Suikoden Team Disbanded, Tri-Ace Hired Because They Have RPG Know How

By Spencer . August 8, 2011 . 1:55pm

imageKonami has renewed interest in RPGs with Frontier Gate coming to PSP this year and Beyond the Labyrinth in development for the 3DS. Don’t expect a new Suikoden game for awhile, though. In an interview with 4gamer, Elebits creator Shingo Mukaitoge says its been the Suikoden team hasn’t been around for several years.


According to Mukaitoge, producer on Frontier Gate, Konami lost their RPG know how and they would have to start from scratch by hiring new staff. That’s why Konami decided to partner with Radiata Stories developer tri-Ace to create Frontier Gate. Konami brought idea and tri-Ace brought the RPG making "know how".


While the Suikoden team disbanded, it doesn’t mean all of the staff were let go. Osamu Komuta, director on Suikoden Tierkreis is now the director of Frontier Gate. When Siliconera last spoke to Komuta he said Suikoden’s future is truly infinite. “The game’s universe now lives in the ‘Infinity’ where it is possible for all the games to co-exist while leaving room for great growth and exploration in the series because both Tierkreis and the previous games are essential elements for the Suikoden universe."


Another interesting tidbit about Frontier Gate is Yuzo Amano who worked on Tales of the Abyss and the Game Boy Advance version of Tales of Phantasia is working on Frontier Gate too. He’s employed by tri-Ace and the producer from the developer’s side.


A tip of the hat to Dan S. for the heads up. Thanks!

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  • … NO MORE SUIKODEN!?… i hate this world…. im gonna destroy this world… and reform it… no more sins will be commited on my watch… destroy…

    • Technically there is nothing stopping Konami from hiring new people and making new Suikoden games with them, but I feel Konami has a little more dignity than that.

      • Why would Konami be wrong to do that? The Tales series continued without its creator. There are instances of games or series getting better after their original creators have left completely. To be honest it should be more about how the game comes out then who works on it, granted who works on it has an impact if the game plays and overall feels the same who cares if it was designed by a 22 year old up and comer or a 52 year old vet?

      • Yeah, i dont think we can talk technically when it comes to stuff like this -_-

    • godmars

      Going to have to b really good with a Death Note…

    • puchinri

      Revolutionize the world a la Utena~?

      (And you could have two student council spots filled between Konami and Capcom.)

  • Sad news. I just pray they decide it’s worth the effort to bring a team together again. Absolute classic series and with the open ending of Suikoden III and V there was so much still to be done, I was certain the series would continue… Sad news indeed :(

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    So Konami has lost Silent Hill and Suikoden?

  • First Team Silent now Team Suikoden…

    Sucks for fans, I just wish they release the past games so I can play them.  Only the first game is on PSN, S1 and 2 PSP left in Japan and hopefully they put the PS2 games up for PSN once PS2 classics come around.

  • godmars

    This is truly a dark age for JRPGs. At least for Western fans who own a PS3/360. 

    • FStubbs

      Most Western fans who own a 360 believe all games should resemble Call of Duty, Skyrim, or Mass Effect so they’re happy. (half troll, half truth)

    • That is why I am a happy PSP and DS owner. I have a ps3 and I like it a lot but….the PSP and the DS is where I am turning my jrpg love towards this gen.

      I’m also taking the time to catch up on amazing rpgs I’ve missed…I’m having a blast with Xenogears, Tales of Eternia, Secret of Evermore and Secret of Mana right now (I don’t play them all at the same time lol)

    • z_merquise

      [insert serious Patrick Stewart voice]
      “These are dark times . . . times without hope.”

      Sorry, can’t help it.

      Not just the consoles, even portables (DS and PSP) got lots of good RPGs coming in Japan but not all of them are localized in English. I’m still waiting for English versions Endless Frontier: Exceed in DS and Valkyria Chronicles 3 in the PSP.

      Surely, Queen’s Gate got a pretty slim chance but I’m hoping Western publishers shouldn’t ignore Grand Knights History.

      • Kibbitz

        Grand Knights History probably has the better chance compared to Queen’s Gate, IMO. Exceed is looking unlikely at this point, though I suppose there could be surprises ala Fate/Extra. Valkyria Chronicles 3… eventually? It looked like VC2 sold well enough for them to continue bringing it over.

  • I really really hope they don’t decide to continue along with Tierkreis. It wasn’t a bad multiverse or anything; I just miss the old reoccurring characters and runes. I really wanted to know what happened next.

    This is sad news for me, because the Suikoden series were what got me into JRPGs in the first place. But, at the same time, I’m kind of glad they know when to call it quits. I don’t think I would have been happier if the next Suikoden turned out to be something terrible, and having the series end like that. But if they do decide to bring out another Suikoden game in the far future, I hope it feels more like Suikoden than Tierkreis was. (Needs more oriental/celtic roots.)

    But! I’m glad to hear that Frontier Gate is being worked on by both triAce and bits of the Suiko team. I’m interested to see what comes up.

  • Syltique

    I’m just glad Lords of Shadow turned out well.  Hard Corps was good too.  

    One thing I can say about Konami, when they hire outside teams to make games for them, they sure do a hell of a lot better job than Capcom (Dark Void, Bionic Commando).

    Here’s hoping Konami’s bet on Silent Hill Downpour will also be surprisingly good.

    • mikanko

      I’d honestly rank Capcom and Konami equal in this.  MvC3, SF4 are both outsourced outside of Capcom, and Dead Rising 2 turned out pretty well by most accounts.  While the Bionic Commando reboot didn’t take off, Re-armed made by the same people was great and I’d personally put it ahead of Hard Corps Uprising.  As a big Castelvania fan I was extremely disappointed with Lords of Shadow though, so I guess it’s largely subjective.  I thought Homecoming was pretty awful too, and really haven’t been too impressed with Konami’s track record this gen.

      All that said I like Tri-Ace better than any developer either company has outsourced/partnered with.  Both companies seem to have fallen to desperate measures leading to mediocre showings of their storied franchises.  DmC will probably sink my opinion of Capcom in favor of the other, but I still miss the olden days for both companies.

      • Syltique

        I didn’t realize MvC3 and SF4 were outsourced.  That definitely gives Capcom a few major points.  I forgot about ReArmed too.

        Lords of Shadow was truly one of my favorite games this gen, and the first action game that I would put side by side with Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden as a core action series.  It just totally clicked for me.  Homecoming was rough, though I still enjoyed it for what it was.  Oh well, agree to disagree I guess.  Also, Konami not only has Tri-Ace developing two RPGs, but Nude Maker (Infinite Space) making that one action RPG mech game.  

        Depending on Silent Hill Downpour, and DMC, I guess we’ll see if these two core series will survive, or flop badly.

        • The irony is that 8ing did Castlevania Judgement. In the end neither is particularly good with outsourcing to western developers, its very hit or miss with both, but that has more to do with the “other issues” those companies are facing which results in a lack of direction rather then a lack of talent.

          • mikanko

            I’m sure there’s more irony to find as I’d bet there are a few ex Capcom and SNK employees working at the likes of 8ing or Dimps these days.  Maybe wherever the Suikoden team winds up years from now will be the developer Konami or Capcom pick to outsource a new BoF or Suiko game.

            I agree about the lack of direction, as it seems with both companies publish games that are kinda mandated to exist in order to fill some unofficial quota, especially with key franchises.  Maybe a case of too many kitchens, not enough cooks… or something.  <.<;

        • mikanko

          Yeah, I really wanted to like LoS, but the games combat and platforming felt too clunky to me, especially the latter. I am pretty super picky about the genre and never could get more than a couple hours into a GoW game.  I did at least finish LoS, but only a small part of it really even felt like a Castlevania game to me.  While I know I’m not totally alone in my criticisms, it was a pretty successful title so it doesn’t really belong with Homecoming or Bionic Commando.

          Just remembered Konami is technically publishing Skullgirls too!  So props to them, even though that’s more or less a piece of paper contract and no real involvement on their part.  I think it has to do with XBLA having a policy where games can’t be published if you haven’t also released at least 3 retail games on the system.

      • PrinceHeir

        kinda ironic how both Konami has an RPG in their vaults and they barely even used it(Suikoden, Breath of Fire)

        i knew the team was disbanded, ever since the creator left after development of III(which his name wasn’t even credited) the series started to go downhill.

        it’s such a shame really.

        yeah Konami and Capcom are the biggest japanese company that loves outsourcing their IP’s to western developers(which the end result isn’t always good)

        i really fear for both companies future and what will they become.

  • So.. Does this means its over for Suikoden? :<

  • Damn, it looks like #Suikoden needs to continue with the main timeline, since Luca has to be the most memorable villain of the franchise and many more timeline-related hanging threads.

    As for the disbandment of the Suikoden team, it is indeed sad news. Now, I feel Konami will have to put in Kojima at the helm, just to match Metal Gear Solid profits.

  • epy

    Man, been waiting for Suikoden VI for so long. Maybe one that takes place in Harmonia, but then I see stuff like this. Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Arc the Lad, Wild Arms among other of my favorite RPG series just frozen in time. Truly a dark age for JRPGs as godmars said.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Depending on the meaning here, I’d say tri-Ace lost their “RPG know-how” a while ago, too… I don’t really have any faith in Konami to make a decent Suikoden anymore, though, so it may be for the best that they just let it die off.

    • puchinri

      Why do you say tri-Ace has too, out of curiosity?

      • AdrianHeng

        Because they refuse to give me a Radiata Stories 2. Dx

        • puchinri

          But didn’t Squeenix publish it? So it’s out of tri-Ace’s hand. ;u;

      • Hraesvelgr

        Just my opinion, but they haven’t made any particularly good games in the past decade. The best tri-Ace games released since the original Valkyrie Profile are the remakes/ports of the first two Star Ocean games, and I don’t believe they even really had anything to do with the production of those.

        • puchinri

          Ahh. Well I enjoy Resonance of Fate a lot myself, and while I couldn’t be bothered to play into the first hour of Star Ocean 3, I am enjoying 4 a lot. Then again, I haven’t played many of their games, so maybe I’m missing out on something that made everything else fantastic or something. ^u^

  • Eww, Tierkreis >..>

    • Moriken

      …which should be about as awesome as Suikoden II, otherwise we don’t need Suikoden VI.

  • Ugh. Suikoden Tierkreis. Let’s hope new projects under these folks are nothing like that. That main character still makes me want to punch a wall.


    • MrRobbyM


      • AdrianHeng

        Because they refuse to give me a Radiata Stories 2. Dx

        • AdrianHeng

          Gah, wrong comment. Dx

        • I’d love a sequel/prequel/whatever to Radiata Stories 2.

          The game was pretty underrated.

    • Bad memories with this one, I forgot it… Until I read your comment. Damn YOU  !! :p

  • That’s a shame. Suikoden Tierkries was a frickin’ technical achievement on the DS, and it was a pretty  awesome RPG regardless. Especially for being a new “jumping in” point for the series’ to try to grab some new fans (which is exactly what I was). I do recall the Suikoden series getting pretty nasty on PS2; people like Suikoden III a lot, but it wasn’t perfect. And then the next few games – trying to right the “wrongs” of SIII – kept becoming more soulless and less ambitious and just kept trying to react to negative fan reaction. I can understand Konami being gunshy here.

    Not to mention; Tri-Ace is one of the most technically capable Japanese devs this generation. Still, Tri-Ace and Level 5 are practically the only independent RPG developers over there right now; that can’t be healthy. I mean, those two studios can’t be expected to hire on all the other RPG artists, designers and programmers every time sh** like this happens. Even Mistwalker exists just to partner with other studios. They design things, and then get guys like Tri-Crescendo, Feelplus or Artoon to actually MAKE the games. The RPG landscape over there is in trouble, it seems. More devs need to put their games on more platforms; as long as there are DS-exclusives, a WHOLE LOT of people won’t play them. Why won’t Japan get onboard Steam, PSN and XBLA?

    • kylehyde

      I’m glad that somebody thinks about tierkries like this. It wasn’t perfect but it was a good RPG, of course it has some flaws, like the difficulty (which was more easy than the average) or the randomess (every three steps a fight awaits me), however it had a really rich story and settings, so much that I believed that it could have the potential for a sequel (if a remember the ending of some characters, a war was about to began), also the graphics and the music were really good, and the feature of sending your characters on wi-fi was very interesting. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who noticed that this was supposed to be chance for grabbing new comers to the series, however the main problem that I see with the sales of this game was the fact that even that it was announced as an spin-off, it carried the weight of shadow of the main series, which didn’t help it with many of the traditional installed base of the series.

    • noxian

      it’s not really THAT different.

      Square and Enix (and obviously now Square-Enix) have been juggernauts forever.
      the Tales team has been officially wholly a part of Namco for a while now.
      Suikoden was always an in-house deal at Konami.
      same of Shining and Sega.
      etc etc etc.

      there’s never been that many big name independent RPG studios kicking out titles on the same level as the ones being produced in-house by the major publishers.
      and even then, Tri-Ace thrived off of Enix/Square-Enix financial backing.
      and the same can be said for Level 5 with Sony.

      so that really hasn’t changed.

      we have seen some smaller developers fall to the wayside, yes.
      Flight-Plan silently closed its doors and disappeared.
      Red floundered after leaving Sega and finally sold itself to a Chinese publisher.
      Irem lost all the staff related to Bumpy Trot and Irem itself seems to be on life support.

      but realistically, none of those guys were currently major players even within Japan, nevermind globally.

    • I’m pretty sure most people liked Suikoden V…

  • Yamaneko22


  • Hexen


  • Hours

    They didn’t fire the people that worked on Suikoden, they are just working on different projects. It says so right in the article.

    Konami can make more Suikoden. The series is not dead. And hopefully they’ll realize that people want more and deliver it.

    But no more Tierkreis please. Never again.

  • Wiccan1109

    I liked Tierkreis, not as a suikoden because it definitley wasnt, but as an RPG it had some real good points. If it was only on anything with a bit more power than the DS though, i think theyd have had a much bigger cashcow on their hands. I doubt that they will never get the real Suikoden back on track, after that head guy left after 3 they’ve really struggled with it and all they’ve done is sort of beat around the bush, whilst everyone is expecting some sort of event in Harmonia which seems to be what 1-2-3 lead up to. (and god do i miss the S2/3 artist) People have been fans of this series for a long time and i think they just want to know what the build up is for and not whats going on in some alternate dimension.

    Theyve said the Pesmerga/Yuber business cant be revealed until the last Suikoden, but part of me worries the series will die before it gets there. Viki and Jeane seemed to start out as generic characters but Konami ran with it and now theyre 2 of the biggest mysteries in suikoden, then theres the whole sindar thing. Just too much was opened and not resolved.

    • Just finished Tierkreis myself last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it but as you said not as a Suikoden, I felt zero connection with series with the exception of the few conversations with Zenoa.
      Have to say though that Suikoden V was a pretty strong addition to the series, graphically not a direction I would have taken things, but I thought the characters and story were definitely amongst the better of the series (and added a lot to the Viki and Jeane story lines amongst other things).

      • i cant believe you managed to complete the game with that kind of VA +1 bro …

  • ZZZZZZZZZ Stupid keterlaluan ini Konami!!!!!

  • Guest

    What the hell is Konami doing?

  • …I’m really thankful for Konami for creating Suikoden…but I just can’t help but doubt there company’s capabilities right now.…they have created a complex world and they should see it through the end. I think it’s a lame excuse they can no longer be able to continue the story. But I guess it’s not their entire fault since the person who is responsible for creating the world resigned(?) or gave up…//sighed…I guess we just have to wait even longer and hope that someone will come along and save the series! 

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