Makai Kingdom Portable’s New Scenario Stars Lord Zetta’s Daughter

By Spencer . July 25, 2011 . 11:46pm

makaipetaLike all of Nippon Ichi’s ports, Makai Kingdom Portable has a brand new scenario. Dengeki PlayStation revealed "Papa is the Strongest Demon King" stars Peta, Lord Zetta’s daughter.


Peta is a new character, but she has a familiar voice actress. Kaori Mizuhashi who plays Laharl in Disgaea and Marona in Phantom Brave is Peta in Makai Kingdom Portable.


Makai Kingdom Portable is slated for release on September 22 in Japan. The game hasn’t been announced for the West, but NIS America isn’t ruling out a release.

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  • … now who is the /mother/?

    Seriously though, this girl is adorable looking. I love her hair.

    Also: I never knew that Marona is Laharl in Japan. My head explode.

    • Sal

      Also, Laharl is Asagi and NISA from Neptunia

  • epy

    So her name is Peta…oh I get the joke.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Lally must have already been taken.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Cute, but just another character Asagi will wipe from the face of the earth once her game gets released.

    But until that release happens — another twin tailz added to mai harem.

  • OverlordFuka

    She’s really cute looking, lol. I agree with the other comments though, wonder who the mom is. Think they’ll bring it up? =P (Likely not.)

    I wonder what her plot will be about. I know you can’t judge characters by looks alone but she seems like she’d be a decently kind character…

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Decently kind character…that would make her a failure as a demon. There’s only room for so many Rasberyls.

      • OverlordFuka

        LOL what was I thinking? You are absolutely correct, she’s a demon and therefore at the very most will have a (heavily) hidden heart of gold. XD

        • Patrick de Kruijf

          Who states that she is a pureblood demon?

  • Code

    Zetta is a father!? oh snap, this was a little detail adds a rather bizarre twist to the whole plot suddenly opo’

    • M’iau M’iaut

      She could always end up as much Zetta’s daughter as Rozalin was Zenons.

      • Code

        Oh definitely, I don’t imagine this is going to be a serious plot twist >ww<'


    • haqua

      Is this a Mikuru Beam reference? /mind melting from cute

  • I’m hoping they bring it to America since Makai Kingdom was one of my favs.  For Peta’s Mother, Maybe its Salome then again she died in Zetta’s hands…OR DID SHE?! actually my memory is fuzzy on the true ending

    • KotaroInugami


    • SoulEater98

      Thanks for ruining the game for me.

  • I can already see how much she’s going to pawn with her being Zetta’s daughter and the obvious fact that awesome evil Loli’s are the most dangerous females in the whole universe of all dimensions~

  • haqua

    Peta. Stop being adorable when you haven’t even done anything yet.

  • Draparde

    Whatever her story is…i hope she ends up being one of the many disgaea 4 DLC down the road, lol. 

  • Ben Tan

    heck i hope there is a joke about her name and P.E.TA in the inevitable D4 dlc

    • KotaroInugami

      I’m almost certain that it would be pronounced Peh-ta like Zeh-ta (Zetta). Not Pee-ta. Remember her name isn’t english.

  • evilmoogle

    wait, nobody knows the mother?

    is quite obvious who it is, there’s official art around and the story..and the ending.

    there’s no way it’s Pram.

  • Klaus00

    the mother is obviously Salome =O

  • Once again, NIS taking my cash….And hopefully this game does release in America because we still don’t have La Pucelle Tactics: Ragnarok. I really wanted that game…

  • SirRichard

    She should also be voiced by Crispin Freeman in the English release.

    Just because.

  • ForeverFidelis

    Called it.

    But who didn’t? I mean, just look at her.

  • burnfist23

    To go with Zetta’s spelling, I’m gonna assume NISA will make her name Petta.

  • Huh? NISA isn’t ruling out a localized version? What did I miss? I was under the impression they decided to abandon the PSP when they were questioned about Black Rock Shooter.

    • Juho Vuolo

      To my understanding, they were talking about the games Imagepooch releases in Japan for PSP, not about every game coming to PSP.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Lmao Laharls voice, eh? Awesome- Can we get more of a feminine version of the evil laugh?

  • Peta…

    I saw what they did there!

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