Final Fantasy Tactics On iPhone Happened Due To Fan Demand

By Ishaan . August 8, 2011 . 12:01pm

Square Enix have put up a brief Q&A with Takehiro Ando, producer from their Japanese iOS team that worked on Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for iPhone and is currently preparing the game for an iPad release. In the Q&A, Ando reveals that there are plans for a patch, which will allow player to speed up battles in War of the Lions.


He also briefly talks about how the Tactics iOS porting project came about.


“The FFT iOS porting project was brought about because we had so many requests for it from our customers.  In short, it is not overstating things to say that being able to play FFT on iOS really was made possible by our customers,” Ando says.


“We hope you can look forward to guessing what our next releases are going to be and are of course also very grateful for all the feedback, opinions and requests that everyone keeps on sending in.  We are, of course, also looking into new projects as well so look out for those too ok!”


Finally, Ando mentions that he sees iPhone and iPad as separate platforms, which is why Square Enix often release two separate versions of games for both devices. Like Final Fantasy Tactics, the iOS versions of Final Fantasy III are separate releases, too. That said, Square are looking into creating more universal apps as well.

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  • DanteJones

    It’s cool to see Tactics getting some love, though what I would give to see another game in Ivalice. ;/

  • Yeah, I was surprised they actually went through with this pretty much purely from fans requesting it all the time.  It’s a very tough and complicated game to make work on the iPhone.

    I think it’s still going to need some more tweaks other than what they have planned though, in order to meet a lot of fans expectations (there’s still lots of slowdown and it can be difficult to read).  It’s sitting at 4 stars right now but it should be 5 stars.  Perhaps the iPad version will have less problems, though.

  • Setsu Oh

    ff7 2017 ps4 happened because of fan demand

  • I’m sure I’m not the one who only think that this could possibly be a waste of time. I mean come on, most of the people who requested this to be on iOS owns the PSP version and possible the PSX. From what I heard from a friend who bought the iOS version, the iOS version has a similar graphically slowdown to the previous version but not as bad. You can fix the lag by adjusting the option settings in-game (or ios? i’m not too sure) or wait for an official patch that address this issue.

    The price of it is not worth it, you can get the PSP version for less than that on ebay and possibly your local game retail store. Maybe they should just concentrate on newer IP like Chaos Ring or maybe add more content to that interactive comic book they released a couple of months ago.

  • Riiighhhtt….

    Then what about Final Fantasy VII remake, The Last Remnant (PS3), Legend of Dragoon, and alot of other RPG’s people have been hoping for?

    • I think they mean projects that are actually viable at this point in time that fans want…

      • punkchobit

        Wouldn’t it be slightly more viable than any other game for an HD system? After all, the game is designed and plot written already.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        I think a handheld remake of Final Fantasy VII is completely viable at this point in time (I know some people want an HD remake, but that is never going to happen due to the astronomical costs involved).

  • hush404

    LMAO… Square cave to Fan demand? BS. If that were the case we’d have A FFVII remake and KH3 by now.

    • Really they should just just Drop the D off of KH3D to shut people up “about It’s not 3, I just want 3”

  • Tom_Phoenix

    If you like fan demand so much, how about rereleasing Tactics on the PSP, but without the hard-coded loading times?

    • punkchobit

      Wait, they added them on purpose? That’s… is sad the right word?

  • How about uhhh Putting Final Fantasy Tactics ON THE ANDROID AS WELL???

  • Roto13

    Maybe fans should be more specific next time.

  • How about a real Final Fantasy Tactics sequel? How about a Vagrant Story sequel!? Not that I won’t buy this and play it like crazy for the billionth time, but seriously…

  • How about a new Ivalice game next time, Square?

  • BS. everything that comes out for the iPhone is because of its huge market. it just so happens that there were fans among those, but barely half of iPhone owners are gamers, even less people who actually know and played the original game. they just happen to own an iPhone which can do mobile games.

    • punkchobit

      Agreed. If demand had a factor in it, we’d have a remake of FF7 already

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