Final Fantasy Type-0 Playable Demo Coming Soon

By Spencer . August 2, 2011 . 8:31pm


Not sure about Final Fantasy Type-0? You’ll be able to try it before you buy. Square Enix announced they will release a "Summer’s day trial version" of the game.


The news comes from Famitsu magazine leaks, which notes the playable demo will be free. Square Enix have not announced a release date for the demo. Since it’s a summer version it should come out before the game’s October 13 release date in Japan.

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  • I’m assuming the demo will be on PSN or is it being distributed in some other way?

    Hopefully the former so we can all give it a try! I’m more excited to get my hands on a demo than I am most full games.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Sweet. I gotta make sure my JPN PSN account still works.

    Also, I’ll place bets on the demo coming out at least 1 to 2 weeks before TGS. Bringing some hype to the game before a large public showing sounds like a decent plan. Though, that’s if they have a different demo for the show floor. I want more aerial combat, damnit!!

    • Aoshi00

      If you haven’t reset your password after the outage, then you’ll need to check your Jpn e-mail address you registered w/ Jpn PSN to reset it..  I think the welcome back program still hasn’t ended yet if you get to it soon enough (w/ several days left)

      A free demo to try out is much appreciated.. I kept hesitating pre-ordering this at almost $90…

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        Yea with the whole outage thing, I was mainly concerned with my main account located in the states than my alternate ones. Only random demos were what those were good for, though I may start looking into getting PSN cards for those accounts. But the main thing is that the demo is free. Surprised they didn’t try the paid demo thing again like with Dissidia 2.

        • Aoshi00

          I was very anxious to get back into my Jpn acct before because I wasn’t sure if they were going to region lock it after the outage (the gov’t was demanding this and that for security) and I had like 2000 yen left in there, so I had to sign on ASAP and was relieved, the Jpn PSN was down for the longest :)  You’re not missing much by not getting the Jpn welcome back program, there’s virtually nothing worthy for Plus subscribers, at least the US Plus has a lot of freebies.. but you have the 5 PS3 and PSP games to choose from if you want even though they’re pretty crappy.. but they’re free… I couldn’t sign onto my HK acct nor reset my password because I used a fake HK yahoo address before.. after many calls to yahoo or Sony US (or e-mail to Sony HK) but none could help, good thing I had nothing on that acct..

          Free demo is definitely great, I would never pay for a demo, total rip off.. chances are I’m still importing this, but it’s great we get to try it out to see if it’s really fun.

      • lol as a decade fan am going all out on this. 200$ LE and if there a NA version am sure, it wont be as good as the Jp LE.

  • imaguni

    Every week, there’s SOMETHING to make me repeat how excited I am for this game! 

  • Zonic505

    Hoping it’ll be in a way so people in other countries can easily download it. Can’t wait to try the demo out.

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing :)

    time to look some more gameplay footage ^^

  • IceRomancer

    Omg I would LOVE a demo!! I’ll prolly play the crap out of it like 100 times! Please be on PSN :(

  • Demo for western territories…? Aha…ha ha…We can dream. At least we have JPN PSN accounts.

  • Altoire

    This news just made my day

  • everyday my  hopes of a NA release dies more and more each day. damn you SE!

    • Champ W

      Why so? I thought there is a high chance for NA release with this game, or I am missing something really important here O.o?

  • Am really glad we getting a demo!!

    200$ am spending, so i expect at least a free demo.

    cant not wait.

  • Im pretty impressed they are making it free.  I’m guessing it’ll come out when TGS starts

  • Stop taunting us with demo’s :(, just release the game so people can import and/or announce the NA and give a firm release date (this year lol) I want to play this game so bad!

  • Yu_TheKing

    We should be seeing the demo soon enough and I so can’t wait.

  • AzureNova


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