Atelier Meruru Will Start Her Apprenticeship A Week Late

By Spencer . May 15, 2012 . 9:24pm

atelierNIS America announced a slight release date change for Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland. Gust’s alchemy adventure has been delayed one week in North America. You can get Atelier Meruru on May 29 instead of May 22.


Atelier Meruru will still launch on May 25 in Europe.


Want to know what to expect? Check our playtest of Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

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  • Ryan Baer

    That sucks. At least it’ll give me more time to play Diablo 3.

  • brwcrw

    Par for course for NISA. Totori and And Neptunia mk2 had these short manufacturing delays just before release as well. Hopefully this time they’ll look into and smooth out these issues for future releases.

    • I actually got my Neptunia MK2 on time… Maybe I wasn’t supposed to?

    • AJ

      I do wonder what the manufacturing errors are that they are not anticipating. High demand? Marxist revolts?

  • Ouch… NA being delayed a week late means Europe will be getting it first.. Again…

    • Um, Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori were actually released in the US before Europe. ;)

  • It’s not coming out on my finals week.

    Yeah I’m ok with this.

    • Saintdante

       My thoughts exactly…I think I’ll pass the class now!

  • Oh well, these delays are always for a good reason so I don’t mind.

  • A week isn’t really that big a deal.

  • xXDGFXx

    I really hope the payment from my gift card went through… I would prefer they not charge the card till they process payment. seriously, I nearly lost the mk2 preorder because the pending amount was withdrawn after a month on my walmart prepaid card and it wasn’t returned to by the time I was notified.

  • Zenkito

    Comes out the same day as Dragons Dogma, which I need to buy two of, one for me and one for the other half. That’s going to be a rather expensive pay day.

  • How you doin’, May 25!

  • CirnoLakes


  • boundries_san

    Well it seems that i am going to need to push back my day for Meruru hikkikomori day lol.

  • SirRichard

    WOOOOOOOO EUR–oh, it’s only by four days. Woo Europe anyway!

  • Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! I would’ve had money on the 22nd!
    Now I’m gonna have to wait 3 more weeks untill I can buy it!

    • Or just put that money in an envelope and use it when it comes out a week later. ^^ Then you don’t have to wait 3 weeks. It’s not like you didn’t plan on it before right?

  • Nitraion

    ow okay ._.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    u_u It’ll give me time to beat Pandora’s Tower but c’mon man…It was supposed to be my FINALS ARE OVERRRRR reward!

    • Exactly! I was hoping to start playing it soon! Oh well, it’s only a week.

  • AzureNova

    Not a big deal. Meruru is going to be awesome either way =^_^=

  • IshimaruKaito


  • I guess this will give me time to recharge my grind mentality ^^;

  • The_Real_Oyashiro

    I have to wait one more week?…..

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    Oh well, what’s a 1-week delay gonna do…?

  • PenguinChan1119

    I’m looking forward to the game and have already pre ordered I’m surprised they would announce a delay so late. It won’t kill me I guess I’ll just get the Gino ending in Totori or the pie ending in Rorona for kicks.

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