Atelier Elkrone: Dear For Otomate Is A Love Sim With Alchemy Gameplay

By Spencer . July 26, 2011 . 12:26am

imageGust and Idea Factory are teaming up for a dream collaboration, an Atelier series otome game. According to Dengeki PlayStation, the main character is Merieru who also goes by Mary. One day she meets a fairy at her grandmothers atelier studio and the text adventure begins.


Atelier Elkrone: Dear for Otomate has six suitors to date and alchemy components. Players will gather and mix materials (maybe you’ll create items for the guys or love potions?). While the PSP game has alchemy, it’s set in a different world from Gust’s other Atelier titles.


Atelier Elkrone: Dear for Otomate is slated for release in January 2012 as a standalone game for 6,090 yen ($78) and a 8,190 yen ($105) limited edition.

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  • Rarutos

    It’s on PSP… NISA has given up on the PSP market… My hopes and dreams of localization are crushed completely. ;_;

    Guess I’ll have to import sometime…

    • katamari

      If Aksys does well with their otome PSP game NISA might try. IF it does well.

      • I didn’t think of buying Hakouki at day 1, but if it somewhat boosts the opinion on the psp market, then so be it.

      • Although considering that NISA hasn’t localized any of the handheld Ateliers that got released after Atelier Annie (particularly Atelier Lina, which was the last one released for DS), I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Just some food for thought.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Quick someone call Ouran High and tell them we’ve found their missing students.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Not getting localized. I wish NISA was more like Aksys/XSEED…

  • Excited  until I read “PSP”

  • haqua

    I won’t- no, I won’t break something. Not today.

  • Room201

    Import time? I believe so. Still, I had hoped that there would be a NA release but it seems that the PSP market is not a good one here anymore. Rather disappointing.

    Not to be picky (and sorry if I’m being rude) but don’t you mean January 2012?

  • Yumii 123

    The atelier series for PS3 (Rorona/Totori/Meruru) is in one way already otome games; You always play as a girl, there are several boy that you can get as a love interest and a special ending with. Sure, they could increase the text to a visual novel, but to me they are already otome games.

    • Neckbear

      Though in the games there really isn’t romance per se, but rather friendship. And canonical pseudo-lesbianism.

      For shame, too; I always wanted Rorona to hook up with Sterk. They make an awesome couple.

      • Yukito

        I am more Rorona/Iksel, Sterk/Esty myself. Even in Meruru, Sterk and Esty look like a match made in heaven. Rorona and Iksel just looks too perfect to me.

        • Yumii 123

          I always thought that it was canonly-love between Sterk/Rorona, Gino/Totori and Raias/Meruru (Even though after seeing all the CGs for Meruru, most of them is heavily implied to be boy/boy or girl/girl, especially Meruru/Kaena…

          • Yukito

            While I wouldn’t mind her hooking up with Sterk, because I think they would be great as well, I just see him and Esty fitting the bill better. They are about the same age, they were childhood friends, right?…. Just looking at them together seems right to me. :S…

  • XxDestinyXx

    Even though chances are slim-to-none, I will still hold out hope for an English version to hit America/Europe/etc.

    I already know which guy I would go after… THE VIOLIN HOTTIE!  xD

    •  I too will hold out hope. And still probably import the Japanese version if I find a Play-Asia coupon.

      (I like the blondie!)

  • SeventhEvening

    Her name is Merieru, but she goes by Mary….what the does Elkrone mean then?

    Also, I really hope you end up synthesizing pills for erectile dysfunction close to the end of the game. Or synthesizing sexy lingerie for a date. 

  • SerendipityX

    PSP? T_T All hope is lost for a localization.

  • Glorious character designs. Its hard to choose a favorite, Ive never been this much more conflicted with choose than since my encounter with Uta no Prince-Sama…

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