This Week In Sales: An Army Of Kirbys And Kamen Riders

By Ishaan . August 10, 2011 . 4:33pm

Period: The week of Aug 1st – Aug 7th (2011)

Top-seller: J-League Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou! 7 Euro Plus – 101,022

Nintendo 3DS sales: 4,132 | Total sales: 1,310,288


Last week saw the release of a fairly large number of summer games in Japan.


Amongst the notable titles were:

#2 Kirby: Mass Attack (74,915 sold)

#5 All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation (52,575 sold)

#17 Half-Minute Hero Second (10,991 sold)


The top spot was grabbed by Sega’s J-League Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou! 7 Euro Plus on the PSP, at 101,022 copies sold. Also on PSP, Namco Bandai’s  Toriko: Gourmet Survival came in at #3 with 62,882 sold.


Finally, Epic Mickey, published by Nintendo, sold 27,257 copies and Fishing Resort (being localized by Xseed in North America) sold 22,365 copies. The poor 3DS spent another week in limbo, during the time between the recent price cut announcement and the actual date that it goes into effect. We’ll see the effects of the price drop next week.


The complete top-20 software chart can be perused below:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. J-League Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou! 7 Euro Plus 101,022 New PSP Sega
New 02. Kirby: Mass Attack 74,915 New DS Nintendo
New 03. Toriko: Gourmet Survival 62,882 New PSP Namco Bandai
01. 04. Rhythm Heaven 62,597 262,709 Wii Nintendo
New 05. All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 52,575 New DS Namco Bandai
New 06. Epic Mickey 27,257 New Wii Nintendo
New 07. Fishing Resort
22,365 New Wii Namco Bandai
06. 08. Wii Sports Resort 18,945 460,834 Wii Nintendo
05. 09. Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX 14,872 152,697 PSP Namco Bandai
03. 10. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 12,904 75,912 DS Atlus
New 11. Storm Lover: Summer Love!! 12,477 New PSP D3 Publisher
07. 12. Power Pro Baseball 2011
12,467 185,668 PS3 Konami
02. 13. Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos
12,445 79,404 PSP Namco Bandai
09. 14. Power Pro Baseball 2011
12,369 131,023 PSP Konami
08. 15. Inazuma Eleven Strikers 12,369 142,092 Wii Level 5
New 16. Elminage III: The Disciple of Darkness and the Solar Palace 11,954 New PSP Starfish SD
New 17. Half-Minute Hero Second 10,991 New PSP Marvelous
04. 18. Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes 10,374 115,692 PSP Capcom
13. 19. Wii Play: Motion 8,925 58,450 Wii Nintendo
12. 20. Puyo Puyo!! 8,748 69,616 DS Sega


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media-Create and

  • 3DS is selling at Xbox 360 levels, next week it better do at least 60K to make up for the loss of its avg units sold for this week. Toriko is doing great but Little Battlers and 1st Party 3DS titles are missing…

  • Altritter

    Those numbers for Half-Minute Hero Second are depressing.

  • Half Minute Hero 2 ;_;

  • I’m glad the world’s favorite pink ball of fluff will never get old. :3 I hope they’ll keep making Kirby games like this. Almost all the time I spend on my GBA was on Kirby. (I spend the rest of my time on Fire Emblem.)

    Step aside, Jigglypuff, nobody loves you.

  • Didn’t Pokemon Rumble Blast come out this week in Japan? I’m shocked it didn’t make the charts, regardless of the 3DS’s low sales. I mean, it’s /Pokemon/.

    • Rumble Blast was delayed to release the week of the price drop (thank god). Ie; this week, since today’s chart represents last week’s games. :)

      • Oh, okay, good! I was worried there for a bit. I thought Japan suddenly turned backwards or something in terms of what sells and what doesn’t for a moment.

        Let’s hope it sells tons of systems with the price drop!

        • Yea, I’m dying to see next week’s chart. Pokemon (even if it’s a spin-off) and a giant price drop. We may even get to see some older 3DS games like Layton jump back on the chart as well! 

          (I love numbers. Numbersnumbersnumbers. I don’t even need to play games any more!)

          • malek86

            I’m much more interested in the numbers for the following weeks. A price cut week is guaranteed to have very high sales, just like a launch week, but what matters is whether they can keep them high for a long time.

  • Ereek

     Wow, I’m amazed Half Minute Hero Second. . .wow.

    I have no words.

  • Glad to see Epic Mickey was localized by NCL over there:) Its certainly a worthy, although admittedly uneven, game. The strong points certainly make up for the lows though. Wish OUR local Nintendo branch would localize games from other countries. *sigh*

    Can’t wait for Kirby Mass Attack though:)

  • Kibbitz

    Pretty decent(?) second week sales for Devil Survivor 2 and Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos. Didn’t expect All Kamen Rider – Rider Generation to sell this many, though I have no idea how Climax Heroes sold comparatively in the past. Darn it, Bannam, the game was mostly good and hate for the platforming segments aside, why only 5 areas? =(

    • Yeah, All Kamen Rider is really short; I completed all Stages (including secret ones) and all Missions in less than five hours. For a 60$+ import title, that’s extremely short. It’s does have decent replay value with 28(+1) characters though, if you don’t mind the 25 short stages. But where’s the multiplayer?! Bandai blew a perfect chance to increase the game’s value.

      Now, I’ll be frank: I love the game. In fact, in terms of quality and effort, I’d say All Kamen Rider is the best Kamen Rider game released so far, hands down. Just look at the visuals, especially the sprite quality! If there’s any hope that Bandai will start pouring effort into Kamen Rider games, this is as good a start as any.

      • Kibbitz

        That’s the problem. The effort put in is interesting because the game mostly has quality but not quantity, aside from riders. The replay value, well, when you have a ton of characters but the same stages and your characters don’t handle that differently aside from a couple of moves, the replay value isn’t that high =P Famitsu I think finished it in 4 hours, I’m currently burnt out doing Climax difficulty missions due to how easy it is to die when you make mistakes, even with a max lvled Decade and W with max boosted attack and defence.

        However, yes, no disagreement with you. I love the game too, and to date, I can’t think of a better game with Riders personally except maybe Super Tokusatsu Taisen gameplay-wise. I hope the sales will encourage Bandai too to produce higher quality sequels to this with more content.

        • Yeah, the content is really lacking. Still glad I gave it a chance though; I was really skeptical before, due to how Bandai handled Kamen Rider games.

          It’s like a Kamen Rider-themed, side-scrolling beat-’em-up equivalent of Dynasty Warriors. If you don’t mind seeing the same stages over and over again, you can have fun with the roster.

          I hope the sales will encourage Bandai too to produce higher quality sequels to this with more content.

          So do I, but it should be more than just “All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation – Fourze“! They should hire the sprite animators again though; they did their best. Salutes to them.

          • Kibbitz

            Actually, I just think sidescrolling beatemup, the Dynasty Warriors part never registered because I grew up on arcade sidescrollers like Final Fight and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. And of course it should be more than just Fourze! BUt that being said, the game could do with a slightly more complicated storyline with more areas and sub-bosses. We have the entire main roster of riders, but only a handful of named boss enemies here and there. I’m just wondering if Bannam is mostly thinking that this will be bought for kids and thus toning down the content, 

            Though I would give a lot to not have the blasted platforming segments in. I know it adds variety but I seriously suck at them =x Also, motorcycle segments! Where are my chase segments? >=O (jk)

          • Yeah, it’s pretty clear that Bandai aimed this towards children. More complexity for older periphery audiences would be nice though. They don’t need to make things difficult for youngsters; just made separate modes with more differences in complexity. Right now, the only difference between Kid and Adult modes is the metaphorical “one-button mode”, as seen in Climax Heroes OOO.

            In short, there’s a lot AKR could improve upon to be even better. But hey, compared to Climax Heroes (PS2), I’d say it’s not bad as a first step for a new style, or a potential series.

          • Kibbitz

            Definitely not. Fingers crossed that this is the first step towards a fun new series.

      • Have you tried Kamen Rider Kabuto for the PS2? From all the Rider games I have ever played (all PSX/PS2 games, Climax Heroes OOO), Kabuto is easily the best in terms of quality.  Character balancing is nonexistant, but the gameplay and fanservice factor itself makes up for every weak point in the game. I would’ve preferred if Bandai used the same studio who did Kabuto to develop Climax Heroes instead of 8ing.

        • Yes, I have. It’s made by the same guys who made all Kamen Rider tie-ins from Ryuki to Kabuto: Digifloyd. The system was a departure from previous double-axis (standard 2D) fighting, so I’ll give them credit for trying something new. The flaws with that game are that controls are rigid, and the main priority is on replicating/showing elements from the series but not really merging them well to benefit the fighting system.

          To be honest, I’m glad Bandai switched to 8ing, because while they’re not perfect, they have a good deal of experience with fighting games. What I feel is that, if All Kamen Rider is any indication, the first thing Bandai should do regarding KR games is to stop rushing them. After that, give the developer ample amount of time – and in this case, background info on characters and series they’re gonna be handling.

          • On the other hand, I really loved that game because it tried to replicate the essence of the show. Doing your first Clock Up is so much fun, and finishing an opponent with a “1, 2, 3, Rider Kick” feels so satisfying.

            My problem with 8ing is that from Climax Heroes to W to OOO, is that they didn’t change anything gameplay related aside from adding new characters every year. Also, they tend to leave unfinished characters in the roster. Even worse, in the first Climax Heroes game Gatack and AutoVajin isn’t even playable aside from Story mode or using a cheat system. Although they are playable in OOO, they still lack finishers and are generally very weak to even fight against the rest of the cast. I don’t wanna talk about Ragnarok mode because it brings me headaches.

            I’ve yet to play All Kamen Rider because I don’t have a DS, but if it’s as you say (good), then I will be looking forward to what will they offer in the future.

          • Kibbitz

            It’s far, far better than expected, even given how things turned out. However, depending on your taste for 2D brawlers and whether you have a DS LL or whatever it’s called, there are some things that some people might find lacking. The standard comparison to normal brawlers would be the following:
            1) lack of throw moves, which is more of a taste thing though some of the Riders actually had grab-based moves, IIRC,
            2) varying jump distance, I think, depending on how you tap the Jump button,
            3) overlapping positioning, in the sense that your characters can easily end up on the same X-Y position and be unable to hit enemies,
            4) juggling ability, where you can’t really air juggle enemies like some of the more recent beatemups, and
            5) the game uses a scaling effect where it zooms out when your characters move upwards into the background and zooms in when your characters move downwards into the screen. The sprites are pretty small once they move into the background, so that DS LL would be nicer to have for people who want to enjoy this game more.
            6) Also, depending on POV, some of the moves are too weak or slow to be useful on most difficulties, such as some of the gun attacks from the characters.

            Still, overall, pretty good for a KR game and decent for a side scroller. Room for improvement if Bannam wants to, and I hope it does.

          • Oh, yes. Climax Heroes series has problems, even in OOO – the third attempt. I agree with what you said; it’s still a very lazy game. For the record, though, I did have my share of fun with it. Personally, I blame Bandai for trying to make them series tie-ins, and not independent games like Narutimate series. AKR is much better without that curse.

            Yeah, Kabuto’s fun to play around with if you like the original series. It just didn’t have enough staying power, the way I see it.

            Despite the flaws of CH series, I’m gonna see what they’ll improve in the inevitable “Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes – Fourze”. At the rate the series is progressing, I’m pretty confident that it’ll still carry design flaws.

        • Kibbitz

          Nope, only other KR games I’ve ever played are the SNES sidescrollers and The Great Battle or whatnot series, plus Ryuki for PS1. I completely missed Kabuto, saw Hibiki but didn’t buy it and avoided Climax Heroes because I wasn’t interested in one-on-one battles. I sort of miss the grunt-slaying that was prevalent in the Showa riders, really.

          • Errr…. No. Avoid Hibiki at all costs. It has several merits but most of the time it just falls flat like 555 and Blade. It’s purely fanservice with really weak gameplay and Taiko no Tatsujin tie-in.

      • Kibbitz

        Just thought I’d check if you knew. We counted 25 stages with stages 1-3, + secret stage 4, + boss stage for a total of 5 stages per area. Went on GFAQs last night, there are passwords for stages 5 and 6 for each area for another 10 stages total overall. It’s nothing super impressive with half of the stages having you fight two bosses at once while the other half being 3 waves of enemies, albeit with a theme, and all the stages are short barring Climax difficulty, but at least it’s still something.

  • puchinri

    A lot of stores here are already sold out of the 3DS (well, the Wal_Mart’s are since they have the price cut already). 

    Glad to see Fishing Resort did kinda good. And Rhythm Heaven is still doing very good apparently. ouo

  • blah blah

    #17 Half-Minute Hero Second (10,991 sold)

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