One Button, One Limb In Tekken X Street Fighter Too

By Spencer . August 2, 2011 . 4:00pm

tekkenxsfStreet Fighter has light, medium, and heavy attacks assigned to buttons. Tekken uses a different control scheme where each button corresponds to an arm or a leg. How is Tekken X Street Fighter going to play?


"Street Fighter X Tekken was developed using four buttons and it plays similar to Street Fighter," said Katsuhiro Harada, producer during an interview with Siliconera. "For Tekken X Street Fighter, I want to keep it where players use left punch and right punch. Maybe we will have an alternate control system where the four buttons will have different functions, but we won’t add more buttons to the game."


Harada-san also talked about what Ryu from Street Fighter would be like in Tekken X Street Fighter. He’ll have projectiles plus new close range attacks to make him fit into the Tekken ring.


Stay tuned because Siliconera has more Tekken coverage coming in the near future.

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  • Just to clarify, you can still kick, right? I rely on kicks…Either way, personally, I’m looking forward to this more than Street Fighter X Tekken.

    • puchinri

      Same, kicks are where it’s at (and the occasional throw/grab). 

    • Yeah, that’s what Harada-san was saying that they’re going to keep the limb style combat where one button is right punch, one button is right leg kick, etc.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    I’ve never been a tekken fan (played up to four just to play them), but I’m actually looking forward to this more than the capcom version

  • nyobzoo

    hopefully they can reveal something at TGS

    • Too soon. They will only start full production once TTT2 ships.
      Regardless, I’m looking more for SF x T, but I still believe this one will be another amazing game.

      • No, they will start full production once they are finish with SFvsT if u didn’t know it.

  • For now, I just want to see the graphics !

  • i wonder what his ten hit combo is gna b

  • KyoyaHibari

    Hado=QCF + LP & RP? Shoryu = Forward, Down, Forward RP? ;P

  • Right now I want to see the button layout at least. Maybe a vote for a special guest character

  • I’m looking forward to TxSF more than SFxT. I enjoyed Tekken 6 much more than Street Fighter IV, I think the game on the Tekken will be more fun.

  • Well i think we all figured Tekken X Street Fighter would play like…Tekken for obvious reasons 

  • Wonder what you’ll have to do to do a Tetsumaki Senpukyaku

    • Probably QCB+K, depending on what leg used.

      Also, will projectiles work like Alisa’s Rocket Punch, which is a charge motion?

  • should make firballs use QCF + LP + RP, seeing as he uses 2 hands to throw it. and Tetsumaki Senpukyaku QCB + RK, RK, 
    RK, RK, RK. similar to spin attacks like yoshimitsu where you have to hit a button per hit.

  • heartless141

    fireball can be qcf LP OR RP. make it less of a hassle.

  •  Hope they make it like Bloody Roar, because this crossover is already half-baked as it is. They should at least have fun with it and go nuts with a system like that or SFEX.

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