Shadows Of The Damned, Aims For Japan With New Voice Acting

By Spencer . August 15, 2011 . 12:31am

Electronic Arts is preparing to release Shadows of the Damned in Japan with Tadanobu Asano as Garcia and Chiaki Kuriyama as Paula. Get the game before it launches on September 22 and you’ll receive two bonuses – a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack and a "Playbox" gravure magazine featuring Garcia’s girlfriend.


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  • that girl reminds of the chick from happy gilmore when he’s daydreaming at the end

    • “Chin up, Happy. Don’t feel bad about me. I got my hand back, see!
      We’ve only just begun… to live~♫”

  • Aww they won’t get to hear the spanglish

    • z_merquise

      “Que magnifico!!”

      I think Steve Blum’s role as Garcia Hotspur is one of the actor’s best voice performance.

      Though it’s cool that the Japanese version used popular movie actors in Japan to provide the voices in this game, I’m just surprised that the sound of the Japanese voice for Johnson was way too different from the English language.

      • Aoshi00

        So Steve Blum did Garcia’s voice in Eng?  Cool.. I couldn’t tell w/ his Spanish accent in the trailer.. I wonder if it’s dual track.. honestly I don’t care so much about Jpn dubbing by actors instead of voice actors (the actor here even says it’s his first time voice acting in a video game, I’ve always found their voice acting performance to be inexperienced, flat and lacking..).. yeah, Johnson sounds really different, sometimes they’re like that, like Nathan Drake’s Jpn voice is very deep compared to Nolan North’s rather high voice..  If it’s dual track I would like to import this for the smoking hot cover.. as I don’t want to miss the Eng dub either.. still it’s too expensive and it’s not dubbed by seiyuu… so maybe not..

        BTW, I thought Johnson’s Jpn voice sounded very familiar, the actor (Gashuuin Tatsuya) did voice the monsters in a couple of Ghibli flicks, Frog in Spirited Away and Calcifer in Howl’s Moving Castle.. so maybe he’s the only Jpn voice that I’m interested in..

        Garcia’s gf reminds me of Splatter House :)…

  • Shame this game didn’t sell well. It was pretty damn entertaining.

  • IS THAT THE COVER!? I would have actually bought the game if we had that.

  • Göran Isacson

    A question to those who played Shadows of the Damned and other Suda 51 games: how “Suda-crazy” is this game? Is it on the same level as Killer 7, which was just mindblowingly weird, or is it more of a No More Heroes level of crazy that feels more like a REALLY over the top action movie?

    • OneOkami

      Honestly, overall the game felt like a strong Mikami-influenced, Resident Evil 4-reminiscent action/adventure game with some Suda 51 humor injected into it.

    • z_merquise

      Shadows of the Damned’s story was not a disturbing mindf*ck like Killer 7 nor was it “shallow but deep” like No More Heroes. Though it was still over-the-top action-horror game with a sick sense of humor.

      Story was more straightforward but it was well written and it’s still an entertaining ride with lots of surprise. There were lots of dick jokes but there’s some jokes that would really make you laugh. Though it’s the banter between Garcia and and his sidekick Johnson that stands-out. 

      It still got lots crazy touches as you may expect in a Grasshopper game but it wasn’t fully “Suda-crazy” as I expected.

      • Göran Isacson

        So you could say that if Killer 7 is Suda’s BIG weird masterpiece, No More Heroes is his big character study of Travis Touchdown and Otaku culture… then Shadows is pretty much his take on the “buddy cop” genre?

        Well. That sounds kinda fun, but not exactly must buy now material. Not that I could afford it now anyway, but it’s good to know this so I can adjust my expectations accordingly.

  • kroufonz

    they got better cover and marketing, hope it does well in japan , since it can’t even get 50k sales in US (damn EA practically doing nothing to help this game in the west)

  • puchinri

    So when I looked up the guy to try and figure out he was, the only title I recognized on that list was Ichi the Killer. Hm…

    • mikanko

      Takeshi Kitano’s Zatoichi is pretty stellar.

      …So long as you like Kitano’s usual dry humor, tap dancing, and don’t mind a little CG blood.  It is missing the usual Joe Hisaishi soundtrack his movies get, but it’s still a pretty quaint and charming score from the guy who did the music for Mother 2.

      • puchinri

        We were talking about Zatoichi in my Japanese class from forever ago. I need to remember to pick them up at the library.

        Hah, that’s interesting. I’m kind of more interested in the music now. (And I didn’t know it was Kitano that Hisaishi had collaborated with before.)

        • mikanko

          Yes, completely off topic if you ever want to check out a handful of quirky stoic Japanese Yakuza flicks with Joe Hisaishi soundtracks, Takeshi Kitano’s directed stuff is your guy! For at least 3 films anyways.

          • puchinri

            Oh, awesome. Thanks!

    • SeventhEvening

      You need to watch more movies. Asano is a pretty amazing actor and he’s been in a ton of awesome movies. He usually takes some strange roles. 

      I’d recommend Party 7. Sharkskin man and peachhip girl is pretty interesting too.

      • mikanko

        Those movies themselves are mostly kinda strange and offbeat, let alone the roles!

        I agree though, and have enjoyed a good half dozen of his other flicks.

      • puchinri

        I tend to watch more Japanese TV than movies (unless they’re old movies), so I suppose I would miss most of the ones he was in. 

  • nyobzoo

    that’s a pretty revealing cover

  • Guest


  • At first I was like WHYYYYYY, but then I saw that it was Asano and Chiaki so now I’m quite pleased.

    • Aoshi00

      Because w/o being dubbed in Jpn, usually the Jpn subtitle font is extremely small and hard to read during gameplay (not like they would get the Spanish accent anyway), one such EA title was Alice Madness Returns it was subbed only.  I like Johnson’s voice by Gashuuin Tatsuya though, he voiced Frog in Spirited Away and Calcifer the fire demon in Howl’s Moving Castle, Asano has never done voice acting before.. The US covers are always so lame, like this and the Wii No More Heroes covers..

  • I like the strategically placed EA logo, it should help raise EA’s profile in Japan;) 

  • PrinceHeir

    damn the cover art and Play Box magazine are freaking hooooooot O______O

    i still need to get this(forgive me if i hadn’t purchased this earlier) there’s too many games i still need to get(from Q4 2010) not to mention upcoming Deus Ex HR, Dark Souls, KOF XIII are the main ones i definitely need to buy.

    though when i buy this, i’ll make sure i’ll get No More Heroes Heroes Paradise in the same shopping cart :)

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