Finally, A Better Look At Zone of the Enders HD Collection

By Ishaan . May 25, 2012 . 9:00am

We already knew that Zone of the Enders HD Collection will be released in North America and Europe sometime this fall. Today, Konami announced a slightly more specific release date for Japan: October 25th. The game will be available in regular and premium editions.


The regular edition of Zone of the Enders HD Collection will cost 3,980 yen. Meanwhile, the premium package version will cost 8,980 yen. The latter will come with a two booklets—Chronicle and ReBOOT. The ReBOOT booklet will come with development information from Hideo Kojima and art director, Yoji Shinkawa. Also included will be a special ReBOOT Edition music CD.


Both Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner will be included in the collection, running in HD at 60 frames-per-second, with a new animated opening produced for the collection by Code Geass studio, Sunrise. Take a look at screenshots from the collection below:



The Premium Package edition.

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  • Now, I hope it gets a LE in North America too! I missed out on MGS HD LE, but I will sure to get this one if it gets one!

  • That Box Art…the Stuff….60 Frames.  looks like you got me to give u more money Konami…Well done

  • Zonic505

    Alright, a release date, not to mention the fact they mentioned they were finally making an official sequel! Now let’s hope that date isn’t far off for the US version.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Hopefully, we get some version of the premium edition, since it’s rare we will get the exact same stuff as Jpn.

    But in any case, when can we pre-order this premium edition. Must show fanboy support …

  • that looks sexy, missed out on the premium edition of the MGS collection so I’ll probably be getting this once they announce it for NA.

  • Never played Zone of Enders but this looks pretty good. And that means I will buy it. It looks pretty nice. Also what system are these screenshots for and when it mentions HD @ 60FPS what console do they mean. I only ask since it seems to be on 3 systems.

    • HD @ 60FPS–> PS3 and 360 for sure. Probably on Vita too.

      No idea what system they used for the screenshot though. Should be still PS3 or 360, I mean it doesn’t really matter in the end.

      • Well I don’t have a PS3 or 360 and I worry about it on the Vita. I mean it looks really good for whatever system they are showing it on but the Vita is probably a bit less powerful and yah… I don’t want it to be gimped. I have as I said never played them and I want it to be a good experience.

        • Either way, one thing is for certain: it’ll look gorgeous on that lovely OLED screen.

          *must resist urge to buy a Vita* x_x

          • I hope so. lol I like I said want my first experience with this game to be good.

  • gimpylee

    I Hope they redub it or at least give us JPN voice options because the english dub was horrible. 

    • Christopher Nunes

      Huh? I never found anything wrong with the English dub.

    • cj_iwakura

      Looking at Silent Hill ‘HD’, you might get your wish.

    • epy

      I don’t think the english dub was bad but I really hope they put a the option for japanese voices. There has to be space for them.

    • you’re absolutely crazy, the english dub was more less fantasic in zoe 2.

      nohman and dingo stole the show, also now whenever i play AC5 an hear them talking i immediately think of zoe…gotta love it.

      you “japanese dub only or it’s garbage” fanboys are pathetic yet amusing at the same time.

      • Wolfs_Rain

        I generally prefer dubs, and even I thought zoe 2’s dub wasn’t that good. The voices fit the characters, but the delivery often felt a little off, especially in scenes that called for more emotion. Here’s an example:

  • Alright, time to get Vita.

  • Christopher Nunes

    We ARE going to get the Premium Edition as well, right? I’m buying this game for the PS3 and I look forward to the extra bonuses!

  • I wish this hadn’t been delayed til the fall. Was looking forward to playing these over the summer. 

  • Code

    Ohh I really like the premium edition’s boxart, looks really sharp, and reminds me of the NMH2 Hopper Edition box owo~ It’s not often something I see, but something about that deep stark orangish-yellow just really seems to pop >3<;; 

    Any ways no matter when it comes out I look forward to grabbing it! Oddly enough reminds me, my original  Zone of the Ender: Second Runner's disc actually has a printing error on it, where label is all blistered apart, never seen anything like it before, or since. 

  • VenerableSage

    I’m very torn on this. On one hand, I own both ZoE and 2nd Runner already (though the bonus content would be nice) and have beaten the original ZoE several times. (Still haven’t gotten around to playing 2nd Runner.) As such, buying HD remakes is kinda silly, as I own both already.

    On the other hand, these HD ports seem to be done perfectly right (*cough*unlike NHM’s port to the 360/PS3*cough*). 60fps? Wonderful. Higher-res textures? Awesome. Limited edition? YESPLZ. (I just wish I had the money for it.)

    What to do… :(

    • puchinri

      I bought them not even a year ago or so myself, and I haven’t had a chance to start either (though a friend is borrowing 2nd Runner), but I am quite looking forward to the HD collection. Especially if we get the premium edition.

  • FINALLY Kojima stops trolling and shows us some actual screens instead of saying how nice they were >_>
    Looks really love; here hoping Kiss Me Sunlights is still ZoE1’s OP.

  • Jahmere Durham

    sooooo does the U.S. get this giant box of robot awesomeness?

  • Looking very sharp, Z.O.E!

  • Alexander Aubert

    “YESSSSS!!!!!” -Cheri white-

  • AokiShizuku

    All of my money. Every single damn cent.

  • Zone of the Enders (both 1st and 2nd runner) are awesome enough even before the HD.

    Although im curious if the graphics are going to be like this for any Z.O.E. sequels that may come in the future.

  • Guest

     Now NamcoBandai needs to make an A.C.E. HD Collection with From Software

    •  u have good thinking bro….ace in hd would be sick.

      ace 2 was my 2nd fav mech game next to zoe 2.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Oh, the beauty. I really, REALLY hope Konami brings the LE to the US. Not that it’s particularly special, I just want to show how awesome I thought this series was.

  • *hyperventilates*


  • i had wished we would get the game sooner…..i mean this date is for japan only i presume ?

    if the usa date is months after that i will be throughly pissed off.

    let’s hope that’s not the case.

    • Considering the Metal Gear release. Yes its months after. Maybe November?

  • Zero Shift

    Really hope the Premium Editions come stateside.

  • It’s so close, so, so close. I really hope the special edition gets released here as well as I’ll definitely put out the money for it. This is one of my most anticipated releases of the year. Cannot wait at all for this to release. I cannot wait to experience Kojima’s other major franchise for the first time. 


  • puchinri

    Oh goodness, that is lovely. All of it. And I really want that special edition. Is there a likelihood of us getting it here?

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