and right? Now they’re trying to lie to us by saying characters like NEMESIS and PHOENIX WRIGHT were more requested than him? This has gone waaay too far.

    Capcom. You’re not getting away with this.  

    • kupomogli

      “Capcom. You’re not getting away with this. ”

      Actually, they are :P.

    • Champ W

      Yeah, and I still can’t believed that Nemesis got in. I don’t know, but it feels very wrong somehow.

      For one, I know a lot more people prefer Gene from God Hand than that zombie dude holding a bazooka. 

      • Zeik56

        While I would have rather seen Gene myself, I’m almost willing to bet there are more people who wanted to see Nemesis in a fighting game than even played God Hand. >_>

        • Champ W

          Aow, dang it! But Gene is so cool ;_;

        • Gene was ranked third i believe. GodHand has an under appreciated fan following too. MegaMan is going the way of Clover Studios.

    • DanteJones

      At least Phoenix was in 2nd place on the community poll, but Nemesis? I liked Resident Evil 3, but having him as a playable character as opposed to being a super (Jill & Tyrant in MvC2) is a bit much.

    • Pasta_Soup

      Why are you threatening a video game company?  So they didn’t put in a character you like…is it really that awful?

  • That’s cool and all (no its not), but get rid of that awful health bar, it takes to much space and creates more clutter then it’s worth.

  • dioortigas

    BS just PURE UNDILUTED BS. Niitsuma do me a favor, just dont ever trying lying again. you fail at it so hard i cant help but love trolling you. Megaman didnt make the cut? Heh yeah and i have 3 legs W/E im not buying your bull so as everyone here, just 1 character out of 4 you could have chosen u still managed to ef that up? Applaud you for your ignorance

  • AJ

    I bet people have already pointed out, but this is a load of bollocks, why?  Because Mega Man X is THE top character requested for Capcom’s side.  THE TOP, for the final popularity poll for DLC.

    Wanna know where he ranked on the first poll?  SECOND. SEEEECOOOOOND.  X, is the top character requested, more so than Strider and Phoenix Wright who were Third and Second on the final polls respectively.  I can’t believe he wasn’t considered, my dream team of Dr. Strange, Strider and Mega Man X has once again been denied.  Hopefully not for long when Nitsuma realizes that he read the polls completely wrong.(Or stops avoiding Mega Man entirely)

  • Yesshua

    You know, how much fans want a character is not the only variable when considering character rosters.  These games cross promote for Capcom.  The most requested characters were not necessarily also the most logical to cross promote.  I’m sure Capcom split the difference.  Strider probably doesn’t have any new products coming down the line, but he was fan requested.  Nemesis wasn’t fan requested much (that I know of) but Capcom does have several Resident Evil games in development they would like to promote.  Vergil was both fan requested and has products coming out to promote (DmC and the HD collection).  Phoenix Wright was fan requested and has at least one game in development (vs. Layton).  Actually, Phoenix might be the most logical character of all because the Ace Attorney franchise has always struggled to be noticed and has a rabid fan base.

    Are there any Megaman projects coming down the pipeline right now?  The last two we knew about were cancelled.  Megaman probably wouldn’t benefit too much from cross promotion anyway, everyone has heard of him so it wouldn’t really be exposing the franchise to a new audience.

    • That may all be true, but considering how much Capcom has been angering Megaman fans, they are seriously shooting themselves in the foot.

    • I’ll copy and paste since you’re not really listening:

      1)Mega Man X 2568 +542 (34.07%)
      2)Phoenix Wright 2116 +251 (28.07%)
      3)Strider 1865 +671 (24.74%)
      4)Gene 1194 +82 (15.84%)
      5)Frank West 1112 +2 (14.75%)
      6)Vergil 1110 +38 (14.73%)

      the producer of UMVC3 says Mega Man wasn’t high on the list. Based on
      this poll EVERY CHARACTER (with the exception of Gene because he’s not
      really a capcom character)  WHO WAS HIGH ON THE POLL GOT IN TO THE GAME.
      It’s funny, Nitsuma’s ranking matches ours, with the exception of mega

      She-hulk have any games or comics coming out? Firebrand having his first solo adventure on the 3DS? Strider having his own game? No? BUT he was fan requested? On the poll I just posted? The poll that’s strikingly similar to Niitsuma’s personal, imaginary poll?

      The point is, is he’s a liar and fans are pissed. Justifiably so.

      If anything having Mega Man in it would recharge the franchise, having fans demand more of him. It was evident when they were making Mega Man legends 3, a game that fans wanted for over 10 years.

      • William Carpenter

        Bro, it’s not like Niitsuma is making the whole game himself…

        I get that you’re pissed. I am too. But there is clearly more to this. It’s bigger than Niitsuma, and this interview only further proves that. As far as I can tell, someone high-up in Capcom management just has a thing against Mega Man. The MvC3 team were probably not allowed to use him.

      • “Gene…not really a Capcom character”!?

        That’s equating to saying likewise about Viewtiful Joe and Okami franchises, since God Hand, Okami, and Viewtiful Joe first emerged from the efforts of Clover Studios!

        • mikanko

          I’m pretty sad Gene’s not in.  He was talked about in MvC3’s development last year, so I thought he stood a chance.  They said they picked Ammy and Joe over him because they stood out more from the rest of the cast.  Since Okami and Joe both have had more recent releases on portables, it wouldn’t be surprising if that didn’t have a lot to do with it.

          I believe Nitsuma himself admitted to not being very familar with the greatness that is Godhand, and that’s disappointing if true. =/

      • Exkaiser

        Actually, She-Hulk did have a comic coming out around the beginning of the year, when MvC3 first came out.

        A wonder the things you can find out with some quick googling and the Marvel wiki.

      • NTyron52

        “with the exception of Gene because he’s not
        really a capcom character”

        Based on what? Strider Hiryu isn’t even from Capcom in case you know, he was from a manga back in the 80s.

        I guess it wouldn’t “recharge” the franchise at all, the damage is already done… it was sequel after sequel, with barely any changes in it.

        Edit: Firebrand was added because they thought he adds to the game’s gameplay. It’s not only Niitsuma developing the game too, it’s a whole development team. Their list is not based upon the polls list, it’s their own original list of characters. Frank, Nemesis, Vergil and Phoenix Wright are very popular nowadays with games that are over million sellers, Megaman 9 and 10, although they were awesome, the sales still low compared to games from the characters on the 4 added Capcom characters.

  • Belphybear

    I’m surprised no-one has called shenanigans yet.

  • Yesshua

    Why are people assuming that the Capcom Unity poll was the only
    poll taken?  This is extremely unlikely.  Capcom doubtless ran a wide range of polls seeking opinions from
    Japanese consumers, the PAL territories, and the dedicated fighting game
    communities.  The Capcom Unity poll that’s being posted as evidence
    that Mega Man was the most requested character only shows that he was most popular with one audience.  It is possible MegaMan did not fare as well in
    polls taken by different demographics.

    There.  That’s completely plausible and would mean that this nice man isn’t lying.  Why assume the worst?

    • We’re assuming the worst because the top 4 fan popular characters made it into the game, excluding mega man, who was NUMBER 1. Based on that capcom went off of it. We have our poll. We showed it to you. Where’s the poll that this “nice man” is basing his lie off of?

      Show us the other polls please.

      You’re giving capcom nothing but excuses while we’re giving them nothing but evidence. Someone said it earlier: the reason this article was create and being discussed is because it IS a big deal.

      • Oh, and by the way, http://www.capcom-unity.com/ is an OFFICIAL CAPCOM SITE. So the poll counts.

        • mikanko

          It’s not an official poll though.  Please try and understand.  No one at capcom ever asked for fan input for the character selection process.  The poll was done by fans on Capcoms forums, there’s a difference.  You’re still talking about a few thousand votes on an internet forum for a game that is targeted at over a million people.

  • Neuhaus

    Just had to post something….All this Megaman….

     Frankly I’m  glad they didn’t put Megaman in—X or otherwise. Since StarForce has been released and some of the other Megaman games, the series has lost enough appeal from me. He’s also lost a bit from this generation of gamers who don’t have the opportunity (or are ignorant) to play the better classics. And while MvsC3 is not the same as Tatsunoko….Megaman was a wasteful slot in that. Compared to other characters which people know currently, its not hard to imagine why he didn’t make the cut. You must think of both markets. And after I read through these posts, it occurred to me the fanbase is the only one who wants him—-but this is a natural reaction. Some choices they made (Nemesis? Really?) and other marvel characters completely fly over my head (Nova, Iron Fist, Rocket Raccoon?) are odd choices, seeing as I don’t know jack about them. That intrigues me enough to give them a chance, as with Megaman I know what to expect—and likewise will feel utterly betrayed like with Zero’s character.

    While games are one thing to consider, look at the release of movies and other media. Likely we saw Hawkeye to complete the avengers which I remember back as a kid, and partially to promote the avenger movie….seeing as he’s in it with the others already in MvsC3. Phoenix Wright has the crossover game, while Frank has that other game. DMC cast only has Dante/Trish and usually the series has a triple set of playable characters (Jill/Wesker/Chris) (Hsien-Ko (sp?)/Morrigan/Felicia) (Akuma/Chun Li/Ryu/C Viper)…..so its not crazy to think that PW will get DLC down the road or something.

    Of course…50 may be the most they’ll do. But who knows? They are very much aware I’m sure, how much people want the blue bomber in the game. In fact they probably know so well that WHAT Megaman would they use? How? They have one slot to make a iconic character into the most incredible fighter, and a limited move set that can’t change and do everything at once. There’s armor, Rush, style changes, Buster powers; its a lot to navigate around. Look at Amaterasu who has 3 style changes and….1 or 2 actual attacks significant to each change? I’m looking at the command list as I type…its ironically small. What would Megaman get? He’d be so over the top. He can’t copy off ‘defeated’ opponents—-so what attacks would he have prior, or would he be plain? Rather than see something disappointing I would prefer him not to be in it at all. Because frankly, Zero is a whole lot of empty space when I use him. Its a generic fast hack and slash that is mind numbingly boring to use. If Megaman wants to make a comeback—be it in another game.

    Also….some people don’t think Megaman when they think of Capcom. Even though I’ve started from the olden days too….Megaman is the -last- thing that comes to mind when thinking of Capcom. Its usually Devil May Cry or Resident Evil (And I started with RE5 folks. I collected every game except 2—some twice and now look forward to more and barely finished any of them!) Much more interesting and successful in all areas.

    And seeing that Megaman Legends 3DS was canceled… Well….

    Even less reason to care? I’m excited for all these characters. Since currently I’m jumping between about six characters that I give a damn about (none being Marvel side) I’m stoked to try Marvel that i DO care about ( Hawkeye, Dr.Strange, Ghost Rider…)

    FYI: Ghost Rider likely implemented since he is getting a movie sequel

    IN THE END….its up to the developers, not the fans, to choose the final roster. I can’t see him making a strong impression as the leaked roster. People get excited for the popular titles.

    If you’re so dissatisfied why not just play MvsC2? He was in it (BTW I wanted Gambit and Nightcrawler, or Falcon (Power Stone). But I won’t cry about it because…I have games where these characters originated in too?

    I don’t mean to rile anyone or disagree….I just find it silly because I’m sure everyone has another character they are equally satisfied with in MvsC3 now…

    • Problem is, he WAS popular enough to be put into this game. The fans outcries have proven it. How come no one is bitching about Cyclops not being in it? He has his own comic,movies, etc. You’re missing the fact, AGAIN that capcom by eveidence of the polls included the most fan requested on the capcom side, EXCEPT for mega man, who was number 1.

      People wanted him in this game. Capcom knew it and blatantly kept him out.

      • Neuhaus

         No, no. I see that everyone on this site wants him. And I realize a bunch (or should I say, giant) amount of Japanese people want him. Fact is, times have changed. Interests have changed. Capcom kept him out possibly because of the raging whiplash the fans might give them for not doing a good enough ‘job’ of making Megaman amazing. Tatsunoko failed admirably—though it was a fun fighter while Marvel vs Capcom trickled into its blow out release. In that sense Capcom left him out for a reason. Either that OR could have wanted the spotlight on other characters to market off HD releases, game releases, comic book series ect.

        Voters can request these characters all they want. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll use them. Or buy the game. Its just a cry for a specific character and didn’t change the sales much….I don’t think. I can’t imagine it would since Zero is a pretty big favorite in the Megaman fandom. But that’s just my opinion. It didn’t hurt me in any way since I like Battle Network (EXE) version more…

        • Tweaking a character to be balanced isn’t an issue (i.e Ryu being implemented in the vs series). Mega man can be a perfectly useable character, depending on how to programmers tweak him.

          Saying he wouldn’t be balanced in the game is just an excuse for them.

          • Neuhaus

            Zero is not balanced. Nor is Sentinel. Zero can mash his way through a lifebar by repeatedly tapping one button whereas Sentinel just has to input any button and it shaves health like nothing else. His assist is particularly annoying with any long range fighters keeping a close fighter at a good distance. That is an issue to me, and I can see Megaman following with some ridiculous combo. But this is Marvel vs Capcom. It is meant to be a spamming brigade. What I don’t get is…

            Why does Megaman HAVE to be in the game? Yes, he’s a mascot of the company. He made the company what it is. But they have new games that are doing just as good that have become mascots themselves. Why aren’t they good enough? You also can’t expect Megaman to be easy to fill. One spot. One version. It will please some and make the fanbase rage a storm for not having their favorite in it. Besides, there are enough long range projectile characters as it is.

          • Darkstalkers hasn’t had a game in 10 years.
            Neither has Ghouls n’ ghost. Firebrand? Really?

            Your argument is invalid.

          • Actually thanks for siding with me on one argument of why mega man shouldn’t be in the game. People say he would be an unbalanced character, that’s why he’s not in it. You just proved every unbalanced character doesn’t deserve to be in the game. But they’re in there. So why not make room for another one?

          • Neuhaus

            I didn’t know who Firebrand is…and I haven’t played a Ghouls and Goblins game before. But his character design is interesting. Darkstalkers is my least favorite fighter. I cannot recall a time I picked it up, or even felt inclined to pick it up. So that doesn’t bother me. Megaman has had so many games…its time for it to step down. I -wish- Sentinel wasn’t in it. I wish a lot of characters that got in, didn’t. But the fact is, this is Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Not Marvel Vs Capcom 2.5. I like a new roster, with some old characters both ways. And you my good sir, have a one tracked mind for Megaman. Its not completely out of the question he cannot become DLC in the coming year, and its not like they didn’t say “We can’t do it” he just didn’t make the 12. I agree on nothing BTW. Our views to characters who are unbalanced would be different. As are our acceptance of out with the old and in with the new and bizarre. But keep it up. I’m sure Capcom will eventually get the message once the trolling masses slow down. My invalid opinion is an opinion that is freely stating whats on my mind, I’m sorry we cannot share the same thoughts? End of story, agreed.

            I’ll just continue to silently wish or Jack Krauser.

          • Exkaiser

            @facebook-501075183:disqus Actually, Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins came out for the PSP five years ago. With an updated version being released the next year. As well as a pair of iOS games in ’09 and ’10 which are apparently quite solid.

            Not that it changes anything, I’m just sayin’. It’s not as if Ghosts n Goblins is some franchise they exhumed from the Capcom Crypt.

        • Tarlol

          Tatsunoko was a better game than Marvel 3 is though. (EDIT: In my (perhaps not-so-humble) opinion.)
          Megaman would be fine in Marvel 3. That’s not an issue. There’s other stuff at play here.

          • Neuhaus

            Tatsunoko was unbalanced as it was fun and shiny….like MvSC3. I prefer the latter simply because I recognize more characters. Clearly something is at play. But hating on Capcom is no better than the general internet population at Bamco. Enough said.

          • Tarlol

            Criticizing Capcom and “hating” them are two different things. When Capcom pulls stuff like this, getting the community involved to “pick” the DLC ourselves and “design” MML3 and then promptly ignoring some of the most popular DLC choices and canceling MML3 before we even got the promised demo, they deserve to be criticized. I’m not going to waste energy “hating” Capcom. I lived through last gen. I saw what happened with them and Clover (not to mention Mikami.) I know how Capcom can be. They are a corporation, they react to sales and public response. But when we’re displeased, we should be allowed to voice our displeasure.
            Also, Tatsunoko is far shinier than MvC3 (SHADOWS ERRYWHERE) and its cast, dare I say it, is even more diverse.

          • Tatsunoko, unbalanced?  Ha, it’s actually easier to deal with 1 overcentralizng character (Karas, general consensus; giants, according to the tournament community and Japan) than an ENTIRE TEAM of it (Magneto/Storm/Sentinel).

      • NTyron52

        Then why didn’t they put him? because they DIDN’T, get over that. Man, they didn’t put him in, you know, sometimes I think all the fans want the developers to do is what the you guys want to do, I’m tired of you guys wanting what you want the developers to do all the time, because in order to make this game to properly work with the fans sometimes the developers should do what they want to do.

        • Oh, I’m over it. I’m not buying the game :)

          Capcom wants to ignore fan request (which they DIDN’T in the polls, with the exception of X)

          Let them ignore our gripes and lose money in the process.

          • NTyron52

            Honestly, I’m not surprised. That fan request was made by fans… not by Capcom… lol.

    • This is by far the longest comment I’ve ever seen, lol.

    • But Ghost Rider shouldn’t be in. He’s “too punchy”.

      • Neuhaus

        And….they said Nemesis wasn’t suppose to be in it either because he’d up the rating. Somehow they got around that. Apparently he was wanted somehow? So I can see Ghost Rider being plausible. 

        • I can see GR as plausible as well. However the excuse he’s “too punchy” is outright bull. Alot of which has been coming out of Capcom’s mouth lately.

  • axess707

    Make that 9000.

  • Xdqsdqdadjskkqjdvierjjkj nmnbn

    “Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking.”
    >_> wasn’t megaman the number 1 request on the poll?

  • That’s bullshit and not buying it.

  • I’ve got an idea! Maybe if I bitch hard enough Capcom will make a bad business move and go through a bunch of extra work just to pander to me!

    • Or they can ignore our dislike and lose money!! :D

    • I have a good idea, we all stop being fans of megaman because Capcom doesn’t like Megaman anymore.
      Because we can’t have our own opinion and we shouldn’t complain about any decision any politician, company ceo or any other noble person makes. We’re just stupid idiots who should shut up afterall. Because we aren’t their customers but their property.

  • Tarlol

    Phoenix is said to have had work done on him before MvC3 even came out. So no surprise there.
    Gene. Why is Gene missing? Everyone agrees he’d be a perfect fit. He was high on the popularity polls both before and after the game came out. Why no Gene?
    I think it’s bitterness. I think it’s residual dislike of Inafune and Mikami. That’s just my personal theory though. Its a good thing I don’t like MvC3. Street Fighter x Tekken will completely blow it out of the water on every level.

  • epy

    Wait… this is Capcom. Isn’t this all a scheme to release X, Dash or Classic Megaman as DLC in a couple of months for huge profit and getting to say something on the lines of “we listened to the fan outrage and we care about our fans”.

    I’m calling it right now. Sorry if someone called it before… there is a ton of comments and its late.

    • Tarlol

      I wouldn’t be surprised. It’d make sense. I could see them doing that with Gene too, considering Gene probably wouldn’t be a sequel (or update) seller, but he would totally sell a good number of stand-alone downloads. Thats if Capcom decides to do some actual standalone dlc characters later, like they said they were going to originally.

  • Blah blah blah screw Red Arremer. I want Jon Talbain already! I haven’t spent a dime of this game because I hated the rooster. I’m gonna wait for the Arcade version and see if they are adding anymore.

  • Sakurazaki

    To be honest, I’m a bit moved at those saying that ‘multiple new characters here’ should’ve been replaced with ‘insert multiple old characters here’.

    I do understand that Capcom is being really weird/aaarrrgghhh! with their handling, but I do NOT want to play a game with ‘new’ characters I’ve seen before.

    I would’ve liked it that they included both these new ones and the old ones.

    Too bad they didn’t, though.

  • I feel like Capcom is being unprofessionally and immaturely spiteful of Inafune leaving, and, as a result, trying to get rid of Mega Man and blaming it on the fans. Does anyone else feel this?

    • Sadly I think so too. I won’t hate capcom for it, because in one little point I completely agree: making Megaman without the original creator will be tough and I doubt they have much leeway because every “change” they try will result in a Fan Rage ala “Inafune would never have done that” etc.

      • mikanko

        Inafune had spoken support for Nitsuma’s decision to leave Megaman off the original MvC3 roster, and agreed with him that Zero represented the series better.  Whether this was simply PR and a boss being supportive of his employee or not is anyones guess.

        Most people who regularly play MvC3 could tell you that a character with in your face antics like Zero are way more threatening than characters who try and play at range.  UMvC3 seems to be trying to balance this out some, but I doubt they’ll get it totally right and Wolverine will still mop the floor with Arthur.

  • Eric Du

    Believe it or not, according to The Mega Man Network, the results conducted for both North America and Japan were like this: MegaMan X (#1)Phoenix Wright (#2), Strider (#3),
    Frank West (#5), and Vergil (#6) (even the last two having less than half the votes of X.) Red
    Arremer/Firebrand (#28) and Nemesis (#31).

    I don’t believe Firebrand had, very many votes at all. Also, no DLC, so wait for a Super/Ultra/Arcade edition from here for hopes of Mega Man.

  • mikanko

    Seriously people need to stop hatin’.  Why do Megaman fans feel so entitled?  I mean, I love Megaman games, and fighting games, but I don’t really see how the two are mutually inclusive with each other.

    Now, MvC3 is a game that met its sales expectations of 2 million units
    shipped within about a month.  How does a couple thousand people who
    voted on a fan BBS like Capcom Unity dictate that one character be put in the next installment of the game? Maybe Nitsuma is giving a PR line about Megaman not being the most requested character, or maybe Capcom has other avenues of gauging interest for a character than a fan poll where a few thousand people voted.  It doesn’t really matter, as no one from Capcom ever officially acknowledged any online polls.

    Even with that said Vergil, Phoenix Wright, Strider, and Frank West were all really high on multiple fan polls that people cite, from Japanese gaming mags to various internet forums, and the development team found a way to get them into the game. 

    But obviously, Capcom hates its fans, and the people who buy their games.

    The MML cancelled thing sucks, and I’m still pretty bitter about it, but I can’t see UMVC3s roster and MML3 being anything more than a horrible coincidence that’s triggered this backlash of internets rage. =/

    • Then why is Firebrand in here?! Nobody wanted him. Vergil, Phoenix Wright, Strider, and Frank West were really high, but I’m sure Mega Man had much higher votes than Firebrand, yet they put HIM in. You got one thing right, Capcom hates their fans, and I’m not ranting anymore. I’ll just simply not buy their games anymore.

      • mikanko

        Red Arremer is in the game because the people who’re making a fighting game thought he’d be a good character to have.  Why is it hard to understand that a fighting game roster should maybe be made up of characters that compliment character diversity and gameplay over an unofficial popularity contest?

        • Well, they thought WRONG! His gameplay looks easy and REALLY CHEAP! I love Red Arremer, I really do, but as a character. I hated fighting him in the Ghost and Goblins series, and he sure wasn’t better in Snk vs Capcom. He DAMN sure doesn’t look better in Marvel vs Capcom 3! I’ve seen his gameplay. Those flame ball attacks are really powerful and (I bet) very spammable (just like Arthur HIMSELF!!! Yes Mega Man was like that too, but he actually took skill to use and he’s a really fun character), not to mention that his dive attacks are really fast and (possibly) unpredictable in many cases. Besides, they are not supporting their MASCOT!! M A S C O T!!! Even after Keiji quit, they supported Zero instead (I do love Zero, but he is not the MASCOT!)! Why create a great character and make it as a mascot if you’re not going to support it afterwards?! Yes, it’s their game, but it’s not about them ALL THE TIME! It’s about……wait, I’m ranting again! I said I was through lol!

          • mikanko

            Umm, what gameplay clips have you seen?  The gameplay trailers are a pretty inaccurate representation of what the game looks like in a real match, and 90% of the Unity stream has been people mashing like they’ve never played MvC3 before. 

            I’ll hold off on an opinion till I actually get to play the game.  I think he looks fun, and I like the idea of summoning a 2nd Red Arremer to annoy the crap out of someone specifically because I remember how hard it was in G’n’G when there were 2 of him on the screen at once. 

          • Seriously? Huh. Go figure. ……Wait, but there’s Simple Mode, so for those mashing, it’s actually a good thing right?

          • FireCouch

            What on earth are you talking about?  The game has been shown for a day, and you are somehow making the statement that the character is cheap and bad and unfair.

            I don’t think there is anything I can tell you to make you stop looking at the situation with an awful bias.

          • Pasta_Soup

            So many assumptions and biased opinions in this post, it’s practically unreadable.

          • NTyron52

            Because they didn’t even think of an idea for a crossover back in the 80s, which was the very beginning of Capcom?

            Neither of them wanted Megaman because they thought Zero would fit better with the game’s mechanics, he is even one of the best characters in the game, actually. They didn’t Megaman for being represented as an inferior character in comparison to Zero, because the fans would be criticizing X for not being the character that could have been. Is this too hard to understand?

            Also, you need to calm down… I think everyone (from both sides) needs to sit down, and drink a cup of coffee. Or tea, if you prefer it.

        • You say “Why is it hard to understand that a fighting game roster should maybe be
          made up of characters that compliment character diversity and gameplay
          over an unofficial popularity contest?

          Because coincidentally the top 4 on the capcom unity polls were the ones capcom put in, with the exception of Mega Man X. What’s not diverse about X?

          Using the argument that the fans don’t affect who’s in the game is total bullshit. They’re the reason Phoenix Wright, Virgil, Frank West, and Strider are in the game.

          Here, the capcom unity poll….AGAIN

          1)Mega Man X 2568 +542 (34.07%)
          2)Phoenix Wright 2116 +251 (28.07%)
          3)Strider 1865 +671 (24.74%)
          4)Gene 1194 +82 (15.84%)
          5)Frank West 1112 +2 (14.75%)
          6)Vergil 1110 +38 (14.73%)

          • Capcom be trollin’ with emotions. They ask fans, “Hey, what characters do you guys want in Marvel Vs Capcom 3?”, but they mostly put the characters that THEY want, with only a few requests of the ones fans want granted, and not the most popular ones either…..

          • mikanko

            Capcom never asked.  No Capcom employees had anything to do with the poll.  It was simply on their official forums. Also Marvel gets final say for their side of the roster.

          • mikanko

            Strider had the most votes on Shoryuken’s poll, which had fewer votes but is probably a better representation of fans who buy Capcom fighting games regardless of the inclusion of a blue robot.  He’s pretty much the only Capcom character that was viable in MvC2, and fans of the game that had been playing it for years were way more bummed about a lack of their badass ninja than Megaman missing from the roster.

            Don’t take what I said out of context.  All I’m saying is while fan demand obviously had some influence for who they picked, Capcom never held a poll or asked for a vote to see who they should include.  Things like game sales (RE, Dead Rising, Phoenix Wright, DMC3 are all pretty great selling series in the last 6 years.) in addition to fan demand (Strider) and what the developers of the game want to put in (Arremer) all went into the games cast. 

            Early in MvC3s development Inafune and Nitsuma actually talked about it, and neither wanted Megaman in the game because they felt Zero worked within the games mechanics a lot better.  They didn’t want to shoehorn X into the game and wind up with him being inferior to the Maverick Hunter and getting torn apart by Megaman fans for X not living up to expectations. 

            Not that Megaman has any rabid fans that jump to baseless accusations or anything.  <.<;

          •  Finally, someone who gets it.

          • The point is missed again. The polls had a DIRECT effect on who got in capcom wise, because 4 of the top 6 got in, excluding mega man, who was NUMBER 1. Unless it’s a big coincidence. Just tell me it’s a big coincidence and we can end this debate.

            Again, MVC3 was made because PEOPLE REQUESTED IT YEAR AFTER YEAR. What the consumer says has an effect.

          • Exactly Strider got in by FAN VOTE and megaman wasnt a top wanted Chrarcter yet he was number one?? HAHAHAH I SMELL CAPCOM GLUTTIOUS KISSERS ALL DAY!!! FACE IT, THEY LIED!!!!

          • mikanko


            No.  Strider is more wanted in MvC’s community, that’s all I’m saying.  There’s no lie in Niitsuma saying they don’t have Megaman as the most wanted character on their list.  Their list isn’t based on the poll at Capcom Unity.

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot9LzUKjWx0  Megaman fans never made a video like this.  It’s silly to think that because of a poll on capcom unity, where most people who play MVC didn’t even vote, shows an accurate representation of what the fans want.

          • xAKUM3TSUx

            OMG! You remember that too!!! I was just about to post that exact “Fan-Based” pool. What a grain of salt Capcom. I remember they even gave “X” his own  MvC3  character art to congratulate his winning spot in the so called “Most Wanted” characters. What a fail…sigh…

            MvC3 is why I stopped trusting in Capcom tbh…in fact i’ll just stop my “bitchin” and say the only reason I MIGHT get this game is because Vergil is in it. I Hate Dante  (well he’s cool but the V-man is my Favorite DMC character)

          • mikanko

            Is it really hard to understand that the moderator who helps out on Capcom’s forums and created the poll for character requests is not a Capcom employee? 

            I’ve seen him post here, and he sports a pretty nifty Arthur avatar, and he seems a rather swell fellow from what I can tell through the anonymity of the intarwebs.

            He in fact was polite enough to make that quite clear in the poll, and said that there were no promises the poll would have any effect on anything.

            His name is also not Capcom <.<;

          • NTyron52

            “What’s not diverse about X?”

            Better question: what’s SO diverse about X?

            I prefer him over Classic, but basically, if you put a whole bunch of special moves for him plus the armor, he will become a 2nd Arthur, which makes more sense to put Zero instead.

            The reason of why no version of Megaman is in, is because fans are praising his inclusion WAY too much, Capcom is pretty much not liking this whole situation of rage, neither do a lot of people out there.

      • Did you… read the rest of the post? We explained Firebrands inclusion right after the Mega Man quote.

    • neon6

      “met its sales expectations of 2 million units”
      Christian Svensson said the game would outsell vanilla, which would be 5 million+. I didn’t understand his thinking that the Marvel brand was big enough to carry enough power to do so when Marvel fans would probably quit after the first month due to them not being into fighting games. I guess those 50% BnB combos weren’t cutting it.

      • mikanko

        Please quote where they said they expected it to pass 5 million?  That sounds a bit out of context, and might have only been Svensson speaking his opinion.  When the game reached 2 million there were reports it met the games sales projection within a month and a half from release.

    • I’m not really angry at Capcom, they included Phoenix Wright for god’s Sake, but I still think after the cancellation Rage it would be nice to get a shimmer of hope.
      But I think they just keep some popular characters back to add them as DLC, makes sense to me. So I doubt we won’t see Megaman sooner or later in this game. :)

      • mikanko

        I think a another iteration in late 2012 or early 2013 is more likely.  Jill and Shuma Gorath sales bombed pretty hard as far as rumors go, and in addition to the earthquake stalling their development time the poor sales turned them off of future DLC characters.

    • FireCouch

      I agree with you 100%.  People feel so entitled when it comes to games, and this whole situation shows it.

      Geez, my respect for almost every single commenter on this website dropped to 0. Talk about being childish.

      • How, in the living hell of a world we are in, are we being childish?! They revived a game because of US fans! We continued to play the game for years, and we kept wishing, asking, and even begging for a sequel! We loved the gameplay, but what made our interest peak? THE CHARACTERS! A VERY GOOD SELECTION, believe it or not. We finally get that sequel, and they included many mistakes in it (JUST like they did with SF4), such as the characters, which I must say it’s not as diverse as it was in the prequels (or not even as diverse as Tasunoko Vs Capcom). Sure, they could’ve fixed those mistakes, but not the most important ones, then they had the AUDACITY to make the pattern AGAIN with this game like they did with SF4, yet they didn’t get MANY (emphasis on MANY) of the MOST POPULAR, or at least the REALLY COOL CHARACTERS (such as SPIRAL! Yeah, I said it! Doesn’t matter if she was an old or dead character, which FYI, SHE IS NOT!), with only a few good replacements, such Dormammu! We want Zero sure, but he is NOT a character we are used to (Mega Man appeared Marvel Vs Capcom 1 and 2, so where the hell did he go?!), YET they support TRON AND ZERO! Also, don’t you dare type “They can’t! Keiji Inafune left!”. NO! BIG NO! He left Capcom even BEFORE they released the game, yet they STILL put in Zero and Tron, but not Mega Man?! Those were even hints that we thought that he’d come as DLC, but no! They messed up again by making Jill Valentine SUCK!!!

        OMG! I gotta stop! This site is what’s causing me to flare on what, I bet, you call simple matters, when it’s really about money WE SPENT on things WE WANT, SUCH AS M E G A  F R E A K I N’  M A N!!! Stuff like this is only made up of people’s opinions (that’s what the comments section is FOR). Don’t think you have the answer to, what you think, is everything (which some of them are wrong! May I remind you of Spiral and how you guys thought she was DEAD!? Look up about her, and PROVE ME WRONG!), and never think you’re so smart! I NEVER think that, believe it or not! I’m done! I’m wasting my time, on a computer, arguing about stuff that we all will never agree! See? I’m not that smart! Good day! Say what you want, I will not reply, read it, or even care anymore! Let time show us what future holds for this game and Capcom. >:(
        *Calm down now……*

        • FireCouch

          The novel you wrote in response to me explains what I meant. All I see is whining and moaning with zero attempt to see the other side of the argument. Just like a bratty 7-year-old.

          • Tokom23

            Woah! Someone’s getting mad when they are hearing stuff they don’t want to hear. While I see you making insults to other people’s opinions (which makes you look like the childish one by the way), I’ll just sit back, have some popcorn, and watch the continued arguments! :3

        • WilliamJasper

          sentoro, don’t listen to others. whether they’re just being fools or not, it’s up to them. trolls (like FireCouch) will be trollin’, and will never stop replying to people, who the trolls think, are not as smart, mature, and better than their own self, when really, they’re no better than cockroaches. :) these kinds of arguments will always come in any kind of big discussion, and you, sentoro, have shown that you are not a fool because like you said “Say what you want, I will not reply, read it, or even care anymore!”, you have escaped the depths of what is known as “the internet argument”. now, can we please go back to the subject at hand, which is about mega man?

          • FireCouch

            Yes, because having a different opinion = troll. 

          • Alexis Matthews

            Can’t we all get along? :(

          • The opinion is irrelevant, really. You present your differing opinion in a way that will still cause flames.

        • NTyron52

          This is the worst post, I’ve ever seen in this website. You say, you fans are not being childish, yet this comment is, ironically, childish.

          • Hah…..don’t even try to argue anymore. It’s meaningless about your opinion. I’m sure there are many more posts far more “worse” or “childish” than mine, but Capcom fanboys such as yourself will think otherwise….

      • WilliamJasper

        You do realize that you caused this argument by calling what you said, “almost every single commenter” the insult “childish”. Learn exactly what you type on this site and watch what you say, you fool. You are not perfect, yet you are far from it, and you will never better your behavior, it seems. I do not care anymore whether you reply or not anymore, as I don’t want to waste my time showing the mess you caused, or with you for the matter! Have a nice day! :)
        P.S: Don’t say, “I posted this message yesterday and now you come back for more trouble” or something related to that because I logged out when I posted a reply to Sentoro, but don’t worry, like I said, I will not come back to “bother you” by leaving you alone, so you can at least have the MATURITY to forget this and talk about what’s at hand, which is Mega Man!

      • I’ll apologize for the others. I’m sorry that you feel that way and, as always, I hope we can improve the comment climate on the site.

    • Alexis Matthews

      I don’t like the idea about them cancelling the game either, and I certainly don’t like how they messed with their fans, but, so far, there is nothing we can do about it. We just have to accept that, no? Too bad most people don’t get the memo…..
      Besides, Mega Man isn’t dead, so obviously we just need to wait for some time, and I bet Keiji Inafune would make a game to enlighten the spirits again.
      UPDATE: Well there’s the petitions, but I doubt that will actually work, seeing as there are hundreds of petitions for many other video games and rarely I see many requests granted, but if they do revive this game, then I’ll be surprised. Who knows what Capcom or Keiji will have in mind? All we can do is wait. :)

    • Eh. I for one am not upset by the lack of Megaman in this game. We have Zero, who is doing just fine as a Megaman-series character in the game. In addition, the 8 mentioned Capcom fighters are all solid. I’m agreeing with you there.

      But trying to claim there wasn’t a significant demand for him in game? (At least that’s how i’m reading the post) I call shenanigans on that.

      EDIT –
      One can argue whether or not they actually did factor in popularity contests to the new characters. My point though is again that according to this article, Niitsuma seems to be claiming that there wasn’t enough interest in Megaman to warrant putting him in. I find this to be a pretty blatant lie, especially in light of the Unity poll. If popularity didn’t have that much to do with character selection, they should give a more legitimate answer then as to why we see no Megaman in UMVC3.

      • mikanko

        I’m not sure if it’s shenanigans as he does say Megaman got a lot of fan requests.  Obviously there were.  Saying that the fan requests weren’t enough to  warrant putting him in the game is subjective, as no where does he or anyone say right out that they sought to include the top 6 fan requested characters for Capcom.

        I also think there is merit to the idea when they gauge the interest of their target audience, that Megamans inclusion wasn’t at the top of the list.  Possibly number two or three, but then they factor in stuff like Ace Attorney not having a character in the game at all, or Vergil being a highly unique character that’s easier for them to implement in a fighting game.  A hulking zombie with a rocket launcher and a tendency to destroy large walls probably adds a bit more diversity to the game than whatever concepts they could come up with for Megaman when they already have Zero. 

        Fans of MvC3 want good characters more than they want such and such specific character from such and such franchise. How many people main Dormammu in MvC3 and have never opened a comic with him in their lives?

        The wording he uses in this interview is pretty horrible, and it could well be a line his bosses asked him to say for the sake of PR.  I don’t think it’s a right out lie, and don’t believe there is any anti Megaman conspiracy here.  Now, ask me again in November when I get a hold of Tron and find out how bad her nerfs were. =/

    • platomaker

      why do megaman fans feel so entitled? Because its our money. pretty much a solid argument there. But also he was in the last game, just toss him in as he was and a lot of people would have been satisfied.

      the internet rage did stem from the list of disappointing news and scams they pulled, but also into how many people were disappointed in how this game handled versus its older entry. Less characters was not the way to go.

      oh yea, wasn’t the original released like February? The game was nine months shy of completion?

  • Kitestwinblades

    They have the potential to add Megaman LEGENDS versions of him and Roll in there. With the way they had him in MvsC2 with Tron i cant even tell if they’re even aging properly. Why bring back tron- no… Why SHOW off tron now and all this megaman stuff but not give us our blue bomber? We don’t want Zero we want the true Hero! Screw versatility – Megaman was like the hard working kirby with gear. I would love to see what Legends Roll and Megaman can do in MvsC3.
    Capcom i am disappoint.

  • Not a good year for Megaman =/

  • I’m not buying it. I’ll wait for the third version. I learned my lesson with Street Fighter IV. Bet you the next game will have MegaMan.EXE instead of X since that’s how Capcom rolls, and hopefully we get decent Marvel characters added.

    • Some Marvel characters that we DO KNOW, or LOOK COOL! Hawkeye….seriously? We got freakin’ Task Master!! Where the hell is VENOM, SPIRAL, BLACKHEART, OR maybe CARNAGE?

      • mikanko

        None of those characters have much of a place for marketing Marvel’s current comic line or upcoming movies.

        While Capcom definitely has a say in which characters are included on the Marvel side (they campaigned for Phoenix, and only got her when they showed Marvel how ridiculous their idea for Dark Phoenix was) Marvel has final say on all of their characters.  Venom was probably inquired about, and denied as they don’t sell anything with his name on it anymore. 

        A lot of comic book nerds I’ve heard from are actually really stoked for the Marvel choice of characters.  There are comic book characters out there aside from those who show up in movies and old 90s cartoons/video games.

        I would sincerely reccomend playing a game before deciding x character you’ve never heard of is worse than y character for a fighting game.  They might surprise you.

        edit: My bad about Spiral, was thinking of one of the other characters that people were speculating about in the last few weeks while riddles were being leaked about the roster. Not sure why I thought it was Spiral

        • WilliamJasper

          Yes, but why use Hawkeye like a clone character?……Oh wait, this is Capcom we’re talking about (duh). Anyways I have question for mikanko, the Capcom employee like person (seriously, that’s what you’re acting like now, not being rude). Is Marvel supporting this game?

          • Pasta_Soup

            A clone character?  Just because he has a bow he must play exactly like Taskmaster?

            From what I’ve seen, he’s much more of a keep-away type with an array of status inducing arrow specials.  Not to mention his normals are completely different than Taskmaster’s.

          • I’m pleasantly surprise about iron fist though, as above said he is actually a really good character he’s been in most super hero teams in general, stand alone or in cross overs he’s a good superhero to read, so I’m cool with that choice, Hawk Eye, eh he’s pretty cool character, but it does kinda border with Task Master, and above well of coarse their different morals, Taskmaster can’t even remember 3/4 of his life the poor guy’s power is his own undoing, even if he wants to be a good guy he wont remember for long, I really like that new back story and revelation they gave him, makes me tear up when I read it now ;_;, but this is just going off topic so I’ll stop here.

          • mikanko

            I just play fighting games and had too much caffeine last night/this morning x_x.

            Hawkeye looks pretty much nothing like Taskmaster from the moveset they’ve released, or the footage shown.  About the only similarities are he shoots arrows and has a magic series.  His crossup hops make him look like X-23 mobility wise, and I doubt he does the same dmg Taskmaster does with his webswing/shield slash combos.  I haven’t played him so no idea for reals though.

            Why wouldn’t Marvel support the game?  As popular as Megaman is, the people who’re raging the loudest probably aren’t the fighting game/comic book demographic Capcom is trying to sell this game to. 

            I’ve posted way too much in this thread, but I guess I just got frustrated with people not seeming to grasp a few thousand votes on a message board is probably not the only method Capcom uses to gauge fan interest, or the best way to decide who gets in their game.  Nor did they ever advertise it as such. 

            I’m sure someone like Seth Killian who travels the country to tournaments has a pretty good idea what the hardcore fans for this game wanted as a character request. Strider being the only returning character from MvC2’s roster of these twelve shows me who I think that was.  Frankly big fighting game tournaments get more attendants than that poll had votes, and many times that number in people watching via internet streams. 
            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVTdAOb54xI  Listen to this crowd and tell me if you think diehard MvC fans are missing Megaman when Clockwork can play Strider again?

            link is kinda nsfw dialogue wise, so if you don’t like expletives it’s best to ignore.

          • Actually most comic book fans I talked to were happy and upset, they really wanted a Spider-man villain, and I agree where’s Doc Oc., where’s Kraven the Hunter, where’s The Lizard, where’s Shocker, where’s Sandman, where’s the Rhino, and where’s Scorpion.

            I mean I ain’t getting the game but I’m still disappointed that they didn’t even try to get these guys in and funny is that there still relevant some are good guys and some are still on Spideys case right now, yes Brand New Days was awful but the stories afterward were actually pretty good. Oh and where’s Sigma the guy was a villain for 10 games I believe, Crapcom I know you hate the blue bomber, but he would be a good choice, since their aren’t many villains on that side anyway, just saying and no Akuma doesn’t count and Nemesis is a terrible choice, oh well just my opinion.

        • Tokom23

          -_-….Spiral isn’t dead….

      • FireCouch

        Back in the 90s.  Did you ever read the comics?  Because the characters they selected, for the most part, are freaking awesome.

        Hawkeye?  Iron Fist?  I never would have thought they would have made it in, but those two were some of my most requested guys.  I can’t wait to buy this game.

      • WilliamJasper

        I would love to have Spiral, but I doubt that’s gonna happen, even though she was really cool…..Then again they added Shuma Gorath for DLC, so I don’t know what they’re up to in their minds.

      • NTyron52

        Not really, if the roster only had extremely famous characters, it would come out as a spoof… even worse, if they even THOUGHT about this idea, we would have the entire Fantastic 4 group in this game instead of Super-Skrull who saved 4 slots because he combines all of the F4’s powers into one character.

        On top of that, if we DID only included famous characters, there wouldn’t have been much of a surprise at all. We’ve seen enough of Cyclops, he doesn’t have anything else to show in this game, Strider Hiryu is different because he’s not really much of a clone and he has more interesting techniques… that’s why they mixed the roster with both popular and obscure characters, obscure characters have lots of things to show that we haven’t seen yet. Look at SF3 for example, they added an entire different cast with only 4 returning characters, all of those new characters have something that we haven’t seen before back at the time.

  • outputrotation

    I’m thinking they didn’t ad Megaman because they are trying to run away from him.  He’s the first thing people think of when they think of Capcom and no one really takes them seriously.  Kind of like Haley Joel Osment – no ones gonna take that guy seriously now that he’s all grown up.

    Capcom wants to be known for their more ‘dark’ and ‘cool’ grown-up characters like Dante and Wesker

    • so they’re trying to be 90s comic-book protagonists?

  • xAKUM3TSUx


  • thebanditking

    OK so there is another re-release of one of Capcom’s fighting games and releasing this on a disc does not bother them but I still can’t buy Resident Evil Revival Selections at retail……yeah…….

  • Capcom, after the release of Street Fighter III, Third Strike, you won’t be seeing my money anymore.

    • Tokom23


    • xAKUM3TSUx

      Yup same

  • ZBaksh386

    I can understand why they didnt include him in the first one since zero has more moves but this is getting ridiculous.

  • hystzen

    Don’t worry wait 7 months after this “ultimate” is released Capcom will release another version with all the characters and changes the fans actually wanted. Granted im not that bothered about Mega Man as we got Zero as capcom already and Keiji Inafune said it best to have him instead of Mega Man. so im just sitting back and drinking my tea watching this fan rage

    • Tokom23

      LOL. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Arcade Edition anyone? Maybe even Hyper Edition! Perhaps even later Hyper Arcade Edition! Yay!

      • Ronald Ian Bantayan

        Super Hyper Marvel VS Capcom 3 Turbo Edition

  • I doubt we’ve seen ALL the new characters.  I’m betting that Capcom has two more characters planned as DLC for later, just like Jill and Shuma were for the first edition.

    Unless, two of the new people are planned as DLC and not included as the new package.

  • PC release please?

  • This comment thread has taught me that myopia is as limitless as stupidity.

    • Alexis Matthews

      Stupidity is infecting us all, and I doubt it will ever stop……

  • SeventhEvening

    I don’t think Capcom can win here. When MvC3 came out all I ever heard was everyone whining “What, no Phoenix Wright? Screw this! I’m not buying this game!” 

    Now Capcom added Phoenix Wright and all I hear is “What? No Megaman? I’m not buying this game! Screw Capcom!”

    I’d venture a guess that if Capcom added Megaman I’d hear “What? No Gene? He would be a perfect fit! I’m not buying this game! Capcom hates their fans!”

    Maybe Capcom is listening to tournament players and people they know will buy the game as opposed to listening to people who can’t ever be satisfied and weren’t going to buy the game anyway. 

    • Or maybe Capcom is listening to who they think is important and not the minority who thinks they should be making all of the decisions because it satisfies them and no one else.

  • i think capcom and marvel have a poor choice when it came to the roster of characters

    rocket racoon ?! Modock? shuma gorath ?

    Black panther moon Knight !??!?

    trone bonne i would have rather it be mega man x

    i know certain characters are unique and have different play styles but like just WHY ?

    jill valentine nemesis ? GAH WHAT !

  • “Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut”
    No, no, and no. I don’t even believe this for a second. Phoenix Wright and MegaMan were easily the two most wanted/requested characters. (I’ll happily be proven otherwise if anyone has voting results) (Also, honorary mention to Gene. I hear he had a lot of backing too)

    Seriously. If you didn’t add him you didn’t add him. That’s fine. (To me anyway) But give us the reason for it, and don’t -EVEN- try to lie directly to our face and tell us the demand for him wasn’t there. I’m not meaning to overuse the word here (with my past few posts) but it honestly is downright insulting to try and make us believe that “he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking”.

    • KyoyaHibari

      There’s a fault for basically 5/6 of the Capcom characters they added to Ultimate, Hiryu is probably the only reasonable character who got in.

  • The problem with not adding Megaman (classic) is really the excuses used rather than the exclusion itself. Megaman is a pretty important part of the Capcom company and (most importantly) WAS IN THE FIRST TWO GAMES. The worst excuse is the “we can’t adapt Megaman’s style into a fighting game” when they could have easily just adapted his moves from the previous games like they did with most veteran characters. Tron Bonne (one of the Megaman supporting characters) was included and is not much different from her MvC 2 counter-part. It seems fishy to me.

  • James Dominguez

    I’m sure we’ll see MegaMan as DLC down the road.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they left out MegaMan on purpose, just to drum up publicity for him.  Think about it.  I would still love to see some Gene and Asura as DLC.  Capcom could include Asura and drum up public awareness for his upcoming game.  

  • ZBaksh386

    I wanna see network versions of roll, bass, protoman and star force megaman.

  • JowyAvilon

    Let’s face it. We got Zero and now Tron, Mega Man X is a highly popular character to be sure but Capcom really isn’t avoiding adding X just to troll the fans. Either he won’t make it for reasons that will never really be known to us, or they’re going to drop him on us out of nowhere as DLC to get the fans rabid and cash in big on his popularity. Cause let’s face it, with as many votes as X has gotten in fan polls and all the rage going on for his current exclusion, if they drop him in as DLC, we all know (myself included lol) will jump first opportunity possible to buy him which means more money for them, so why wouldn’t they do it that way.

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