Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Detailed

By Spencer . August 2, 2011 . 10:30pm

ff0art A few more details about the Final Fantasy Type-0 playable demo slipped out. According to Famitsu leaks, the demo will have at least four missions.


  • Operation Empire Escape (difficulty level: normal) – the first mission you can choose, a battle with Byakko troops.
  • Giudecca Battle (difficulty level: hard) – reach the destination and take out the Soryu army. It’s recommended to use Shiva here.
  • Operation Rush the Big Bridge (difficulty level: very hard) – reach the destination and take out Empire units. You’ll find several pieces of magic armor here. Again, summons are recommended.
  • Operation Breakthrough the Heart of the Enemy (difficulty level: impossible) – a clash with the Empire army in a forest. Players are advised to level up their characters and enhance their equipment before taking on this stage.


Famitsu says players will be able to use the following characters and commands in the demo. (T – triangle, C – circle, S – square, X – cross)



T: Bolt Rapier

C: Spin Drive

S: Thunder SHG (shotgun)

X: Cure



T: Dagger

C: Fire RF (rifle)

S: Thunder SHG (shotgun)

X: Cure



T: Card

C: Deck Open

S: Blizzard BOM (bomb)

X: Cure


T: Long Sword

C: Cross Judge

S: Fira MIS2 (missile)

X: Cure



T: Spear

C: Jump

S: Fire RF (rifle)

X: Defend



T: Scythe

C: Dark Nebula

S: Thunder MIS (missile)

X: Cure



T: Handgun

C: Powered Bullet

S: Blizzard ROK (rocket launcher)

X: Defend


The demo will be available in September. Final Fantasy Type-0 comes out on October 13 in Japan.

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  • DanteJones

    “Operation Rush the Big Bridge” so… Battle on the Big Bridge? :O :O

    EDIT: Whoops, hit enter too soon. I want to play this demo! I’m not too worried about Squeenix bringing it over here, but weren’t they concerned with PSP piracy?

  • imaguni

    Gotta love the lack of region-locking on the PSN when it comes to demos.

    • Aoshi00

      Things including demos are region free on the Jpn Live marketplace as well same as PSN, and even Zune vids are region free unlike the Jpn PSN’s video section which is region locked..  only w/ the Wii you can’t access the shop from another region, but then it doesn’t really have many demoes other than some temporary DS ones…

      Sounds like the demo is very hard though :(… I want that wall scroll w/ the pic above w/ the castle burning… hope the demo is out soon, need to make up my mind importing or not…

      • imaguni

        I know that. I wasn’t saying anything about other systems either, I was just indirectly saying that I’m happy there’s nothing to keep me from getting the demo, haha.

        Me too, it’s pretty cool! And hopefully the demo will help you decide! Out of curiosity, would you get the NA/PAL version if the game were to be localized instead of importing?

        • Aoshi00

          Nintendo is being the biggest pain now region locking even the portable 3DS lol.. oh well..

          Yea, I want to at least try a bit before importing, it’s a lot of money (I wanted to pre-order soon as the price might go up later because of the weak dollar) and then there’s FF13-2, but I’m trying my best to fight the temptation importing because the US release is only a month away..

          Hm.. I’m in the US so I’m getting the NA ver..  maybe Europe will be on a streak and get a nice bundle again.. I’m not getting the LE, way too expensive..  Xenoblade should keep a lot of people in Europe very busy :)

  • leadintea

    This sounds very nice! I’m impressed that there’s so many things to do.

  • wow nice a free demo!

    since I am spending about 200$ on the LE, i would expect to at least play a demo of this game!

    cant wait!!! 

  • They must be pretty confident the game is good.  WE SHALL SEE, SQUARE ENIX

    (just kidding I bet it’s great)

  • SolNeko

    never expected a demo, and because i didnt im even more excited!

  • i can’t wait for the demo, and I get to play with my 4 fav characters as well. Ace, Queen, Sice and King.

  • Yu_TheKing

    So pumped for this demo. If its anything like I imagine it will be, it should suffice me until they announce the NA release date. (and hopefully NA demo)

  • urbanscholar

    a demo is always a good way to generate hype.

  • Barrit

    Nice article! Will definitely need to refer back to it for the button commands when the demo drops :)

    In septembre is my bday so i talk with Hajime Tabata for a present … well I want to share it ;)
    HahahaDaaamn wait a whole month U_U

  • Darkrise

    Never thought I’d be this excited for a demo, can’t wait to play as Sice.

  • Yes Queen is playable.

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    Mission level impossible, huh?  Will the Mission Impossible theme be a playable track in this game? (lol)

    On a totally separate and fairly random note: did anybody watch America’s Got Talent yesterday?  Team Iluminate was amazing:  Listen closely to the first few seconds of their act… what do you hear?

    • Gah! That tune! I know I’ve heard it somewhere! Which Final Fantasy tune is it…?

      • SuigetsuHiramura

        “Jenova” from VII XD

  • Guest

    Operation U.S. localization Date (difficulty level: very hard) – reach the destination and take out naysayers. You’ll find several pieces of magic armor here. Again, summons are recommended.

    • Syltique

      Nicely done.

  • Syltique

    I’m really, really digging the mission structure.  It’s like the best moments of FFVIII, but even better.

  • Reminds me of Valkyria Chronicles II missions, and that’s a good thing. I’m a sucker for school settings, too.

  • PrinceHeir

    DO WANT :)

  • wow can’t wait for this demo it sounds it’s gonna be really hardcore 

  • Today….. Feels like I’ve been waiting forever

  • I just beat the very hard mission. It wasn’t that difficult with Ace…

  • Christ

    the impossible mission pisses me off. and how am i supposed to level up my party with no world map at least. it’s boring to take the same completed missions over and over again!

  • Lordphantomhive

    The first 3 aren’t really that hard. The 4th mission on the other hand… Time to do some more grinding.

  • The missions werent that hard and I didnt even grind or level up! But I did lost a couple characters to beat them stages.

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