DmC Devil May Cry Dante Is Half Devil And Half Angel

By Spencer . August 16, 2011 . 2:39am


I thought Dante was the son of Sparda (a demon) and Eva (a human). However, in Ninja Theory’s game Dante is a young man coming to terms with his demon and angel abilities. This is a key mechanic in DmC Devil May Cry since Dante can transform the Rebellion into a holy scythe or a devilish axe.



DmC Devil May Cry is slated for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year.


ScreenShot_16 ScreenShot_21 Screenshot_05 Screenshot_10

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  • LezardValeth

    Dante..? Half Angel..? Wat.

  • …why?

    btw inb4, absolve/punish

  • AdrianHeng

    I don’t care if it’s not “canon” and I don’t care if Dante looks like an emo jackass.

    This game is plainly awesome and I want it. Now.

  • Wow that was so cool. Dante so epic and I love that character design. I am so excite for this game, more for my first DmC.

    • Do your self a favour go play 1,3,4

      • I couldnt embrace the character and his design. They didnt seem that compelling from the gameplay videos I saw.

        • Göran Isacson

          Oooh man. This is one of those times when I want to jump up and down and shout because Dante from the earlier games is SUCH a near and dear design to my heart… but at the same time, I can respect your choice too. Dante from Devil May Cry 1 was ALL about being a very cocky, self-assured guy that never does anything wrong, and the first game plays that persona completely straight. 3 shows him as his younger self where he’s very brash and extra over the top, but the game isn’t afraid of also poking fun of how full of himself Dante is and shows that when he actually has to confront something he can’t just joke around, he can’t really do it- the game shows him actually grow up and take responsibility. By the time of 4 Dante has grown up somewhat, but is  still a joker. He’s capable, relaxed but also comfortable with the fact that he’s topped by the women in his life, and he doesn’t take the big, bombastic villains seriously at all- he just plays along with their hammy performances because he’s heard it all before.

          I would at any rate really recommend Devil May Cry 3, if only not for Dante… but for Lady. Lady is the coolest girl-character in the series: she has her own agenda, and she doesn’t take Dante’s crap for one second. If this game contains a girl side character that is even HALF as cool as Lady was, I will give it a pass. Anyhow, that’s my two cents- Dante really is a joker and kind of a braggart and a jackass, but he’s a FUNNY jack-ass that the games isn’t afraid of poking fun at or playing up how ridiculous he can be.

          Consequently, what made me weary of God of War, to make a comparison, was that Kratos was always played up as this tragic figure we should have sympathy for, when he so often comes across as whiny and unable to just DEAL with the bad things in life. Most of the hate this Dante gets is the fear that we’re looking at Kratos 2.0 here- that Ninja Theory will try to play Dante and his potential angst so seriously, that he just ends up being unlikably whiny.

        • jourdal31

          Lolwut? You like this self insert of a grungy character design? you don’t need to be edgy to be cool we’re not 12 anymore…and even you don’t like the real dantes design the gameplay in those 3 recommended trumps what we see here, even the decade old DMC1

        • Guest

          Go play SMT Nocturne hes in it

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    Please. Stop.

  • evilkaz

    gameplay looks awesome, story seems…meh, character design looks a little to emo for my tastes. But I’ll wait for more details to surface before i start considering a purchase.


    • His hair only changed to white when he used the Devil Trigger(Angel Trigger? Dante Trigger? whatever trigger) in the last trailer. His DT also made his coat change colors to the red we’re more used to.

    • mikanko

      His hair turning white is his devil trigger, or whatever they’re calling it in this.  It’s only temporary.

  • Exkaiser

    Dante is Mazinger.

    He can become either a God or a Devil.

    • DanteJones

      This game would get a little more credit from me if he could fire off rocket punches. Or chest beams.

      • mikanko

        Like this?

        If that were the case I wonder if they’d add Trish?

      • Thing is DMC is the prestory to Mazinger Z! Dr. Kabuto got influenced by Dante after traveling with him and thought it would be a good idea to bring Dante’s talents to a new scale! Dante was also meant to be the pilot for it, but…well I don’t want to spoiler you any more~

    • What is Mazinger without the female mechas? Bring on the oppai missiles!

  • mikanko

    Easily the most impressive trailer they’ve put out so far.  Knowing the frame rate won’t be any better than a youtube video because of the limitations to the UE3 engine is still pretty damning. 

    Considering Ninja Theory’s track record with having a refined combat engine, or lack there of, I am highly skeptical this will be a game diehard DMC fans will enjoy.  It still stands a good chance at being a successful game if enough people look past the aesthetic changes.  With some guidance from Capcom it might be the best game Ninja Theory has made yet to boot.  Even if it’s a solid game overall I still can’t see it comparing favorably to the gameplay of the previous titles, because not much else really does.  They were that good.

    It’s just kinda disappointing if this is the direction the series is headed, and I’d be more open to it if it had a different title.

  • glemtvapen

    Half-angel/half-demon? So is this Dante a bizarro universe version or a true Dante retcon?

    • mikanko

      I don’t know if this has ever been answered solidly.  I am certainly hoping it’s an alternate universe, similar to something like Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics.  Would make it far easier to digest.

  • Tatsu

    I’m not sure about this game, but it put me in the mood to play Lords of Shadow again…

    • Ugh :l, then again they both fit for lame games though this trailer looks neat

    • Guest

      What about Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross?

  • dr000d

    Die in a fire, Ninja Theory.

  • So what, Now he’s half human, Half demon and now…Half Angel…whatever make up random stories for stupid reasons, hopeful Combat will be fun

  • I reckon this is DMC Dante in the alternate world.. Something like what we always see in Marvel comics.. Well, if so, guess its still acceptable.. But I do hope they have a decent story line for this what seems to be another form of Dante.. It will be pointless to only have 100%game mechanics and everything else 0%..

  • no qte ninja theory…
    you can do a good work, i’m gonna believe in you, but NO FRIGGING knight’s contract-style QTE or i swear i’m not gonna pick this up!

  • I want the old Dante back not this fake.

    • danemc95

      Agreed. Hell, I’d even take Nero at this point. -_-

      • Forget that replace that not dante with Nero I want him back to.

  • Xeahnort

    That’s nothing at all like the badass Dante I knew before.

    Thanks for ruining another great franchise, Crapcom

    • This didn’t kill the franchise. Bayonetta did. and then this killed it for the second time. damn moronic capcom.

      • Bigbridge

        Heya tere Bayonetta was actualy cool not n DMC level cool but still I would take that any day compared do this THING

      • Bayonetta is not part of Devil May Cry; it’s not related to Capcom, period. Sure, they have similar gameplay, but that’s only because they share some creators.

        • mikanko

          Well the same creator really, even though he just directed DMC1, but yeah.

          The only way you can really associate it with Capcom is if you’re condemning them for disbanding Clover. I’m sure it was a business decision Inafune didn’t enjoy carrying out, but it wound up enabling Platinum games to exist.

          You may as well just go ahead and blame every person who didn’t buy Okami or Godhand, including harmless looking old ladies walking down the street. 

          Those damned old ladies be damned, they gave us a Dante who smokes cigarettes… ewww. =/

          Or conversely, those sweet innocent old ladies who didn’t buy Okami and Godhand, thank you so much for Bayonetta! =)

          I am not sure where I am going with this anymore. SORRY!

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          You’re missing the point of what he said. What he’s saying is that Bayonetta was so good, that it killed Devil May Cry. It had a similar gameplay style but managed to top everything DMC4 did, while having its own unique voice at the same time.

          I happen to agree with him. When I played Bayonetta, all I could think was, “Wow, Capcom really got schooled here. They’re going to have to pull out all the stops to top this in DMC5.”

          Instead, Capcom went the opposite direction and put the nails in the coffin themselves.

        • Testsubject909

          I’d see it more as “Thank you Bayonetta, for being so awesome you make DmC look even more craptacular” sort of thing.

          I mean, Bayonetta is just freaking… well, awesome.

          • Well, no arguments there. These sort of fast-reflex games aren’t my specialty, but even I find Bayonetta pretty fun to play through.

          • KOKAYI5

            My only complaint with Bayonetta is how sex-charged she is. Far too much innuendo. I don’t play games alone. And I’m forced to explain sex jokes and sexy scenes to my parents and siblings. Dante seemed to make those fewer. like 4-5 a game. With her it was like 15 all game. But yeah it was fun.

          • SerendipityX

            I agree with the whole sex-charged thing with Bayonetta, it was the only glaring gripe that I had with the game. There’s a way to be sexy and wholesome at the same time but as the saying goes “sex sells moar”.

  • XypherCode

    DMC 3 and 4 was more action packed….and cool for me :|

    • Testsubject909

      You remember when he karate chopped that malfunctioning music player (I forgot what it’s called, brain fart moment).

      Yeah, it was so cool because he failed so amusingly. No sarcasm, quite serious here. Amongst many other things that pretty much made Dante into a badass.

  • SolNeko im beginning to lose all faith in capcom now

  • leadintea


  • Code

    rar, I mean I’m no expert, but I feel like the lack of motion in the camera really leaves this action stale. Tight camera work is one of the most basic principals for creating speed and intensity. Sure I mean, lots of fighters outside of boss scenes don’t have particularly active cameras, but the distance if you as me just makes this so static. I think Ninja Theory needs to sit in on CyberConnect2 working on Asura’s Wrath for a few weeks or something o3o;

  • ….They’ve just ruined DMC.

  • Bayonetta: “Part angel, part devil… So am I supposed to beat him up or what?”

    • Nope, just half of him.

      • Testsubject909

        Beat up his lower half. Let it never pro-create.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    The Twilight-ing continues. I cannot think of a game I’ve ever wanted to flop so badly.

    • Testsubject909

      Don’t buy it new and encourage everyone who wants to buy it new to wait a bit, wait for a price drop, and buy it used.

      Used purchases enables them to enjoy the game without providing any support towards what they’ve created. So that way you get to enjoy the game, for what it’s worth, and not give one cent towards the creators of a game.

      If you feel like it’s worth the support after playing it. Return the used game and dish out the extra to purchase a new copy.
      Or just rent it. Renting is cheaper, you don’t own it sure, but you get a taste of it and from there determine if you want to support (buy the game new) or not support but still own it to play a bit (buy it used) or just never want to touch it again (screw it).

  • karasuKumo

    Seriously guys swallow your pride and admit that those combos look brilliant. Even if that moron from Ninja Theory has major influence over this game that doesn’t outclass the obvious hard work put in by the majority of the development team. I’d hate to see it cancelled now and all their hard work go to waste. I’d like to see CC2 work on this instead but that’s unrealistic.

    I’ll admit that I like the environment designs and the enemy designs aren’t too bad either. I’d even go as far as to admit that Dante’s design has grown on me but only his clothing, I would have personally kept his silver hair and made it that when his Devil Trigger is activated it grows longer and his clothes resemble his from previous games. I would have gave him a more realistic attitude too. Understand that Ninja Theory’s studio is in Cambridge so they aren’t used to dealing with badass people like Dante lol.

    • Honestly, I totally agree with you – right down to the part about the silver hair, and.. maybe slightly more realistic attitude. Because while I thought all the Dante’s were a little too over-the-top, I also feel like this Dante is trying a little too hard to swing the other direction. I hope they find a nice center.

      Though the angel thing really irks me. It doesn’t add up very well.

  • The moves, THE MOVES. I just love me some kickass fights. :) It’s a good thing that the gameplay is badass as ever. But this game sorta…lacks something. While I’m still loving the gameplay, it’s not that flashy or stylish as the previous DMC titles. But there ain’t no point in comparing the old series with this one since (me thinks) Ninja Theory’s trying to tell people that THIS is something new, and maybe independent from the entire DMC series. Like some stand-alone story or something.

    And I don’t dig the look for ‘this’ Dante. Half-devil and angel? Looks like some wasted dude to me.

  • theoriginaled

    The action looks good at least, but what the hell is the point? There was already a Devil May Cry, there was already a Dante. Just stealing a game system slapping your own character in and not even changing the names just reeks of skeeziness… or sleaziness.. or laziness.. I cant decide, but its stupid no matter what way you slice it then shoot it then hook it back and slice it again. Just freaking call the game something else. and rename your stupid character because its clearly not Dante.

    • EusisLandale

      Technically not really stealing since Capcom does have say in this. Reboots happen. Now that there’s pretty much no way this isn’t a reboot just sit back, relax, and wait for more info and perhaps even the game itself to actually come out before passing judgement. If it turns out to be legitimately bad, well given the look of things so far it’d be pretty easy to link DMC2 to this and move it out of the original canon. So there’s always that maybe?

  • They weren’t happy enough with just the change of Dante’s face,personality,clothing…They had to change his origins too…Capcom and Ninja Theory are definitely not on the right track and the game has already disgusted the fanbase before it is even properly revealed…

  • cmurph666

    Man, I’m I so glad that I’m through with everything CAPCOM or I’d be piss about them screwing up this game too.

  • SirRichard

    So the only thing he has in common with the old Dante is the name.

    Wow, Ninja Theory. Just wow.

  • When will the heartbreak end..


    That gameplay does look good. Really good. And the lighting reminds me of DMC4. Which is good for an action game. I’m loyal to the original creators, but I’d give this a shot… THAT IS unless they change the origins. As far as I’ve gathered over the course of the games is:

    Dante was a half demon human with a twin brother that he competed with so much it became like hatred. His father was a good demon and his mother was religious. She sacrificed herself to close a Hell Mouth and Sparda kept demons at bay from invading the human world. 

    Now maybe they’re saying his ma became an angel after sacrificing herself. Or maybe he steals the holy weapon from an angel he beats during the game like in past games.

  • heartless141

    game looks good, i give em that. but every single hit sound and look so ‘light’, as if there was no power in em. know how every single weapon in DMC3 has a special type of spark? know why i prefer tekken over all the other 3D fighting games? it’s those effect that makes a hit looks like it hits.

    • Guest

      Actually I like how Virtua Fighter 5 doesn’t have the hit sparks.

      Plus you have to remember this is still an early build.

      Bandai’s Saint Seiya footage was missing VA and the game comes out in a few months

      • heartless141

        no hit spark doesn’t sounds like a good thing for me to be honest, all those slashes sounds like nothing. i also miss those scream and trash talk of Dante during the moves as well.

        and well, let’s just hope they fix it in the future.

        (on another note, why didn’t they just change the name and character to something else and make it an entire new game? no hater and more lovers, a win win if you ask me)

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Oh gee, now it moved from utter crap to simply lame, im so happy !

    Ruin the character, ruin the speed, ruin the action, ruin the skills, ruin the story, appeal to the Twilight audience.

    Devil May Cry RIP.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    HHe better be the son of dante, other than that, action looks good (despite having ninja theory)

  • So Capcom cancels Mega Man Legends 3, but not this?

    The execs must show up drunk

    • PrinceHeir

      wtf indeed “-____-

      i was actually hoping this was cancelled and not MML3. oh well gotta love Capcom’s logic :P

  • Congratulations Capcom, you just ruined another one of your franchises. :D

    • puchinri

      I’m waiting to see if they’re foolish enough to ruin Monster Hunter and pretty much go bankrupt.

  • boo hoo…i for one am looking forward to this…i see it as a re-boot, capcom didnt “ruin” anything crybabies…this is just a new interpretation of the character. we all still have the dante we know and love, dmc 4 is out still and the dmc collection is dropping soon.

    plus we havent heard him speak yet, so he could still be the asshole we love, but that doesnt matter now..what matters is that we just saw that the most of important element of the series looks to be intact: the fighting system.  u cant tell me that those combos didnt look great and well animated…stop crying

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      he will not speak, he will most likely just wimp about his feelings and how noone understands him.

      And no, the fighting system is gone ! this is just a below mediocre God of War copycat. they have lowered the expectations SO MUCH that we are just happy he swings a weapon… 

      • besides being a little bit slow, whats really wrong with the combat? i havent heard the VA yet, so…..and ninja theory did a great job with heavenly sword in terms of storytelling and combat, imo……and destroying canon? its a re-imagining…its not supposed to be canon, this is a new dante, accept that. 

        we all gonna miss the smart ass, douchy dante, but nothing has been said about his personality, just him battling with the 2 sides…and the “wimp about his feelings”? where is that from? his look?

        and the term crybabies is for those that no matter what they show, are gonna hate the game because dante looks different, thats where all the baseless “twilight” bs is coming from. 

    • danemc95

      Okay, first:This is Ninja theory’s doing, not Capcom. Second: He has spoken, and has a new VA.
      Third: If by “crybaby’s” you refer to those of us genuinely concerned for a character and series we care for, then we shall continue to express our negative feelings towards this. Ninja Theory is not exactly held in high regard after what happend to Samus, we have every right to be upset, we do not want another Other M occurence.

      • Guest

        Once again Ninja Theory had nothing to do with Other M; that’s Tecmo’s TEAM NINJA… jeez get your facts straight …

        • danemc95

          Ugh, I keep gettin them mixed up , thanks for pointing that out.

  • Whatever they’re corrupting, there is no way I’m going to destroy my good memories of the series by playing this garbage.

  • Okay, looking better.

  • Thiefofhearts

    Just watch, these “angel/devil” powers will involve choices Dante needs to make during the game to improve and level up.

    • Hinataharem

      inFamous May Cry?

      • Thiefofhearts

        Dante: “Hmmm… there’s an old lady trying to cross the street. Should I buy her a new car, or feed her grandchildren to that demon over there?”

  • I hate to pour fuel in the fire, but the combat looks so… so… SLOW. I’m sorry Ninja Theory, but you gotta get on with speed to carry the good name of Devil May Cry.

  • TwinbladeAlkaid


    … … … A HOLY SCYTHE?? So Dante is something like… A “holy” devil? … … I am sorry I have to say this but what an utterly stupid idea is that? So much cliche, so much horrible chliche.
    Just why Ninja Theory… didn’t you ruin everything enough with your half-assed re-boot idea of Dante? Wasn’t this enough!?!?
    Why do fans of the franchies have to suffer while those who do not care about everything get a free-ticket with: “there ya go we made it more Dantes Inferno-ish so that you like it more! Yo will love it cause it’s a brain dead stereotypical game now!” 8D
    sorry but this is just bizzare and not in a good way.

  • hystzen

    A combat system that can only seem hold 4 enemies on screen and still struggle with FPS….yup thats a Ninja Theory game. The graphics look same as DMC4 and how old is that again…not a good step forward. oh yeah and alot of the moaning is not over his looks its fact nothing in this game looks like a DMC game they even had to call it DmC: Devil May Cry so people know its a DMC game.

  • runesong

    You know, normally I’m Mr. Positive when it comes to a directional change for a franchise.  But I’ll be honest, a turd is a turd. And this, well, definitely came from a butt.  :)

    After reading the above article I’m frankly at a loss on how to say that poetically. 

  • Shinji Kazuya

    I laughed a bit but let’s see how it turns out. As long as it’s fun ta play!

    • I truly admire your optimism, and I wish I shared it as well…But at this point…*sigh*

      • Shinji Kazuya

        Well… optimism is all the hope I have ;_;

        I really liked Dante and Nero… and now look at that :<

  • NoobSmoke

    HAHAH. Last time I checked this was supposed to be a prequel to the original BETTER Devil May Cry..but’s not even the same.

  • NO. NO. NO. NO.

    You know what? I was open to new things before, and even though the new Dante was kind of irksome – I was willing to give him a chance. I was going to put gameplay over some of these new design choices, and hope that the combo-centric combat would bring this game skyhigh. I thought, “Hey, this might make for an interesting prequel. Maybe now we’ll see how Dante went from zero to hero.”

    But this… this is actually a pretty big deal! This is will change his whole history: with his father, with Virgil, and with all the other demons that had to do with his father. This kinda ruins the continuity with all the prior games.

    Plus, this probably means Dante will be going to go through some identity crisis spanning the game – deciding whether or not he’s an angel, a demon, or a freak of nature. He’ll probably find out that he’s his own monster. I really don’t want to sit through that.

  • NoobSmoke

    I’m still a bit skeptical, the gameplay has been slowed down a bunch…and this new story model is just retarded. THANKS CAPCOM!!

  • Göran Isacson

    … So very torn.

    See, I don’t even know were to start. Let’s do the “half demon half angel” thing. My knee-jerk reaction is that it sounds like something a novice fan-fiction writer would write. “And then Dante had a son and he was half demon and half angel and had one angel wing and one demon wing and he sparkled in the sunlight kyaa kyaa and he’s my boyfriend forever and ever”.

    But it could work. It’s not like DMC isn’t a silly premise at it’s core already. But what I want to know is where his mother and brother is. Sure, the first DmC didn’t REALLY put a lot of importance on Vergil, he was just kind of a bit character there. Eva mattered far more than Vergil. But take away the human mother that gave him his fire and desire to protect humanity, and what will we end up with? An orphan completely disconnected from humanity? Will that really make for a compelling storyline? What is his reason to defend humanity now? The 3rd game showed how important Vergil was for this decision, who will be Dante’s foil here? Sure, they could give us Vergil later but man, I’d be a lot more forthcoming with information if I were them.

    And of course… Lady. Trish. The ass-kicking ladies that were part and parcel of the franchise. This is funnily enough one of the things I’m not THAT afraid of, because even if Trip wasn’t awesome until the end of Enslaved and Nariko was kind of one-dimensional, I think they can write ass-kickers if they want to. No, at the moment my greatest fear remains Dante’s personality- that what we see here is an over-the-top moody, brooding man who’s angst and “in-your-face-DAAARKNESS” will take up so much of the plot, that there won’t be room for anything else. Judging it in advance? Maybe, but hey- it’s not like we can do anything BUT judge it in advance right now.

    Oh, and then there was gameplay… yeah I got nothing. I’m terrible at discerning gameplay from videos. All I know is that it’s gonna be slower because that’s how Ninja Theory rolls, which is bad but I can deal with it. But if this “half-angel half-devil” thing turns into a half-assed moral choice system… tears. I will weep openly for this game, man. Just. Weeping.

    • puchinri

      …Your part about the half angel and half demon thing… That encapsulates it perfectly. 

      Very good point about his family though. At least in 1 and 3, they’re a main part of his drive. They pretty much are his drive. By changing/erasing them, it’s pretty much mucking up purpose. I think DMC3 had Dante in his angst mode, and even that wasn’t emo or overflowing with “woe is I!” or “rage against this crapsack world!”.

  • This is pretty much my reaction:

  • Guess we just gotta wait, this is impossible to call, odds are it won’t live up, but who knows.

  • Ninja Theory. Get. out.

  • Rihawf

    Dante’s inferno powers meets DMC, huh.

  • Half-Angel? F***ing Christ…

  • How does any of that make sense? Are they destroying the established canon on purpose, or will this actually SOMEHOW come together in the end?

    That holy scythe looks SO out of place in Devil May Cry. I hope Vergil doesn’t get dragged into this mess.

    …And yet I’ll still buy it. I can’t abandon one of my favorite series, no matter how butchered it may appear…

    • To be honest, maybe it’s better to kill it off. Capcom has been making a lot of strange decisions lately. Maybe if this somehow does well, they’ll give the next DMC game to… some other company. Then it’ll be an FPS or something, to “appeal to the Western audience”.

    • TeddyAltman

      It’s a reboot. So for all intents and purposes, it’s not canon. 

      • But a reboot should still have some sort of character backstory retained from previous games, so you know you’re still playing a Devil May Cry game. If they’re going to change Dante’s background, why even reboot it? Why not just make a whole new franchise?

        Speaking of which, why ARE they rebooting Devil May Cry? The series isn’t even that old or stagnating. Does anyone know if Ninja Theory or Capcom has ever given a reason as to why a reboot was necessary?

        • TeddyAltman

          Honestly, I don’t even know. There’s a good chance im wrong about the whole non-canon thing, too. Maybe they are retconning his past for no apparent reason. But my initial point was that people are freaking out about all the changes for no reason. It’s a different developer’s perspective on the character and story; it’s not DMC 5. Y’all are just not giving this game a chance because it’s deviating too much from the norm.

          And your whole “if they’re gonna change his background, then why reboot it?” argument is redundant, because a lot of the time that’s exactly what a reboot is. Change the look, the story, and maybe tweak the personality. BAM. You’ve got a fresh rebooted franchise. 

          • *sigh* I see what you’re saying. Honestly, I don’t like all this “rebooting” going on recently. Especially when I saw nothing wrong with the franchises in the first place.

            But you’ve got a point about what a reboot is. I’m just afraid of how this will all turn out.

        • mikanko

          I think it’s been said that Capcom actually encouraged a change to the original canon as Ninja Theory would see fit.  They are of the assumption that a western designed DMC could be more successful in the West. When it came to the dramatic change in character they took a -VERY- hands off approach.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom is taking a wait and see approach as far as where this ends up in general.

          If the game is tremendously successful it may be a full on retcon.  My gut tells me this is unlikely.

          If DmC does moderately well, but not great, they might spin it off in an alternate universe.  It’s hard to imagine they’ll support 2 DMC series when their assets seem spread so thin though, and the games aren’t very cheap to make.

          If it bombs horribly it will be swept under the rug and forgotten.  Ninja Theory might even be in danger of going under after 3 under performing titles in a row.  If this happens we may see DMC5 going back to canon later, provided it didn’t bomb so horribly they’re under the impression the series has lost its following. 

          Regardless this is a really good example of what’s wrong with Capcom.  It just seems they don’t have strong direction when it comes to making decisions.  Their board of directors are conservative business men to a fault, and they don’t have video game backgrounds to know how foolish this all looks. 

          It’s a shame because there is still plenty of talent under Capcom’s roof.

          At any rate people can still play DMC3 Dante in a new game this November 15th.  Vergil will be there too,  but you might find yourself fighting a rather resourceful defense attorney instead of their usual fare.

    • “…And yet I’ll still buy it. I can’t abandon one of my favorite series, no matter how butchered it may appear…”

      lol yay~ someone else who thinks like me. XD I’m kinda dishearten about this whole reboot (as well as the live action US movie in the works based off the SAME lolreboot) but I’ll still try the game out and then make my lol heartbroken fangirl posting about it on livejournal entry about my opinions on it later. >.>

    • puchinri

      Oh gosh, I was wondering how far they’d go to redo it and probably erase the fact that he has a sibling, but honestly, I don’t want Vergil to be involved with this mess either.

  • they have officially ruined DMC for me they ruin the character now the story i played all of them and this just ruins the game series

    • IB2004

      True man that whole concept with being half devil and angel is out of whack I mean an angel and devil I mean the half demon is a cliche but not stupid

  • Im still being open about this game until I play it. I’m not gonna judge it at all.

  • Well, Ninja Theory hasn’t made a game with good or even fun gameplay, but seems like this may be the first. Unfortunately, for a DMC game, the combat seems to lack fluidity, and seems rather slow. And what’s with the gun shooting? He’s literally standing there with zero hand movement and movement in general, and it just looks sort of odd. Even if it’s good, I won’t buy it until it hits the bargain bin.

    I think I’ll just go replay DMC3 or Bayonetta.

  • darkfox1

    This game I don’t think this game is gonna do well. With the fans who stuck with DMC form the beginning VS the new comers who actually likes this. Yeah idk about this game it’s jus too different. Why even Base him off the Dante we know and love.? Y U DO DIS? 

  • Arcturus_Aeternale

    This would not be half so depressing if the weren’t trying to pass this off as Devil May Cry. I’m not saying the series couldn’t do with some new direction, but completely doing away with everything that drew in the fanbase in the first place is so seriously not the way to go… Even as a reboot, it should still hold enough elements of it’s base to keep the fans wanting to give it a shot.

    • Is it a reboot? I thought they came back and said that it was an origin story. And to be honest, I’m not sure which would be worse.

      This might’ve worked as a totally unrelated game, but when people (or at least me) were hoping for a continuation of Dante’s and Nero’s storylines, and to learn how they are related, this couldn’t come as anything other than a bad idea at best.

      • mogster

        Nero’s arm= return of Vergil

        • Wait, for real?

          • mogster

            how else would he be able to wield yamato and awaken vergil’s demonic power. Only the sons of sparda can weild yamato, Kobayashi stated in a 2006 game informer that nero was not related to sparda. So my theory is that the demon that infected nero with the devil bringer was part of vergil transfering to a new body since his body was destroyed in dmc1. 

  • Light and dark? Sort of like…Castlevania: Lords of Shadow?

    But…what…I’d actually prefer more Nero over the disruption of a formula that wasn’t broken. I like how the series was, just as I like Dynasty Warriors, just as I like Metal Gear Solid, just as I like(d) all the main canon Mega Man games (MM, MMX, MMZ, MMZX, MML).

    That said, still gonna get it since fun action games not using guns as a main weapon are getting sort of sparse. Recommendations welcome!

  • mogster

    you have love capcom these days they want to add more depth to dmc, so instead of using this as a learning experience they give it to a developer who is mediocore at best. They are helping destroy the gaming industry in japan. Oh yeah and no fucking vergil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YOU CAPCOM…………………im done, sorry

    • puchinri

      That… Is a good point. All of a sudden, he has no twin…?

  • AzureNova


    • Testsubject909

      Sometimes, Simple is best. You my friend with the very busty girl for an icon, nice eye candy to reduce the disappointment here, have probably described how most everyone feels in two letters and one punctuation note…

      That said, what I’ve just done seems completely unnecessary.

      • AzureNova


  • I don’t know even know what to type anymore. I felt like I should call the cops and explain to them that the person who came up with this concept, after at least seeing the installments of Devil May Cry, should be arrested. Lol.

    How the hell now he’s half angel and half demon. Epic fail rofl. 

  • pgover

    What? What is this? … No seriously what is this? Half Angel, are you nuts? How can you mess up the established canon this badly? If this was a game non-canonical with the others and set in an alternate reality I might be able to understand what you’re doing but this is supposedly set before DMC3 so this doesn’t make an sense.

    This is a game that i am definitely going to wait for the reviews before i even consider buying it. For now, I’mma going to stick with UMVC3 and SFXT.

  • So many tears.

    The level of whining annoys me far more than the game. Just be honest, you all don’t care as much as you are trying to pass off, this just happens to be the flavor-of-the-month let’s-hate-on-this-game-because-it’s-the-cool-thing-to-do target.

    • I think we’re all a bit irritated with this game for legitimate reasons. When a series you’ve played all the way through suddenly goes bonkers like this and changes things you’re known and loved about it…of course people are mad.

      I don’t think anybody WANTS to hate this game, especially not just to be cool. I’d love to be excited for DmC since I love Devil May Cry. That’s just close to impossible at this point after all the tinkering Ninja Theory has done. We all have to let off some steam somewhere, right? I don’t think anybody is being unreasonable.

      • I’d like to believe that was the case, but I suppose I’m bothered by the notion that something “New and Fresh” is desired, but it still needs to hold up to the fan’s massive nostalgia factor, so much so that the words “Reboot” and “New Direction” have become four-letter words in the fan communities. (EDIT: I’m alluding to it becoming a paradox. “New” is desired, but in the way of “Old with some new polish.”)

        Along with that, if DMC5 were instead following a similar formula to the past games, I can almost bet that it would receive the same magnitude of flak, just for a different reason. Probably “Too similar to the last game.” or some such.

        Honestly, enjoying the series myself, I’m excited to see how this turns out. I’m only having a minimal amount of skepticism. If I don’t like it, I have the others to replay. If I do like it, I now have 4+1 DMC games to enjoy. 

        Problem solved.

        • Yeah, wanting something new does become a paradox, I suppose. Personally, I didn’t even want new. I just wanted the same Devil May Cry gameplay and established canon, but with just a tad more explanation on how Nero is related to Dante.

          If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, is what I believe in most cases.

        • Testsubject909

          Looking at the current track record of reboots, there has been little to no reason as to why one should be excited about reboots or should look to the fanbase for any consistency.

          To me, perhaps the best reboot to date (Castlevania), was poorly received. Though I will agree that the lead character suffers the same problems that every lead character of every reboot is facing to date (He’s too badass, make him less badass to remove avatar empowerment and make the player relate to him. Bad move, bad idea, pisses off too many fans. And in castlevania’s case, it’s also missing a more powerful musical score, in the sense that it’s lacking something catchy as it seems to be one of the more consistent bit that makes fan more willing to admit into the ‘canon castlevania family’).
          In the case of DmC, the choice of music in some of their trailers, the interviews from the lead designer and the general look of Dante has provided various reasons to be… well, less then excited about this upcoming title.

          The gameplay still looks entertaining and certainly will be interesting. But everything else that’s being done seems to just be… generally disrespectful of the source material and of the fanbase, either that or they’ve just got a misunderstanding of what they’re dealing with.

          I’m leaning towards the latter having listened to the interviews. It just feels like the designer doesn’t understand what made DMC so popular in the first place and is weaving his own path to trying to put forth his own personal interpretation above everything else.

          It’s this little bit that’s got me, personally, not too thrilled about it. I won’t bash the gameplay videos to date though, it looks solid. But they’re really doing a number on the main character.

        • Testsubject909

          I’ll add this on a different post, since adding it to my already existing one will make it into quite a large wall of text and quite a mess. (not that these two individual posts aren’t a mess by themselves)

          On the subject of providing someone with something new and interesting, freshening up an old formula while not alienating a fanbase CAN be done.It simply requires more work, effort and care. To date, it’s hard to tell if they have the latter, and really… Only time will tell.But I can tell you that their choice of music, which basically defines the tone and the feel of a game, is jarring when placed with the high octane action combat that they’re aiming for.It’s… like listening to rap about banging your ho while you’re playing a fantasy RPG about saving the princess from an evil dragon. It’s highly mismatched and makes you worried about some of their artistic direction.

          Innovation is a hard path, there’s no denying that. And any change will always provide some dislike from the community. There’s also only so much you can add to an already existing system before it starts to become dated, old or recycled.That said, there are various minor details that they can keep to reduce the rejection from the gaming community. In Castlevania, it’s the music that they should’ve been worried about. Large booming classical orchestral ambiance music has never been something people emotionally connect to Castlevania, and thus despite all the homage and the care towards making it feel like a very classical Castlevania turned 3D, a lot of fans who would’ve easily been won over, felt like the whole thing was disjointed. Again, music and sound = emotion.

          In this case, we’re seeing an image problem. They can’t see this as Dante because it doesn’t look like Dante. It looks like a poser, and immediately it disgusts a lot of people. Any gameplay changes that they would’ve done could’ve been excused and thought of as just interesting innovation if they would’ve just maintained a proper image.That said, I blame the ego of the lead designer. As I’ve stated, it sounds seriously as though he’s just implementing his own idea of what’s hip and cool over a well known franchise. His video interview also provides a very creepy look-alike of the new Dante in the form of his own freaking self. It gives off the impression that he just wants to make himself cool and impose his own idea of what’s cool by defacing a well liked series and altering the main character into a literal physical representation of himself in a gaming world.

          It’s highly narcissistic and quite a turn-off.

          I will say though, in this trailer. They’ve got… better music, if you’ll call it that.

          But it’s highly repetitive, hopefully not the final product, and doesn’t really pump you up other then just watch something happen for a short five second burst rather then really pump you into a ‘I’m going to beat you up’ mentality.

          They’ve still a ways to go with their music.

        • KOKAYI5

          That’s true, all and all either it’s loved by the individual gamer or not. But if this is really what Dante will be from not on, this could be the end of the series and that’s what I hate to think of the most. I want very little changed about DMC series. Just more story parts and a return focus to Dante’s future.

    • runesong

      That’s not true, and that’s coming from one of the people who LOVED Final Fantasy XIII.  If the game looked awesome, I would be all for it.  I’m sure that’s the case with most people too.

      But messing with the lore to such an extreme degree and changing the feel of what people love about the protagonist is not the way to do a reboot for a series that frankly, did not require one.  Dante is an iconic character, and his charm is a large part of what people love about DMC.  This new Dante is, well, pretty far from charming.  If this was a new tale, with a new lead set in the same universe, I would have no objections.  But they are literally crapping one of gaming’s most love badasses.  

      I think that’s the people’s biggest beef.  No one was asking for a complete redesign of a popular character (who oddly is present in his original form in Marvel vs Capcom 3… and now Virgil as well!).  It simply does not make any sense.

      • KOKAYI5

        I agree. It’s EXTREMELY pop to hate FF13 and Nomura. Or even Sasuke from Naruto. But I love all those things and I love DMC games. But to me this isn’t Dante. It’s like a “what if Dante”. It seems like a surreal version of him. I’d rather have him the way he was just with MORE STORY segmants that’s all.

        • I don’t hate Sasuke because it’s Popular, I hate him because he’s a douche who’s barely straddling the line of no return. I LIKED Sasuke, but his motives, at this point, are stupid and unlikeable.

          • KOKAYI5

            I agree Sasuke has done some things that even a fan like me won’t want him back. I don’t blame people for calling him a douche any more. It’s a waste too. I really like him as a fan of badasses.

  • SoulEater98


    • Testsubject909

      The same thing they’ve done to all reboot characters to date if you haven’t noticed:

      Castlevania: Badass type until Hideo pops in, tells em he needs to be relatable, and suddenly we’ve got brooding depressed angry Belmont.

      Tomb Raider: Prior to being turned into Lara, the character for the game was meant to be gung-ho and up and at em, until the game turned into Tomb Raider and now she’s frail weak and gets hurt often.

      DmC: We had this badass half demon show-off take-no-prisoner take-it-easy I-don’t-give-a-damn-because-I-can-kill-you-with-a-motorcycle guy and since he’s too unrelatable… We’ve got this thing now.

      Reboots are all suffering under the idea that:

      If our character is a badass all the way through, the players won’t be able to relate to him. So let’s alter the character AS MUCH AS WE CAN! SURELY! that’ll make the fans happy and enable the to WUV! our character.
      That said. Bit off topic. Lara was never a character you could relate to and all the baggage from her past games will never enable me to feel sorry for any pain she deserves.


      Whoops. Almost forgot that little piece of diarrhea.

      Metroid: We’ve got this awesome bounty huntress, lead female character, one of THE iconic powerful woman of all of gaming history which has gained the respect and adulation of an entire generation of gamers… Let’s turn her into a whining girl who’ll go to the kitchen and cook you cookies while keeping an incessant lifeless chatter because she’s not given permission to put on her extra layer of armor that protects her from the heat of lava. Brilliant!

      • KOKAYI5

        I think a character with a lot of power can still be related to. People still love Superman and he’s like a demi-god in human form. It’s the personality and story that matters.

      • DMC and Castlevania have some very loving, vocal fanbases, as does Metroid, the greatest crime of them all on your list.  I think the general consensus on Tomb Raider games, though, is that they’ve never been particularly amazing and continue to kinda crawl downhill and make Lara into even more of a sex symbol than much else.  Granted, I’ve never played the things.  Almost nobody I know has, and those that have stopped after the original 2 or 3.

        The Tomb Raider reboot actually looks pretty badass to me, though, and the new Lara actually looks like a human being instead of a blow-up doll, so not a lot of people are complaining unless they were really partial to those F cups or whatever that she had.  :/

        But hey we’ll all forget all of these when they decide to reboot Zelda, and suddenly Link is a teenage girl who lost her pet cat (Zelda) and can’t stop lamenting it as Queen Ghoma comes out and has whiskers for some reason, triggering a lamentful monologue before a short but flawed as hell boss fight.

        • puchinri

          The Tomb Raider one is the weird one to me. I can’t say I cared for how much of a sex symbol Laura was, but she was strong and witty (to me, anyway). But now, she does come off as a frail, suffering little damsel. Even if I see her getting stuff done, her personality just feels so weak. (And I don’t think characters need to be weak and grow into being strong. It’s okay for them to just be strong and audacious.)

          • KOKAYI5

            The way I see it weakening a character to make them human is a bad idea. You should be able to see their human by the persona. The same happened with Aya Brea in Parasite Eve’s 3rd Birthday. A weak underdog is suddenly what everyone wants they think. But they ignore that we loved them long before this trend.

          • puchinri

            Agreed. The devs are overlooking what made the characters fun in the first place (and don’t realize what makes someone ‘relatable’).

      • puchinri

        Your post. It hit my very core. Painfully on point. 
        One day, I hope some folks in the industry stop, look back and realize and say, ‘wowww, we goofed. Lets not do that anymore.’

      • mikanko

        For Lara Croft I think the game designers thinking they’re doing her a favor.  They’re trying to tone down her sexuality and make her more human in an effort to come off as less sexist and to be taken more seriously.  Instead they’re doing the the opposite because they’re a handful of male game designers who don’t know how to conceptualize an independent female character.

        The ideas for the reboot itself aren’t too horrible.  The core gameplay of the series hasn’t exactly aged very well and it could use a fresh look if they don’t want the sales to continue to decrease with every title.  They could really just use some better creative writers and consultants, because I think they’re totally out to lunch with how their changes are coming across.

        but yeah, I mostly agree!

  • MrRobbyM

    I don’t really like the whole half angel half devil idea, but the gameplay trailer was amazing. The artistic direction and fluid gameplay sold me.

  • I understand it’s a reboot and they’re trying to target a more western audience somehow magically, and honestly I think DMC is pretty crap, but I know it has it’s fans, and it seems odd to do so much to your main character that it’s like you’re *trying* to get rid of your old fan base before pulling in the new one you only think is there.

    If some statements about Mega Man have proven anything, it’s that Capcom doesn’t know the west at all.  And this is what happens when they try to target it~  Lots of angry fans.  So many!

    ‘Course it doesn’t help that Ninja Theory’s last thing was received rather poorly.  The gameplay videos have looked interesting and at least Heavenly Sword proves these guys can pull a decent narrative, but whether I care for DMC’s original series or not my hopes for this are kinda low.

    Time will tell~ 

    • KOKAYI5

      Way too many companies try to target the west. Square made the same mistake. That’s why all RPGs from Japan star European characters with knights and queens. That’s why there’s no Tales or FF game staring a asian monk or ninja. There’s one with a samurai-ish type lead but his name is far from JPNese.

  • It looks like they have changed the face of the Dante, thank god. The new face looks much better, not junkie like the old one but still I don’t know what to think about this reboot.

  • Lol.. just lol. I can’t with this mess.

  • Damn Ninja Theory, where the futch is Nero !? It’s gettin’ better & better… DMC just needed more work on the scenario but no, Capcom doesn’t seem to understand that. Megaman & DMC, same battle… 

  • D.O.A simple as that.

  • Now that I think about it, A Half-Angel Half-Devil character would sound pretty cool.
    That is if didn’t have the the names “Devil May Cry” or “Dante” in it.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Eh. Holy Scythe on… Half angel…Dante? Whut?
    I’m completely open to playing this but for some reason, this trailer REALLY bores me. I don’t care of he’s not wise crackin’ like the Dante we know, but give us some personality- PLEASE Capcom.

  • eilegz

    wth its ninja theory doing… are they really trying to screw dmc, this its worse than what capcom did to dante in dmc2

  • The gameplay actually looks really fun though

  • Lesson 1: Don’t mess the game series with making reboots…You’re doing wrong Ninja Theory. And I can’t understand what Capcom wants to do these years? Well…not just these years, always! First they killed Dino Crisis franchise with a crappy game and several rail-shooters (well, let’s take that spin-offs but Dino Crisis 3 was an outrage). Then, you stop doing Onimusha games. Seriously, anyone remembers it now? They buried them deep so no one complains about why we cannot see any Onimusha games anymore. Then, they cancelled Megaman Legends 3 which for 3DS. Then this! Why are you rebooting DMC series Capcom? Seriously! When we talking about reboot, I have a vision that outdated and milked game series with too much bad sequels. If the game franchise become a mess, then OK, you gotta bury franchise or reboot it. For example (and a good one), Tomb Raider series. But come on, Devil May Cry series barely has a 10-year past. The first DMC was released for PS2 in 2001! It’s only 10 YEARS! And about crappy sequels, the only one was DMC2. DMC3 was great, nearly surpassed the first one, and DMC4 was OK. It’s like Naughty Dog saying that “Well f**** this, we’re so rebooting the Uncharted series. We must do this.” Oooh but no, not the creators of original franchise, no. It must be a Western company who makes 2 average games, so we can gain more Western gamers! Ninja Theory? Who are they? Did we know them before Heavenly Sword? No. Did we know Capcom? Well, yeah, about 20+ years? And altering Dante’s appearence? It’s like making Solid Snake a girl. Seriously, it’s the same thing! And now, they’re saying “This will be a prequel to DMC3”. No thanks.

    • SeventhEvening

      I agree with your points for the most part, but Onimusha was always meant to be a trilogy. Onimusha was already kind of butchered with that shitty SRPG on the advance and the sub-par-barely-related Dawn of Dreams was almost a travesty of this caliber, and that happened a while back.

      • No, my friend, that was not butchered the franchise. Butchering a franchise means Dino Crisis 3. Nothing else, and when I mean “butchering” literally, textbook mean. Dawn of Dreams was sort of dissapointment yes, but it didn’t deserve this fate (as franchise), neither DC.


    I want MML3 mostly for my little bro who love Mega (and I don’t have a DS). But that’s a whole other issue yall. This is DMC we’re talking about. The people making decisions about MML3 are likely other execs. 

    About Dante in DMC remember, they told Ninja Theory to make a Dante as far away from what he used to be and work him back to his former greatness. They want us to hate this so we’ll watch him become who he was.

    So all this might be a surreal dream or illusion placed on him that he has to fight thru to become his old self. Let’s bare with it. For now.

  • I find it hillarious how most people didn’t care about the story before but now they’re up in arms even though the gameplay still looks solid

    • KOKAYI5

      Not to undermine you but, I care about the story. In the first two games it was weak, no lie. But the 3rd and 4th were well done to me. I like an epic game with a nice mix of action and story. To many people think you have to trade one for the other. Think about LoTRs. There a MASSIVE story but they still put badass fights in it. And to me, that’s how 3 and 4 were.

      If I were Capcom I would told the creator to focus on story more and change nothing else.

      • SeventhEvening

        I would partially agree with you. I thought DMC3 was pretty much perfect. Great story, great characters, great gameplay, simply fun all around. I beat it on every difficulty level multiple times. DMC4? Not so much. Cool fights, but the story was fairly weak, the gameplay lacked the tightness of the third, Nero was more fun to play as, but he was weak in design (almost identical to Dante). I had trouble making it through the entire first playthrough because of the crap of being forced to play the entire game in reverse as the other character rather than go through new areas (also lazy design). 

        I’m not thrilled with this new DmC, which seems to have nothing in common with the old DmC, but I thought the series peaked with 3. I’ve really looked to Bayonetta to carry the torch. Just my two cents.

        • mikanko

          DMC4 has some nice replay if you’re just working on Dante stuff.  I really just like looking at how pretty the game is on my PC though, and Legendary Dark Knight mode is fun to mess with. 

          The game just suffers from a lot of lazy design.  Nero isn’t even that bad, but it hurts having to use him for what feels like 70% of the game when Dante isn’t quite so simplistic.  There is definitely enough potential there that a great game could be made with more effort and time spent.

          DMC3 and 1 are the more polished experiences overall.  In some ways I really don’t think any game, including NGs or Bayonettas, top how harmonious the action in 3 still feels.  Granted as with all opinions, mileage will vary.

  • game play looks fun no complaint here. I’ve played all of them i see no reason to complain, it’s like judging a person before you know them …please people come off it

  • While I thought the gameplay of DmC 4 felt too last gen.
    I think it needed a few small tweaks, such as getting a new camera system.
    While I’m willing to give weird or quite different reboots a chance almost everyone hates them with a passion.
    So the game quality has to be much higher than just any normal game.
    And if they mess  this up that bar will only be set higher.

    • KOKAYI5

      Do you think they’ll go back to how things were in 3 and 4 after this? Even if Ninja Theory’s version sells well?

  • epy

    This is for me like Tierkreis is for Suikoden. A game that is (in this case may be) good but is unrelated to a beloved franchise we all want to see a true sequel of. 

  • ZBaksh386

    Can anyone give me some proof to this claim.


    I agree with Epy. Maybe we should look at this as simply not Dante. But a character that’s all new. A story and world that’s all new. Maybe then it’ll be better recieved. Then again, that might be hard given the love for Dante’s way of life. Maybe it’ll come to pass that Ninja Theory will some some DMC games and the usual DMC group will do some and they’ll just be alternate version of each other.

  • XerosBeat

    This Dante is a whole new character with a different face, personality, and lineage. This is not DMC’s Dante at first glance, at all. Even though they name this Dante as DMC’s Dante, I still see a different person. lol

  • Hinataharem


    DANTE 1


  • -_- Half devil and half angel…….
    Yeah, continue to f$%# up a great character people.

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    It is so funny hearing people diplomatically say that “at lease the game itself looks like fun”. Seriously ? Compared to what ?!

    It looks vastly worse than GOW 3, Bayonetta and DMC 4 for a start ! It looks FAR worse than Alice which also runs on Unreal Engine !

    This Ninja Theory lowered the expectations so ridiculously much we should be happy “Edward” simply swings a blade !

    • glemtvapen

      Yes! That’s exactly what I thought! The video didn’t wow me in anyway at all. Bizarro Dante moves sluggish and lacks the visceral high-speed combat compared to previous action games. Also the games background felt pretty barren.

      • Gaara D.Dragon

        i know ! i mean look at Alice:Madness Returns. Gameplay aside that game is proper feast for the eye, just stunning.

        Here, we have a road and a room with walls.. and some boxes !

    • KOKAYI5

      I think it looks good because they seem to have at least tried to stay true to the DMC usual battle format.

  • Why do they this? :(

    • Learii

      because Ninja Theory suck =(

  • Does anyone else smell retcon? >_>

  • uhhh…. Is this theory only there because of that image of dante with a
    bunch of angels and the different colors of his weapons? Because if so,
    I believe that you did jump the gun a little bit when you posted this
    since dante had agni and rudra in Devil May Cry 3 (which is by far my
    favorite game) and one made red streaks the other made white/blueish I
    personally believe that his weapons are like that to try and appeal the
    the fans by reminding them of those old weapons or to simply entertain
    the eyes. If you can get me some legitimate proof that dante is indeed
    half angel half demon then I will change this opinion.

    • KOKAYI5

      I’ve been saying that. Dante steal weapons or forms new ones as he progresses. But then I looked around. There are shots of him with a bunch of angel women all over him.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    God or Demon? What am I? It’s time for me to choose my path!

    This guy has nothing on Gene! Angel and Demon? Psshh, Gene got god powers and was still human!

    Well considering the feedback this game is getting, I don’t think DmC Dante will get to choose a path (or maybe get canceled.)

  • NTyron52

    They finally showed us some gameplay footage unlike that last trailer. It looks decent for a DMC game. But it still doesn’t look like what I expected, the camera seems to be a problem because it reminds me of DMC2, I hope it won’t be like that… I really hope they would show us some real gameplay footage though, I really don’t like when developers make a trailer with some thrown-together scenes to make it look “cool”.

    I don’t think the graphics look that bad, the environment looks good because the design of this city, the enemies on the other hand sounds kinda underwhelming. And as far as I’m concerned, this game is supposed to be an origin story and not a reboot…

    Edit: The game also seem not have 60fps animation, unlike the previous games. Another problem I have with this game.

  • Lich King

    Well Ninja Theory….turns out your Theory sucks ass after all….maybe you should change your company’s name, eh? how about “Ninja Sucks”. Yeah, that sounds better. 


    Here’s more on my theory that this is all a illusion that Dante has to break out of: In the trailer showed at this year’s E3 words like “truth”, “lie”, “illusion”, and “don’t accept” show up often.

    Also, for people saying that the character’s looks and personality don’t matter compared to gameplay, I call bullshit on that. Story and personality matter. Maybe it’s ’cause I usually play RPGs that I feel that way, but that’s true to me.

    • puchinri

      I agree entirely. If your game has an actual PC, as in a real character, they already give you a lot to relate to (even in fighting games, etc). And people keep up with game stories more than they think. 

      Then again, I think story and character are always relevant. (As well as the quirks and charms unique to a game/series.)

      • KOKAYI5

        Simply put, if it’s in the game it matter. The music matters too. People need to understand that saying only gameplay matters is just as shallow as saying only graphics matter. Everything matters. You can say what you care about MOST but it ALL matters.

        • puchinri

          Completely agreed. Music especially always matters to me, and for a series like DMC, anyone pretending the music doesn’t matter is in denial. That’s a good point though, it is just as shallow as the ‘only graphics matter’ thing. I hope more people come to realize this.


    Heh, what if the director is sitting in a bar drinking and Capcom comes and begs him to come back.
    Capcom Exec: Come on! Come back! Do you want us to say we’re wrong?
    Hideaki Itsuno: …*drinks on*
    Capcom Exec: OK! OK~! We admit it! We were wrong! Now come back.
    Itsuno: …
    Capcom Exec: We’ll pay you triple!
    Itsuno: … Bartender, another.
    Capcom Exec: Jesus man! What else do you want?
    Itsuno: I’ll come back. But not for you. But to clean up the masterpiece that was once mine and for love of the game.

    Then when he comes back.
    Hideaki Itsuno: Lemme see what you all have so far.
    *plays a demo*
    *tosses the controller asside* 
    Hideaki Itsuno: I can work with this.
    *Capcom Exec creams himself*

    • puchinri

      At this point in time, the brilliant thing for them to do would to bring back Kamiya. (If this meant to be a ‘reboot’ anyway. And regardless.)

      • KOKAYI5

        I see your point, but I would like to see him and the group from the last two games together. I really like Dante but I like him best in 3 and 4. In 2 the story was EXTREMELY small.

        • puchinri

          That would be the best thing ever. Three is definitely my fav, but I think Kamiya really helped instill what was cool about Dante and his character and what essentially made the game good. (And playing Bayonetta, or even just watching gameplay), shows he still uses those bits of style, etc.

          I’m kind of hoping that Kamiya and the team for 3 and 4 get together and just make a new game/series that’s close enough and with everything we love (but distinct, of course).

          • KOKAYI5

            Maybe they make an action/RPG. I don’t know why they haven’t.

          • puchinri

            That would be awesome~.

      • mikanko

        I believe Kamiya has said he’d have no interest in working on the series again, and this was before Cambridge Theory got their prissy English mitts on him.* 

        *no offense meant to our allies in the UK

        • puchinri

          Ahh, I can’t blame him I guess, but that is quite disappointing. ;u;
          (Wait, what happened there though? lol x’D)

          • mikanko

            what happened where? ‘ . ‘

            I don’t recall when he said it, as I’m sure whenever a new DMC came out some reporter probably came calling and asked him what he thought of it and would he want to work on it again.  He probably wanted to make the first sequel way back when, but when they didn’t put him on it he learned to deal with it, and just moved on.  As much as we all like DMC3, and I’d guess he has a lot more respect for it than this current one, I doubt he still sees it as his.

            This is really the first game where he’s said he didn’t like where the series has gone.  I remember he even said he thinks smoking is a cheap design cop out in pursuit of coolness, and it was a conscious decision he intentionally avoided in DMC1. 

            As for “Cambridge” Theory I am just poking fun at the Brits making -this- game.

          • puchinri

            W/Cambridge theory (which I now get, lol).

            I do remember him mentioning something on his blog? Or elsewhere? But yeah, indeed. And I don’t blame him for that. Very understandable.

            Ohhh, I remember that as well! And it was what made me appreciate Kamiya and Dante more. And why I tilted my head and looked quizzical when this one was shown to smoke (huge case of did not do the research).

    • mikanko

      Unfortunately he’s too busy with Dragon’s Dogma and Capcom is happy keeping him there.  Giving DmC a redesign and new canon was a conscious decision by a Capcom exec somewhere down the line.  They are still getting what they asked for and probably not going to change their minds till they see bad sales.

      We can just hope this game under performs, but doesn’t destroy the franchise, and Capcom will give it back to him in a couple years. =/

  • puchinri


    Okay. So after looking around a bit… Apparently they redesigned him? But he just looks less emo and still generic as all… Unholiness. And the whole ‘omg, angel and devil thing!’ is so overdone.

    This game is becoming the Twilight of the DmC-verse.

    It’s a shame that I just don’t like this, because the backgrounds are quite lovely. They couldn’t save those for a different game and put something ugly and fittingly generic in this game? No? Oh. Well, eh.

    And that picture of whoever this kid is with all the angels feels like a desperate attempt at, “lol, look how badass he is with these stripperific angels, herplolderp!”. Mmmhm. Yeah. He’s so badass.

    • KOKAYI5

      He does look less depressing now. But the hair still bland.
      And the angels all over him was trying too hard.
      Dante likes to flirt but he’s still suppose to have some class.
      He’s suppose to be “your cool party animal friend at the bar” not the sleaze-bag with commitment issues.

      • puchinri

        Yeah. He kinda just looks bland and generic now. I don’t know which is worse…
        And yeah, that was my thinking exactly. He oozed sex appeal and never hesitated to flirt, but he had priorities, the flirting came with his snark and wit, and he did have some class.
        Oh man… I feel more depressed now. ;u;

        • KOKAYI5

          That was my only complaint about Bayonetta too. She such a badass but there was way too much dominatrix themes in the game for me. Other wise I’d love for her and Dante to team up and do a game together. Like you can play the game once as Dante as he is after game 4 and Bayonetta after the first game after she knows her past.

          • puchinri

            Hehe, I did like some of the sex appeal (and I guess, what would be considered dominatrix themes), but some of it did get too over the top. (She was still classier than a particular character and others coming out now that I think of though.)

            They are a popular pair to team up in fandom, so having a game with them just running around being badasses would probably do… Very, very well. It probably wouldn’t even need a solid story. Just good gameplay, awesome music, look good and have plenty of love and care put into it. 

  • SeventhEvening

    Alright….I wasn’t on board with the initial hate of the re-design, but if you’re going to go ahead and change every single aspect of a game, why do you bother calling it Devil May Cry? Dante looks completely different, has a new, completely different backstory, all the enemies look different. Aside from having similar gameplay and the same names, there is no DMC left anymore.

    • KOKAYI5

      I think this time it’s not a fad to hate something. People are serious.

  • mikanko

    Guys, I think I figured it out.  If he’s half demonic and half celestial in this Bizarro DmC world I think it goes something like:

    Chibi shoulder sitting Devil Dante “Lets play guitar! Don’t blink!  Chicks dig me.  Lets juggle enemies with our guns.  Wanna dance? Let’s rock! Maybe if you twirl this sword real fast we’ll make some fire.  Hahah! Do you have any more pixie stix? Jackpot!”

    Shoulder Angel Dante (AKA Cambridge Theory Dante) “Oh, it’s 4 hours past noon, time for tea.  Remember your manners and please try to use your correct spoon this time.  Oh bother, looks like those marionettes want to fight again.  Drat. Well then, tally ho.”

    The Dante we’re left with, “I need a smoke before I cut myself and cry in a corner.”

  • kupomogli

    The only thing that could get even more lame is if the ending of the game turns out to be Dante waking up, looking like his old self, and being like.  Man.  What a terrible dream.  If I buy the game and that happens to be the ending(or something similar,) after all this garbage, I’d would eject it from my PS3 and toss it out my front door like a frisbee.

    The new changes are getting a bit ridiculous now.


    I hope that it will be a good game because if it isn’t this might spell the end of the series. I’ve seen it happen before like this. Where a reinventing goes wrong and they and the industry shuns the would concept to duck losing further profit.

    • MPHavoc

      Or they just sweep it under the rug like they did DMC2.  It’s not like one bad game in the franchise ever stopped Capcom before(Megaman X6 and 7). Sadly, it’s Ninja Theory being set up to take the fall should the game fail to meet expectations. Especially since people already seem fully prepared to blame NT for this perceived travesty while only slightly admonishing Capcom(despite the fact they’re just as ‘guilty’). The fact that it’s now perfectly clear that this is an alternate Dante rather than him at an earlier age in established canon, only gives Capcom an even better alibi to escape responsibility.

      In other words, Capcom will get off blameless and just continue on with the next true installment with DMC and pretend they were never associated with NT; fans will follow suit. It’s sad, really.

      It was the same with MercurySteam’s Castlevania: whether it succeeded or not, it wouldn’t affect Konami’s reputation with the canon series and the fanbase would just shun MS for its failure.

      That’s the actual mentality of fanboys/girls in these matters. At least, from what I’ve seen.

      • mikanko

        I don’t know about NT being singled out. Capcom gets plenty of hate here too, possibly more.

        I do think people will forgive both companies faults should a DMC5 with the previous team working on it get released sometime down the road. People don’t care about DMC2 anymore, but only because DMC3 came out afterwards.

  • neogeno


    Seriously. At this point, it really shouldn’t even be called Devil May Cry anymore.

  • Little Nicky: The game

  • J Beagle

    A half-demon half-angel. Wow. That’s so original. It’s not as though half-a-million fanfic writers haven’t done the same thing for over ten years now. 

    I’m gonna go cry now, kay?

    • KOKAYI5

      JMC:J. Beagle May Cry

  • Ian

    IDK about this looks like bad dream to me -_-
    why dante smoking now? sparda U may cry now

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Allô, I’m Danté,

    I was smoking my cigarette at Café de Paris when some dummies appeared, i kicked their behind so i could enjoy some good French wine…

    ooh oui ! Je m’appelle Danté !

  • I’m sure someone already brought this up, but didn’t the old DMC games (especially 4) beat us over the head in saying that the devils and angels were the same thing?  It’d be like saying “I’m half-human, half-human”.

  • thebanditking

    Still filing this game in the “meh” folder. I just don’t think its the right direction to take the series, hopefully this is just a movie tie in like it has been rumored to be.

  • I have a question. Source? Where exactly is this “new information” from? I saw his weapon change into a chainsaw in that video, too. Is he also part lumberjack?

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    My opinion is that this game suffers from the biggest gaming disease this generation: the “water down the game & sell out in order to appeal to the western audience disease”.

    Don’t forget Kojima warned us, with a Hideo Kojima warning !

  • Capcom has just lost it…

  • I would’ve been OK if they have just decided to keep Dante as half devil and half human. Seriously? Half Angel now? I suppose from his mom? Then what’s the point of living in the human world? 

  • and what the heck?! I suppose he has an Angel trigger? It’s so lame and boring. Why must add heaven to all of this. So tired of it. Add hell, darn itt! That’s the point – the world he lives in is no different than the underworld. I don’t care about heaven, I care about hell lol (ironic coming from a devout Christian!)

  • Ive never played DMC for Dante himself, though I did like him as a character. But as long as this has the awesome gameplay like DMC4, Bayonetta, P*’s Anarchy Reigns then that’s enough to sell me. I love the combo style games.

  • So, is this Angel May Cry, now?

  • Blackhowling

    I just say screw this damn game. First they make him a complete and utter emo, and now half angel too? I mean what’s next? He’s gonna be bi and vergil’s gonna be his new lover?

  • there is a meaning of calling the game  devil may cry not angel 
    damn u ninja theory u are the worst company ever listen to the fans please 

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