Meet Finn And Erline, Sorcery’s Protagonist And Magical Talking Cat

By Ishaan . April 24, 2012 . 5:01pm

PlayStation Move game, Sorcery, will be released on May 22nd in North America. Today, Sony released a story trailer for the game. In Sorcery, you play as Finn, who accidentally lets the Nightmare Queen into the human world and sets out with his master’s magical cat, Erline, to stop her. Take a look at it below:



Sorcery has come a long way since its initial reveal in 2010, with a graphical overhaul being one of the changes made along the way. This is what the game looked like back then.

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  • ShadowWolf

    there needs to be a game with a talking cat, maybe voiced by Steve Blum, who is ornery, swears, and maybe addicted to cat nip (for jokes), for humorous results.

    • Nyandroid

      I LOVE this idea! Let it be DONE! <3

      Also. I want this game. For the cat, I want this game. But I don't have playstation move. :(

  • James Beatty

    that looks…worse than expected. The running animations looks a bit odd and the gameplay looks kind of boring. I don’t know, i guess i should wait and see how it turns out

    • drproton

      Yeah, when I first saw it two years ago it seemed like what an action adventure game on the Wii should have been before motion+ games started rolling out.

      Now I’m afraid it’s just looking like yet another hallway of motion control gimmicks that give you an illusory sense of control.  I hope I’m wrong.

      Maybe that’s just cynicism from seeing the promises motion control games have failed to keep over the past generation.  Skyward Sword was a notable exception; so it’s not impossible for it to be good.

      • James Beatty

        Skyward sword has probably the most “fun” controls in a video game to date imho. Other than some issues here and there the controls where nearly flawless. I got interested in this game when i heard it was sony’s answer to skyward sword, this trailer made me lose all interest. 

  • shion16

    Uhhhhhh…………..Sorcery Time?

  • I hope I wasn’t the only one who thought of Kyubey from Madoka when I saw the cat 

    • Ohhh Kyubey, you grew up so fast…

    • ZomaNeko

      It was the first thing that came to my mind.  Now I’m going to be suspicious of the Cat holding all kinds of secrets x:

  • Is the cat useful or we’re just escorting her?
    Anyway, animal sidekick is awesome or main character is awesome, we need more of those.
    Preferably wolf type.

  • Erline the Cat
    And Finn the Human

    • Thank you for that, it made my day.

  • Göran Isacson

    Man that was one talky trailer… and the wizard having a posh British accent when everyone else speaks Standard American or whatever you call it is just weird. Still, it could be fun as long as the controls work right- the numerous spells DID rise my interest. I just hope we get the opportunity to experiment with them and that it’s not just “you can only do this spell here and with these motions”. Give us freedom, and give us fun!

  • Hahahah, I thought this game was about Adventure Time when I read the headline!

  • You had me at “talking cat.”

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