How PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Is Different From Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . April 27, 2012 . 11:32am

Last night, Sony revealed PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, a crossover fighting game featuring Sony’s portfolio of characters—and unnamed characters from other publishers as well—for the PlayStation 3. At first glance, All Stars looks very similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series of games, but in a recent episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Sony tried to highlight the differences between the two.


Lead combat designer, Paul Edwards, says that, for starters, PlayStation All-Stars doesn’t involve you knocking people off the stage like in Smash Bros. There are no life bars either. Instead, the only way to kill someone is to hit them with a Super attack. Supers can be used at the cost of a Super metre, which is built up by landing normal attacks with the Square, Triangle, and Circle buttons.


There are three levels of Super metre, and each subsequent level is more powerful than the one before it. For example, level 1 Supers are usually only capable of killing a single opponent. Level 2 Supers may be able to kill two opponents, and level 3 Supers three opponents. That having been said, advanced players will be able to learn to do more with less, and eventually kill multiple opponents using just a level 1 Super. More novice players, however, might require level 3 supers to achieve the same results.


Also, at the start of a match in PlayStation All-Stars, players will be able to move freely around the stage before the match actually kicks off, giving them the ability to position their characters in advance. Positioning, Edwards says, is an important part of the game’s combat system. Additionally, wind conditions also have a bearing on fights. The end goal, of course, is to kill as many opponents as many times as you can. Being killed yourself results in negative points, so trying to stay alive as much as possible is part of the goal, too.


Each stage in PlayStation All-Stars is a mash-up of different Sony worlds. For example, the Hades (God of War) stage sees Hades’ world being invaded by Patapon, and you’ll be able to see the two at war with each other in the background. Patapon spears will also occasionally rain onto the stage itself. Other nods to Sony franchises come in the form of items. For example, one of the shield items you can pick up in the game is the shield from the Wipeout series, and the Hedgehog Grenade from the Resistance games is present, too.


It would appear PlayStation All-Stars is rather closely tied with God of War in particular. Sony’s Santa Monica studio, which develops the God of War series, were involved with the title in its early stages and helped developer, SuperBot, with ideas. Additionally, Kratos himself is described as being a well-rounded character that SuperBot expect novice players will gravitate toward.

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  • riceisnice

    Just remember. Withhold judgement until the game comes out. No matter how tempting it may seem.

  • MrKappa

    This is like the bootleg version of SSB, I can’t imagine that anyone would want to play these characters over people like Mario, Link and all the other Nintendo greats.

    The game looks and sounds fun though but the characters are just… ugh.

    • aoihana

      In the case of SSB, I think people love it so much because they can play as their favorite Nintendo characters, and pit them against each other in otherwise impossible situations. It’s damn fun, too.

      Likewise, with Sony’s take, I think a lot of people would love to pit Kratos against Fat Princess, and other ridiculous match-ups.

      So, although you may find these characters as ugh, I’m sure many people feel the contrary. (◕‿◕✿)

      • lordroto

        It’s not just about the characters though, It’s also about the gameplay, and weather it be Melee or Brawl, the gameplay is refined to a delicate degree. It’s more than enjoying playing as your favorite characters, it’s that satisfaction of playing as your favorite characters. There’s a certain smoothness that PASBR doesn’t capture in any of the footage shown

    • Why not both? There’s no rule that says you can’t enjoy both.

    • This does sound like a great game. I like how there are supers, because it feels more like a traditional fighting game. But at the same time, I kind of agree with you about the roster.

      I’m sure someone does like the characters. But I might pass if someone interesting to me doesn’t get announced. :X

      • raymk

        Honestly if you have a PS3 there’s almost no reason not to get it, well besides money issues.

        • aoihana

          I don’t think money is the issue here, but the overall appeal. I don’t know about you, or anyone else for that matter, but personally, I buy games that I’m interested in, and the characters play a large role.

          In the case of a game like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, where its characters are the appeal, if it fails to include characters of interest, then I, personally, wouldn’t buy it.

          Honestly if you have a PS3 there’s almost no reason not to get it…

          Using your logic, my current 3DS library would be 10 times larger, but it’s not because I don’t buy into a game just because I own the system. 

          Like I said below, it’s an interesting game, and a lot of people’s favorite characters will most definitely be included, but in the case of @JustThisOne:disqus , and other people, I’m sure, that interesting character has yet to be announced. 

          Of course, the roster and features will only grow with time, so likewise, opinions will, too. (◕‿◕✿)

        • lordroto

          I don’t know how you can say that. Characters aside, the game looks like ass. Calling it a SSB ripoff is giving it too much credit. Now calling it a ripoff in the same vain as like, Cartoon Network’s Punchtime Explosion, or that TMNT Fighter. Yeah, that works. The gameplay if you payed attention, Looks very bland.

          Honestly if you defend this, you’ll buy anything sony craps out, reguardless of money issues.

        • puchinri

          My reason would be I’m looking forward to a different fighter, as well as money (simply the fact that money going to any game means less for other games). 

          The roster will certainly make or break this for me. I think they should really consider going much further back for first and third party characters and get as zany as possible. 

    • raymk

      How about the people with only a ps3?  Also why do people have to play something over something when ssbb is already out?  I have a wii and ps3 and ssbb and I don’t have to play anything over the other I have 3 systems for a reason.

    • puchinri

      I have seen people that say they don’t buy Nintendo consoles for the first party titles/characters, so I imagine there are some people like that. I just can’t imagine how they’d find most of these characters more charming or nostalgic.

  • Selaphiel

    Does anyone have a list of the already announced playable characters?

    • SirRichard

      We’ve seen six; Parappa (of Parappa the Rapper), Sly Cooper (of, well, Sly Cooper), Fat Princess (from that PSN game of the same name), Kratos (God of War), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) and Colonel Radec (Killzone). Included the game names in case you don’t recognise anyone!

    • Sam

      Kratos (God Of War)
      Radec (Killzone)
      Sly (Sly Cooper)
      Parappa (Of the Rapper Variety)
      Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
      Fat Princess

  • So, the game revolves around gaining meter for the whole purpose of landing supers?

    This is already kusoge.

  • Ohhhh, was this the game that they got to play in the Tester Season 3?

  • SirRichard

    “and unnamed characters from other publishers as well”

    At last, I can answer the question that has bothered me for years; who would win, Dante or Kratos?

    I’m liking what we’ve seen, so far; the mash-up stages are a cool idea and there’s something oddly hilarious about Colonel Radec getting slapped around by a fat princess, but the rest of the roster is going to be what sells it in the end.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Hades vs. Patapon?
    Greatest Idea Ever.

  • Suicunesol

    I thought that might be the case… I noticed in the previous footage that it was a closed stage. 

    This system could probably work, however. As for whether it’s more fun than knocking your opponent off a stage with all of those awesome ricochet mechanics… I don’t know…

  • You can only kill with supers? I’m going to have to play it myself to fully get used to that concept. I hope they release a demo at some point.

    • It sounds a bit like Dissidia to me in that sense, if you’ve played either of the Dissidia games. You have your Bravery attacks to build up damage and then HP attacks to actually deal damage.

      • Ah, okay, that makes sense now. Alright, well then, considering how much I love Dissidia, I’ll have to keep my eye on this game.

        Thanks for clearing that up for me! ^_^

  • James Beatty

    Difference: One is made by sakurai and the other one is not. From the video i have seen it looks pretty much exactly the same and i’m sure this is sony’s intention. I don’t see it selling nearly as well though since Sony doesn’t have the big franchises Nintendo is known for. It might be good though, it is copying a good game

    • puchinri

      Admittedly, Sakurai helps sell me on SSB. And the Dojo (I hope it makes it return, it’d be a shame if we got to see it here only one time).

      Because it does look like blatant copy, and feels intentional, is why I didn’t mind calling it a rip-off. I’m just curious/worried about how they can make it work while trying to distinguish it.

      • HeatPhoenix

        DOJO was a liquid Hype-o-gen MACHINE.
        Made me wet my 12 year old bottoms more than once, I’ll have you know.

        • puchinri

          Seriously~! I would spend so much time on it and just getting excited over updates. 

  • Paradox me

    ..level 1 Supers are only capable of killing a single opponent.

    ..advanced players will be able to learn to do more with less, and eventually kill multiple opponents using just a level 1 Super.

    Has my reading comprehension taken a nosedive or does this not make much sense?

    • Perhaps a better way to put it is that “normally” you can only expect to kill a single person with level 1 supers. But as you get better, you learn to take more people out with lower level supers, whereas novice players would still require a higher level super to achieve that same goal.

      • Evan Groman

        I mean, saying “ONLY CAPABLE OF KILLING A SINGLE OPPONENT” is a bit straightforward and objective. Saying they’re usually used for a single person, etc, fair enough. But “only capable” is a very logically definite phrase.

        • OK, fixed. I added “usually” to that sentence to make it clearer. :)

  • Strain42

    Ohhhhh, okay. I get it. So what they are telling us, is that it’s NOT like Super Smash Brothers…because it’s actually much worse. I am so glad that they cleared this up for us.

    In all seriousness though, I’m pretty excited for this game. I think it’ll be fun, which is the number one thing I go for in video games. I don’t mind at all that it’s like SSB because SSB is a good series.

    The game looks fun so far, I like the characters we’ve seen, and I look forward to seeing more announcements.

  • raymk

    I’m telling you people if they throw in cloud and sephiroth it’ll sell very well for them alone.  People are forgetting that they have some characters that can sell a game and being that its like smash with 4 player off-line and online they can’t fail in sells.

    If we throw in legend of dragoon it has buy power as well(though many don’t think it does cause its so old but that’s what make it have draw power).  Maybe throw in selvaria for VC1 and kat from gravity daze and you have the japanese gamers as well.

    • MrKappa

      The thing is though Sony has no interesting characters of their own that work for this kind of game. It may just end up a game for guest characters if Capcom, Sega, Konami, Square Enix and/or Namco Bandai characters get in. That will end up being the real drawing power. Which is kind of sad.

      • raymk

        Maybe but I don’t really care for most of sony characters either and at the end of the day I really just wanna have more characters from other series I like.  It may be sad but as long as they deliver on the characters I doubt people will care. 

  • Give me Kat from Gravity Rush, and I’ll be happy. 

    • raymk

      Yes finally how people aren’t requesting her is weird to me :0.  She will most def interest japan gamers as well seeing as most of the first party games are western made.

      • It’s because the game hasn’t came out worldwide, once it does more gamers will see how awesome she is. I just want her because I played through the game a few times, and more recently, the DLC packs. She’s a badass lol

        • GreekGod88

          really how is the game?
          How many hours did you need to beat the story ?
          Is there some kind of rpg lving mechanic?
          How is the combat?

          • It’s great I reviewed it for my site a couple months ago and gave it a 10/10. I also did an afterthoughts article, and reviewed the three DLC packs. If you want to read them you can just click on my name and it’ll take you to my site. And then just search for Gravity Daze.

            But about your questions, the game is wonderful, about 17 hours, yes you can level up Kat’s abilities by collecting gems, and the combat is great, you can lock on to enemies, unleash special moves, and throw objects at them. There are a few different types of Nevi so you have to use different tactics. And sometimes you can’t even use gravity.

            Also there are a ton of boss battles. Overall it’s easily the best PS Vita game to date, and a must own.

          • GreekGod88

            Wow 17 hours longer then i expected 
            the other things sound great too
            thx a lot :)

  • Vyrus

    If that’s the case; then, all you need is mashing buttons and use the super when it’s filled all the way up. I think this is a screw up since you won’t be needing skills like those of Smash Bros. that created the competitive battles on the games.

    • Muggshotter

      Mashing buttons = Land normal attacks on people who know how to control space.


    •  Well you also have to actually HIT them with the super, and not get hit by one yourself.

      Probably will have dodging mechanics similar to SSB.

  • Draculoid

    My opinion still hasn’t swayed much after reading up on it more. If not I’m more perplexed than ever at the whole “only supers can kill” mechanic. Looking at the interface your super meter is really all there is.

    I’m still echoing what most are saying, the characters simply don’t have the same charisma and classic feel as their Nintendo counterparts. Knowing that this games biggest comparison and competition would be Smash Bros you really think they would go that extra mile to set themselves apart or give their game a certain “X Factor” over the competetion but I’m not seeing that here. Looks like a VERY similiar game to Smash Bros.

    Can someone much more well versed in the Sony universe give some sort of comprehensive list of “classic” Sony characters they feel will get in? I can only really think of Crash Bandicoot and Drake being shoe-ins that haven’t been announced yet. I know there’s cross-over potential but yeah, If anyone knows a bunch of Sony characters…

    • Ereek

      I think it might be easier to think of it something like Dissidia, where there’s different types of damage, and doing non-HP damage builds up your HP damage.  Except unlike Dissidia, it’s super moves instead of HP attacks.

    • SirRichard

      The problem with listing “classic Sony characters” is that, compared to Nintendo, Sony don’t really have much. They didn’t really get in on generating their own franchises properly until the PS2 era, which spawned Kratos, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper and a few others I can’t be bothered to remember.

      The main software strength of Sony’s earlier consoles were their exclusives, and one of the biggest of those, Solid Snake of MGS fame, already appeared in Super Smash Bros Brawl. They don’t really have “classic” characters in the same sense that Nintendo does, but they do have a fair few well-known ones.

      Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are issues because they’re owned by Activision now; sure, they might be part of the third-party line-up the roster is said to have, but that remains to be seen.

      You could easily argue the game’s selling itself on the virtue of “Kratos slaughters random videogame characters” right now, honestly.

      • Draculoid

        “You could easily argue the game’s selling itself on the virtue of
        “Kratos slaughters random videogame characters” right now, honestly.”

        Haha I like that a lot :P but I definitely see what you mean, looking at the 6 announced only 2 are actually from the playstation 1 era.

      • Evan Groman

        I think the problem is that what players feel a nostalgic connection to among PS stuff is things that are exclusive to Sony, but the series isn’t. Like Cloud, for instance, is one of the biggest nostalgia characters for PSX players, and you can’t say he’s a PS flagship (even though all of FF7 compilation has been on PS) because FF is all over nintendo as well.

    • amagidyne

      They don’t really have that many first-party games or franchises. The best I could come up with would be characters who appeared in exclusives but aren’t necessarily owned by Sony, like Raziel, the Maiden in Black, Kite, Dante and so on.

    • kupomogli

      Not including any of the characters and games already included, there are plenty of first party characters that could work for Sony.

      Cole Macgrath(Infamous)
      Nathan Drake(Uncharted)
      Jak(Jak and Daxter)
      Ratchet(Ratchet and Clank)
      Sackboy(Little Big Planet)
      Wanderer(Shadow of the Colossus)
      Dart(Legend of Dragoon)
      Gabe Logan(Syphon Filter)
      Sir Daniel(Medievil)
      Shu(Arc the Lad)
      Toro the Sony Cat
      Crash(Crash Bandicoot///Used to be first party.)
      Spyro(Spyro the Dragon///Used to be first party.)

      14 characters from 14 different games, along with the known characters it brings the list to 20 characters from 20 games.  There are other franchises I’m sure and other characters that can be used, but this is all I could think of off the top of my head.  But just because you don’t know of the characters, doesn’t mean they’re not there.

      This also isn’t even including if you added more than one character per game, which would be quite possible with the Infamous series for example, with characters like Kuo and Nix.  But look characters like Fat Princess and Sweet Tooth, characters without any sort of move set and in the gameplay video’s we’ve seen, the characters look like they play very well.  So who knows how many characters Sony could add that you just wouldn’t expect.

      The game also isn’t an attempt to include first party licenses alone, as they’ve already mentioned, but to include a range of characters who you’d think of when thinking of the Playstation brand.  In which there are a lot.

      • Draculoid

         Thank you very much for this great list! You clearly know your Sony sir :)

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    why is that girl from the “garbage pail kids” in that game?

  • ivanchu77

    Doesn´t look bad, but that thing that you can only kill an opponent with a super attack doesn´t convince me

    It seems they are focusing more in “recent” characters, I hope they also include some veterans from the PSX era like Tomba, Sir daniel fortesque, Spyro, Crash or Lara Croft among others

    • Parapa the Rappa is recent? Fat Princess is recent?

      • Brandonmkii

        Fat Princess isn’t that old.

      • puchinri

        Parappa is definitely not. Fat Princess is though. Kratos and Drake are also relatively recent in comparison.

    • puchinri

      Tomba would be so awesome~! My interest in this game would sky rocket (especially if we get a couple of Ape Escape characters). On that note, it’d be odd not to see Lara.

  • As I see, whether the game is good or bad I know this much, Nintendo will step up their game with the next Smash Bros., because they have some real competition with it now.

    • aoihana

      I don’t think Nintendo has real competition, honestly, because unlike Nintendo, as mentioned quite a few times below, Sony doesn’t really have the star power that Nintendo’s characters have. 

      Also, it’s a bit early to declare competition, where Smash Brothers have already established and proven itself, Sony is in new territory.

      That’s not to say that this isn’t an interesting game, because as I’ve said below, Sony does have it’s share of star characters and loyal fans at that, but at this point, I don’t think Nintendo has anything to worry about.

      Personally, I’m interested so far, but I’m not really into Sony’s franchises, so I hope some guest characters can crash the party! (◕‿◕✿)

      • raymk

        But see you fail to see that a lot of 3rd party character are just as big as nintendo characters like FF and Mk characters.  3rd party characters if they get the right one’s will be all they really need.  This will make them step up the next ssb game if this tops them in things like story mode and the 3rd party guest that they can get.

        • “a lot of 3rd party character are just as big as nintendo characters like FF and Mk characters.”

          Yeah, no. :P

          • raymk

            Who doesn’t know about MK or at least some characters from FF? Some FF characters are even in mario titles.  MK is very known in the west which is all that should matter and FF is known worldwide.  That’s why I said its as big as some nintendo characters, every nintendo character from series like golden sun, fire-emblem,ice-climbers and othter niche series aren’t all that well known especially compared to the series I named :)

          • The difference isn’t just characters, though. The difference is that every single aspect of Smash Bros. builds upon recognized brands in some way. Not just the characters, but the stages, the music, the items. Right down to tiny little things like the trophies and stickers that were in Brawl. 

            Every tiny little detail in those games is widely recognized by an absolutely huge audience. Nintendo have spent the better part of the last 20 years building up a legacy. Sony, unfortunately, have not, and no third-party characters are as well-recognized as Nintendo’s roster either. Not as widely recognized by an audience encompassing such a wide age-range anyway.

        • aoihana

          I actually acknowledge the star power(Although nowhere near Nintendo’s) that 3rd party characters hold, which is why I said:

          Personally, I’m interested so far, but I’m not really into Sony’s franchises, so I hope some guest characters can crash the party!

          Although 3rd party characters are mentioned, I don’t see many populating the roster, kind of like how there weren’t many in SSB. 

          So, I hope that those that do make the roster, interest me to the point of buying it! (◕‿◕✿)

          Note: By Mk, do you mean Neptunia Mk, or Mortal Kombat?! (*^ワ^*)

          • raymk

            Mortal Kombat and yeah I know nintendo didn’t have many but I think sony is more into using 3rd party characters than nintendo is. Sony money hats more than nintendo has ever done.

          • midgard229

            u forget games like ff7, Legend of dragoon, Xenosaga, Xenogears, Legend of Legaia, that are popular 3rd party characters all exclusive on the PS consoles. Oh and Old snake aswell, aaaand Dante from DMC1-3

            perhaps even Resident evil 2-3?

    • I really doubt this can be called competition. :) Its just a cheap ripoff, as Sony always does, copying Nintendo while bashing Nintendo. Yes, there are other mascot brawlers out there, but they ain’t a huge competing company gathering exclusives and copying while bashing other companies. Nintendo is doing its own thing, instead of copying Microsoft and Sony.
      Microsoft’s Kinect can be compared to Sony’s eyetoy, but its a completely different piece of hardware than eyetoy was, only concept is similiar. The PSmove on the other hand is a direct, literally, direct ripoff off of the wiimote. Now this?
      And still they bash on Nintendo. Sony has no shame, a heartless pathetic company, but then again I guess Microsoft on the other hand is a money grabbing sob company, but in the end, Sony for me is just a douchy company. They are like that alphamale bully asshole who’s insecure about others doing better than them. Sony just keeps losing money though, wonder how long this’ll go on.
      And I should note that I don’t own a wii, nor really have plans to buy the wiiU, but I do own a xbox. PS3 was too expensive when I bought this generation’s console.
      But in the end I guess they’re just companies. I’ll consider a wiiU if the xbox 720 and ps4 won’t allow you to play used games.

  • Muggshotter

    Ah, so it would come down to who has the easiest time filling the gauge… and landing a Super on an opponent.

    To be honest, I am intrigued by this.

  • Zonic505

    As interesting as this seems, I can’t help but feel that the whole “special attacks = KO” thing is kind of mixed & there being no “health”. It seems there’d have to be a huge amount of balancing, as I’ve heard some characters have really strong low-level specials, while other have really bad ones.

    Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to see & who else will get announced. I’m already excited after seeing some of the stages & the fact I can fight with freakin’ Parappa.

  • ResidentMetroid

    I think this game will be good for PS fans. I don’t find this interesting yet, maybe it’s because Playstation characters are really bland and none of them make me go crazy to play as.

    Well I’ll just stick with Smash bros.

    • Vyrus

      Or maybe most of the characters don’t have their own signature moves from their own games that makes you remember them, unlike Nintendo characters.

    • I don’t exactly consider Sweet Tooth, Kratos, or Parappa bland, but ok….

      • ResidentMetroid

        In my perspective they are bland. It’s just me but characters have to be Iconic and that’s why it works for Nintendo, I didn’t even know who Sweet Tooth was until I googled him. There is no one from the PS exclusives I would actually like to play as that I can think of.

        •  They are iconic…  Kratos has crossed over into so many games and sweet tooth is the defined, iconic character of the entire TM series.

          You are talking about personal knowledge and preferences

          • icecoffemix

            Yes well, his personal knowledge probably mimic countless other Sony fans nowadays. Try asking some random gamer youngsters if they know Twisted Metal or Parappa the rapper.

          •  So essentially what you are saying is that characters from older games that don’t have recent release dates should be axed because they won’t be remembered…
            -Nintendo does the same thing with many of their characters
            -TM just had a large release + marketing.  God of war?  It’s well known and has had many releases recently, not to mention other characters.

          • icecoffemix

            @papped:disqus In favor of other more popular character? yeah why not? I don’t mind if they add them to the rooster later on. But for now, they don’t appeal to anyone but the more niche crowd.

          • Kratos, iconic, yeah I guess. Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, and the others? Not so much.

      • puchinri

        I do love Parappa! But Kratos is a bit bland. Sweet Tooth is amusing at least~.

    • midgard229

      but playing as a pokemon is something to look forward to more than playing as Cloud strife? or nariko? or sackboy?

      you didnt read it did you? 3rd party games aswell. think about it.

      the only nintendo characters that were exciting to play as were zero samus, link, marth, shiek, zelda….thats it the rest are lame and kiddy, LOL kirby :P

      • You say “you get to play as Cloud Strife!” like it’s a selling point to know that Squeenix would make any amount of money on this game. :P

        Seriously though, if the game has any characters from Squeenix, it guarantees I’m not touching the game.

      • Really using ‘kiddy’ as an attack on a piece of game software

        I thought we were in 2012

      • ResidentMetroid

        Maybe it’s my inner Nintendo fanboy but no I don’t look forward to playing as other characters from playstation. I would much rather look forward to the next SSB. I’d take Samus and Kirby rather than Drake and Cloud any day because they are my long time childhood favorite characters.

        • midgard229

          totally your inner nintendo fanboy lol. also its a thing called preference. so its fine to think what you want or prefer who you want, but to say you dont want to play as Cole or Nariko because they are sony is just plain fanboy

      • puchinri

        Kirby is kiddy to you? :’O oAo
        Have you been on the high octane nightmare fuel page? =A=

        I think the key difference is how long the characters have been with us and make an impact. Really, some of the Sony characters that I’m most familiar with aren’t here. I don’t see Ape Escape yet. We’ll see what third-party characters pop up.

        It’s an entirely different kind of charm and legacy that factors into the exciting and fun.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    A Money bomb waiting to set off  but still comes short like a cheery bomb in other words  Super Pass 64   I’ll stick to SSB,Digimon,Jump Superstars, Battle Stadium DON, Power Stone I’ll stop on the that list :P

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    How much is sony paying you guys siliconera? Its obvious its a copy of super smash bros!

    •  Really for it to be good it would HAVE to be a copy of SSB.

      There are quite a few sidescrolling party fighting games, and of the ones I’ve played after maybe completing the single player mode a few times and getting all the characters, it would get boring because there was nothing else to do.

      Smash Bros. has crap loads of unlockable content to keep someone busy for quite a while, all the copy cat games I’ve played lack that and suffer for it.

      I want this to have a blatant rip off of the SSB trophy system.
      I want it to have several dozen unique unlockable characters.
      I want it to have hundreds of unlockable music tracks from featured games.

      Because that’s really the only way for it to not be another SSB esque game that gets boring after a week.

    • I see no reason to come to that conclusion. They’re just relaying what Sony officially said.

    • They sent my cheque in just earlier today! I bought a new Lamborghini. IT’S GREAT!

      • malek86

        Oh man, why is it that you corrupted journalists get all the cool stuff?

      • puchinri

        Well, I’m not going to buy into this and tell Sony that they better take their money back unless you drive me around in it so I can look posh and rich too. :’/

        • I don’t want your boyfriend coming after me!

          • puchinri

            Darn! Well, you’re off the hook for now! Until I find a way to convince him not to come after you anyway. Watching you until then, Ishaan. >o>

  • Shogunreaper

    I’m hoping its different than SSB, because SSB gets boring after about 15-20 minutes.

    •  Which SSB?  There are 3.

      • SeventhEvening

        They all basically play the same. If you get bored of one after 15 minutes, you’ll get bored of the others in 15 minutes.

        • puchinri

          Admittedly, I can get pretty bored in Melee kind of quick, but I can play Brawl for hours. It’s a mixed bag with the first.

          I kind of agree, but there are some minor details that play into my preferences that make me able to play Brawl for a much longer time.

          • takopako

            exactly. play with the right people, and brawl can be played for days! it is a genius game!

          • puchinri

            Seriously~! My friends and I never really stopped playing even. x’D

      • Shogunreaper

        All 3 of them, they are the same game pretty much

  • theoriginaled

    I mean, it sounds interesting but I really wish they wouldnt try so hard to differentiate themselves from Smash Bros. It sounds so disingenuous. I mean, I know its PS smash bros, you there reading this comment, you know its PS smash bros, YOU the developer know its PS smash bros. Trying to tell us its different because you dont have health and need to use a special move to kill your enemies is just REALLY insulting to the customer intelligence because HEY, you just described smash bros. Id have a lot more respect for them if they were just honest with us and said “Yeah. Its Sony Smash Brothers, how awesome is that?” 

    because you know what? it is.

  • kupomogli

    I don’t like the idea of a super move killing you in a single hit.  While you do have to fight and take damage to gain enough power to use a super move, what happens if, by chance, you’re the target of every other players super moves?

    I think that a health bar would be better and that regular attacks can kill you, but super moves would kill you more quickly.

    Super moves killing you in a single hit just seems like it could turn out very unbalanced.

    • Brandonmkii

      I’m sure you’ll still be able to block most of them.

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    Not going to lie, this super meter killing thing probably killed almost all my hype for the game. It is starting to remind me of Battle Stadium DON, but probably even worse. 

  • I’m currently on the fence about this game; if it looks good enough I’ll end up getting it.

    But like I said down lower, if it includes any Squeenix characters, no sale. From a business standpoint, in Sony’s shoes, I recognize it would make perfect sense to include a Squeenix character or two. That’s the logical, reasonable thing to do from their position. It can capture a wider audience, and most people aren’t put off against Squeenix as extremely as I am that they would avoid a game just because Squeenix was marginally involved. But from a personal standpoint, anything that leads to Squeenix making any amount of money is currently dead to me.

    Though I’ll concede that if it includes the REAL Aya Brea, not the terrible 3rd Birthday butchering of her, I’ll make an exception to my “not buying anything associated with Squeenix” decision and buy the game.

    • Bakuryukun

      Overreaction much?

      • Not one bit. Squeenix has done more than enough to deserve it.

        • Domii

          Like what? Beat you up in a alley, hurt a family member, ran over your dog. Oh let me guess, pissed on your lawn.

          Seriously man grow up.

          • MisterDandylion

            Best comeback line ever! ^^

      • Revorse

        It would seem so.

      • takopako


    • kupomogli

      Whether you buy the game or not, whatever money Square Enix makes for Cloud or whoever, it’s going to be a set amount.  They’re going to make the money whether the game sells one copy or one million copies.

  • GWTrinku

    No Japan Time, no hype.

    The Brawl blog had me excited for the game and I don’t even like Smash Brothers. This just looks…like Smash Brothers without the hype or excitement.

  • Looks cool, but i dont like the fact that Sony is ALWAYS COPYING NINTENDO… Wth u.u

    • SeventhEvening

      That’s such a silly thing to say. That’s like “AH! Nintendo is copying Sony! They released a game console that uses DISKS,” or “Microsoft is copying Sony, the kinect is just an eyetoy!”  “Freakin’ Nintendo, releasing a 3d console after Sony released the Playstation.” “Who would buy Blazblue, 2d sprites were so done before by Street Fighter.” “Final Fantasy!? RPGs were so done by Dragon Quest already”

      The market isn’t exactly flooded with party fighters, but being part of the same sub-genre as another game isn’t something you should shout plagiarism over. 

  • I’d like to see some Tri-Ace characters :
    – Lenneth <- #1 + Silmeria (NIBELUNG VALESTI !111)
    – Fayt Leingod + Mariaor Nel
    and the others:
    – Wild Arms 45 characters like Avril and others.
    – Aya Brea
    – Regina from Dino Crisis 12
    – TotoriRorona or Meruru
    – FF characters like SquallLightningCloud
    – Onimusha characters
    – GROWLANSER!111 (never happen)
    – Suikoden anyone?(especially "V")
    – and the others million characters i did not include.

    Sony has a super awesome list of exclusive characters and franchises.It's up to them,will they use it or not.

    /Ahm,probably won't happen,i go and kill myself(

    • Kitestwinblades

      If they add anyone popular from a well known RPG, I’ll be ecstatic XD

  • chiasm

    I think the problem with this, for me anyway, is that most Sony franchise characters just don’t have a lovable charm about them the way Nintendo ones do. It looks decently fun, but I can’t say I’m too interested in any of the characters I’ve seen so far except Parappa. It’s nice to see him make a comeback :D

  • Really, this is one of the few crossover games that doesn’t scream “BUDGET!!!”. The graphics are fantastic, heck, even Parappa, a 2D paper character, is properly shaded! The backgrounds looks awesome too, I’ll keep this on my watchlist!

    • Sony did said that they spent more on first-party than Nintendo and Microsoft combined…

      • HeatPhoenix

        But in a hilarious twist of fate, Nintendo’s first-party has much more of a difference to them than Microsoft and Sony combined.

        • And Nintendo doesn’t need new IPs because they keep on making games with Mario/Link/Samus in it…. Kid Icarus doesn’t count because it looks like a reboot to me than a new IP….

          • takopako

            working on new IPs as we speak. -‘u’-

          • Testsubject909

            Everyone’s always working on new IPs.

  • hmm, cant say i like any sony characters enough to use em in smash style, except maybe parappa and hero patapon

  • superlocke

    I was down with this right up until the moment they described that dumbass super system.

    I’m out.

  • Only able to kill your enemies with a super meter is an insult. We should be able to knock them off the stage by punching them harder and harder or deplete their lifebar. They not even going to be optional?

    PLEASE Sony, add others way to beat opponents! Don’t you want your game to a regular tournament fight like Smash Bros.?

    • Smash Bros. is a regular tournament fighter? :P

      •  There are a fair amount of SSB tourneys around.

        Major League Gaming
        MELEE FC
        NCT / NCT II: The Big One
        Tournement Go0C2 – Zero Challenge
        Maine Smash Tournament Series
        The Cataclysm Series
        Nexus Gaming
        University of Iowa Smash Championship Series

        And that’s just America, There are more than double that worldwide. I’m surprised you’ve never heard about how widespread SSB tournaments are, i know about them and i play the games casually.

        • SeventhEvening

          It’s really pretty shocking to me. I don’t even consider Smash a fighting game. It’s like holding tournaments for Mario Party.

          •  Some people don’t sadly but it IS a competitive fighting game.^_^

          • takopako

            it is pretty fighter-ly…

          • Testsubject909

            I’ve heard arguments opting to describe the game as a multiplayer PVP brawl game as opposed to a Fighter.

            On another note, if you want a fighter that has a bit of a chaotic 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 four player matchup free-for-all. Try, if I’m not incorrect on the title here, just pulling this from memory, Guilty Gear Isuka. Might be wrong on the title.

        • Oh, I know there’s a huge Smash Bros. tournament following. I just didn’t think it was anything close to a “regular” tournament fighter.

      •  And yes it is a regular tournament fighter. But this one looks like it could be legit, LOL! Even though most of these Sony characters are obscure to me buuuuut (am hoping to see Spike from Ape Escape :P)

    •  How does the fact that you are KO’d by ring out determine if a game is automatically in tournaments or not…

  • Come on Sony, you already copied Smash Bro all this way, don’t add something stupid like this just to be a little different come on~

  • I found the SSB series uninteresting. This game does the same thing for me. Not interested.  

  • Xerain

    Purchase will be solely determined by which 3rd party characters are present. I’m hoping it won’t be limited to 3rd party characters from PS exclusive series only, as many series I’d like to see in this have recently gone multiplatform, despite previously being strongly associated with Sony. E.g. Monster Hunter.

  • Domii

    I will judge the game in till I see more characters that I’m interested in. So far though this game has plenty of potential, and it’s too early to write it off like some idiots have done here for petty reasons.

  • darkraiders

    I think by doing this Sony admitted this game is almost the same as SSB and tried desperately to find a few difference between both games here and there lol.

    It somewhat make think of spot the difference kind of games lol

  • Krisi92

    TL;DR, but anyway, you pretty much have to use a powerful attack to knock your opponents out in Smash Bros, too, so you just proved further how much of a ripoff this game really is.

    • HeatPhoenix

      No man, this’d be as if you could only kill people with a Smash Ball.

      • Krisi92

        Oh. Well, that’s pretty stupid.

  • E15

    “Sony tried to highlight the differences between the two”
    So they didnt even try denying they copied SSB? Not that they could deny.
    Not a fan of Sony copying Nintendo straight up like that but depending on the roster of fighters I may look into this.
    Id like to main Ratchet though so officially announce him already Sony. As well as the guest characters.

  • eliel

    sweet can’t w8 to try out :D

  • wow why all the hate for the darn game and its not even out yet ppl need to grow up its a FIGHTING GAME!!!! if it wouldnt be a copy of ssb it would be of street fighter,mortal kombat,kof or guilty gear have everybody though theres no much out of another way to the game than prob a format that has been used.we are all here for the same reason games lets just give it a rest enjoy it or dont whatever and talking like a gamer have all consoles playing with my 3ds while i write this just stop the sony hate already!!! if we are looking it by who copy who way well all companys do that its obvious that if an idea is good why not reuse it.

    •  Because people drink their own haterade immediately and can tell gameplay balance and mechanics issues years in advance without ever touching a game…

    • There’s hate? i see people not being into winning battles from doing specials and just cuz copy someone’s good idea doesn’t make good games (looking at many other rip off games back in the day) but i don’t mind or care, let’s just hope its fun~

  • I’ve got room for a Smash Brothers with other franchise characters. But i really don’t hold the same fondness of Playstation’s franchises as i do Nintendo.

  • hakumen001

    3rd party games and characters+ 1st party character that would make this cool, despite being a ripoff.

    Nippon Ichi characters

    Team Persona
    Any Persona Game
    Devil Somoner

    Tekken characters
    50+ cast

    Square Enix
    Lara Croft
    Cane and Lynch
    Deux Ex
    Final Fantasy
    Kingdom Hearts

    Brave Fencer Musashi

    Snake, Ocelot, Boss, Naomi

    Dark Souls
    Demon Souls

    Monster Hunter

    Any Namco characters


    Sega Characters
    Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza Series, Sonic series, Streets of Rage

    Capcom characters
    SF series, Megaman, Monster Rancher, Power Stone, Resident Evil series

    Dead Space
    Issac, Ellie

    anyone from the cast (Kratos appeared in the latest game…)

    Uncharted Series

    Support Indie Visual Novels!

  • Göran Isacson

    After watching some more of this game, I can say that I am still torn. The graphical style still has me a bit leery- the Killzone character, Sweet Tooth and Kratos look so GREY that they really don’t gel visually with Parappa, Sly or the Princess. the changing stages look REALLY intriguing though, and I think they can be a very entertaining aspect of the game.

    As for points being decided by super moves… it sounds like this could quickly turn into a game where super moves settle EVERYTHING, so the character who can bust out the quickest, most reliable super move could easily become the character everyone picks and who wins most of the fights. I hope they put in a few checks and balances to ensure that doesn’t happen.

  • Kitestwinblades

    I think the only thing I don’t like is the character portraits. But I mean… Sony has some pretty realistic characters in their history(especially recently), designed as a human from the start that is. That kinda… seems a bit off next to stuff like Parappa the rapper and fat princess. But I cant see that they’re trying the best they can. I mean its not like they put an obvious picture of the old parappa or anything XD 

    SSB:Brawl they had boxed portraits with characters much more cartoony, In Playstaion…*sigh* All Stars Battle Royale(that’s pretty long and I cant abbreviate it -PS:ASBR- lets just say Playstation: battle royale PBR(beer) lol), They have character of all kinds nearly breaking out the box. lets be honest- they ALL want out XD

    But hey, WHO’S gonna take this seriously? If I can beat Kratos with Parappa, so be it. The style of the actually GAME wont matter to me if its designed to BE this crazy :3  I’m sure those portraits will grow on me after a while. I am wondering however, how BALANCED this will be. I heard the staff working on this game are big in the fighting game community and that kinda worries me a bit. I want it to be deep but not TOO deep. I want FUN not a huge tier list or anything. But hey, if the lead man can sounds confident about it, I’m not gonna shun it before I even try it X3

  • RupanIII

    When I first glanced at the title I thought it was a game based on Battle Royale (the movie) x.x

    edit- Now that I know what it actually is lol, I might be interested if they include enough characters from the PSX days, and not just more recent stuff

  • takopako

    this seems like it would be fun(as character mash-ups often are), however, i will predict that this wont be nearly as good as super smash bros or as successful. also boo to no health bar. and also sony has no shame. 

  • So let me get this straight. The only way to kill someone is by building meter? Isn’t that more restrictive than anything else? What the heck?

    • doubleO7

      Ishaan described it in an older comment as probably being somewhat similar to Dissidia FF, where you have Bravery attacks to build up damage and then HP attacks to actually deal out damage.

      So in this game, it looks like you would wail on enemies to build up the meter, and then unleash those special attacks to actually get kills/deal damage. With the higher tier specials obviously requiring more meter (or perhaps filling the meter multiple times) to get access to.

      It sounds confusing, but this system worked well enough in Dissidia, so I’m willing to give Playstation All-Stars the benefit of the doubt.

      •  Well if its like that, it makes more sense but it seems kinda odd in a 2-d style game to me.

        • Guest

           Dream Mix World TV Fighters system was even weirder. As was also Battle Stadium D.O.N.

  • Complain, Complain, Complain. Meh… I don’t care if it’s similar to SSB, I just love crossover games! Also I support anyone who decides to take an existing idea and try to innovate or improve upon it.
    Especially now since Nintendo’s latest SSB is considered a disappoint…

    •  I liked Brawl and I am sure a lot of other people do as well. It just wasn’t melee.

      • Brawl is my favorite Smash game, but that’s just me…

        • puchinri

          It’s my favorite too. ;u;

          Actually, lately I’ve been surprised at how many people are actually defending it and voicing it as their favorite (not on Sili, because I don’t believe the convo has come up lately, but on a different site where SSB was discussed). But I am sure some people on Siliconera even will defend the game.

          • Well good for you guys, but it’s  funny how some hardcore fans hate on brawl when you mention it. haha

          • puchinri

            Yeah it is. ^u^;

        • takopako

          mine, too. i greatly prefer the mechanics to melee, though i still love melee for nostalgic reasons. XD

          • Yeah it just controls smoother than Melee imo (using the same controller, mind you).  Only thing about Brawl I hate is the addition of random tripping. D:<

    • takopako

      i have never heard anyone call it a disappoint…lol. its an extremely successful game. o.o

  • Nitraion

    If they include Toro and kuro that’s good sign…
    besides sackboy and crash bandicoot(in the past)
    i think they are true mascot of playstasion

    • puchinri

      That’s true and a good point.

      • HeatPhoenix

        Yeah! Toro and Kuro are awesome.

        • puchinri

          They are so awesome and cute~. Now I really hope that they’ll be in it. And not just in the background somewhere. >u<

  • Thing is clone games were also available on Nintendo consoles and were made by third party studios so no one was really bothered with Smash Bros clone style. The people who are making this are a first-party studio which means this is a direct copy from Sony themselves. I’m not here to question if the game will be good or not, I can’t decide that. But, it is pitful that Sony is doing this.

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    I’m not a big fan of this game. But I’ll try it before I judge. It’s been only but teased so we don’t know what’s left in store or what type of game modes it might have. I’m not excited about it but I think of it as a battle brawler for playstation fans. Even though it is a SSB copy, i feel sony reserves the right to make a title fight on their system, they should. It’s cute and it might be fun. I hope it does lift the spirits of Some sony fans around the world who’s been waiting for something like this forever.

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    I think I’d be more excited of it was more like a marvel vs capcom type of game or even early Naruto Ninja storm.. That would of been fun…. I really loved Ninja storm 1 and 2…

    • puchinri

      I was really expecting it to be similar to MvC/TvC. Someone pointed out that even being similar to Power Stone would have been a good route, and I actually think that would have worked best.

      • takopako

        i actually thought that the 3d, power stone-esque route would be what they did.

        • puchinri

          Yeah, it’s kind of a shame and a loss. vuv

  • what would sony be copying next XD?

    • d19xx

      Dr. Kratos?

      • PoweredByHentai

        You know, I wouldn’t mind paying money to play that.  XD

        • Testsubject909

          Just so long as he’s not a urologist or anything of the sort… Some territories seem far more painful then others.

  • Different from Super Smash Bros? Ha! That was a good one. It’s like saying that Crash Team Racing has nothing in common with Mario Kart series.

    • brian yep

      Did he claim they have nothing in common?
      He was just naming some things that separate them.
      I think that Patapon/God of War thing is really clever and I’m surprised Nintendo hadn’t tried something similar instead of keeping stages self-contained.

      • Hew Weng Xin

        Take that back! As much I play Mario Kart and Crash Tag Team Racing. There are key differences. Like Crash Tag Team Racing has this very cool feature where you can combine vehicles together… Good times. Good times… Look at Wipeout. Different too. Health Mechanics and a second power and new game modes. 

        As long as this game has a different mechanic. I am in. If not, I will bonk Sony with my Vita.

        • Testsubject909

          Pata Pata Pata Bonk.

    •  Stop being a douche, douche.

      Many games followed that tradition of getting inspired by other Games, even if made by Nintendo. Hell, I loved even Power Stone more than Super Smash Bros.

  • s07195

    Seeing Patapon invading the stage makes me want Patapon as a playable character too. T_T

    • Kitestwinblades

      He’s like MR. Game and Watch of sony XD Sure would be nice if they add him. There’s just so MANY different kinds of them X3

      • s07195

        And I guess only being able to move every four beats would kinda suck, thinking about it.

        • Kitestwinblades

          hahaha XD yeah, that’s a good point.
          I think Parappa would be the only one with the courtesy to allow it, even though those little guys are ferocious in numbers at the right level :3

  • be nice, if square enix get invold in this.

    like to see some RPG charecters in this if not hoping legend of dragoon make it in this.

    • oh how I long for Jeanne D’arc or Aya Brea.. or both :<

    • takopako

      actually that isnt a bad idea. if they release cloud and/or sephiroth, fan boys and girls from all over the world will rip this from the shelves.

      • Testsubject909

        Eh, I don’t really remember Ergheiz flying off the shelves.

  • I don’t mind this being a copy at all…. All of the people whining about this being a SSB knock-off are really quite ignorant….. If a company has a product that is doing well, and they’re the only ones with it….. OBVIOUSLY other companies will follow suit with their versions. You see it in the food industry all of the time.

    With that said, I’m kinda looking forward to this. Seeing parappa in here makes me want to boycott the crap out of it, though….   I hope they have different game modes like with a health metre rather than just having to kill people with the super attacks… 

    • takopako

      what is wrong with parappa? lol

  • Solomon_Kano

    Really, I couldn’t care less how similar it is to Smash Bros. I love that series to death so, if Sony can iterate on that with another set of characters, great. If it becomes its own beast, great.

    Either way, knowing that 3rd party characters are included, I’m really excited by the possibilities here.

    Under first-party I expect:

    – Cole
    – Nate/Sully
    -Jak & Daxter
    – some Chimera
    – Ratchet & Clank
    – Sackboy

    I want:

    – any Level-5/SCE characters
    – something from ModNation

    Under 3rd party I expect:

    – FF protag XYZ
    – Snake/Raiden
    – Kazuma Kiryu (iffy on him, actually)
    – no Capcom characters (or one from a franchise they aren’t using)
    – something EA
    – something Activision

    I want:

    – DMC1, 2, or 4 Dante
    – Fei Fong Wong
    – Crash
    – Spyro
    – MonHun something
    – Fayt Leingod
    – Sora/Riku
    – Soki/Jubei

    I’m betting that none of the characters I listed under “want” get picked, but they come up with others I wanted anyway. In fact, I’m certain that’s how it’s going to go. That makes it all the more interesting to see who they really do come up with though.

  • HeatPhoenix

    Still waiting for Super Kratos Kart here, Sony.

  • Ravage27

    I think most people here needs to understand how things actually run in the real world. Get this – most industries revolve around iterating on WHAT WORKS. Heck one of the fundamentals of Engineering emphasizes on the need to utilize a proven method as base and build on from there. There is no rational reason to revamp a winning formula just for the sake of change/originality. Remember that most of the stuff you love are the products of countless iteration processes before the concept is improved to its current form.

    2D Mascot-based Brawler is a genre, a concept that is not patented. There’s nothing stopping non-Nintendo developers from producing their own mascot brawlers. Besides there are key differences (gameplay mechanics, online, stage design) that separates it from SSB.

    • takopako

      This is all true and makes sense, but the thing that gets me is that super smash bros is obviously the winner when it comes to this type of game. sony representatives constantly attack nintendo and talk about howgames are for 6 year olds and infer that their games arent for real gamers. THEN they go and pratically copy what they have been doing, but change the formula just a bit, and release it with no shame. :X makes me upset. i have no doubt that this will be a fun title, i just have to give sony a hard time for what they do to nintendo.

      • Ravage27

        Just a piece of advice: It’s never a good idea to get too emotionally attached to faceless corporations. Employees come and go all the time, are you really going to keep track of who said what?

        Look at it from this perspective, Sony employs close to 200,000 workers. Even if 20 of these ‘Sony reps’ smacktalk about Ninty, they represent a mere 0.0001% of Sony. Are you going to irrationally hate on every Sony product because of this 0.0001%?

        Simply put, you guys aren’t being fair to SuperBot (the creator of this game). Watch some of their interviews and you’ll realise that they are a bunch of fighting veterans who spent the last couple of years researching on how to best produce something fans can enjoy. They have different ideas in place and i really don’t see how the term ‘practically copies’ applies here. Are you going to chastise Sakurai if the next SmashBros ‘copies’ the hybrid stage concept? Cross-pollination of ideas is a positive thing and should be encouraged for the good of this industry.

        • takopako

          okay, lol. first of all, i do not irrationally hate anything from sony; in fact i like them. please re-read before you make assumptions. and i am not talking about someone like a graphic designer or a programmer smack talking nintendo. that is not important. i am talking about (their american) representatives that speak on the behalf of the company at public events such as E3. Also your figures are fabricated, so i don’t even know why you brought them up. 

          i have already conceded to the fact that it looks like a fun game, so i am not sure of how i am being unfair. And also, i have no problem with cross pollination of ideas, its how most great games are born, however, i will repeat, a company that trashes another company and then subsequently uses them as inspiration behind a project should  be whipped. that is all. i do not have underlying hate for sony, i do not have an extreme emotional attachment to the sony representatives. i am not an idea purist who thinks everything should be 100% original. i just have an opinion. that is all.

      •  SSMB Is not the “Winner” of anything. It’s just business as usual as Nintendo fanatics have made whichever game Nintendo has made “the end all, be all” of whatever genre it’s in.

        SSMB isn’t even original to the genre that it DID NOT CREATE. The party brawler was started on the Sega Saturn and PS1 with a strange game I cant remember the title of right now…it had paper thin 2D characters like parappa the rapper. And on the Saturn with Guardian Heroes which just to got rereleased on XBLA which still today is one of the greatest Adventure/Party Brawlers ever created.

        I’d say the devs that were behind GH are the fathers of the party brawler in terms of setting up standard of what it should be like.

        And we know of course CAPCOM set the standrd for crossover games. Nintendo conviently saw two things that already worked well and just made their game.

        But of course, Nintendo is the God that created the universe according to Nintendo fans.

        Are these people so anxious to see Nintendo do something good for a change that they associate whatever genre they make with being the best even if there are clearly other games that do the same thing better?

        I’d put Power Stone 1 n 2 over any smash brothers any day.

        See the way I said that? You can clearly see that’s my opinion rather than  stating matter of factly that Power Stone is the defacto party brawler of the world.

        • takopako

          Technically SSBB is the winner of something. It won the title of best fighting game from gamespot quite a few years ago. and also, no one said that smash bros created anything. Also just because Capcom knows crossovers well and because you think Guardian Heroes is what you think it is, doesnt mean that Nintendo took a swim in your pool of opinions and took the idea from them. I have no idea why you are so offensive ready to throw down. lol. Perhaps because it is so easy to jump on the anti-nintendo bandwagon? we’ll never know. 

          •  Im offended that it’s your “opinion” to give credit to “Ninty” for ideas established and executed by others before them and then act as though you weren’t saying that exact thing in your statements above.

            If were ignorant of those ideas before, that’s fine, you should say that instead of pretending that the problem of your idiocy is justified because you feel Im being “offensive”.

            Pack your Ninty napsack, wipe your mouth and get your toddler boots moving onto another subject.

            And if you think Im wrong about you, look at the other comments similiar to yours in this discussion. All of them talkin about Sony took some idea from Nintendo when cot durn Nintendo “took” the idea from somebody else.

            So, obviously you guys must think the idea for apes as taken from Donkey Kong. How else do you explain their existence!?

          • takopako

            reading this has opened my eyes to a few things.

            1. you do not know how to read and are thus arguing with yourself.
            2. i gained nothing, learned nothing, and have ultimately wasted my time taking part of this discussion turned company war,  even when replying to your first irate message.
            3. i am done with this conversation. 


        •  What is SSMB?

          Super Smash Melee Bros?

          Super Superer Mario Bros?

          Super Soldier Malt Beer?

           Get your acronyms right kid.

        •  Also, the game you’re thinking of was Rakugaki Showtime on the PlayStation by Treasure. Neither that or Guardian Heroes (whose battle system was just a cleaned up version of a Yuu Yuu Hakusho game they did in ’94) used platforming elements like Smash Bros. did.

          • Platforming Elements? What platforming elements? You got two useless floating planks in the middle of the stage…I thought the purpose of the game was to knock people off the stage not jump on platforms.

            And I was typin SSMB as in Super Smash Bros.

            And please, for the love of god or anything you hold true, know who the hell you’re talkin to before you call somebody a kid.

            Some douche bag on the internet with a pokemon icon, and you’re calling me a kid.

  • Guest

     Who’s the final boss? Kevin Butler riding a Giant enemy Crab?

    • Testsubject909

      Hmm… guess we won’t be seeing one million troops.

  • FB

    Having to explain that your game isn’t Super Smash Brothers doesn’t mean it isn’t.

  • Joe

    So it’s Super Smash Bros without edges, and only final smashes are able to kill people. This is a good thing?

    • takopako


  • takopako

    to be honest, the main good thing this game could do is up the ante for the characters and gameplay for the new upcoming super smash bros, which is definitely a good thing. With a bit of competition, Nintendo can promptly remind us of who does it best. ;D

  • doubleO7

    Steve Blum should totally be the announcer for this game. Can anyone imagine his sexy voice saying “Round 1! Fight!”, or “Kratos wins!”

    The disembodied voice in the trailer was pretty lame, I’m hoping it was just preliminary. When should we start spamming Superbot with e-mails? :D

    • Spirit Macardi

      If Steve Blum was in this, I’d buy the game day-one!

    • Nyandroid

      Yes. Yes I can. And I want it. <3

  • Lol, It’s smash with Time mode always on instead of Stock. Oh and it has annoying wind too. And no edges, so the only way to kill is to use a final smash! Wow, I was worried they were copying smash, I guess they were worried too and decided to gut their game…

  • Guest

    Can’t wait to destroy kratos & Its some to be “novice” scrub players

  • Not really interested in the game, but hope people enjoy it.

    Now…what if Laharl was in it?
    Or better yet…

  • sasuke222
    • Some1onearth

       Argh, now I want to a new Jump Ultimate Stars…

    • Vyrus

       Maybe it’s because it’s a first party game like SSB…

  • Wow, seems the background might also be with a mix of character cameos in it.

  • Testsubject909

    I stay off Siliconera for a few days and this is what I come back to? Huh…

    Well. Cautious Optimism here, would’ve hoped they might’ve went with the Power Stone route but hey, this works too in it’s own merit.

    Fighting system’s description tells me nothing. It’s a very vague general detailing of how it works but doesn’t describe specifically how it functions. So, I’ve no reason to think it’ll be either good or bad, more quirky then anything else (like how Dissidia’s fighting system is a bit quirky).

  • Sony better not forget it’s Japanese game fans. >:(

  • Oh, Sony. You always know where to turn for, uh, “inspiration”.

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