Catacombs – The Game Cavia And Square Enix Were Working On After Nier

By Spencer . April 30, 2012 . 12:00pm

After completing Nier, Square Enix Japan signed on to produce a new intellectual property from Cavia under the code name Catacombs. A former AQ Interactive/cavia employee spoke to Siliconera about his/her title, which is set at the Museum of Natural History in New York.




Catacombs begins with a crowd lining up to see an exhibit on a culture and religion that predates any recorded civilization. The player catches a glimpse of four people about to become heroes in event scenes before entering the museum. All eyes are on a mysterious object in the center which emits a flash of light. Monsters suddenly fall from the ceiling and the floor crumbles. Creatures mercilessly slaughter patrons and some security guards while Catacombs’ four heroes are consumed by a purple haze rendering them unconscious.


When the heroes awaken, they find themselves as some of the last survivors. Two security guards come to their rescue and try to fend monsters off as the group runs to an elevator. The heroes are saved, but the guards perish and one of the panicked heroes frantically presses the close door button. The elevator jumps from floor to floor until a cord snaps and the lift freefalls to the bottom of the museum. The four puzzled heroes emerge from the rubble and find themselves in a twisted labyrinth.


Who are the four playable characters?


Matt is a tech executive in his early 40s. He went to the museum with his son, but is more interested in flirting with tourists. Matt likes to think he’s the leader of the group, but he’s actually more like comic relief.

Carlos came to the museum on a date with who he says is the hottest girl in Brooklyn. He works in a bodega, but originally came to New York from Florida to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. As part of the group he makes sarcastic quips, but always puts his teammates first.

Gina is a college student who went to the museum on a school trip. She’s confident and is actually the group’s leader. Although, Matt and Gina tend to argue about who is in charge. Gina is also the most in tune with the mysterious world and provides insight for the group.

Nguyen is the youngest survivor being a high school student in his late teens. Nguyen’s family immigrated from Vietnam and he is trying to balance his identity between his family’s origin and his hip hop loving friends. Nguyen went to the museum with his brother and extended family who want to show him artifacts from his roots.




Catacombs is a team shooter RPG with guns that level up and spells. Players start out with a basic pistol with infinite ammo, but you’ll want to grab one of the magic infused guns as quickly as possible. Cavia made a shotgun that looks like a demonic mantis. At level one, bullets fly out underneath its head. The shotgun grows arms at level eight (the maximum level) and its head becomes the barrel. Each level up increases the width of your blast. Other weapons include a machine gun that looks like a skeleton and a dragon-like magnum that grows wings plus gains explosive bullets. All weapons illuminate the area with a built in flashlight and the color of the beam depends on which character you’re playing as. The four heroes travel together even in single player mode where the computer controls the three remaining characters.




Magic rings dropped by enemies in the labyrinth let players cast spells. These have a set number of charges and won’t work when they run out. The Cure Ring restores HP. You can use this on yourself or a nearby teammate. A different ring powers up your gun and another ring casts Protect to reduce damage. Decoy creates a shadow clone of the player that draws enemy fire. If you level up this spell, the shadow clone will explode killing nearby enemies.




Unlike other shooters, Catacombs does not have fixed maps. Levels are randomly generated with narrow corridors and open rooms packed with enemies. The goal of each floor is to reach the elevator which the heroes hope will bring them to the surface so they can escape.


Square Enix planned to reveal Catacombs during E3 2011 as a retail PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game. The game, our source says, is far along in development and was playable, but Square Enix isn’t sure if they will complete the title. Like Nier, Catacombs has "twists" to it and we’ll be talking about what makes the game unique all this week. Hopefully, we’ll spark enough interest to get the game back on track.


Spencer’s note: It was never our intention to mislead with our news blip. If you felt we did, I sincerely apologize and instead of simply saying sorry I just made a donation to UNICEF to make amends. At the very least all of the outrage will bring some less fortunate people food and vaccines.

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  • Just so people are clear on this, this is the game that was teased yesterday from Square Enix.

  • This is the announcement I was waiting for?

    That said, it doesn’t look too horridly generic.

    • I think people felt the same way about Nier when they first saw it, but Nier had its surprises just like this does… 

      •  Hah, I know =p.  I’m pretty excited really, since it takes what I see as the best of the genre.

  • Hmm, not what I thought it would be.

  • SpecDotSign

    Square-Enix. Ugh. Cavia is one of those developers that can write a crazy good story for a game, yet get no recognition because their games aren’t pretty enough.

  • Jay

    Welcome to Borderlands!

  • Ladius

    Interesting, somehow it made me remember the old ExhumedPowerSlave.

    Nice to know Cavia (or at least the ex Cavia staff) could still be up to something, even if I would have preferred something in the vein of Drakengard and Nier.

    The dungeon crawler-style randomized floor could be a nice idea depending on how they’re implemented, and I look forward to the “twists” mentioned in the end of the piece :)

    • malek86

      Oh yeah, Powerslave!

      … now I want a Hexen 3 :(

  • SirRichard

    A team-based FPS. Joy.

    The spellcasting feature is a neat idea and the outlandish weapons seem like they could be fun, but as far as a Square Enix reveal goes it’s pretty disappointing. I’m hoping the “twists” are enough to make it stand out, but right now I’m getting that apathy buzz again.

    It could have potential, but it’s basically Left 4 Dead with aliens. Could’ve put Cavia to better use, Square.

    • Ladius

      I remember Nier looking awfully generic when it was unveiled, though, and we all know how that game turned out in the end.

      I think Cavia deserves the benefit of the doubt, and the more I re-read the article the more I’m moved to think of this game as a dungeon crawlerfps hybrid rather than a simple attempt to cash in on L4D fans (an attempt that would probably fail, imho).

      I hope they can give us more details in the future, this could be an interesting game.

      • SirRichard

        I don’t, though, and that was largely because of the big muscled daddy Nier as the protagonist we were getting, which (sad as it sounds) definitely set it apart from other JRPGs. The whole thing about two different versions in Japan, with the protagonist differing from one console to the other and the West only getting the big muscled guy, was also pretty interesting and definitely put it on the radar.

        I’ll admit, Cavia do deserve a shot with it and Spencer is teasing “twists” to be talked about all week, but it’s definitely off to a bad start.

        • Ladius

          I was talking about the very first reveal, when we had little more than a burly Conan look alike and a generic “action rpg” tag to go by (if i remember correctly, all the details surrounding the dual release and the game’s true nature were disclosed a bit afterwards). Considering they will cover this game for a whole week, I think we could be in for some nice surprises.

      • We will have more details! There’s something really neat cavia did with the multiplayer modes too instead of just having stuff like Deathmatch or whatever.

        • Ladius

          Looking forward to your next articles then, and thanks for the Cavia love :)

        • i think square needs to wake up or there gonna be in capcoms shoes. ohh wait thats already happened 4 times

        • BadenBadenPrinny

           Sounds really interesting, I’ll be looking forward to it

  • Nasser Al-Ojayan

    Soooo its a Left4Dead wanna be?

    That was kind of cruel, a lot of us were expecting an RPG, please don’t use square’s name for non RPG genre reveal.

    P.S:Yes im aware that square now makes more than RPG’s.

    • And the Sega name shouldn’t be mentioned unless they’re making a new platformer?

      • Nasser Al-Ojayan

         Haha sorry guys just a bit miffed!

    • SirRichard

      What, you wanted them to tease it as an Activision game? It’s a Square Enix title, as disappointing a reveal as it is it would make no sense whatsoever to not use their name.

    • Square doesn’t limit themselves to RPGs only. It’s just the stereotypical mindset that considers Square a synonym/representative of the RPG scene.

      • square has been making shitty jrpgs for the past 3 years there last good one in my view was dragon quest 9 and star ocean 4

        • …Personal evaluations aside, what I’m saying is that Square isn’t related to only RPGs. They make other stuff as well.

  • I loved Nier and would be up for another weird Cavia adventure.

    • Nasser Al-Ojayan

       They are the same guys that made Nier?

      Hmm now im actually interested in this.

      • They are the same guys that made Nier?”

        Didn’t you read the article? It’s right there in the friggin’ title!

        • Nasser Al-Ojayan

           heh the first screenshot kind of attracted my attention a little too much.

          and be nice we all have our moments.

  • Jahred Down

    Sounds like Left 4 Dead mixed with Dead island.

    Left 4 Dead Island!

    As you can tell, Shooters arent my thing. Not too excited about this one.

  • That makes a lot of sense. Just because you aren’t into a game that’s being talked about, you’d avoid a site entirely?! If that’s your thinking process, I doubt you’d be missed.

  • Beep Boop

     I would vastly prefer Drakengard III. 

  • So the big announcement was a game that is for all intents cancelled? This was just a really lazy attempt to get site hits, and nothing more. You should be ashamed.

    •  Not their fault GameFAQs and others like it fueled the hits.

      • When we made the news, it was for our readers and Nier has always been a popular topic among our community! And like Nier, this is rough around the edges when it comes to visuals, but there are some unique twists that fans of cavia’s titles will be surprised by.

        •  You should see some of the forums that linked it.  Massive amounts of theories that weren’t anywhere close.

          • Yeah I didn’t really check around since I don’t belong to any forums. Maybe I should’ve?

            But, just for everyone else reading this none of the staff here posted on other sites about this.

          • Do yourself a favor and avoid the pain. Most of the forums are probably busy hating the site without clear, logical thought at the moment anyway. If you want to, maybe in a few days after you guys finished posting the last bit of info on the game; at least then you can laugh it off, and nobody can accuse you of tricking people anymore.

    • I’m guessing you’re new here? The announcement was really for the site readers it wasn’t meant to generate “hype.”

      Readers here are fans of Nier and like Nier, this game has some unique twists too it just like Cavia’s other titles.

      • I’ve been here for years.  So the announcement was really just for site readers.  Did you expect that saying we’ll be making a surprise announcement reveal for a Square Enix game, that people wouldn’t be upset that the surprise reveal was a game that probably won’t be released.  I’m not complaining like the other people who didn’t understand that an unannounced game meant exactly that.. That it didn’t mean a localization.  Though I would have liked that unannounced game to be a game I’d most likely get a chance to play one day.  That’s like teasing a reveal, and then the reveal was oh hey, here’s some concept art from a new Final Fantasy being developed outside of SE that’s been cancelled. 

        • The idea is to get it back on track. To spark enough interest so it won’t be canceled.

        • SiliconEra has posted information on canceled/unreleased games before. This is pretty much just another instance like those. And it’s still a reveal, isn’t it? It’s just that people took their anticipations too far.

          • RupanIII

            Except in those other instances, the canceled/unreleased games weren’t called brand-new ‘announcements.’ People certainly let their imaginations run wild, but calling this a big ‘announcement’ was also misleading tbh.

          • Speaking neutrally, I have no disagreements. But at least one party might be intending to gather interest in the title, which might be why they used the term.

    • Wait just a second. Where does it say that it’s canceled? It’s just in an uncertain situation; maybe it’ll get out, or maybe it won’t. Besides, SiliconEra never said anything about a release, so they didn’t make any false statements.

      Also, if SiliconEra wanted site hits, there are a lot of things they could have done – like, say, opening a forum and/or not moderating the comment sections from slander, hate speech and the likes. But they never did that, not even once. I won’t blame you if you didn’t know it, but if you didn’t, I’ll have to wonder why you even assumed the worst about something you don’t know to begin with.

      • Ryan Baer

        “Wait just a second. Where does it say that it’s canceled?”

        The title of the article says it. They WERE working on. Not ARE working on. That means its no longer in development.

        Plus, Cavia disbanded. Tough to finish a game without a developer. Its dead.

      • Ryan Baer

        “Wait just a second. Where does it say that it’s canceled?”

        The title of the article says it. They WERE working on. Not ARE working on. That means its no longer in development.

        Plus, Cavia disbanded. Tough to finish a game without a developer. Its dead.

    • agreed

  •  ah.. i see, so this is the announcement of square. i’m more interested in their bigger game title.. -.-

  • This is the big announcement? I thought it was gonna be something cool. 

    • I know right.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Ya darn it to heck, not every squeenix announcement can be an attempt to make more strawberry milk from FFVII.

  • theoriginaled

    so kind of a left 4 dead meets parasite eve? Knowing Cavia and their track record for plots, the purple haze is a psychogenic and it turns out youve been slaughtering children in the museum the entire time*. Happy hunting! 

    *in the third playthrough to get ending A the monsters all scream like actual children and your console weeps blood. Ending A itself simply plays the entirety of the movie “Night at the Museum” and then erases your hard drive.

  • Ohhhh here comes the ragers that Type-0 wasn’t confirmed.

  • Ohhhh here comes the ragers that Type-0 wasn’t confirmed.

    • Nasser Al-Ojayan

    • Ladius

      If I remember correctly, Spencer already said this was no localization announcement in the last comment section.

    • I can only hope they see your “lampshading” and stop there, but if idiocy is this easily controlled, the mods wouldn’t be that busy to begin with…

  • Wow. It’s Borderlands mix with L4D and with Dead Island what huge let down. Thanks for nothing Square Enix.

  • Optical_Matrix

    Oh, dear….

  • Revorse

    Sounds like it could be good. Then I read shooter and became uninterested. Maybe if it was a 3rd person shooter. For some reason I just can’t tolerate FPSs.

  • Sounds interesting. Hope it’s not canceled. 

  • And it’s….a brand new game.

    Honestly, they should really save this type of “mystery game to be announced!” excitement for games people really want, like TWEWY2 or some random FF remake or Nier 2 or FFXIII-3… You know, the things that people were guessing/hoping for.

    • Beep Boop

        I was just about to say that. You don’t put ” surprise ” in the title when it’s just gonna be a brand new game. 

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Then what word would you use? 

         surprise – a completely unexpected occurrence, appearance, or statement 

        The announcement of an unknown game seems pretty unexpected to me.

    • But if it’s among the anticipated titles, it won’t be a surprise/mystery anymore.

    • Hraesvelgr

      People want and/or are hoping for XIII-3?

  • You said we were going to be surprised by this announcement. I wasn’t even sure this WAS the announcement. Severely let down by Square-Enix as usual.

    • Yeah, a game that could end up cancelled anyways, big surprise.

    • Hraesvelgr

      A surprise is something you don’t expect, right? You may not like the surprise, but everyone saying “this isn’t a surprise”… uh…  yeah, okay.


    *ahem* I don’t have anything against shooters, so I’m still interested.

    Although, I hope we do spark enough interest for Enix to keep on working…

    When I heard of the setting being a museum though, I thought of Night at the Museum, all the statues and stuff coming back to life…instead DEMONS out of nowhere, haha.

    Nguyen, huh? Would he pronounce his name in the butchered English way or the Vietnamese way? Hmm…

  • I’d still say it was to generate hits for the site.
    Regardless, it’s news of a game that for all intents and purposes is cancelled.

    When you say you have an “exclusive announcement” for an upcoming SE game, people normally think it’s a game that is actually going to come out.
    Not for a game that is in limbo and the only reason you reveal this game is to generate more interest in it.
    At the very least, you could have said something to that effect in your Tease post.

    • If we wanted to generate hits there are lots of things we would do, but don’t go that route. The announcement was really made for our core readers and not to spark a zillion threads outside the site. (Apologies for that I guess? None of the Siliconera staff posted on other sites.)

      Our readers are fans of Nier (although that got its fair share of complaints when the first screenshots were shown…) so this is something I believe will be of interest. Especially since it has Nier-like twists in it…

      • [Sigh] Keep your buckles tight, Spence… I reckon you’re gonna have to repeat that same thing over and over for hours to come. I’ll help however I can.

        • Hey thanks! Much appreciated :)

      • Ladius

        It isn’t your fault people took a “Siliconera will announce a SE game” (with added hints such as “no localization announcements!”) and started imagining a Chrono 3FF7 RemakeType 0 VitaTWEWY 2 announcement.
        Still, the fact that the game is currently in limbo is disappointing, considering it could never be released in the end : I hope the game is still salvageable though, the mix between fps and dungeon crawler looks interesting enough.

      • I guess, though I’ve been reading here for years and am not really a big fan of Nier.

        Regardless, it’s balanced on the precipice of life or death pretty much, when you tease an exclusive announcement from SE, people don’t think a Cavia title that is on the verge of not coming out anyways.

        And you said people would be surprised.
        I don’t think a nearly cancelled game is generating much surprise.

        Anyways, to each their own.

        • Fair enough, but if you are a long time reader here you probably know that we’re digging around for scoops rather than having them handed to us. There’s a considerable amount of work that goes into revealing stuff like Dead Space 3 while its actively in development. This is a similar kind of announcement.

          If we really wanted to get traffic we would have hyped Dead Space 3 and we didn’t. The only reason why we had the teaser here was because it was something specific for the readers. When had our Dead Space 3 content prepared I felt it was going to be a big story, but we didn’t even tease it since it wasn’t related to our readers.

          • Yeah, I guess most were just wanting an actual announcement from SE, not a “source leak” from an employee at Cavia about a nearly cancelled game.

            Anyways, when was this ex-employee last with the company?
            If it’s recent then ok, if it’s not it could be the game has already been cancelled unless he/she has contacts at Cavia.

          • Or rather, contacts at AQ Interactive.

        • The game mechanics are admittedly already well known through prior
          titles like Left4Dead. But the surprise wasn’t in the sense that it’s “something people are gonna like”; it only meant “something they haven’t heard of”.

          Besides, it’s not the site’s fault that people got really wild with their imaginations, and then throwing tantrums when their expectations weren’t met.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      So testing to see what kind of ground-level interest there is in a potential title is bad? Seems far less two faced than trying to influence metacritic scores through paid for posts or slipping a few bucks and a couple of snickers bars to a site reviewer.

    • SolidusSnake

      Nah, if they wanted to troll for hits they’d post something involving politics or something blatantly sexual, like a lot of other sites do. Nothing wrong with a small teaser for a game that (so far as I know) hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else.

  • Cavia. I mean, IT’S CAVIA! CAVIA ALIVE! Or maybe not if this game is never completed…

    In any case, I LOVE Drakengard and NieR. This seems totally generic and since Yoko Taro left cavia (he left it, right?), it probably is, but who knows. I’ll be following this closely.

    BTW, I would have loved something about Cry-on not being canceled.

    • jj984jj

      I agree that it looks nothing like Yoko Taro’s games, but as a result I’m not interested.

  • malek86

    A first person shooter with randomly generated maps and limited charge magic items? Now that’s an interesting concept. I don’t remember seeing anything like that before. If this means something similar to a roguelike concept, this could turn out very interesting.

  • i hope one of those  game surprises doesnt  involves one of the characters being futanari lol 

    on a side note, it seems like square wants to please the western crowd with its shooter elements

  • Left 4 Dead X Diablo X Borderlands?Khm.

  • cj_iwakura

    Yeah, uh, a source leak != announcement.

  • cj_iwakura

    Yeah, uh, a source leak != announcement.

    • OK, noted! Although I think source leaks are more difficult to track down…

  • heartless141

    that Nguyen guy is probably one of the first vietnamese main character in the whole gaming history. bravo, bravo.

    fun fact: over 40% of vietnamese population have that name.

  • fayt255

    This game sounds very original compared to other shooters so I hope they complete it! Also I like Cavia they have some interesting games and the FPS genre needs something new.

  • MrRobbyM

    Sounds interesting, sort of. I’m pretty disappointed though. I’ll hold off judgements until I see some gameplay footage.

  • Cavia making a shooter.

    With their style.

    Yep, didn’t see that one coming.

  • AlteisenX

    I’m confused as to why people had to wait until today to hear about a 50/50 chance of a release for (sorry for the generalization), just another fps.

    Colour me disappoint. (Whichever colour that may be.)

  • JazzWithAttitude

    lol,square enix sucks

    • First and last warning. Please don’t post garbage comments like this.

    • Paradox me

      They sure do, trying something different like that. Attempting to appeal to someone other than me, the incompetent jerks.

      Heck, they even had the gall to go and get their unannounced game leaked on a website whose readers let their imaginations/expectations run wild.

      (And with that I’ve used up today’s supply of sarcasm. All in one article, and only two replies!)

      • SirRichard

        You need to generate more sarcasm, you use it so wonderfully.

        And no, that was not sarcasm!

      • MrRobbyM

        Oh, Paradox. Your sarcastic humor sprinkled with a bit of condescending pleases me so.

    • agreed they became horrible after ff 9 pretty much

    • I sorta agree, but not entirely. They still bring out some good games, but this news is severely disappointing, we’re already completely saturated with shooters in the West.

  • Godmars

    Please don’t tell me that the big reveal was a canceled game. 

    I truly underestimated the level of disappointment I’d feel at this. I really did.

    • RupanIII

      I started out without much expectation, but I guess I got a bit caught up in the hype/crazy ideas flying around. It was all over a lot of forums, and it even somehow spread to some Japanese sites.

      I should know SE better by now, but still, an FPS? -_-;

  • usagi_san

    Though I’m not the biggest shooter fan, but I’ll keep my eye on this.

  • Maumac77

    So I can be a magic knight!!….just with a gun instead of a sword. I like

  • SolidusSnake

    Oh good, I was afraid it was going to be some boring Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts announcement. This is actually interesting. Though, I hope the levels have a decent amount of variety. Wandering through samey catacombs could get old fast, and Cavia’s games aren’t exactly known for visual flair. Not exactly sure how I feel about randomly generated levels in a shooter, but it is certainly different.

    I’d definitely like to see and hear more about this game.

    • malek86

      If they build it so the terrain could make a difference in combat, then the random maps could actually prolong the life of the game, since you’d find yourself having to deal with different situations every time.

      Otherwise, if it’s just a standard shooter with random maps, that won’t make much of a difference and the random element will only make it boring due to recycled scenarios.

      I think they should be able to play their cards well though. The co-op element will definitely help in not making the scenario repetitiveness feel too accentuated.

    • MrRobbyM

      Let’s face it, it’d be boring if it was another KH that ISN’T KH3.

  • Cavia is amazing, NieR was really good. Not really excited about this, not a fan of fps, nor do I like the artstyle for now. Nonetheless, I’m happy for those who are looking forward to this :) For now, I think I’ll pass.

  • tidegusto

    Hey Spencer, you should not generalize something.
    I am a reader of this site, I enter here everyday, several times. And I am not a fan of this NieR game. I don’t think that all of this site readers likes that game, I know there are some people that actually like it, and of course YOU like it, but you can’t say that this is something “for the core readers of this site”
    I am really disappointed with this site.

    • Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to point you out by name, specifically, in every article from now on. Maybe we can preface every post with: “We think this game looks pretty good, but tidegusto may think otherwise!”

      • tidegusto

        Ahaha, you are funny Ishaan.
        I am just talking because I saw some posts that Spencer made before. They sounded like all the core readers on this site likes NieR. And that is not true dude.

        • It’s not that every single core reader loves Nier, but it is often mentioned as a game that the readers like!

        • Here is a sentence in English:

          “Gamers like Mario.”

          Does that mean all gamers like Mario? Does it mean you like Mario? Does it mean I like Mario? No, it’s a general statement that is, in general, true.

          • That’s actually a broad generalization, which is a logical fallacy. Not to be used in formal context. 

          • Guest

            “A lot of gamers like Mario”  would be more specific and genuine without being a blanket phrase.

      • MrRobbyM

        You should seriously consider this. I think it’d be hilarious.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Nier certainly hits the sweet spot of a lot of siliconera’s audience. I know there are many new faces here, but being able to talk about such titles without fanboy screams has been a site strength.

      H*ll I might even claim Nier has a more mainstream audience than what many of us here play, in that it is an action game with the SQUARE_ENIX label.

    • He’s not talking about everyone; he’s just saying there are a lot of users who liked it. Sure, you don’t like it; so what? I’m indifferent to NieR, and you don’t see me rambling on about how I’m being misrepresented.

    • theoriginaled

      SO wait.. wait.. because a bunch of people like Nier… and Spencer knows this.. but you DONT like Nier, he’s not allowed to say site readers like it? Or to potentially talk about a game that is like it, which he can.. you know.. assume other people might like because they like Nier? just because you dont?

      BOOM logic bomb!

    • SirRichard

      “I don’t like it therefore no-one else does” is a terrible view to take of any situation, mate.

      • tidegusto

        Sir, that is not the point of what I am trying to say. I am saying that not all the readers of this site likes that game . Just because I don’t like it I am not a core reader of this site?? 

        • SirRichard

          So your viewpoint is “If it isn’t catering to me, it can’t be for core readers because I am a core reader”? That’s still a very closed off viewpoint, and I’m not seeing how because you don’t like Nier, it can’t be an announcement for core readers.

          This is a site with a leaning to the Japanese side of the industry, and the sorts of people attracted to it (the ones that form the core group of readers, mind you) are likely going to like Nier; some don’t, fair enough, but I don’t see how that warrants an entitled post like yours and I don’t see how the staff should follow your definition of “core reader”.

        • No… What we’re saying is: “Ranting about how you’re misrepresented in a statement that apparently has nothing to do with you (as per your admission that you’re not part of it) to begin with isn’t a very smart move.”

    • Ladius

      I think it’s fairly obvious not everyone here played or liked Nier, but considering this is a site focused on Japanese games and Nier (despite bad sales and an initially bad reception) has became a cult hit for jrpg fans I think they did gauge their readers’ tastes correctly. Keep in mind no single game will ever be backed by 100% of a given community, unless you’re on some dedicated fansite.

      For example, here on Siliconera there’s a really strong support for series such as Growlanser and Trails in the Sky, but I doubt even 5% of the whole community has played them. Things could be even worse for visual novels, they have a decent amount of coverage here but we all know Mangagamer struggles to sell a thousand copies of some of their best games.

      Also, this could be a nice occasion to give Nier a try, if you already haven’t.

      • tidegusto

        Thanks, best comment I read about what I said. I wasn’t thinking about that this way. I just don’t liked the way Spencer was talking about that in the comments below.
        I really like JRPG and was hoping it would be something like that lol.

        • Ladius

          I think we shouldn’t dismiss it too soon: according to the article this game has some RPG systems, and is somewhat reminiscent of first person dungeon crawlers thanks to its randomized floors.

          Also, Cavia is the one developer that can turn even the most boring, generic premises into surprisingly interesting ideas, they’re (were) one of the few teams out there with a real trope-subversion skill.

          And if you like jrpgs (action-jrpg, in this case) I really suggest you give Nier a try – who knows, maybe in the end you will turn out to be a fan, too :P
          That game has one of the best OSTs of this hardware generation, a really interesting plot and a thoughtful use of the new game + feature that will probably surprise you. It should also be really cheap.

          • tidegusto

            Yeah, you are probably right, thanks dude.

  • Suicunesol

    Spencer, I don’t know if it was a good idea to “tease” it as an SQ game. That just makes people disappointed when it isn’t something more “familiar”.

    …the initial premise of this game actually sounds kind of good. You have four normal people, brimming with character development potential, who get caught up in a dangerous, unusual situation in a real world location.

    …and then I learn that it’s an FPS. Gee, that’s… that’s just not a genre I currently associate with engaging stories. And by the sound of it, it takes place in randomly generated mazes? The whole thing? It must be, since the title of the game is “Catacombs”. Unless the catacombs themselves are somehow an engaging setting (for instance the catacombs are the ruins of an ancient civilization long buried beneath New York City), but considering that they’re randomly generated, I can’t possibly fathom that.

    I would be sooo much more supportive of this game if it wasn’t a shooter.

    But, hey, Spencer says it is somehow different. He hasn’t given us the full story. So I’ll wait for the full story.

    • OK fair enough, but the Square Enix today makes a bunch of interesting games that aren’t Final this or Dragon that. 

      And about those ruins… you’ll see!

      • Suicunesol

        They do indeed. But you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know what comes to people’s minds when you mention “Square Enix”. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, The World Ends With You, etc.

        Though, those people should also know better than to expect an announcement regarding those big-name franchises coming from an (awesome) site like Siliconera. Announcements related to those series should only ever come directly from Japan.

        If you were targeting the Nier audience, it would have been more appropriate to say it was a “Cavia” game since it seems that company was most responsible for Nier. (But then maybe mentioning “Cavia” would have revealed too much :P)

    • Well, it’s not exactly their fault that people over-anticipated things solely from a perspective they’re comfortable with…

      • Suicunesol

        No, it’s not. But it is their fault that they didn’t anticipate over-anticipation when mentioning “Square Enix”.

        • You have a point. That said, if we have to watch out for every single imbecile’s reaction, we’re not gonna get anything done here… People over-anticipated because they lack logic; I don’t believe we can fault the site for that.

          • Suicunesol

            Yes, people are illogical. What can you do. *shrug*

            That said, I want to bring attention to the previous teaser article that has almost 500 comments attached to it. A lot of people questioned whether Siliconera was big enough to really have news on a big-big game. Yet Spencer repeatedly informed us that such a thing was not out of the question–that Siliconera had grown in reputation and was well-known (which I think it is). He said this over and over again. And knowing what the game really was, I’m afraid he was giving out something people call “false hope”. He should expect a backlash.

          • Well… what he said still wasn’t wrong. That said, I wouldn’t rule out the perspective that trying to contain the surprise until the last moment may have bitten him in the hindside – especially when it involves the name of a big company.

  • Paradox me

    This doesn’t look like the Final Fantasy VII remake that I’d convinced myself it would be! It’s all Square Enix and Siliconera’s fault. I mean, why should I be expected to keep my expectations in check?

    • MrRobbyM

      For a second, I thought you were serious. Then my brain started to work. Though I would like that FFVII remake…cough cough cough.

    • DanteJones

      Thanks Paradox, this gave me the good laugh I needed. ;)

  • I like the premise, personally.

    I do hope that comic relief guy at least hopes his son is still alive- it would be a bit creepy if he was making jokes after seeing his little kid brutally murdered!

  • It has a playable Vietnamese character…I think I’m good for now.

    • malek86

      Or maybe he’ll end up being the first to die senselessly in a cutscene.

      • Vietnamese people are awesome…well not the one in Vietnam…
        Awesome people doesn’t die!

        • Dude, awesome people are the first to die, as sad as it is.

      • Wait, are we talking about a black person or an Asian person?

  • Considering this site’s core reader is mainly fans of anime and Japanese style games, what made the staff here think people would actually care about this? In the future I’ll be less excited when y’all hype a BIG reveal. 

    • Barrylocke89

      But did you really think that a game of that style, which is going to be more popular in Japan, was going to be FIRST announced on Siliconera, a site for Western Niche fans?

    • This is a Japanese game. It’s tied to Nier, something which commenters commonly mention as a game they appreciated.

      And I remember when the buzz about Nier first came out it was slammed with criticism before finding its audience.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      The site has on many occasions covered shooters and action games that have a hook to it. That it is cavia and seems to have elements of Powerslave, a very solid little mythos-magic shooter from the days of the Sega Saturn qualifies as hooks in my book.

      Maybe I should go back and reread Spence’s original post — I never got the feel that this was going to be the first shots of FFXV.

    • Altritter

       I’m a fan of those things you mentioned.

      I’m also a fan of shooters and games with interesting design decisions. I think the game looks pretty cool, and I love Nier.  It always seems to me that a lot of fans of JRPGs and anime and stuff like that are pretty resistant to other types of games, which does nothing but perplex me.

  • Another company hopping on the First Person Shooter bandwagon. After everything I’ve read, I’m not interested. Pass. 

    • A lot of your comments seem to be about things you don’t care. If you don’t care, why bother to comment at all?

      • Gee, I don’t know. Maybe because I’m allowed to have on opinion on something new that’s being presented to me? If it doesn’t interest me, I state my opinion and leave it alone. Would you want me to be on the optimistic side and automatically start praising every game that comes my way?

        • Hey, join the queue, smart guy. I skim over a lot of the news titles in my SiliconEra RSS feed because I’m not interested; yet people don’t see me coming in with an “eh” on every page.

        • But simply said, no one cares about you saying you pass on this. Everyone is free to their own opinion, but this “my own opinion” thing is kinda getting out of hands. This thread is full as it is and I’m sure it’ll get a lot more soon enough, last thing I need are comments like these.

        • haqua

          But when it’s an opinion condensed into one sentence, who really cares? No one wants to read it and it’s more irritating to see than anything.

          If you have an opinion to voice, give us reasons why you’re voicing it. 

          • I mostly condense because this generation loves to TL;DR long messages. Doesn’t seem that anyone really wants to read long messages anymore. Just a habit of mine nowadays. But I’ll take your advice and explain why I’m not interested.

            1) The game is pretty much a limbo. 

            2) Reading “We have a treat for Siliconera readers this week with news about an unannounced Square Enix game. I can’t say anymore for the moment other than this will be a Siliconera exclusive and the game will surprise you.”

            They could have worded this a little better. Saying that the game was a title that could have been or something similar. I didn’t think the reveal would be a canned game. I thought it’d be a game that was still being produced.

            3) I’m not a particular fan of the First-Person Shooter genre.

  • Personally I think there’s a big difference between “Siliconera Will Reveal A Square Enix Title” and “Siliconera Will Reveal a Square Enix Title that may no longer Exist”.

    EDIT: Probably should have been “most likely no longer exists”

    • No, there isn’t… It’s still a Square Enix title in the end.

      • Um, yes there is.

        The title of the teaser article easily fools people into thinking that Siliconera was going to reveal a new game from SE. But the content of this article makes it look like that the game is already dead.

        • “Easily fooled people”? Let me put it more bluntly: People were fooled by their own biases, delusions and anticipations. If there’s anything to be blamed, it’s their own lack of logic. You can go read the original post as many times as you like; the editors didn’t say anything that contradicts this post.

          • Of course not, they just let people’s imagination run rampant.

            “Hey guys, tomorrow we’re going to reveal an unnannounced SE game!”

            “Hey guys, this is SE’s unnannounced title! It has this feature, and that feature, and this feature too.

            … Oh yeah, and its probably been canned already.”

            From your comments its evident that you’ll be defending Siliconera to the death, but this could have (and should have) been handled in a much better way.

          • And what I’m telling you is that accusing them of “letting” people’s imaginations run wild is ridiculous. Anticipation and speculations are commonplace occurences; you can’t stop people from letting their imaginations run wild, period. That in itself is neither good or bad; it’s when people don’t know how to properly handle or come to terms with their own biases that things get nasty. If this incident says anything, it’s about the way people think when it comes to Square Enix.

            Let’s not try to sugarcoat idiocy, OK? If I end up defending SiliconEra to the death, it’d be because people are too uncomfortable in the face of logic.

          • Its not ridiculous because that’s exactly what they did.

            And sorry, but they could have easily prevented this whole situation. Compare how they handled this and how they handled the announcement of Project Dropship (unless they did pull the same stunt then and I just missed it).

            And sugarcoat idiocy? You know, I’m actually more irritated with your comments than with this blunder.

          • RupanIII

            You know what could have prevented all this?


            ‘This week Siliconera will be taking an exclusive look at an interesting Cavia game that could-have-been!’

            No controversy. No wild speculation with forums blowing up. ‘Core readers’ will enjoy it. The end. Instead, it was:


            ‘EXCLUSIVE !! Tomorrow, Siliconera reveals a SURPRISING and UNANNOUNCED SQUARE ENIX GAME!’

            Now people are ‘idiots’ and ‘imbeciles’ for being misled by that kind of baiting? Not handling this well, guys..

          • @Tanthalas:disqus @RupanIII:disqus

            There’s a big difference between Project Dropship and Catacombs: The former is already canceled by the time its information was posted on SiliconEra. Catacombs is a game that is in an uncertain state; it may come out, or it may not. Spencer has stated earlier in the thread that the intention is to gather interest for the title, so that it has a chance to get back up; whether the plan is by the site or the developer or Square, I don’t know. It’s also not impossible that Spencer went far in containing the surprise under the lid.

            I also don’t see what’s wrong with labeling it as an “exclusive”. They worked on getting the scoop, and they earned it. I don’t believe any codes or rules are broken in taking pride in one’s own efforts.

            As for the people’s expectations, I’ve already explained why you can’t blame the site alone, and I see no reason to retract that stance. People over-anticipated, and now blame the site because their wild expectations weren’t met, like they were wronged; I’m afraid I don’t find it reasonable or fair, to put it lightly. I know it’s the Internet, but I hope I’m not demanding too much by expecting a significant level of thoughtfulness from them if they’re already commenting in a public thread.

          • This is a game that was supposed to be announced at E3 2011 and that was being developed by a company that is currently dead. The likelyhood of it being cancelled is certainly higher than the likelyhood of it seeing the light of day.

            Like I said already, look at how Project Dropship was handled and look at how Catacombs was handled. They could have used a title similar to what RupanIII suggested and most of the complaining would be gone.

            Spencer already apologized for whatever confusion that his blip caused (and someone hopefully will get the help that they need through it) so I’m not going to keep beating this dead horse.

            But don’t go around calling people idiots for complaining about the announcement of a most likely canned game when they had all the reason to believe that the announcement concerned a game that was on track for release.

          • I don’t blame people for assuming it’s to be released by default. That being said, even among planned titles, there are cancellations too. They thought it’s an upcoming game, but it’s not – no harm done. And their reaction was to slander? I might be speaking from my perspective here, but I find that very inconsiderate.

            In the end, it comes back to the “Square Enix” name. People were expecting other things, but because they were too deep in their own worlds, they lashed out when it’s something else. Still not a thoughtful approach. A lot of other readers had their own expectations by their own admissions, but they still took it like adults in the end.

  • So is this the game teased then? I’m kinda disappointed…

  • What the hell is this and where is my nier 2???

  • CirnoLakes

    … yeah. I knew not to get my hopes up too high.

  • Totally called it, sure this might have a good story, but at the end of the day this is just another FPS with rpg elements. We have more than enough shooters already.

    • RedShadoww

      I agree…when will devs realize we’re sick of shooters….only ones that like them are new/casual gamers :/

  • I am surprised at the fact SE is trying something like this and disappointed at the same time… (=_=)

    Looks like Left4dead but replace zombies with creatures… And I’m not a fan of shooters… Did Square Enix check what this site mostly covers and what the commenters are looking forward to??? (ಠ_ಠ)

    Next time, when SE announces something else, I’ll remind myself that I’m gonna be disappointed afterwards…  (-_-)

    Edit: I was referring to SE… Not Siliconera or Spencer….

    •  SE didn’t announce this, read the article again.

      • Sorry about that, I’m just unhappy… The first thing I see when I open this article is a screenshot of a hand holding a gun, I stopped reading… Rants have to come out sooner or later…

    • SolidusSnake

       I know right? How DARE they cover a game that’s not Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. How disgusting. I AM PERSONALLY OFFENDED AND OUTRAGED THAT SHOOTERS EXIST.

      • Says the one who’s got an avatar picture of a person holding a gun… (-_-;)

        • SolidusSnake


        • Irony is a wonderful thing, isn’t it~?

        • haqua

           HA HA HA. Oh, dear! Right over your head, huh?

    • haqua

      Okay, here I go. One, it’s most likely your own problem that you’re disappointed. I assume you were expecting something BIG and GRAND like Type-0 finally being localized! But that isn’t anyone else’s problem but yours, to put it bluntly. While it’s common for people to think of KH and FF when they see Square Enix, remember that they have tons of other games, too.

      Although, it’s also likely that you’re disappointed not for that reason. But, just in case.

      What’s the problem that SE is trying something different? Should they really only be restricted to  Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts  because it’s “what people are looking forward to”? If they never try anything new, then think about it. Would Kingdom Hearts exist? Nope!

      inb4 SE announces a game that you really wanted to see. :3
      I suppose you’ll be disappointed then, too… Hm. Something to think about.


      • I’m just expressing myself… Plus SE is mostly a JRPG powerhouse and the appearance of this game looks to me like SE is aiming towards western side of the world…

        Given SE’s track records, I can’t help but feel that I’ll be disappointed…

  • Oh no…

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Consider me pleasantly surprised. The entirety of the game sound pretty good. I really hope this isn’t canceled (◕‿◕✿)

    • It’s currently uncertain. I’m assuming that’s part of the reason for the surprise announcement: They wanted some interest in the game to get it released.

      • BadenBadenPrinny

        I thought so, too bad this article was marred by all of these complaints :(

    • HeatPhoenix

      Saw the emoticon, stopped reading. TOO BAD IT WAS AT THE END

      HAR HAR HAR.

  • AnimusVox

    I honestly was thinking ‘The Last Remnant’ for PS3.
    Yeah I know I know but a dreamer can dream.

    • Guest

      Let that die. They need to learn how to use Unreal 3 engine better, or better yet, just use Crystal Tools or Luminous engine (you know the ones they created)

      Or just get it for PC

  • Oni123

    Those guns are creepy @[email protected]

  • Ladius

    Maybe someone could post on  NeoGaf to clarify this doesn’t seem to be a cancelled game, as much as it’s sad it’s apparently in limbo?

    They’ve already labeled it as cancelled even if the only comment in the article about this game’s situation is “The game, our source says, is far along in development and was playable, but Square Enix isn’t sure if they will complete the title.”, which is fairly different, at least if there isn’t anything else to add to this picture.

    • Honestly, it doesn’t really matter to us what people on some forum think. A lot of time and effort went into researching and acquiring this scoop, and I think the contents will speak for themselves to the net at large. 

      • Ladius

        Yeah, I was just sad the article was being misrepresented in such a way, given that this game’s cancellation isn’t mentioned anywhere and was just used to make that thread more “funny” for those who wanted to bash the reveal.

        I fully agree with you about avoiding beefs between different sites, I was simply wishing for someone to clarify that issue (and apparently someone did point that bit out, even before I wrote my post here :P).

        • Well, it’s not so much about a beef between sites… I mean, they’re a forum. Forums are a place to complain about stuff, for the most part. Even our comments can be like that sometimes. It isn’t a big deal in the least. :P

          • Ladius

            The thing I’m uncomfortable with is that someone (I imagine the board’s moderators) changed that thread’s title to match that kind of vision (“Siliconera tricks everyone, reveals a cancelled game, Catacombs from SE&Cavia”) instead of reporting what the article actually said about the game’s current status, or giving a negativefunny but at least correct take on its contents.

          • Yeah, but again, it’s a forum. What do you expect? A small bunch of people whining doesn’t matter in the least. It’s like a small group of people in our comments that like to hate on stuff. :P

      • That‘s the spirit, guys! Conclusions drawn from the first and most superficial moments are usually unreliable/illogical anyway.

    • Well, the source is a former employee of AQ Interactive/cavia, so its not like the source is at SE to know if the project is still alive.

      Combine that with the news that SE cancelled several projects recently (even Gun Loco that was actually announced) and its not that much of a risk to say that the title has been cancelled.

      Though I guess you never know.

      • Speaking personally, Gun Loco looked like an embarrassment. One I would have laughed at if it actually did release, but an embarrassment nonetheless. I distinctly remember most opinions I saw of it at the time ridiculing Squeenix for blindly chasing anything that even remotely resembles what they think are popular gimmicks. As a business, canceling all those projects was a necessary move to avoid hurting their image further in the wake of FF14, certain elements of FF13, and to those of us who know about it, 3rd Birthday.

        They’re currently in a state of trying to minimize any further damage while carefully adding new supports to a weak and crumbling frame. One false move and their whole business could fall apart. Which, frankly and again speaking personally, is what they deserve for their actions for most of the past decade. Maybe after they repair all the damage they’ve done to themselves and their IPs, they will have learned a valuable enough lesson to treat what they own better and act like the respectable company they can be.

        • Well, personally there have been plenty of games from SE that I have enjoyed in the last 10 years from several of their franchises.

          Yeah, I didn’t like The 3rd Birthday. I’m still amazed when I see people praising it. I guess the gameplay was ok, but the story just seemed nonsensical and it didn’t even motivate me enough to try and make sense of it (if that was even possible). And from what I’ve heard of FFXIV at release I can’t even believe how a company with the years of experience with FFXI could make so many mistakes with FFXIV.

          Otherwise, I’m pretty content with their efforts though I have reservations about DQX after all their mistakes with FFXIV. I’m really interested in seeing if the DQ name can really make the game a success in Japan.

    • malek86

      Well, when titles end up in limbo, it’s much easier for them to be eventually cancelled rather than picked up again.

      We can still hold some hope, but admittedly not even I am particularly optimistic here.

  • Brandonmkii

    I like the Idea of it. I’ve enjoyed all of cavia’s offerings I’ve played, and I’ll probably get this if it were to be released. I’ve only played a couple of first person shooters, so I’ll probably be bad at it, but it seems like a lot of fun.

  • Banned.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Wow how can someone be the ‘worst’ company but ‘almost as bad’ as another.

    • What?! How’s this possible?! They didn’t teach me that in logic school!

  • SE has bad history with shooters, lets hope they fix it with this game.

    • Guest

      Japan has a bad history with shooters (first person). Last one I remember is that Namco one for XBox. I think I even have it buried somewhere…

  • PoweredByHentai

    I saw Cavia and immediately hoped for something like Fate/Colosseum.  XD

  • Too bad it’s not Type-0 related (“I had a dream”…) but hey, I love Nier so why not ! :)

  • LynxAmali

    This…actually sounds somewhat awesome.

    And I’m not even a shooter fan.

    The 3rd image sort of reminds me of Nier though. Something about it just says Nier.

  • MrRobbyM

    Thank you for your intelligent, mature response. You contributed so much in so few words.

  • CAVIA?!

    Who worked on it? I was listening to the NIER OST again last night and fell into crippling depression that they don’t exist anymore.

  • aoihana

    I’m not really a fan of Square Enix, as I don’t play a whole lot of games, so I didn’t really have any expectations, really. 

    I understand that quite a few people are disappointed, but the only thing I’m disappointed in regards to this announcement is how it was received.  

    It’s completely natural to be disappointed, in fact, it’s expected. As such, I appreciate how some of you express that disappointment in an appropriate manner, so, thank you.
    However, I’m disappointed in how some of you are expressing that disappointment, directing it towards Square Enix, but worst of all, Siliconera itself. 

    In reality, this is a result of your own misconception, how a big reveal couldn’t possibly be big if it didn’t contain a roman numeral. In that case, you let yourselves down with such mindsets, forgoing anything other than what you wanted.

    On the other hand, there are those that are disappointed with the fact that this big reveal came for a game that may not actually materialize. In such cases, I feel that it’s appropriate, and perhaps such details should have been released before to avoid such a reaction.

    As for my take, personally, I thought this game looks awesome, and although it’s release or development is not set in stone, it’s big to me, and many others apparently.

    • My annoyance isn’t that its not the announcement of a SE flagship title. Personally since yesterday people were pointing out the US flag at the top of the article I was expecting a title from one of SE’s western developers, I wasn’t even expecting it to be a major title.

      What I didn’t expect was news about a game that has most likely been cancelled. That’s what annoys me.

      I would have no problem at all with this news if they hadn’t hyped it up yesterday. Yesterday’s article was really misleading.

      • aoihana

        Yes, I completely understand the annoyance in that case, as some others pointed out. Like I said, I appreciate such opinions, opinions that hold merit on the situation. 

        My post was largely directed at the omg this is the big announcement?! type comments, which are completely uncalled for. 

    • Guest

      How bout Squaresoft?

  • theoriginaled

    Question for Spencer: did you guys get to hear any of the tracks from the game, and can you comment on them if so? Honestly one of my favorite things about Cavia games is their incredible soundtracks, and thats one thing Id want to know about the most. Cheers.

  • The biggest thing about this for me is ‘omg cavia is alive!!’ :D

    I know they like to turn things on their heads. So I’ll eagerly await to see what they intend to do with the FPS genre. :D

    • brian yep

      They’re “alive” but they still went under.
      Squeenix is deciding if they wanna finish this or not now that cavia is gone.

  • badmoogle

    This was quite surprising as i thought Cavia was dead.Guess i was wrong.

    •  I really wouldn’t take this as proof that Cavia is alive.

  • Yeah… on all things i thought it could be i didn’t think it’d be a possibly canceled game.   Nor would i have thought it’d be a game like this.  I’m more bummed than supportive of this game.

  • anything from the creators of nier deserves a look

  • RedShadoww

    Well that sadly didn’t make my day like I was hoping. Not into shooters :/

  • Soooooooo… which of these characters eats bacon!

    I’m glad this didn’t turn out to be a 3rd Birthday sequel. I was dreading such an announcement, and started convincing myself it would be the case for a little while there considering Siliconera actually had an interview with someone that worked on the game back as it was coming out in Japan. This also perfectly fit my expectations, that for it to be called a “surprise” it would have to be a completely new game.

  • brian yep

    So this is that reveal that was mentioned yesterday?
    I get a vibe of Persona 3 with “actual” guns with that stuff about randomized floors.
    I wish it was third person but I’d probably still play it~

  • Nicolas Vasquez

     wow, i didnt expected that siliconera would have the levels of trolling of sankaku complex reagarding news, anyways, like some have mentioned before, a lot of that game screams left 4 dead, but i dont think thats reason to sack it, i mean we are getting sony smash brothers.

    • What trolling? The only trolling I am sure that happened here is that you all trolled yourself. Please don’t hate for the sake of hating.

      • Nicolas Vasquez

        hate no, im just surprised, trolled yeah, “We have a treat for Siliconera readers this week with news about an unannounced Square Enix game”, english its not my mother tongue, but unnanounced its used for something that gonna be announced, and havnt been done yet, cancelled is a whole different thing.

        • LynxAmali

          Not necessarily.

          Several games I was looking forward to were unannounced and fell through.

          All unannounced means is that the game wasn’t publicly known and sometimes, an unannounced game will fall through because it’s unannounced so it doesn’t have the support and ability to drum up interest.

          • Nicolas Vasquez

             yes, you can call that it is a cancelled unannounced game, even games that people know about but isnt officially announced are still considered unnanounced, but that just technicalities, for the sake of objectiveness you shouldnt call a cancelled game unannounced.

  • We rustled now.

  • Assuming this is your first post, I assume you’re not familiar with the site. If what the admins wanted was hits, there are lots of opportunities to pull it off throughout the site’s run. But they never did it. Besides, if they wanted hits and/or new readers, why would they reveal a game in limbo and piss off people?

    • The site is actually among my most visited because the news posted here is very relevant to my interests.

      But that does not change the fact that the original story misled a lot of people. Just look at the number of likes compared to any other story.

      Simply saying fans of the site would like the news offered no hint that the news was about a game that might not even be released, or that fans of Nier would enjoy it. Sure “Unannounced Square-Enix Game” is very vague, but even I was going around telling people not to expect something like Chrono Trigger HD or FFXV, or KH3.

      As I said before. This entire situation could have been avoided if they had either A- Not teased it at all or B- Been more clear about what the actual news was. The reaction probably would have been better too.

      • Considering how things turned out, this is one big mess everybody could do without…

  • To the people who expressed their disappointments in a civilised manner, I thank you for not making a big drama out of this situation. It’s fine to be disappointed when it’s not the title that you’ve been anticipating. I know I’m disappointed because it’s not a Final Fantasy eroge. 

    However, Spencer did say that the title will be impossible to guess, so that throws your established brands out of the window and leaves you with only a new title. 

    I meant to write more, but most of the concerns I would like to address were beautifully written by @aoihana:disqus . Thanks, mate.

    • PoweredByHentai

      What?  But we already have our Final Fantasy eroge…

    • PoweredByHentai

      What?  But we already have our Final Fantasy eroge…

  • Godmars

    Anyone who was expecting Sqaure to deliver something honestly exciting deserved what they’ve gotten. If this is the actual announcement.

    Granted, I’m on the other side, only expected disappointment, and still have come out losing.  

  • jj984jj

    Without Yoko Taro this has nothing to do with Nier whatsoever. What makes this different from Mindjack and Gun Loco?

  • I saw this title and all I could think of were the Catacombs series of games for the PC back in the late 80s/early 90s.  (feels old now)

  • Auragar

    So as expected (from me) it was a game nobody really cared about. I am not going to hate on you Spencer or Ishaan (hope I spell your name right). Or Siliconera as a whole. I am sad it wasn’t anything about Type-0. But I was expecting something like this. As other people have said though teasing this particular game might not have been the best idea. I would like to ask (if you are reading this), that you guys if you get into contact with Squenix NA again that you ask them about Type-0 and it’s localization (as many many people are still wanting it). Please and thank you.

    • To be perfectly frank, we’re kind of fed up of people asking about Type-0 over and over again. We’ve been in touch with Square (as have multiple other sites, I would assume), and they aren’t willing to say anything on that front yet. If there was news to share, it would have been shared already. I don’t understand why this is so hard for people to fathom. If it’s coming, it’ll be announced eventually.

      • Auragar

        Ishaan I don’t understand your anger/hate. I didn’t really say anything deserving of it. If I did I am sorry. I and the others are just curious and really want the game. We don’t mean to infuriate you guys. I am sorry…

        • No no, I apologize if it sounded like it was directed at you, specifically. I’m just saying, why not wait for an announcement from Square? If they have a certain marketing plan in place for their games, they aren’t going to disrupt it just because someone wrote in asking if they’re bringing the game over. 

          I will admit that there is frustration, though, yes. As much as some of you guys might like to think that we’re a site that only cares about Japanese games and would like for that to be the case, it isn’t. All of our staff play a very broad variety of games and we’ve done interviews and features for a bunch of western stuff from Deus Ex to Crysis to obscure iPhone stuff.

          So, with that in mind, I’m sure you can see how your “OK great guys, enough with the western crap, tell me about Final Fantasy already” attitude could be perceived as somewhat insulting.

          • Auragar

            Ok well I understand that no matter how big a site you are like Kotaku or something perhaps if Square is planning something it will stay that way. I am just concerned since recently NA has been getting the shaft. And I do recognize that you don’t ONLY do Japanese stuff. I am totally OK with this being an article and all that. I just don’t think many people really expected this. And I don’t mean to come off that way (the whole FF part) however yes some other readers are like that, and I can understand how it could be seen as insulting. I don’t want to come off that way. I love you and your guys’ site simply because it covers gaming news. I don’t care what game it is I just love reading gaming news. I am sure readers will understand your guys’ point of view for this in due time and people like aoihana already have. I am OK with it too. Others yah… well I just hope we aren’t on bad terms Ishaan.

          • Nope, no hard feelings at all! As always, the point is simply to communicate and give people a better idea of how things work in this industry. Thanks for the kind words. :)

          • Guest


    • RablaAndrews

      Nope, not seeing any problem here, except for the not-sure-if-still-active status of the game.

      • Auragar

        Which game are you referring to and what do you mean you see no problem?

        • RablaAndrews

          …Catacombs. Not seeing any problems.

          • Auragar

            Hmm ok then. Lol I am a little slow it seems.

  • Monsley

    Well, I guess it’s time for me to finally give Nier a try! :D

    • Solomon_Kano

      You and me both.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    My interest was mostly in Nguyen because I’m a Vietnamese high schooler too lol.
    Interesting randomly generated levels and unique weapons interested me as well. I want to see these artifacts from my roots lol

  • takopako

    WELP…i probably wont be getting this one. :X it sounded interesting until it was a shooter. DX Still pretty cool, though, that you guys get exclusive info. XD glad i picked you guys as my primary source of gaming news! *thumbs up* ;)

  • Neah

    I kinda didn’t have my hopes up expecting to be something mind-blowing so learning about this game is kinda nice. 

    The game looks cool and I hope it gets completed and released so I can check it out.  

  • Herok

    looks to be an interesting game, also to everyone disappointed this is the big reveal why are you mad about it , in the article it had a us flag so it wasn’t going to be FF,DQ, or KH and Spencer made sure we knew it wasn’t a localization and said it would be surprising, which it clearly was because I don’t think this many people planned to write hate posts about the game that was revealed.

  • icecoffemix

    I usually like anything Cavia, but err, multiplayer FPS? pass.

  • Suicunesol

    It just occurred to me, despite the fact that I’m not interested in this game, that this news is actually a really big scoop considering the theme of the site. What could be more “unseen” than a nearly-canceled Square Enix game made in collaboration with a nearly defunct developer that created a cult classic?

    Congratulations, guys.

  • awww i was hoping for a worldwide rpg… :(

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    so this is the new IP hmmm not bad.

  • Dantis

    It’s amazing how fast people turn mean on the Internet.

    The article is actually pretty interesting if you read it (Although the game sounds like it would be somewhat janky if they actually finished it. Definitely a Cavia game…), but I guess people are so busy getting in a huff that they wouldn’t notice.

  • William Carpenter

    I like Cavia.

    I like video games. Shooters, even!

    I like journalism.

    Good job Siliconera, you delivered on all fronts.

  • Guest

    omg a FPS RPG? They beat Nomura, Kitase and Motomu Toriyama to the punch.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I really hope your coverage generates enough interest to get this revived. Tons of negativity here due to it not being what people expected (despite that being exactly what the teaser article promised), but this really does sound interesting.

    Btw you may not be interested but, unless you’re psychic, I can’t imagine how this wouldn’t be surprising. Cavia + SE + RPG-ish FPS? Yea, none of you predicted that. You’re free to be disinterested, disappointed even, but if this wasn’t a surprise I can’t imagine what would be.

    • Auragar

      ACTUALLY 1 person sort of guessed this. Not completely all that but close.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Either way, nobody guessed this. Close or no.

        • Auragar

          True. I don’t really mind that it is what it is. But yah…

    • William Carpenter

      If it did get revived, wouldn’t it have to be taken over by another studio? I thought Cavia got closed down.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I thought so too, but the talk about Cavia being closed even predates this game since I doubt they were working on this prior to Nier if it was to be announced last E3.

        So… I think they are, but perhaps they can get the staff together to finish it? Or have some other team at Squenix finish it? If anything, hopefully it’ll be the former.

  • Oi, now thiz lookz like a right an’ propa new idea! I think i saw one o’ da greatchinz mouth waterin’.

  • FPS + RPG? kind of reminds me of Parasite Eve… hmmm.

  • Yesshua

    Siliconera just got an exclusive scoop on a video game from an established developer and big-name publisher.  That’s way cool!  I don’t understand what people are complaining about.  Here, let me walk you through some things.

    1.  The game is indeed published by Square-Enix.  It is a Square-Enix game.  The lead up post was accurate.

    2.  Nobody else had any notion at all what Cavia was up to.  This is an exclusive.

    All they said was that they had an exclusive, and that it was a Square Enix game.  Siliconera didn’t lead anyone along, they didn’t suggest anything untrue, they didn’t hint at anything at all beyond those two facts.  Any disappointment in this is entirely on the shoulders of people who read into the initial post suggestions that, quite simply, were not there.

    Whether the game is 100% going to release or not is not a relevant variable.  It’s not like Siliconera gave us an exclusive on vaporware.  This is a game in development that might come out.  What more do you people want?

  • AJ

    People still get their hopes up about Square-Enix?Wow, the excitement train for that company ended for me 10 years ago. 

    I don’t mean to be THAT guy, even though I enjoy it sometimes, but anyone who seriously got their hopes up about some sequel or spin off when the tease clearly stated that it was a game that NO ONE WOULD BE ABLE TO GUESS it’s a big fucking hint that it wouldn’t be anything that you would want from them.

    And I’ll even throw Cavia a bone, I liked Nier.  Hell, I probably loved it.  This game sounds like it could have been really great.  Too bad about the cancellation.  Maybe after Mindjack and Gun Loco, they can apply the answers to obvious mistakes made with those games to this one.  This is all assuming that they want to bring it back.

    So yeah, I’m not saying be like me and give the middle finger to Square, no.  I’m saying cool your heads and be civil to the guys at Siliconera.(I’m amazed that I’m defending them too)  I’ll admit that they could have worded the tease better, but this backlash is not deserved when Sankaku and especially KOTAKU are much much MUCH worse.

    I’m AJ, and I’m out.

    • brian yep

      I generally agree with you, but why are you amazed that you defended them?

  • LustEnvy

    So the wait was for another bound to be mediocre offering from S-E?

    I feel I got trolled.

    Hey, at least maybe the music will be amazing.

    Would’ve been a lot more excited for a Nier remake with an actual budget and fun battle system.

  • I was psyched over nothing, bummer.

  • kroufonz

    quite interesting, not really fan of the artstyle tough, i can’t help to think this is just another one of those japanese game trying to have “western appeal”

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I’m late to the party here, but I feel like bans will be handed out liberally, lol! I know heads exploded earlier this afternoon.

  • SilentSchemer

    Looks interesting, but first-person is not my thing. I had hope to something else.

  • vileBrenman

    Seems like a cool spin on the left for dead formula. I hope it gets finished

  • Ryan Baer

    If this title was aimed at the Nier fanbase, why not promote it as “An unannounced title from the Nier developer”? Using Square Enix here just seems an awful lot like they were trying to get hits.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Naming Cavia would’ve killed half of the surprise since most expected that Cavia was dead.

      Trust, if SE wanted hits there were probably much simpler ways to do it. Y’know, ones that didn’t involve earning the ire of people who got their hopes up. Can’t see how that would benefit them.

      • Guys, stop saying that Cavia isn’t dead, there is no indication that they’re still alive. The source is a former employee of AQ Interactive/Cavia not a current employee. There’s a reason the source can’t confirm the current status of the game.

        • Solomon_Kano

          I’ll ask that you note that I didn’t say they aren’t dead. The post implies they aren’t and I said people think they are, I myself am included in those people. I’ve made no statement as to the state of their being.

    • haqua

      If Siliconera were aiming for hits, they wouldn’t cover niche titles so often.

  • what the hell is wrong with you manchildren?

    you guys are ridiculous, hahaha.

  • WHAT were you exactly expecting people? XIII Versus release date or something? Oh men, Siliconera didn’t tell a lie. I did bet on TWEWY 2 but this is much more surprising. Cavia ISN’T dead (yet)! What could be more surprising than that? Don’t worry, in 10 years we’ll get more remakes from Chrno Trigger, FF VI/VII/VIII/IX, and whatever you want. Of course, I would have loved Valkyrie Profile 3 or something like that, and if we are speaking of cavia, I could have loved Drakengard 3 or a prequel of NieR but… Seriously, why are you blaming the site for your high expectations?

  • Göran Isacson

    While I am ALL about Cavia and their games, I am wary of the words “Japanese company” and “First Person Shooter”. but if they can take the gameplay of Left 4 Dead and spin their trademark insanity into the game, well… I can’t lie, I would be really interested.

  • E15

    Im not familiar with Cavia but i am familiar with Nier. (time for me to go pick myself a copy of Nier)
    Dont know about you guys but im a bit interested in this.

  • well it’s suprise indeed,well if i think again anything related to SE major games always receive big attention although there are many negative comments i guess we all want back the old Square with it’s glory though it’s imposibble with Wada around

  • pockystix

    I dunno if I should even voice my opinion on this

    either way, people are gonna tell me I’m complaining, or being too lenient.

    All I can say is that I am surprised in all the wrong ways~

  • Tarlol

    I really hope they finish this project.

  •  Catering to the Western market. Like a magical version of Left 4 Dead or something.

  • One day Einhänder…one day :(

    • Thomas Maloney

      Sorry, but it seems the only ones who care about shmups these days are ZUN and Cave.

      • brian yep

        AND G.REV~
        Don’t forget them.

  • Damn, I was hoping for TWEWY 2.

    • One of these days, man. One of these days.

  • Seems like they just wanted to announce a cancelled game for the hell of it.

  • Nitraion

    No comment about those who disappointed with news….
    But this game style remind me of Borderland period

  • Domii

    Are you kidding me? This game looks as bad as the New York Knicks in the playoffs. Wow talk about getting excited for nothing. *Jokes

  • WingsOfEternity

    Left 4 Dead had a baby with Skyrim

    • I think the same XD… and it seems this game already took an arrow to the knee :-D

  • It seems people are divided over two postures… on one side is the people who defend siliconera to death, i know someone has to do it (and i personally dont blame the staff for teasing us like this, i mean, the previous article was clear, but surely we expect something… better), and on the other side are the persons that get so hyped this could be something from the major squeenix IP’s that when they discover is not Type-0 localization, KH3, Chrono Break (sniff… :-(), or a remake of the Squaresoft era FF’s they turn into demonic fiends ready to feed themselves from the “failure” of siliconera… I had to admit i get hyped, i was expecting a jrpg at least, or even a game thats not going to get cancelled (but maybe this may get released, we never known), so its true, its in part a mistake of siliconera for givin’ us some ambiguous hints, but is more our fault for believing that once in a while, Square Enix could give us something so beautiful as when they were Squaresoft… but nevermind, i still be waitinf till july to see if the japanese patent of chrono brake give us chrono fans a last light of hope to see a proper sequel, and about type-0, i still think it will get localized sooner or later, i want to play that game badly, sois that or ill have to learn japanese and import it XD

  • Guest

    Wow. I haven’t heard from Cavia in a while. Caught my interest already, and I wasn’t focused on this at all at first. I wonder how this will go.

    Also regarding the comments, many of them are just plain rude. Seriously. I mean, it’s nice to express your opinions and be so open, but at the very least many here could’ve appreciated on how much of an effort Siliconera put in to bring forth such an announcement like this. Yeah, an understandable disappointment. I really don’t blame many here, but no need to take it as a knife in the neck or something, and there was definitely no need to blame Siliconera for all of this. Siliconera just said that they’ll reveal an unannounced Square Enix title on Monday, and that’s exactly what they did. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a Square Enix game that we really wanted for years or that we were totally expecting (especially since Spencer said before that it will surprise us all, or most of us at least). We might get the games we wish, and we might not. Until further notice about those wishes, let’s just take what’s happening right now as better than nothing.

    Besides, look at this little note Spencer left.

    “Spencer’s note: It was never our intention to mislead with our news blip. If you felt we did, I sincerely apologize and instead of simply saying sorry I just made a donation to UNICEF to make amends. At the very least all of the outrage will bring some less fortunate people food and vaccines.”

    How can people not like this? I love you Spencer (no homo) and Siliconera. I, and many others, appreciate the announcement you guys presented.

    (BTW, This wasn’t directed towards all. Just to people who apparently took this like a national troll move or something)

    EDIT: Fixed noticeable errors.

    • aoihana

      I just noticed @Siliconera15:disqus ‘s note, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      Honestly, as I read it, I couldn’t help but feel extremely and utterly disappointed, not at Spencer or Siliconera, of course, but rather in a lot of the readers here, and the way it was handled in general. 

      I always liked to think of Siliconera and readers here as a community, so when such animosity is raised over misconceptions and misunderstandings, it’s wholeheartedly sad. 

      Siliconera intended to bring us, what they felt to be genuinely big news, that would be appreciated among many of its readers, and although it could have been delivered better, they had good, genuine, noble intentions. 

      As such, it saddens me when I read people saying that Siliconera, specifically, Spencer, was deliberately deceiving readers, fishing for traffic by riding off Square Enix.  

      Should have it been handled differently?

      Yeah, but attacking the site, Spencer at that, who dedicates much of his time and energy providing us with news every single day, was just uncalled for and extremely heartbreaking. The fact that he felt that he had to donate to make amends, especially when he had such genuine intentions, is equally disappointing.

      I’ve said all I had to say here, and in my initial comment down below, but I’m just disappointed because from the get-go, I could read into Spencer’s wholehearted sincerity, something that many people doubt and fail to see.

      • brian yep

        Well put. ◡‿◡✿
        I keep reading comments complaining about people blaming Spencer but not really finding any of those original comments.

      • This is so well put, I don’t know why people can suddenly become mean in over the course of reading an article. And to attack Siliconera, this very site that we all come to to read the gaming news we never even find in the Internet. I feel so bad about the comments I saw on other sites about this. Particularly in Kotaku. I particularly didn’t like one comment there disparaging the site and the community. And now we have our community here get divided by this? Come on… I love the way the people who maintain the site dedicate so much effort on delivering us the news that we want. Just imagine if there’s no Siliconera. I don’t think you can find another one that can deliver all these news when you can never even find them there.

        This is my final comment on this issue. Now back to the homepage!

    • Yeah, people nutting up like this wasn’t a surprise. Honestly, it’s Squenix and if they were going for the big title it’d be on E3. (NO offense Spence)

      I can’t form an opinion from what’s there, except that it looks like Left 4 Dead. But I don’t know why people were expecting the second coming of Squaresoft.

  • Go2hell66

    are you kidding me? this is what i was so hype for?

    j/k but for their sake i hope this is the best game ever

  • Guest

    I am really disappointed about some of the responses I am reading here. What did you guys expect? Like they said before, it’s suppose to be a title to surprise us. Some of these comments are just unnecessary and immature. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth.

  • Fredrik

    Hope they finish this. Nier is probably my favorite game this console generation.

  • Teepo_64

    Is it just me or does it look like that Gina in the character select screenshot looks like she’s wearing panties and no pants?

    • brian yep

      Nope, good eye.

  • Left 4 Squenix! XD Wow let the anger commence. Too bad, no Chrono Break or FFVII remake for any youse.


  • Guest

    Some people these days. How sad on how the readers are expressing themselves on this announcement. Like many others, I’m simply disappointed for the comments I am seeing.

  • This is the game?? And yes it I’m very excited even its not something like Chrono Break or TWEWY 2.
    So what happened to Cavia? If they’re developing this game does that mean they’re still kicking or they’re now inside AQ Interactive?
    I’m pretty interested in this game, something that I don’t like is about shooter but that won’t be too much issue for me and I really hope they have the NieR’s composer or music team for this game.

  • Guest

    As much as I want to complain about how rude these comments are, @Kamek20XXExtra:disqus and @LegendaryCosmoticQueen:disqus both took the words right out of my mouth. I hope the people raging will take note on what both of you guys said, so many thanks for saving me the trouble to do so. :3

  • s07195

    “Gina is also the most in tune with the mysterious world and provides insight for the group.”0_0
    Expository character ALERT. XD

  • Guest

    Well, I’m not excited about this nor interested, but you’re not going to see me ranting and raving about it.  I am seriously disappointed about how some people reacted.  There is nothing to warrant this kind of thing at Siliconera and Spencer.  Not at all.  You really need to grow up.  Sorry, but I had to say that.

    • Same. I can’t (well, actually I can) believe the immaturity of some people. It’s being published by them, and will have their logo. I am interested to see more developments, sounds like an interesting title.

      • Guest

        Indeed.  And yeah, this looks like an interesting game for the type it is and I can appreciate that, even if it’s not the type of game I like.

  • SirTeffy

    Personally, I feel a co-op roguelike could prove to be AWESOME if handled correctly – be playing with your friends only to get separated upon entering a new floor and having to re-locate each other, especially online where the map only populates the areas YOU’VE explored, leaving you in the dark about where your friend(s) wound up and having to survive solo long enough to find them? Or they could join while you’re already mid-game and they just pop into your world in a “newly generated” room with some items appropriate to catch them up to your level? Or have to help/protect them make it to the next floor to get the items they need?

  • landlock

    I’d like them to finish it, I’ve really enjoyed some of Cavia’s games over the years there not perfect but alot of fun.

    Drakengard, Drakengard 2, Nier, Bullet Witch, Resi: Dead Aim, Ghost In The Shell, Beatdown, Resi: Umberella/Darkside Chronicles. It’s a real shame they are no more.

  • Whilst I don’t agree with how hostile some of the comments became, I’d say people have every right to be disappointed with this reveal; you guys were hyping a game that almost certainly doesn’t exist anymore.

    • awaiken

      Hyping? The article is covering a game that was cancelled. How do you hype something that no longer exists?

      •  They were treating it like it was a game that still exists, rather than simply some leaked info about a game that was cancelled long ago.

        • The hype arguments don’t hold water. What they did was merely tease site readers with a very short note; the “hype” came into being from exaggerations and over-anticipations through multiple sources that relayed the information, and through internal demagogy. Not to mention that the hype lasted a grand total of 36 hours; if they really wanted a hype, they could have extended the duration effortlessly, as well as posting on several other sites.

          • HeatPhoenix

            That is what happens when you tease something. His hype argument is perfectly valid.

          • What, can’t they tease about a scoop they worked on by themselves to get, on their own site? They work hard on maintaining the site to have a pleasant atmosphere for users; even if this was a tease or a light joke, can’t people take it even a little – considering this piece was intended as an exclusive treat for them out of good will? That’s unfair. Even if people didn’t like it or were interested, there is no justification for all these rude outbursts. It seems Spencer underestimated the depths people can plunge to when it comes to personal biases and egos.

            Let’s not try to pretend: The outrage has less to do with the fact that it was a tease, and more with that the “Square Enix” name was involved. If they just said they have an unannounced game to reveal, the reaction wouldn’t have been this severe.

          • Ryan Baer

            The problem with teasing something is that others will catch wind of it. Its not like Siliconera is stuck in its own universe and nobody else would hear about this. The second it was teased that a popular company had a new title that was getting announced, it spread through the internet like wildfire, and there were a lot of expectations.

            I’m not sure exactly what Spencer thought when doing it, but I don’t believe he is ignorant enough to believe that this wouldn’t happen. So my question is… why would they do this tease, knowing full well what would happen?

            Honestly, the best way to deal with this would have been to make it its own article, no hype. Or tease that they have a cancelled Square Enix title to announce. Any other way sets unrealistic expectations and makes people from outside the site draw notice.

  • HeatPhoenix

    Either comments were deleted of Siliconera has no idea what “mean” comments are. 

    All I’m seeing so far is people expressing their disappointment over fostered excitement and a distaste for shooters.Besides that, it doesn’t really matter if it’s an exclusive or not is if it’s most likely never to be released, hm?

    • RupanIII

      Yea I noticed that too, thought maybe it was just me. Like, wasn’t there another comment there? Kinda disappointing that critical comments disappear or possibly censored because they’re getting a lot of likes  (talking about the level-headed comments of course, not the outright raging/cursing stuff :P)

      • HeatPhoenix

        Outside of sheer flaming I don’t think anything should be censored.

        • If this site operated only out of a misplaced sense of free speech, it wouldn’t be as orderly as it is now – or have a dedicated community, consequently. It would have ended up as just another gaming news site with just another juvenile user-base.

      • The only comments being deleted are the insulting ones. If they’re bad enough to warrant a ban, they remain, with a ban notice below them, so that people know what not to do in the future.

        • RupanIII

          Hm. Perhaps it was over-zealous people clicking ‘flag,’ then

  • XiaomuArisu

    Well it could be good,depending on how this play.If its just enter room,find elevator,enter room,find elevator and repeat it till the credits roll,then its gonna have lots of weapon,skills and enemies to keep me interested.

  • Night at the Museum x Left 4 Dead x Mystery Dungeon…

  • TenRX

    This is it, squeenix is dead.

  • So…much…disappointment. Miss you Nier…

  • Visa Vang

    Looks so 80s if they had a PS2 back then…

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Well, I wasn’t expecting anything big and that’s precisely what we ended up getting. 

    I must say, though, this announcement wasn’t really all that suprising. It was a bit, but not much. Considering the ill-fated attempt at “Westernisation” that major Japanese publishers have been pursuing, an FPS game seemed like something that would inevitably pop up.

    Nevertheless, congratulations to Siliconera for bagging an exclusive, even if it is of a title who’s fate is questionable and that most Siliconera readers don’t seem to care about.

  • I’m not /mad/ per se about this game, or the announcement… it’s just… Sigh. The announcement said a NEW game, not a game that had been cancelled before. Plus, with Nomura mentioning “something” is going to happen for TWEWY, I got excited. I got excited, I hoped for the best, and I got my hopes crushed. I don’t mean to flame or anything but… come on, I think there are many, many more people who were asking for a TWEWY sequel or SOMETHING… than… reviving a half-canceled shooter game for a very, very low profile game that few people played. And before you shout at me about complaining about games I haven’t played, yes, I HAVED played Nier, and I liked it a bit, but it certainly wasn’t… /that/ special. :/ And… TWEWY is my favorite game… well, it’s my favorite game ever. It’s the best video game I’ve ever played, and I’ve been patient. I’ve been very, very patient, and to hear potential news about it, and then an announcement? Well, you can’t blame me for getting my hopes up. I just know now not to do it again.

    EDIT: I mean no desrespect against Siliconera, though. You guys are amazing, and this is my favorite gaming news site. No harm meant.

  • Huh… you’re right, this was a surprise! You didn’t mislead, though, people just let their imaginations run wild.

  • firstarioch

    I don’t understand why you people get worked up about things like that . What did you expect ??!?!
    It’s an opportunity maybe to show support for another quirky game that potentially can be finished and come out and only thing thing I see here Is whining and moaning …ff7 this etc …
    Fed up with it . You are all entitled to absolutely squat stop acting like you are entitled to something ….

    Support an unreleased Cavia game that maybe was put here to gauge the response and I’m up for it bit everyone else thinks they are entitled to something else ….
    No wonder game genres like jrpgs and other quirky games are dying …

    When you get people like you who always unhappy or boycotting stuff who wants to cater to that.
    And if they realese ever ff7,remake and certain features or grphics changes won’t be to your liking you will boycott and moan again !!!

    No pleasing some people . Can’t win either way . And you wonder why manufacturers dont listen to us ….

    Support this game … Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe supporting B projects like that will give compmay like Square confidence to do an A project one day …. It all costs money you know .

    Pathethic entitled rabble some of you are here . Makes me sick .

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