Shadow Of The Colossus Live Action Film Moving Forward With "Chronicle" Director

By Spencer . May 23, 2012 . 10:41pm

sha1Shadow of the Colossus appeared in a Sony Pictures feature before. Now, Sony is giving Team Ico’s game its own live action film.


Josh Trank, the director of Chronicle, signed on to direct the Shadows of the Colossus movie. The project is looking for a writer to adapt the story of Wander who has to climb up and defeat 16 colossi to revive a young woman.


Sony Computer Entertainment America re-released Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 3 along with Ico last year.

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  • Again, there’s no way they can succesfully turn this game into a movie. You either change it too much to work as a movie and see the fans rage or keep it close to the game and so people will complain about how boring it is, just a kid walking around killing giants, rise, rinse, repeat. The interactive factor of the video game is what keeps that particular story interesting.

    • Guest

      Chronicle was pretty good though as opposed to the hacked up RE movies or Uwe Bolls disasters so who knows…

  • Hmm…. I’m really skeptical about this. Game movies have quite the reputation. And I’m not so sure SotC can be translated well into movie form. A good portion of the game is spent alone with your horse, trying to find a Colossus.

    It’s going take a lot of work. I really hope it turns out well, but… I’m think I’m rightfully cautious.

  • Jake Joe

    Did anyone really like Chronicles? I mean come on, it is just a bunch of Jocks with superpower that act out as stereotypical what jocks think is cool. also the horrible camera shaking trying to make it look better was just bad. Sad day that they even trying to make this into a film.

    • Revorse

      I liked it. Then again, I’m not an anybody, I’m a nobody.
      It wasn’t just about jocks…in fact none of the main characters even played sports. I think.

      • Jake Joe

        What I meant to say is they group of guy are what typically appeal to the people who are like Jackass cast.

        • Spider-Man

          A depressed protagonist, his concerned cousin, and their outgoing friend. Totally appeals to Jackasses.

    • Guest

       Jocks?  Are you sure you watched the same movie or are you talking about The Covenant? Or I am Number 4?

  • rinalicat

    I’m always skeptical of films adapted from books, comics or video games; some of them tend to not be very good so I’m just gonna sit here and try not to show my concern until I hear more.

  • The only way I can see this work is if they cut it down to like 4 Colossi and have Agro become a talking wise cracking side kick, animal, thing.

    Oh and have Shia Labeouf as Wander for good measure.

    • Gentlemagnate

      “No no no no noo!” That’s not me objecting, Wander will just say that a lot if he’s played by Shia Labeouf.

  • Paradox me

    I’ve gone ahead and made a poster for the film:

    If anyone from Sony Pictures is reading, feel free to use it. It should prove to be fairly accurate.

  • Riian

    I really liked Chronicle, but I can’t see SoTC transitioning well into the big screen. It just won’t work. On the other hand, this film will presumably have a bigger budget than Chronicle did, so we’ll see.

  • I’m calling it now
    1. The first 10-20 minutes of the film will take place before the game starts, giving us some half-assed explaination for Wander’s actions. They will also give us a name for him that we’ll hate.
    2. Odds are Wander will start with a party of companions who will probably mostly die in the attempt to take down the colossi
    3. Mona won’t be content to just be dead. She’ll be ‘asleep’ or at least an earth bound spectre, and there will be several dream sequences where Wander and Mona have discussions. 
    4. Half the collossi will be cut out.

    • Flashbacks ahoy, for character development on their looooove too. C’mon, there’s gotta be a sex scene somewhere.

  • TheBlackKnight3

    It shouldn’t be too bad. I mean, SotC is done, and we will all remember it fondly. A movie version will never ruin what I love about the game.

    •  No. But it can be painful to sit through the insult to it’s memory. Even a 1 dollar redbox isn’t worth a bad video game adaptation these days.

  • Kitestwinblades

    I really hope they do this justice X3
    Now that I think about it… they don’t really talk that much…  
    I’m already a little worried, but i’m sure it’ll be interesting as long they pace it well.

  • XiaomuArisu

    With Bruce Willis as Wander
    Eddie Murphy as Agro
    Arnold Schwarznegger as colossi

    • neocatzon

      It’s live action, >.< I can't imagine Willis ride on Murphy then jump climb Arnold. That's sounds so gay..

      • boundries_san

        In fact that, i think that will sell the movie here lol.

  • Prinnydoom

    No freaking way……………i can only hope this goes well. I loved Shadow of the coolssus and i was actually saying to a friend how cool it would be to adapt it into a movie. And then low and behold it happened. Lets just hope they can pull it off.

  • They should just have asked Studio Ghibli to do the job.
    Ghibli has more experiences in this

    • Jake Joe

       Only an animated feature film or maybe CG could do justice.

      • doubleO7

        Heck yes, an anime film would be freakin’ amazing

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    No one else thinks SoC, as a movie, could be boring?

    • badmoogle

      I’m sure they are going to change the script and try to make the it more hollywood like.

  • Aoshi00

    Wow, so many giants being made into live action.. first Jpn announced Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Giants), that has man-eating giants, which I’m greatly looking forward to, now Colossus..

    I really liked Chronicle, saw it in theater and just bought the blu-ray, it was like live action Akira + Megamind… so I hope this turns out well.. so many great movies coming out, MIB3, Prometheus, Total Recall, etc (Avengers was awesome)…

  • SirRichard

    One thing about Chronicle that made me laugh was that towards the end, to get the special effects rampage right, they basically entirely forgot about the camera concept in several shots and even some scenes.

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be good. Chronicle had its moments (mostly when they still messing around) but when it tried to be serious towards the end it went off the rails and became laughable.

    • IMO they didnt forget about the camera concept, they used the floating/flying cameras surrounding them + the news cameras…

  • badmoogle

    Oh God not this again…

  • I thought this project was dead. 

  • Soma

    So, SoC as movie: worst idea, or worst idea?

  • Jirin

    I think a great movie could be made based on Shadow of Colossus, but it’d have to be directed by Del Toro (Hellboy 2, Pan’s Labyrinth).

    A film like this would have to be mostly slow and quiet and not rely on dialog, and I’m not sure that kind of movie would make the kind of revenue the studios are looking for from it.

    • badmoogle

       I really don’t like Del Toro and his pretendious artsy stuff.

      On the other hand SOTC is real art,and it happens to be like that because its developers didn’t consiously said:”hey lets make something artistic.”The best kind of art happens when it isn’t forced.Also the game really uses the medium’s biggest strengths in order to achieve its goals something that a movie (by its nature) is impossible to achieve.

      • Jirin

        It’s fine if you don’t like it, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but calling anything artistic that you don’t like ‘Pretentious’ is lame and douchey.  What people are really saying when they do that is ‘This is not the kind of art I like:  Therefore it doesn’t count.’

        If a film isn’t slow paced and visual, it’s not a Shadow of the Collossus movie, and it’d be way more ‘Lame and forced’ than a film made by the standard Hollywood formula.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Del Toro really would be perfect. If not him, I could see Peter Jackson bringing the appropriate scale and awe to the film. Dunno that he’d be willing to deliver as slow and deliberate a film as SotC would need to be, though.

  • rebecasunao

    I hope that director does a good job, he’s dealing with one of the most beautiful games ever. I can’t say it’s perfect because it has a Snow White-y girl and that sucks.

    • badmoogle

       “I can’t say it’s perfect because it has a Snow White-y girl and that sucks.”

      HEY!Don’t you dare speak about Mono like that!
      “raises tiny fist*

      • rebecasunao

        Lol! Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

  • I say if they want to do a live action of this game make it a TV or mini series. Each episode is one of the colossi but instead of it just being the entire the fight we get the journey to it and how Wander is feeling about it all. It would be perfect get some of the unanswered questions answers through Wander.

    • Solomon_Kano

      The problem with that would be budget. The colossi are something that would only work in a film as NO studio would be willing to pony up that kind of cash for TV. Even if they were, it’d be too big a risk.

  • AzureNova

    I’m sorry because I loved the game, but I don’t think this is a good idea lol

  • boundries_san

    I only have one word here lol. Bad bad decision.T_T

    It is okay if they make this into a TV series as i can’t see how Wander in this movie will crush 16 collosi in……. 1 and a half hour?

    And they will also add so many thing that will probably (as usual) remove the souls of the series itself into something totally different.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Most big movies are 2+ hours. An hour and 30 minutes is like a TV movie.

    • Check out the live-action Dororo movie… they did a really good montage that helped progress the story. I can imagine something similar for the, uh… less epic(?) Colossi.

      • boundries_san

        Well i do know some live action movie that suceed for example: Ashita no Joe is not so bad compared to the real manga or even Death Note movie.

        However both of those series is packed with lots of story and action. However for SotC is most on the battle here so it is not looking for me here lol. But lets see how they do here. As long as it is not as bad as KoF i am quite happy here.^^

  • Darkrise

    Oh boy… 

  • Reno Evangelista

    The dilemma isn’t really about whether or not this movie will suck. It’s about how badly this movie will suck.

    Hopefully, he can at least manage “So bad it’s good,” but knowing Hollywood this is going to be M. Night Shyamalan doing Avatar all over again.

  • As much as I’d inwardly love to see a (good) movie for SotC, I can’t help but be skeptical. Adapting this would be far more difficult than its simplicity would suggest. You’d have to give it more of an actual storyline (Wander’s background), and probably have to cut down a lot of Colossus fights (either cutting it out entirely, have it happen off screen, or in a quick montage), while still preserving what made the game so memorable and great. 

    (Like, you know, keeping Koh Otani’s soundtrack, which I doubt will happen. Could maybe expect a lot of homage, though.)

    Best of luck to him, and I hope it works out, but I can only be skeptical at this point, though I want to be excited and optimistic.

  • JazzWithAttitude

    hear me
    this will suck

    • rebecasunao

      *covers ears*

  • ZBaksh386


  • Solomon_Kano

    Interest piqued. I don’t think this will turn out well (some of this game’s elements just aren’t cut out for a big blockbuster film like Sony’s gonna want), but they’re definitely on the right path. Trank is a talented dude, so I hope this goes ahead.

  • I wanna see this, but… I just don’t see how they’re gonna make this a movie, tbh :I  Part of the amazingness of the game was the silent atmosphere, but how will that translate into a movie?  I’m just worried they’re gonna mess it up…

  • I liked Chronicle and all, but this project is aggressively pointless. I hope it falls through like the other 90% of planned game-to-movie adaptations, and Trank can go on to direct worthier stuff.

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