Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 Has A Falcom Character?!

By Spencer . August 9, 2011 . 1:01am

imageNews out from Dengeki PlayStation says Falcom-chan is one of the new girls in Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2. According to the magazine, she’s a wandering adventurer with red hair who can’t ignore people in trouble. Remind you of anyone?


She’s known for the publication called the "Drifting Christin Chronicles" and taught herself the Eight Blades, One Sword fencing style. Akemi Kanda is her voice actress.


Falcom-chan and Cave-chan are the two new corporate mascots for the upcoming PlayStation 3 game. Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 comes out on August 18.

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  • holy!
    yay the more the merrier

  • mikanko

    She better have incredibly awesome theme music with guitar riffs or it just won’t be right.

  • DanteJones

    That’s awesome! I wonder if they’ll announce more before the game releases, like Atlus-chan or something.

  • malek86

    Where is Sting-chan, dammit?

    She would probably a blonde girl with a huge sword.

    • Exkaiser

      Her special ability triples the amount of menu visible on the screen at any one time.

      • Her backstory is also confusing for the developers.

    • No complaints here.

  • Ryos

    As a Falcom devotee, this just raised the game from “mildly interesting” to “better get here soon.”

  • Female Adol? As Falcom-chan?

    I… I dunno, man. I dunno. (Plus shouldn’t Estelle be the female personification of Falcom? Seriously.)

    • Female Dogi would be awesome. Terrifying, but awesome

    • It might be more a history thing than anything, after all he’s more a display of Falcom’s long history… even if they had to put off making Ys games for a while due to V… (Paraphrased)

    • DanteJones

      Gender-benders: confusing men (and women) the world over.

  • mikanko

    I wonder if it’s too much to include a ditzy foreign blonde girl with a bad American stereotyped accent, and a tendency to carry heavy firearms.  They could call her Epic-chan or Bungie-chan and further her archetype accordingly.

    • malek86

      Bungie-chan would need to be some sort of alien with plasma guns.

      Moe Elite? Pass me the brain bleach, please.

      • Ben Tan

        hey, they made a short anime starring nyarlathotep moegirlified, i won’t be surprised if they made a moe girl elite

  • dahuuuundge

    Anelace Elfead will be in Neptune 2? Falcom might be my favorite JRPG developer, but I’m still not sold on this game.

  • Guest

    This looks better and better.

  • Ben Tan

    any potential atlus-chan should look like the protagonist of Nocturne!
    or a hikkokomori girl with a jack frost hat and plushie

    • Exkaiser

      Should be the hero of SMT1.

  • Nice one.

  • Kai2591

    Haha its nice that more and more companies are joining in the fun~

  • speechless

  • Guest

    How bout Capcom-Chan? A girl that cancels all her attacks which you have to buy for ingame and charges you for new outfits and weapons

    • FireCouch

      How bout Butthurt-Chan?  The girl that expects everything should go her way, and if not, she cries, pouts, and pretends she actually matters.  Because we all know she deserves everything she wants.

      • Guest

        As long as Blind-fangirl-Chan is with her I can’t complain…

        • Darkrise

          It’s missing 2-chan.

          • Exkaiser

            The girl who is often mistaken for the completely unrelated but remarkably similar-looking futaba-chan?

    • mikanko

      Capcom-chan has glorious attacks, and is quite charming in a retro blue skies and catchy video game music kinda way.  She appeals to a wide audience, and offers a lot of fun to both older and newer gamers alike.

      We regret to inform you however that she was cancelled due to lack of fan participation. :|

  • I want a Namco-chan. She looks like she would be fun but never joins and just trolls around instead.

    • And also speaks only English so those that don’t know English cannot understand her.

  • I was about to make a comment on how Falcom is so much better developer than Compile Heart but I’ll pass.

    • kupomogli

      I’ll make that comment!

      Falcom is so much better than Compile Heart.

      • FireCouch

         so much better is an understatement.

        • FALCOM OBLITERATES Compile Heart.

    • No one is better than Falcom

      • Exkaiser

        In before falcomgamefan.

      • kupomogli

        I dunno.  My favorites are Falcom, FromSoftware(King’s Field/Armored Core,) Media.Vision(Wild ARMs/Gunners Heaven,) and Yasumi Matsuno.  All of them have mostly amazing games, but I’d probably say FromSoftware is my all time favorite.

  • Doesn’t matter, s/he’ll still get all the girls.

    Which reminds me, why would there be a need for a voice actress?

    • Ryos

      Whereas Adol gets all the girls with his silent bravado, Falcom-chan relies on her long-winded speeches about life, the universe, and everything.  Probably.

  • i dont know about you guys but isnt this falcomchan?


    • Correct, you are!

    • DanteJones

      Falcom-chan looks great! Heres to hoping that she isn’t gonna be a paid DLC only though. ><

  • Wonder what Square-Enix-chan would be like? Or how about Aksys-chan?

    • Guest

      Square-Enix-chan is in development hell due to too many spin-offs taking up most of her time

  • Darkrise

    Lol a female Adol. xD I don’t know why but that somehow makes me more excited for this game.

    How about Arcsys-chan? And maybe Namco-chan.

  • Learii

    this gonna be a great game <3

  • haisihwait

    Yay!!! Falcom-chan!!!

    This game got the same score as Ar Tonelico Qoga. So you know this game is gonna be awesome!!!

    • blah blah

      I’d think that would be a bad thing.

      • LOL really 28/40 would be bad to you? So would that mean 35/40 is “not good” and 39/40 is just “meh”  I’m not understanding your rating system here. I’d think 20 or below would be “a bad thing”.

  • PS Neptunia fans check back tonight…

  • What about that girl from Legend of Heroes.

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