Original Deus Ex Coming To PlayStation 3, Probably As A PS2 Classic

By Spencer . May 1, 2012 . 5:02pm

deusexIf you’re waiting for the sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution pop on to Steam and download Deus Ex, the first game in the series. Oh, you want to play it on a console? Well, here’s some good news then! PlayStation 3 owners, at least in Europe, will be able to replay Eidos’ classic.


PEGI, Europe’s video game rating board, rated Deus Ex as a PlayStation 3 game. Since Deus Ex: Human Revolution is rated for players 18 and up, we’re sure this new rating isn’t for Eidos Montreal’s game. Square Enix has not announced a Deus Ex remake, so our guess is they’re going to put the PS2 title on PSN as a downloadable PS2 classic.


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  • Oh man, It must be a HD port.
    Everyone should play this at it’s finest

    • I doubt that.

    • thaKingRocka

      We’d better hope for an updated version. The PS2 version was terrible. I paid the full import price for it back in 2002 and I abandoned it about three hours in. I couldn’t believe how off the game was.

      • Sure, I would take the PC version just fine. And the ESRB rating just shows “Deus Ex”. If it was the PS2 version, it should show “The conspirancy” subname…

        But, it’s just a hope anyway, I just don’t want to see the PS2 version again

        • thaKingRocka

          Good catch.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Sweet. I never got to play this and all HR really did was make me want to play the original first. So once this comes out, I guess I’ll get both.

  • brian yep

    PEGI has a really weird ratings system.
    For example, how does sexuality in a game like Ar tonelico 3 not make them rate it as at least 16?
    Instead, they rate it 12.
    I haven’t played Deus Ex HR yet, but I remember seeing online that it has some nudity/sexual stuff, but that supposedly doesn’t factor into their rating of it.

    • ¬†Ahah, yes, sometimes I believe they don’t even play the games, they prolly just skim through them and rate the games based on the way they look and the overall thematics. With the number of games they have to rate on a daily basis, I kinda don’t blame ’em.

      Then again, I’m pretty sure that’s how all the rating systems work.

  • DXHR is my first DX game. It was so awesome, I did not expect it to be that awesome. I really hope they do HD Collection for previous games but this is kinda cool too. Maybe we’ll see something from them at E3, DX4 or whatever the studio makes.¬† :D

  • Phlo

    Just a warning to anyone interested: The PS2 version of Deus Ex was really bad. The levels had to be broken up into chunks and the level designs simplified in order to run on the PS2.

    • Red9ro

      I had NO idea! But the little time I played was kinda fun.
      Actually, I barely played.

      • Phlo

        Well, the PC version is well worth the $10 it costs on Steam/GOG these days, not to mention there’s a very nice total conversion mod available (literally called The Nameless Mod). The Shifter mod also makes some small but much appreciated improvements. Consider picking it up sometime, if you liked the PS2 version you’d probably like the PC one a lot more.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Yeah……..get this on PC instead. I don’t care how much you prefer to play on consoles, it’s not worth dealing with a butchered port.

    I also don’t care how bad your computer is, it should still be able to run a game from 2000.

  • Wen Pin Chua

    Ok, PC’s the best bet. I ain’t getting a PS2 ported version that has virtually no improvements over its original

  • I’ve been dying to play the original Deus Ex for ages, but haven’t had a Windows PC to play it on. But… I’ve heard the PS2 port was terrible? Any hope for this?

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