Mega Man 5 Sings The Blues On PlayStation Network

By Spencer . August 10, 2011 . 12:53am

r5d Is Protoman best pals with Charge Man and really behind a robot riot? You’ll find out in Mega Man 5: Protoman’s Trap? Capcom just re-released the PsOne port, which adds a mission mode and eight unlockable power ups.


The Game Archives section has also been updated with Double Dragon (the NeoGeo fighting game), Strikers 1945 II, The Tiny Kingdom of Eltria, and Doki Doki Shutter Challenge. That last title is actually one of Nippon Ichi Software’s old games where players race to complete jigsaw puzzles by dragging pieces with a character. It’s similar to Jigsaw World which was for the Nintendo DS.

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  • Nice to see the good ole’ Classics games from the NES being offered.

    Hopefully this is a gesture of Capcom’s sincerity that
    Mega Man Is Still A “Very Important” Brand to them.

  • mikanko

    Maybe in another year we’ll see stuff like 8, X3, and X4 hit the Japanese PSN.  Man, they sure like taking their time re-releasing these.  4-6 always reminds me of the TAS where someone is playing them all at the same time.  I just assume play 3 again.

  • Ummm since noone else is addressing this…but where’s 4? :l.  Its cool that we’re getting MM5 (one of my favorites) but why the sudden skip?

    • mikanko

      This is for the Japanese store.  Rockman4 is already there.  US store is getting them as imports, but months behind when they’ve hit the Japanese store.

  • godmars

    Wonder if they’ll ever make the Zero and ZX series available on PSN/XBL?

    • With Zero Collection they probably don’t want to rerelease that anytime soon.  more likely that may get remastered over ZX.
      ZX would need remaking due to lack of second screen.

      • godmars

        They need to make new Zero and ZX titles. Should have been serializing them on PSN/XBL. Not just re-issuing the first Megamans.

  • Learii

    MEGA  MAN hell ya <3 my fav game when i was little

  • Awesome, Capcom! Great job! You’re pleasing all of the gamers that apparently didn’t care that Legends 3 was cancelled!

    Meanwhile, on the American side of things, we’re still waiting for *Rockman IV*. What do you think, Capcom- do you think you might be able to get on top of that? Do you think that, maybe you could release Rockman IV, which hit Japanese PSN earlier this year, *here*, in *America*, where we’re *begging* for some sign of Mega Man-centric affection?

    I mean, you’re getting to be as bad as Nintendo with their Wii Virtual Console – they update at a glacial pace, with maybe one game every month *if you’re lucky*. It’s as if they don’t *want* to make more money. Is that the problem, Capcom? Do you *hate* making easy money? Because that’s what releasing classic Mega Man titles on Wii Virtual Console or the Playstation Network would yield – really easy money, especially now that you’ve gone and cancelled Legends 3 as well as Universe. And if I know the Mega Man faithful, they’ll go and raise campaigns to get Legends going again and most likely one part of those campaigns will be to buy any and all Mega Man games made available through those networks.

    We all know that you’re super busy doing the Scrooge McDuck-stroke through your money bins full of money that you got from releasing Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV but do you think you could do one thing for us before you flat-out forget about us? Could you please get those other Rockman / Mega Man titles available on PSN and VC? I promise, we’ll be really grateful, since you’ve eliminated all the other Mega Man-related things that we were looking forward to.

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