Batman: Arkham City Passes The ESRB Trial With A “T”

By Ishaan . August 8, 2011 . 8:29am

The ESRB published their rating for Batman: Arkham City last night. The game received a “T” rating, which isn’t too much of a surprise. You won’t find anything overly crazy in the ESRB summary either; this is a Batman game, after all. Some of the dialogue is interesting though:


This is an action-adventure game featuring characters from the Batman franchise. Players assume the role of Batman as he investigates Arkham City, a neighborhood overrun by psychopathic criminals and former prison inmates. As players explore the city and infiltrate hideouts, they punch and kick criminals in melee-style combat, using various gadgets (e.g., explosive gel, smoke pellets, a grappling gun) to defend themselves against gun-wielding thugs and villains. The frenetic combat is highlighted by cries of pain, punching sounds, realistic gunfire, and slow-motion effects. In some sequences, players must solve puzzles or use stealth to incapacitate enemies and free hostages; when players fail a challenge, the hostage will lose his life. Some environments contain bloodstains on the floor or furniture; other cutscenes depict spots of blood on injured characters.


During the course of the game, some female characters are dressed in form-fitting outfits that expose large amounts of cleavage; one background sign depicts the silhouette of a woman and the words “Live Nude.” The dialogue also contains some suggestive references (e.g., “The anger, the frustration, the hints of repressed sexual tension” and “Sure could go for some porn right now.”). One sequence depicts a character smoking a cigar, and there are various references to alcohol (e.g., “She got a little drunk and killed her classmates,” “I’d give anything for a nice cold beer right now.”). The words “b*tch,” “a*s,” and “bastard” can be heard in dialogue.


I do wonder who “She got a little drunk and killed her classmates” refers to. Do we know anyone of the sort associated with Batman’s rogues gallery, or perhaps it’s just a reference to some random gang member?

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  • As long as you don’t use the F word, implied sex (The actual act of) or gore you can get a T. To be honest if we went back and re rated most of the Shin Megami Tensei games wouldn’t some of the games drop from M to T?

    • Arent they heavy on murder, tons of gore, people shooting themselves in the head even, alcohol too?

      • Well I said some of them but you gotta point lol.

      • Don’t forget the monster that’s a giant penis riding a chariot.

        • I forgot about Mara.

          Well crap I guess everyone of them is rated “M” for a reason.

  • Oh its still coming this fall? I thought it would be held off until the Wii U released.

    Anyway, this reminds me that I need to race through the first game. 

  • “Sure could go for some porn right now.”

    We all could my friend we all could~

    • puchinri

      Maybe we need a porn party (like a tupperware party) to make sure everyone is happy.

      • I sure as hell wouldn’t mind me a big porn party, I know I would be happy~ :D

        • puchinri

          Haha, same here! If I were Batman, I’d have a porn party planned already (always prepared / contingency plan). This needs fixing~!

          • Omg now I can’t get the image of Batman having a porn party, with his body suit on, with a perverted grin on his face out of my mind…!

          • puchinri

            Tee hee! I could see that actually… And I can think of the perfect scans to go with that image…

          • @puchinri:disqus I honestly am not sure if I want to see that or not…but cool~

  • I’ve always found it funny how they censor their own summaries.

  • blah blah

    I’m surprised “b*tch” is considered mild language.
    A lot of things from Atlus use that word and it gets called language, without being mild.

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