More Details About Persona 4: Arena’s Story Mode

By Spencer . May 8, 2012 . 11:20pm


Persona 4: Arena begins when the protagonist returns to Inaba. Nanako meets him at the train station and the two join Dojima for a meal. The reunion is cut short when Margaret invites him into the Velvet Room.


Yosuke, now a senior in high school, has been living a regular life working at Junes and going to school. He hears rumors that the Midnight Channel is airing again. When he steps inside the TV world he meets a "mysterious girl" (aka Labrys). Chie is pursuing her dream of becoming a police officer and also hears rumors that the Midnight Channel is back on. Inside the TV world a voice tells her she’s going to have an encounter with a man wearing a cloak…


persona4a4 persona4a5 persona4a6 persona4a7 persona4a8 persona4a9 persona4a10 persona4a11  persona4a13 persona4a14 persona4a15 persona4a16


Atlus added extra story scenes for the console version of Persona 4: Arena. The game will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in August with six difficulty levels. Players will be able to fight at Beginner level all the way up to Hell level.


Yu Narukami (the protagonist) using Myriad Mantras.

persona4a21 persona4a17 persona4a18 persona4a19 persona4a20


Yosuke using his special attack Brave Zapper.

persona4a22 persona4a24 persona4a25 persona4a26 persona4a27


Chie charging up for Rainy Death.

persona4a23 persona4a28 persona4a1 persona4a2 persona4a3

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  • Dantis

    Okay, now I KNOW that’s not Soejima. Really want to know who the artist is now.

    It’s also not Doi, which is a damn shame, as he’s a good Soejima-backup.

    • You’re talking about the Mortal Blow artwork? You’re probably right about that and some of the stills we’ve seen also seem very un-Soejima like.

      Soejima is definitely involved with the project, at least as an art director. And that Labrys story mode art matched his style perfectly.

      Oh, and to risk sounding condescending yet again, Yosuke’s mortal Blow is “Brave Blade” in the localized version of P4;)

      • Dantis

        Whoops! I only just saw this somehow.

        Yeah, the Labrys art looks like his work, and the character portraits for the battles are by him too. The mortal blow artwork (Especially for Yosuke) is really janky though.

        I guess we can’t expect him to do all the artwork in the game, but gosh, it would have been nice. The man is a terrific artist.

  • amagidyne

    Kanji looks like Dojima at the top there..

    EDIT: Hahaha, wow. Sorry everyone. Not sure how I misidentified the character.

    Although that just makes the picture even weirder.

    • Dantis

       Errr? Kanji isn’t in any of those pictures…

      • Dude mistaken Aki with Kanji since they both hv white/blondish hair.

        • Dantis

           Yeah, I realised what he meant now.

    • That’s Akihiko at the top, not Kanji…

  • Chie vs. Akihiko.

    oh my god yes please yes yes yes

  • KingTsundere

    For some reason, I can only concentrate on that picture at the top. 

  • Chie: Perverts!
    Loliko: Can we marry now?
    Yu: You WILL be the buttmonkey!!!! AGAIN.
    Teddie: I am so beary happy you guys return to this game! R we in a tv cuz i can see the filming light on top of my head.
    Margaret: Well since Igor not here I will be replacing him. Not tht you mind tht I keep calling you between episodes and/or during your naptime.

    And they did not address tht Yu moves at end of P4 and how he return?

  • Anyone going to join me and play P4Arena with THIS? (see image)

    • If they release a Persona 4 stick in the US I am buying that without a second thought.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I like how Yu is doing his best Ace Attorney impression in one of those photos.

    • Jagged Edge

      He’s actually doing a Gundam expression…

      •  The question is what character is he mimicking? I’m going for Char here.

        • Jagged Edge

          The Gundam anime that immediately comes to mind is Turn A Gundam, where in the opening sequence, the main characters are shown doing that hand gesture.

  • Somehow, I get the feeling P5 is going to tie up to 3 and 4, just like 2 did for 1.

  • akihiko and chie make fine rivals lol

  • RmanX1000

    Im so ready for this. Im curious why Chie’s special is Rainy Death… That wasnt her most powerful move in P4 or anything… Why not have it be Galactic Punt? Which is what it looks like ._.

  • I need to get one of my Persona fanatic friends to find a used copy of 4 and send it to me so I can prepped for Arena.

  • hermenjart

    Right-hand column, second pic from top…MC/Yu is left-handed now? I’m positive he was right-handed in the original P4. I know this is trivial but it’s really bugging me…

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