Extended Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Trailer Shows Tatsuya’s Extra Scenario

By Spencer . April 25, 2012 . 11:53am

On top of cut-in animations and a remixed soundtrack, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment has a new scenario that explains what happened to Persona 2: Innocent Sin silent lead Tatsuya Suou between the two games. It looks like his quest brings him back to… Club Zodiac?


Players control the always positive Maya Amano in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment who is investigating a serial killer known as the JOKER. Kei Nanjo from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona can be recruited as a playable character in Eternal Punishment. He isn’t the only returning character either…


Persona 2: Eternal Punishment comes out on May 17 in Japan.

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  • DHInc

    This game looks awesome hopefully gets an EU release after it has hopefully been localised of course.

  • Peersona twoh: BUTTSS!

    this game looks more interesting then the first one 

  • Airidas K

    I hope to see this on PSN(because I only have PS vita) I am looking forward to american and european versions announcements,btw epic piano part

  • I want that Knights of the Holy Lance arrange. Game looks cool too.

  • LynxAmali

    Here I was hoping they wouldn’t make Maya silent. But I guess it had to be done.


    That was one of the things I hated from Innocent Sin to EP is the fact that Maya, someone who was never a mute, suddenly became a silent protag. Killed the immersion for me.

    • Barrylocke89

      I feel you there. After seeing how happy and positive she is in Innocent Sin, it’s really weird seeing Maya become the silent protag. Tatsuya was the cool lone wolf type, so it worked a little better for him.

  • Blesmi

    Man, and to think all these years I thought her name was Ulala! I have been misled!

  • darkfox1

    Oh then all the characters can change personas eh? I find that cool because only the main chars in P3/P4 can do that. Cool everyone’s special now :D

    • yes he dosen’t but some how he you can give him other personas… actually everyone i in P2 can have many personas (not sure about p1)

      • Barrylocke89

        The same is true in Persona 1, although everyone (including the MC) had arcanas that they couldn’t use due to incompatability. Really the main thing that makes the protags in P1 and 2 different from the rest of the party is that you choose how they level up.

    • Zertan

      Actually all the party members are wild card users. Just no Main Fool Arcane.

      • Gyro Zeppeli

         There was no Wild Card in P1 and P2. They were just… able to switch personas. It was a nice thing. A nice thing that shouldn’t have been removed.

        • Zertan

          It’s been always suggested that switching personas is the Wild Card Ability.

    • ShadowWolf

       in Persona 1 and both of Persona 2, all the party members could change personas and summon them any time, any where (no dark hour or tv world restrictions), all of them could also enter the velvet room and talk to Igor as well (in fact, in Eternal Punishment, there is a scene that automatically takes the party to the velvet room, won’t say why as its spoilers)

  • Zertan

    I’m worrying that this game might not have a localization due to it being on the PSP. but then again they could try to get it on the PSN and have it on the Vita as well.

    • vileBrenman

       i’m not worried atlus likes to make games for dieing console infact they made some psp games recently. Forgot the title i think it’s a game called gungir or something

  • It looks AWESOME.

  • JazzWithAttitude


  • vileBrenman

    oh yeah now that’s how persona should be. so smexy. i love p2 it’s one of the best in the series next to p3. although i’m pretty excited for p4 golden. I hope p5 has p2’s battle system and p3’s social system. I miss contacting demons. i like the whole shadow thing but i want persona the lean back to it’s smt roots

  • since when kei nanjou become a badass dude?

  •  Wait a minute…Eternal Punishment for PSP is a sequel of Innocent Sin for PS1?

    • LynxAmali


      Innocent Sin had a remake for the PSP.

      This is a PSP remake of Eternal Punishment.

      Both games were originally on the PS1 though.

      •  Thanks for clarifying this. I never knew there were 2 games of Persona 2 on the ps1. Kinda interesting.

  • Dantis

    So hyped for this. Much more so than The Golden, and probably about as much as P4U.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Man, as much as I like Takehito Koyasu, he really was horribly miscast in this game.

  • Zeidge

    Dat EX Final Battle Remix. Want it even more now.

  • i like persona 2 story better than persona 3 and 4 story though must admit the gameplay simply outdated would be nice if they can adopt persona 3 or 4 gameplay :p



      Faceplam would be an understatement…

      Facesmash  is more like it..

  • alright! time to star spamming Ghostlight to do a release of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment!

  • Sorry, is it Urara or Ulala?

    And did I saw Tatsuya…….. being given a hand job by whtever tht is??

  • fix the gameplay

    and that is it, SUPERB GAME! 

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