From Software Listens To Beta Tester Feedback, Delays Armored Core V

By Spencer . August 1, 2011 . 12:13am

armoredvArmored Core V was supposed to come out on October 20, but today From Software announced the game has been delayed until January 2012. After an online closed beta test, From Software received feedback, which they plan to implement in the final game. Armored Core V has a persistent world where players are mercenaries and fight over territory online.


Namco Bandai announced they will publish Armored Core V in North America and Europe. Their plan was to release the title on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early 2012.

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  • Kris

    Armored Core V sounds really ambitious, so I’m quite alright with waiting as it leads to a polished title!

    • mikanko

      Fo’ reals.  I am very excited for this game based on the potential ceiling of the online play.  Glad they’re working hard enough to hold beta testing of their online system at work, and are prepared to delay the title to get it right.

    • theworldofnoboundries

      I love ur word Kris. It is always better to wait for a little longer and have the game perfect compare to quick release and having many hole in the game,

      • Id rather have the game now and patch it later. Why wait?

        • solbalmung

          Really? I don’t know if you are trolling right now or bieng srs, you loste me there….

        • Kris

          A broken game leads to a broken community. If the community element for Armored Core V is going to to be as important as it seems to be, shipping a title filled with bugs and glitches is just going to frustrate people and turn off a  lot of potential community members. Bad reviews and a high trade-in rate don’t ever lead to anything good for a multiplayer-focused game.

          • FF14 seemed to produce good results and have a thriving community so I cant see how it is something wrong. It also didnt seem that this delay is a result of bugs or glitches, so if they did like other companies and just released and patched later, I dont see what is lost. Popular huge multiplayer orientated games thrived on it.

    • It just might become the Mecha version of Demon’s Souls, yeah? With the online server and all.

      I still wish ACs are easier to maneuver though.

      • They weren’t easy to maneuver in 4 and FA? Admittedly before that they were pretty rigid to move but in those too games the ACs were much more mobile.

        • If AC5 is gonna be stealth oriented, as the news went some months ago, they should make some more adjustments, I think.

          The controls are really good in FA, also helped by the fact that they’re fully customizable. Nevertheless, they’re still complicated. The default setup isn’t exactly perfect either; especially the lock-on toggle mapped on L3, which gets pressed accidentally quite often when you’re in a frenzy trying to dodge bullets.

          ACs themselves are much smoother too, but they’re still slow. I know From is trying to make things realistic, but sometimes, I wonder if that’s exactly the series’ limiting factor.

          • mikanko

            The default control configs for FA and 4 are an awful awful mess.  Otherwise I think the best thing about AC’s controls in general compared to other mecha games is they do a good job of making giant robots feel like giant robots.  While it may be a limiting factor for bringing in new fans, if they went away from that they’re likely to estrange themselves from the hardcore AC fan base.

            I don’t really want to play a game with a giant robot that feels like a fluid 3rd person shooter.  Not that a giant Nathan Drake ducking behind skyscrapers for cover wouldn’t be cool and all, but it’s not really the same.

  • Game would be my first mecha type, so I hope they strive to make it deep, immersive, and complex.

    • OneOkami

      No Z.O.E. experience?

      Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

      • Never looked into that, it isnt current gen is it?

        • OneOkami

          They are PS2 classics but they are being compiled in an HD collection for current gen consoles.  The 2nd Runner is easily one of my all time favorites.

          • solbalmung

            true, ZOE The 2nd Runner is one of the best mecha action game to be ever released. Now I wanna play it again….
            But wasn’t a Third game in Developpement for th PS3?

    • No Armored Core on the PS1 or PS2? Zone of the Enders? A bunch of other mecha games spread out of the years.

      Hell Super Robot Wars? You deprived child you D:

  • So I guess that means the states isn’t getting it until like June now.

  • Yesshua

    I guess there are two ways to interpret this.  Either AC 5 is really bad and wasn’t fit for retail yet, or it was good and they’re polishing it up to be great.

    Call me a pessimist, but my gut reaction is that it’s probably really bad and this is sort of damage control.  Namco Bandai hasn’t been doing too hot lately so I doubt they would push a big game like this back unless the situation was dire.

    That’s just a guess though and I hope I’m wrong.

    • It might have a lot to do with that “persistent online war” system – in other words, an MMO system. AC has never really gone online full-force before, after all. From Software did make Chrome Hounds before though, so I suppose they can take principles from it at the very least.

    • mikanko

      the live footage shown of the beta via streams has impressed me.  The game really seems like the perfect mix of AC and Chromehounds. 

      Doubt Namco has anything to do with the delay, as I bet they’d probably prefer it to come out more quickly.  Delay is probably all From wanting to get the game right.

  • PrinceHeir

    that’s good since more polishing not to mention 2011 is already crowded :P

    • I dont think the original date for JPN was during a crowded time to be honest.

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