Keiji Inafune Designing Amusement Park For Idea Factory Romance Game

By Spencer . August 16, 2011 . 9:31pm


Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune doesn’t just make cameos in Idea Factory games. He’s working with them too. Famitsu revealed Bakudan Handan (Bomb Judgment), an upcoming romance adventure game which Inafune is helping create.


Bakudan Handan takes place in an amusement park where there’s a bomb scare from a mascot character. While you’re solving the mystery, players will also meet charming men to fall for.


Just like Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2, Inafune makes a cameo as himself in this title too. He gives the protagonist advice as your uncle. In addition to guiding players, Inafune is producing the amusement park, which will have video game references.


Bakudan Handan is slated for release on PSP next year.

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  • ragnarok989

    Interesting concept…I’d play it if it was interesting women to fall for…

    • puchinri

      Maybe one of the men is a reverse trap? I’d rather is Naoto made an appearance than Inafune, to be honest.

    • JustaGenericUser

      Yeah. I figured it was an otome game based on the picture but it’s still disappointing.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Why I am I expecting him to be that ‘dirty’ uncle who wants to be more than your uncle…from the description I’m guessing ‘you’ are a young female.

    It takes real balls to make fun of yourself in public to the extent this man has!

  • Inafune just gets crazier and crazier these days…

  • Nothing says romance like a bomb at an amusement park.

    “Look! Fireworks. How romantic…”
    “Uhh, that’s actually a mushroom cloud.”

    • I LOL’d at this XD

    • mikanko

      I am strangely reminded of My Sassy Girl.

      • Loved that movie.

        • mikanko

          Likewise =)

          It was a good strange reminding.

    • Guest

      I got a park full of people saying you threatened that mascot.

        I was not threatening him. I was just trying to get a date

      You were acting like a maniac and you threatened him with a bomb.


      No, I said I didn’t have a bomb.


      But you said bomb.


      I said, “It’s not like you’re the bomb”.


      You said “Bomb” at an amusement park.


      What’s wrong with saying ‘Bomb’ at an amusement park?


      You can’t say ‘Bomb’ at an amusement park!


      Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb. You gonna arrest me? Bomb bomb bomb bomb! During the war I was a BOMBadier!

      You assaulted an amusement park mascot and I oughta put you away for years!

  • z_merquise

    So a mascot is carrying a bomb in a theme park? I have a feeling Pedobear is the main villain here.

    I think I mentioned this before in a Neptunia article, but I think it’s cool that Inafune is lending a helping hand to smaller developers like Idea Factory. I do wonder though when would we see a new game from his company. What I mean are games meant for game consoles or portables not just mobile games.

  • puchinri


    More importantly, why is he still called the creator of Mega Man? Lol.

    I’ll be interested in this when we see the love interests though.
    Kinda odd that he always makes cameos everywhere though. ouo;

  • dahuuuundge

    These aren’t the type of games I expect Inafune to be involve in. Where’s the western appeal?

    • d19xx

      Maybe there’s a bald space marine somewhere and a fps segment…

      • Guest

        yeah you fall in love with one but then have to shoot up the whole place

    • I think Inafune is more interested in any developer who has a passion for and loves video games, instead of focusing only on the bottom line. This gives creative freedom, etc.

      That is what western developers have shown more this generation than the usual folks from Japan, thus his shift to making both his own company and helping out smaller devs who are in the industry because they love it! Of course, any company needs to profit to survive, and getting Inafune’s involvement is a good way for smaller devs to get one more marketing angle.

  • Wait… Do you fall for the men, or do the men fall for you?

  • Crimson_Cloud

    ”Score yourself a hot stud!”  should be added to the tittle of this game. ;)

  • Göran Isacson

    Is that image up there supposed to be Inafune? Because… huh. That looks a great deal prettier than Inafune really is.

    Still, nice to see he has work and is expanding his horizons. Gotta say I’m wondering what his contribution is going to be. Story writer? Game designer? Just a name they can attach to the project to drum up publicity?

  • Kai2591

    lol Keiji is doing lots of fun things nowadays.

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