Kenshin Vs. Kyoto Chapter Kenshin In PSP Fighting Game

By Spencer . May 24, 2012 . 5:15pm

Namco Bandai is giving Ruoruni Kenshin fans a chance to see which Kenshin is the king. Rurouni Kenshin: Kaisen, a PSP sequel to last year’s Kenshin fighting game, lets you play as anime Kenshin and the New Kyoto Chapter Kenshin. Will the real Kenshin please stand up?


Rurouni Kenshin: Kaisen includes all of the characters from Rurouni Kenshin: Saisen plus new ones like Sagara Sozo and Han’nya for the 2012 game. All together, Kaisen will have over 30 playable fighters. Namco Bandai also enhanced the game’s story mode and added a ton of anime stills to collect.




Rurouni Kenshin: Kaisen comes out in Japan on August 30.



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  • malek86

    We never saw Commander Sagara fighting in the series, right? They’ll have to make up all of his movelist from scratch.

    • I don’t think we did, but as long as Nobuhiro Watsuki himself is involved in this game, too that wont be a huge problem for them.

      But this game just looks barely enhanced, they should better release it for the Vita with updated graphics or something, because as of now, it just really looks like a Kenshin: Saisen 1.5 with very few enhancements :/

      • There was one flashback scene where Sanosuke were fighting with the guy who became a terrorist/rebel or whatever together with Sagara and his crew, but I think it was just regular melee sword stuff.

    • Pope The Rev XXVIII

       He saw action in the OVAs I think

  • Prinnydoom

    Damn this is looking good haven’t read rurouni kenshin all the way through yet but i still love the series i hope this does it justice. Good to see your alive and kicking ken-san ^___^

  • andref

    Everytime I read an article on a psp game I always have to wonder….. Is there any legitimate reason to upgrade from a PSP to a vita.
    On another note I hope Digimon: reDigitize comes out of Japan

    • Zenkaider

      I can give 5 :

      1.)It’s a very,very young hardware,thus developers,even SONY,don’t know it’s full capabillities and just go blindly for the time…like every new console for the first 2 years at the least.
      2.)Since it’s a new hardware,it costs far more than the older onew for various reasons,apart from older technology costing less than newer one.

      3.)Currently the VITA for what it is,is overpriced and so are it’s games to an extend.Not everyone can buy a system that requires change on it’s screen which I’m positive it will cost no less than 50 euros…a year!

      4.)Everyone and they’re mother has a PSP,no matter how much one dosn’t show it with his or her money because he’s hanging out eternally on the Flying Duchman with Captain Dreadbeard and the PSP is still at the height of it’s popularity,at least in Japan.

      5.)See Point 4.This is a japanese game,mainly for anime fans…guess where most anime fans are…that’s right,JAPAN!

      I could give more reasons,but these illustrate the point very well.Point is,just because some new hardware came out,doesn’t mean that any old hardware is automatically garbage.If anything,what the recent Super Robot Taisen Z games showed us,is that even a small console,now considered “an old piece of hardware” by the hardware douchebags,can not only produce quality games,it can make the purchase of said system worthwhile,even now!

      • andref

         I know old hardware doesn’t become obsolete or else the ps2 wouldn’t have been selling so long even after the release of the ps3 its just that with the playstation brand, I always wonder why they have to come out with something new when the software coming out is still good quality games

        • Zenkaider

          Usually the word of the people is one of the best comments to better something.In our case,usually the first party companies have done all they can with the hardware and it’s the software’s time to shine on that.The first games of the new hardware as usual barelly touches the limitations or even the capabilities of the new system,but that’s not any reason to not release new software on it.On the contrary,it provides feedback from the gaming audience and 95% of the times,developers seek to outdo the games that came out the previous fiscal year,both in quality and quantity and in proggramming.

          So to be short : usually every new console has a bumpy start,now matter how much the games it produces at first glitter with gold,but it eventually rises up to the player’s expectation,just not in the timespan of a year.

  • Both Kenshins facing each other: “Oro?”

    • Zenkaider

      More like : “ORO?0_o!!!!!!!1111!!!!!1!!1!1!!111!!11!”

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