A Sneak Peek At Nippon Ichi’s Upcoming Action RPG

By Spencer . August 11, 2011 . 2:01am

At an Akihabara event in Bellesalle, Nippon Ichi gave fans and press a first look at their upcoming action RPG. They didn’t say much about it, but shared this piece of concept art.




Disgaea series illustrator Takehito Harada and composer Tenpei Sato are tied to the project. Look for it early next year on an unspecified platform(s?).

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  • “Action RPG?”  My interesting is rising…

  • She looks like a final boss. I hope her spell cards are as dazzling as she looks, ze.

    • For our sake then, I hope she isn’t an Extra stage boss. XD

      In all seriousness NIS, I’m listening.  I wonder how it will fit into the NIS philosiphy of ‘Break the game.’

    • I see what you did there, ze.

      • I don’t know what you’re talking about, ze. ಠ_ಠ Take it easy.

  • Definitely keeping an eye out for this one!

    • Champ W

      but then it means you will only have one eye left! DX

  • mikanko

    I love how the pic makes it look like the prinny is talking into the mic.

    • I first thought it was one of the people at the table dressed up as Prinny, but on closer look, it’s just a hat – uh, ahem, a Prinny!

      • mikanko

        No no no, don’t shatter the illusion. 

        NIS should start hiring out prinnies to MC at all local functions: weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, livestock auctions, gameshows, anime conventions, etc.  There’s money to be had here I’m sure.


        • I now pronounce you dood and wife, dood!  Lay a wet one on her while everyone else claps and I spike the punch, dood!

  • Kibbitz

    Art’s nice as usual, this being an action RPG is closer up my alley than the strats NIS has been releasing. Looking forward to more news.

  • Guest

    I like her already.


  • jugun

    Looks sick!!!!!!!!As with everything though,gotta see gameplay 

  • I hope she’s the MC or at least one of your playable characters, she looks badass! Also action RPG is a good way to get me into a new game, I like my fast paced battle systems~

  • Ben Tan

    make it vita and ps3 like dragon crown!

    • dragoon_slayer12

      Speaking of which, sony and third parties need to figure out a way to double distribute these double console titles. Whether you buy 1 and spend an extra $10-$20 with the included code or it comes with a free voucher that must be redeemed with x days of purchase (via email or something). Cuz honestly, ill be damned if sony or anybody else expects me to pay double to play the same game just cuz I can play it on the go or on a tv. There needs to be a strategic compromise with this cuz I understand it may not be as simple as just porting it and the exclusive features per version technically makes them both separate titles, but if I have to pay double to play it with the “transfarring” (can’t remember what sony called it, and Kojimas name for it sounds cool), feature, ill rather just stick the vita version. Hopefully sony gets into detail with this plan at TGS

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        There was an interview in Official Playstation Magazine with one of the SCEA guys who said that they were looking into some sort of program that would not only encourage developers to make Vita/PS3 games, but to encourage people to get both without having to pay full price for both.

        • dragoon_slayer12

          thats good, but they need to formally announce some type of arrangement. i don’t want to pay half for the title (although if vita games are priced at $40, i wouldn’t mind paying no more than $20). hopefully they do something that is agreeable.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Hopefully, this is part of more PS3-loving from NIS. It seems the only PS3 title they’ve actually made themselves is Disgaea. 

    • SeventhEvening

      Well, Last Rebellion was a collaboration between NIS and Hit Maker, but I don’t blame you for forgetting about it. NIS would love to put all that blame on Hit Maker if they could.

  • Damn! She looks awesome! As long as it’s not for psp, which I love btw, just saying  I’d prefer it on PS3 or Vita, I’m sold 100%!

  • sandra10

    She looks demented. I like her.

    Now, um, Vita, please? I have a PS3 and PSP as well but they don’t need more software. The Vita does. And NIS’s games just fit better on a portable.

  • I love action RPG… Especially hack and slash.. Can’t wait to hear more of it… XD

  • She looks similar to NISA’s game released a while back on the DS, A Witch’s Tale.

    • puchinri

      That was developed by Hit Maker though. Unless this isn’t developed by NIS?

  • The game.

    I want it already.

    Here’s mah moneyz.

  • So this is the 3D game from the Prinny team?  Nice tease cannot wait to see the actual reveal.

  • LastFootnote

    Takehito Harada and Tenpei Sato? I’ll buy it.

  • Huh…  I have this feeling it’s going to be on the VITA.

    That being said, at this point, I think it’s safe to say that any more games announced (and released) from here on will just be another nail in the 3DS coffin.  Which actually makes me very sad :(

    • dragoon_slayer12

      I love the 3ds, but the lack of truly compelling titles being released vs. Planned is what kills me most.

      From day one of official reveals, kart, Mario 3d, revelations, kingdom hearts, snake eater (now not getting since I’m getting the hd collection for ps3), and legends 3 where my reasons to buy it now rather than later (day one purchase), but with two coming out this year with the rest with an unknown release date (minus legends), it’s kind of hard to stay excited for it when the vita is inching closer and closer to release (even with delay). The games shown looks amazing, and with nintendos “launch window” horrors, I doubt sony will be dumb enough to pull the same stunt. Plus, the psp had some excellent titles at launch, so I have faith in the vita launch titles

    • TGS will be kind to 3DS I think.  I mean between 1st party support coming, TGS announcements and the price drop people should be patient.

  • Kai2591

    ‘action’ RPG?

  • She “somewhat” reminds me of an evil Dark Magician Girl.

    • Yu_TheKing

      She does indeed have the Dark Magician Girl-esque feel to her coupled with her devious smile.

  • Darkrise

    That evil face has captured my attention.

  • IceRomancer

    She’s cute :3 can’t wait to see what the gameplay and story is!

  • amagidyne

    If she’s the protagonist I’ll pre-order the inevitable NISA premium edition.

    Witches get riches.

  • AnimeRemix

    She looks so twisted, she looks so sweet, I think I might like this little treat!

    Oh please let it be on PS3 also… It’s most likely will be for PS Vita/3DS. I will be looking out for this game! 

    • xflame10

      a cross platform release would be greatly appreciated!

  • Mister_Nep

    That hat reminds me of Lilith’s hat from Yamibou.

  • Locklear93

    Love the style of its art already, and involving Tenpei Sato and Takehito Harada guarantees I’ll want it.  Here’s hoping NISA brings it over. I don’t even really need to know what it’s about or how it plays. <_<

  • @NISAmerica:twitter This would be a nice #swansong for the DS if it’s intended for it.

    Regardless, I would like to know more which system this will be.


  • AzureNova

    Oooooo, the character design looks good already, and happy to hear its going to be an action game. Pre-order is inevitable. Evil smile and mesmerizing eyes for the win!

    • Personally, I just can’t say no to a hat that looks like it could kick ass all on it’s own, never mind that…. thing she’s riding.

      Would love a high res of this so I could tell what exactly some of this stuff is.  The girl looks pretty cool though, as best I can tell.

  • Please come out on the 360!

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Haven’t been following NIS for long, have you?

  • MAO

    I like her glowing eyes and that cunning smile. :)
    Hopefully this will be a PS3 or Vita title. Can’t wait for the reveal!

  • Exkaiser

    Eh, call me when their next sneak peek involves the Unlosing Ranger.

    This character design does nothing for me. Not enough Justice or Passion.

  • OverlordFuka

    That smile and her eyes are instant win~. Here’s hoping it’s for the PS3!
    (Probably for the 3DS or Vita though. Hopefully I’ll have one around then. <_<)

    Also, those Prinny hats are awwwesome.

  • …Forgive me if I’m disinterested, I’d rather see Mana Khemia 3 already…

    • You need to look into what Gust is doing, then, not NIS.  They’re different developers; NISA just tends to publish Gust’s games over here.

      I thought the Mana Khemia games were in the same vein as the Atelier series anyway…?  I’ve always been confused by that whole mess.

  • axelfire250

    To be honest the first thing that caught my eye was the prinny hat.

  • Sup Marisa Kirisame.

    • puchinri

      I’d say it’s really only the fact that she has a witch hat and blonde (wavy yet wild) hair make her look like Marisa. Otherwise, Marisa still looks way more cute and bad ass~.

      • Her smirk is exactly the same in some doujin story, thats why.

  • I just hope it’s not for PSP. Or even if it is, that it sees simultaneous release here in the ‘states as a PSP Remaster game, so people will actually play it as a PSN/PS3 game. I’m reeeeeeeeally getting sick of Japanese developers a) focusing on platforms that are outdated and unpopular anywhere else, and b) refusing to go multiplatform, or recognize the PSN, XBLA or Steam/Gamersgate/your digital PC retailer of choice. If you’re not going to get with the times, please stop complaining about lower sales, Japanese developers.

    Most people who want to play your games here in the west are playing platforms you seem to hate supporting. That’s not cool. NIS is very guilty of this particular sin…

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Most people? I’d say the majority of NIS’s Western audience is on PS3. A lot of us even bought our PS3’s because of them.

    • blah blah

      I get being pissed about games getting announced for PSP, but it is still really popular in Japan.
      PSP is still “with the times” for them so why should developers make a game for someone else if a system like PSP is still popular?
      NIS has been getting a lot of profit recently anyway.

  • kroufonz

    big chance this one for PS3/PS vita, NIS japan still have no games for ps3 after disgaea yet

  • Finalstar2007

    Please either PS3 or vita

    • Ben Tan

      and better still, connectivity between both

  • xflame10

    holy chiz! a Nippon ichi character that’s not flat!!!

    • Wait until Soul Nomad gets rereleased, mostly the Nereids are flat and actually have a reason for it.

    • puchinri

      Well, since Harada has been the character designer/artist, it’s a standard that the characters flat, but before, it would be abnormal to have a flat character (unless it’s a boy). Funny how things change.

  • ooh, she’s kewl~

  • Kitestwinblades

    Whaaa!? Harada AND Tempei Sato making a ACTION RPG?  I’m All for that!

  • xXDGFXx

    I love Takehito Harada’s characters. they’re always so awesome!…. and cute!

  • Ryan Sinclair

    Hopefully it’ll be on the PSVita or Nintendo 3DS!

  • Yukito

    Totally going to be an Xbox 360 exclusive game!

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      N64 is more likely. 

      • Mister_Nep

        I disagree. My gut instinct says this is coming to the Sega 32X.

  • Hopefully, it`s PS3.

  • I hope it will be for 3DS or PSP. I don’t have a PSP yet but at least I will buy it someday and I will never buy PS3 just for 2-3 games.

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