A Glance At The Blu-ray Bonus Game Macross: Last Frontier

By Spencer . July 27, 2011 . 4:10pm


Similar to Tekken Hybrid, Macross Frontier The Movie: The Wings of Goodbye packs an animated film and game on to one Blu-ray disc.


Macross: Last Frontier lets players pilot variable fighters from the movie and some game original mecha. Compared to last year’s Blu-ray bonus, Macross: Triangle Frontier, Macross: Last Frontier has more missions, support characters, and outfit variations. Namco Bandai is saving the specifics for a later date. For now, here’s a glace at Macross: Last Frontier.



Macross Frontier The Movie: The Wings of Goodbye comes out in Japan on October 20.

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  • Darkrise

    I bet it’s going to be another “Demo” like the first one…

  • I hope they cut most of the loadings

  • kupomogli

    Are we going to see Macross: Actual Full Game Frontier, Namco?

    • Testsubject909

      Still, it’s nice to see how they make use of the extra space of the Blu-Ray.

      Plus, if the price isn’t hiked up too much, it’s not a bad two-for-one package. A movie and a game to match your anime taste, or a game and a movie to have you drawn towards the anime.

  • Stunning. Time to pre-order. Region-free is just soooooo nice. 

  • YF 29 Durandal FTW !

  • Love Macross. I really want this….but my wallet….

    too much great stuff to buy this year :) :(

  • I  personally can’t stand with how far off the rails Macross has gotten. I cannot believe this series is related to Robotech. Or even the Macross movies of the early 90’s. It’s so…generically anime nowadays, with big eyed cute little girls and everything. *sigh*

    Harmony Gold over here in the ‘states should do the same thing Cartoon Network is doing with the new Thundercats cartoon. Just revive it, and have it animated by a Japanese studio, but call the shots here in the ‘states. Minimize the cutesy-ness (it has it’s place, but Robotech/Macross pilots should be ADULTS, with a JOB. Namely, being a PILOT), keep the humor less Japan-centric and just focus on character driven story and awesome action against Zentradi or Invid or both.

    Remove all the new character designs, and the game looks okay. It’s no Zone of the Enders, or even Robotech: Battlecry. But it looks okay.

    • Nope, I am an old time macross fan (since robotech) and I am happy with the direction the macross series is going.

      Macross is all about

      Huge Space Battles
      Dramatic Love Triangles
      Crazy Epic Music
      last but not least, DECULTURE.

      If it has all those it’s still macross to a true macross fan.

      • onilink888

        Completely agree.

        Frontier, to me, while geared to reel in new fans, is the same Macross I’ve loved for all these years. It may have a modern paintjob, but at its core, it’s unmistakeably Macross.

        I’ve been completely out of the loop in regards to the second movie, and have questions for anyone kind enough to answer:

        Is October 20th the BD release date or when it’s hitting theaters?
        Is the second movie going to be a “retelling” like the first, or is going to follow a scenario that veers off from what we’ve seen with the TV series?
        Will we be getting a “definitive ending” as opposed to the troll ending from TV series?

        • kroufonz

          the second movie is continuation of the first movie and already out on theater February 2011

          • onilink888

             Thanks, buddy. :P

      • Guest


        The characters look fake and uninspired. Kinda like how that PS3 game Megazone 23 Blue Garland looked uninspired compared to the original 80’s Anime OVA it was based on (as a sequel to it) since the artstyle was completely and paled in comparison.

        You take a show like Gundam Unicorn which artwork looks truer to classic Gundam then the cheesy looking Gundam Seed series ever did

        also cel animation >>> digital animation

        its kinda like how tube amps > solid state amps

        • mikanko

          I like Macross Frontier, but I agree Gundam Unicorn is badass and pretty much trumps any recent mecha series.  Just wish there was more of it.

          • onilink888

            I feel like I’m the only one who can’t get into Gundam… My holy grail of mecha will always constitute Tetsujin #28, Macross, Evangelion, RahXephon and Escaflowne. :P

        • onilink888

          Lucky for me, I’m not a purist and don’t mind that Frontier doesn’t look “true to the classic Macross”! :P

          I’ll never be able to see diversification of art style in anything as a bad thing. Guess being a fan of something like TLoZ has tempered me to it, and even allowed me to appreciate it.

          I love the way Frontier looks. Pretty much any given character from it (especially Ranka and Sheryl), to me, is immediately discernible from the hordes of bland and generic characters I’m used to seeing nowadays. Also its art style lent a real and very much appreciated flavor of tangibility to show.

          I do, however, have a couple of complaints like:
          – they re-used a bit too many scenes for my liking
          – inconsistent art
          – inconsistency of the quality of animation

          Still love the show to death, though. :P

    • shuratan

      Macross is originally a Japanese title so I don’t see how there’s any problem for its humour being “Japan-centric” As for macross going off the rails, robotech was a story adapted with edited content and revised dialogue from 3 different mecha anime series, specifically to pander to an American audience. I personally think the macross frontier character and plot design is perfectly fine considering the audience of this day and age, but I guess that comes down to personal taste, as does everything else :x

  • kroufonz

    -make it so it can save this time namco bandai
    -and pray that this will be full game:P

  • LynxAmali

    OK. Whoever said Last Frontier was a PS3 game, I’m sorry. I thought it would have been PSP.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I know I shouldn’t. I know I should have given up hope a long time ago. And for the most part I have, but I can’t help but look at this and Tekken Hybrid and think, “You know, Namco-Bandai could do the same thing with Tales of Vesperia PS3 and its movie.”

    I really must stop thinking that way.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Wait, both the game and the movie are on the same disc? Hm Would have liked them to be separate, but I guess it saves money. I didn’t know the Tekken one was the same, all in one disc… Too bad we’ll never get Macross… ever…

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