Fate/Unlimited Codes Is On Sale, Being Taken Down Soon

By Ishaan . May 30, 2012 . 3:34pm

If you were ever planning to grab Type-Moon fighter Fate/Unlimited Codes off the PlayStation Network, this is your last chance to do it—Capcom USA just announced that the game will be taken down due to an expiring digital license after June 12th.


On the bright side, as a special goodbye sale, Capcom have cut the game’s price by 50% to $10 until the time that it gets taken down.


Fate/Unlimited Codes was originally released in 2008 for arcades and the PlayStation 2. Developed by Cavia and 8ing, it’s a fighting game that features characters from Fate/stay Night and its sequel Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. The game was ported to the PSP in 2009 with extra characters like Saber Alter and Zero Lancer.

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  • Carlos Escalante

    If I bought it a few years ago will I be able to re-download it again after it expires? My PSP broke on me, but I will get a Vita soon….

    • Yes you will be able to redownload it after it expires.

      Edit: I just checked and it’s not on the US Vita PSN Store so it’s not compatible and given it’ll be delisted soon I doubt it ever will be.

      • Guest

        There’s a way to get those PSP games (such as this one) that cannot be downloaded via Vita. I tried. You can still play it on the Vita, but you need a PS3 or a computer in order to put it on the Vita. Just download it via Playstation Store on the PS3 or via Media Go on the computer, then simply transfer it to the Vita using Content Manager. :)

        Edited a bunch of stuff.

        • neo_firenze

           Yep, I can confirm that Fate/Unlimited Codes plays just fine on a Vita if you load it by PS3/PC.  I downloaded it on my PS3 and transferred to Vita that way, works perfectly.

          • NeoAthanasius

            Thanks for that! Exactly what I wanted to hear. I’m going to go buy it now. 

        • Prungy

           Yep, I used the same method to transfer Fate/Unlimited Codes along with several other games to my Vita, and can confirm it plays fine.

          Basically they don’t add a title to the Vita PSN store, until they’ve retested it for Vita compatibility, so someone doesn’t get pissed if they buy something for their Vita and it doesn’t work.

          In the meantime you can play pretty much any PSP game on Vita with the above method.

        • WilliamJasper

          Yes. I did the exact same thing with my computer and Media Go, and everything worked normally. 

        • malek86

          Not all games work this way though. I tried with Hexyz Force, and it only showed up as corrupted data.

          • Sevyne

            Hexyz Force works perfectly fine on my Vita. Try downloading it again.

        • safros93

          I tried with a computer and it only said the file was corrupted. How exactly do you do it? This game would feel great on the Vita.

          • Guest

            Get Content Manager Assistant (free) for PC as well, or Content Manager from Vita won’t read.


            Next, read this tutorial, since I’m not good at doing tutorials lol. :P


            That’s basically what I did. If it still says corrupt data, then download that exact PSP game again because it really shouldn’t.

            EDIT: Make sure your games are in the RIGHT folder! If it doesn’t work in one folder, try it in a different spot of that folder (if you get what I’m saying).

          • safros93

            Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Okay, first of all I’m using Media Go to download and the game files are not the same file type as that of a PSP game that I transferred to my PC through the Vita. Here’s how it is; the PSP game that was transferred through the Vita has 3 folders inside. One says game, another says license, and the other says sce_sys. The PSP game that I downloaded through Media Go has no folders inside the main game folder. It’s just the typical EBOOT.PBP and stuff. And then I redownloaded on Media Go and did not install the game and it has a pkg. file along with some other things but that one didn’t work either. So… I’m kinda lost.

          • Guest

            The one fold that has the Eboot file and junk, copy all of that into the designated folder for Content Manager to transfer.

      • Sevyne

         I responded to this hours ago confimring that you can in fact transfer this game via PS3 to Vita. For some reason my post was removed. I guess being helpful isn’t allowed around these parts or something.

        • Testsubject909

          How dare ye!

  • Carlito Cabada Jr

    I feel like I should snatch this up even though I don’t particularly want it. People look to a digital-only future in hopes of keeping games preserved, but whenever games are taken down from a download service, I’m always reminded of why I opt for physical copies whenever they’re available.

    To be fair though, Diablo III’s physical copy is worthless without an internet connection and there are plenty of dead MMOs that are left on my shelf. I guess we’re screwed either way. :/

    • Indeed. With companies pursuing DD-only methods, single-player requiring internet connections, online passes punishing customers who buy used games, I’m not looking forward to the future of game distribution.

    • Guest

      That alone is stupid (Diablo III being worthless without an internet connection. The idea of a company doing that is just sickening to me) but yeah you’re right

    • Testsubject909

      Look up Torchlight 2.

  • Guest

    After taking it down, we’re still able to download it again after we bought it before……right? I surely hope so. ._.

    • Merveilles Lespace

      Yeah, you should be able to. There are games on the PSN/XBLA that have been taken down yet remain in download lists for people who bought them. Like Outrun Online Arcade and (in some regions) the TMNT: Turtles in Time game.

      • Guest

        Oh. Fantastic then. Thanks. Now there’s no need to worry. X3

  • KyoyaHibari

    Now I NEED to get this, I was hoping to get it eventually, but now I should snatch it up.

  • Istillduno

    And this is why digital only releases are dumb folks.

    Seriously as others have said, what the hell happens now if your memory card gets corrupted or something, kiss your game goodbye by the sounds of it.

    • You reset your memory card. The game remains on your download list to redownload as many times as you want.

    • SirRichard

      Yes, because it’s not like physical releases can go out of print and rocket up in price.

      I remember when one of the Doom games got taken off of XBLA; people who had downloaded it and deleted it later could still redownload it from their history. Just because it’s taken off the storefront doesn’t mean it’s not there any more.

    • Eric S.

      No. Games remain in your download history other than in extreme cases (games that were pulled recently due to the Vita hack exploit).

      And it’s not like physical releases are available to buy forever. Unless it was a bomb that had a huge print run…

      • Testsubject909

        You can still find some Earthbound games to purchase, albeit at extravagant prices.

        And that game didn’t get a huge print run.

        I can also say the same to many Atlus games which is known to have quite a limited printing…

        edit: I don’t mind people trying to defend digital download. But why the hell do you guys have to start bashing retail in the process?

        • Eric S.

          I didn’t bash anything. 

          Neither digital and retail are perfect, there’s no guarantee the game will be available to buy years after it’s run. 

          Once physical stores run out of them, you’re resorting to buying second hand, which is a whole other argument, but at least it’s an option.

          Digital, the game will be for sale as long as it legally can be, which for some games like this one, is only a few years due to the way licensing agreements work. 

          The biggest problem I have with digital right now is that it’s still in it’s infancy on consoles. So we have no way to know how Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft will handle the transition of stuff we already own to new consoles. On PC it’s a relatively safe bet whatever you buy will be available to you in some way pretty much forever (D2D’s recent transition was a bit of a mess though).

          • Testsubject909

            I will agree for on PC, but only pertaining to that which is DRM free.

            That means it doesn’t include anything Steam related ultimately.

          • Testsubject909

            edit: Oh screw you Disqus. I press reply once and you double post…

          • Exkaiser

            Disqus is a fickle mistress.

        • SirRichard

          Thing is, we aren’t bashing retail by pointing out its flaws. I don’t see people bashing retail, but I do see plenty bashing digital downloads both here and on other articles. I’m not sure where you’re seeing bashing of retail, mate.

          And your point about Steam two comments down: why doesn’t Steam count? Steam’s DRM doesn’t get in the way, and if you think it does often you don’t even need to bother with Steam itself, just go to where you installed the game you want to play and open it directly.

          Valve even have a contingency plan should they ever go under and can’t maintain it any more; they’ll shut off the DRM and allow you play the games without Steam through a patch, it’s something they took note of when one of their competitors went under and people could no longer use their games from it. Ask away on their forums, it’s where they first talked about it.

          • Testsubject909

            I might have misread, but I was sure I read a passive aggressive commentary on retail that just felt off-putting if not derivative or derailing of alternative options available via retail format…

            Well I hope it was my imagination.

          • SirRichard

            It’s not like the retail supporters are any better in that regard, though, is it? Look back through articles about XSEED releasing stuff digitally, it’s ridiculous how some people get upset about digital releases just because they aren’t discs or cartridges. And it’s normally not people who can’t get them, either, it’s people who can but don’t want to.

          • Testsubject909

            As a retail supporter.

            I’m sorry for some of those people…

            But despite them, I’m still going to maintain my full support of retail and aim for a harmonious existence between retail and digital.

        • Exkaiser

          Yes, but just because they’re available to purchase doesn’t mean it’s financially reasonable for most people to replace them.

          If I owned Earthbound (which I don’t, sadly), and I wanted to replace it, it would cost me $200. That’s more than I spend on games in a year, man. Yes, I could do that, but it’s certainly not something I see as a positive of the format. Or if the $60 copy of Tomba I bought six months ago breaks, then I would be spending a total of $120 replacing one game (since this copy was already a replacement for the one I foolishly sold in my youth). And as rare and valuable games get their remaining stock bought by collectors, the prices go up. Couple years ago, Tomba was $35. Even with a PSN version on the way, the price isn’t going back down.

          It’s no more tenable than buying a multi-terabyte hard-drive and filling it with every single digital game I’ve ever bought on every system and leaving it in a safety deposit box just in case the digital distributors I use suddenly, and without warning, cease to exist.

          The fact is that both physical and digital copies are prone to destruction in one way or other, and while there will always be methods to replace them for both, you cannot use the least reasonable examples as positive support.

          • That safety deposit box with the multi terabyte hard drive actually sounds like a good idea.

    • With the PSV, at least, you can store PSP games on your PC and retrieve them later with the silly Content Manager.

    •  You make it sound like it’s the #1 reason why it sucks when it doesn’t even happen often. It’s rare, even.

    • Exkaiser

      You might as well say “what the hell happens now if your cartridge gets corrupted or something, kiss your game goodbye by the sounds of it.”

      • Guest

         There’s always a physical copy out there somewhere. You can’t buy a digital copy off of someone…

        • “Out there somewhere” for ridiculous prices, of course.

          • Testsubject909

            True, but at least it’s there to gain legally.

      • Nyandroid

        Or your disc gets snapped. Honestly this is a silly reason to say “This is why digital releases only are dumb folks”

        • Testsubject909

          Though true I’d like too note.

          All my games are still functional and mostly pristine if only with mild minor superficial scratches (PS1 games when I was a young teen, they all work and only have minimal superficial damage on the underside where the CD is stronger, and still loads perfectly with no lag or errors).

          But in the other hand. I’ve had 4 hard drive corruptions in my past, and my PS3’s hard drive also got corrupted once, causing me to replace it and redownload every single game I had downloaded on it.

          As such, if you ask me, if you’re a responsible gamer, the odds are higher that a retail copy will survive far longer then a digital one. Mind you, I suggest to anyone who purchases a digital retail copy to immediately make a backup of all your data through a full backup, though you’ll need a FAT32 external hard drive.

          • Nyandroid

            Responsible gamer or not. There are other factors to consider, like completely careless friends, or destructive pets.

  • SirRichard

    I’ve been on a Fate binge as of late (finally got stuck into Extra, great stuff so far even if the writing makes me headbutt the wall sometimes), so I might grab this before it goes down to give my PSV something to do in the run-up to Gravity Rush.

  • Suicunesol

    Oh damn. I was thinking about getting this. But I wanted the PS2 version…

    •  I doubt the PS2 version will be in PS2 Classics anytime soon, so you might as well stick with this.

  • Just do the same thing for Europe and you got a deal. I wouldNt like to pay ~ 30 € (48 $) for that game, even though I love FSN.

  • ZEROthefirst

    If I can dl this on my Vita when I get it next week, then I’ll be sure to buy it.

    • Testsubject909

      If you have a PS3, you can download it via the PS3’s PSN store and then transfer it to the Vita.

      It’s not on the Vita store. For some reason.

      Though it’s been confirmed by commentators here that the game works on the Vita, you just gotta jump those hoops is all.

      • ZEROthefirst

        Maybe they haven’t put it up on the Vita store because it was close to being taken down? Anywho I’ll probably buy it on my PS3 this weekend so I can transfer it over to my Vita next week.

        • Testsubject909


  • Already purchase it way back when, don’t need to worry about this.

  • Nyandroid

    Need to purchase a psn card!
    Thanks for letting me know about this. =^^=~

  • Christopher Nunes

    Already got it a while back, and have it on my PS3 as backup data. Really great game!

    Sad to see it go for some people who haven’t gotten it or even heard of this series. Grab it while it’s hot!

  • And I’m too broke to purchase it even for $10. Someone wants to buy it for me, pretty please ; w; ?

    • Testsubject909

      If I still had a job, I would’ve said sure. It’s only 10$.

      Now though? Well. I need to scrounge up the money to save up for the later releases that’s coming… *sigh*

      • I just got an email from Humble Bundle about the current one they’re doing, and it has Amnesia, Psychonauts, Limbo, Superbrothers, and Bastion as an unlock, all of which I could probably get for $10, all of which will only be for sell for two weeks right along with Fate/Unlimited Codes. I’m about to go cry in the corner…

        • Testsubject909


          •  Looks like I’ll be taking handouts and doing commissions sooner than I thought.

          • Testsubject909

            Congrats, does that mean you’ll be able to finance your purchases?

          •  @Testsubject909:disqus Not necessarily because I just started back drawing again, and I still need to do plenty of practice because compared to some folks I know, I suck horribly. That also includes downloading programs I need to work on some projects. The handouts bit…well since I’ve been unemployed that has been a prospect since before I dropped out of existence for two months when some of my friends were wondering about me, but I feel bad asking for anything because I don’t like people thinking I’m taking advantage of them or when I do people either say no a lot or they say yes and then back out of it later with vague details to way. I’m actually debating that now with the video I posted on my FB Monday updating some of my friends.

  • ivanchu77

    Crap like this is the reason I prefer physical instead of digital media.

    I still have my SNES and some games from the early 90´ , and I just used it to play a few hours ago and works like the first day.

    What will happen with the games I bought from the PSN store in a few years?, what guarantees me that I will still be able to donwload them? geez…

    • Testsubject909

      Point taken.

      I learned my lesson though. If you’re enabled to make backups, and you can… Back it up. Oh for the love of all things, back it up.

      Man do I hate hard drive corruption…

    • Speedo Redempteur

      I share your point of view and that’s why i prefer physical over digital.

      In a few years the games will probably still be available for your device untill that part of the store will be taken down ..
      The question is .. is this game vita compatible ?

      • thebanditking

         As above yes this game is Vita compatible, its not on Sony’s official list but I tested the game out my self.

  • gangrelion

    Saber Alter and Zero Lancer were in the PS2 version already. If I remember right, the only psp extra were new costumes.

  • Mantiskilla

    Man $10?!  Too bad I paid $40 for it when it 1st came out haha, ah well. Really fun game.  PSP version is good but the AI is dumbed down quite a bit compared to the PS2 version.  PS2 version was obviously better (and was crazy expensive when i imported it years and years ago) but I got the PSP version as well for on the go play.

  • cj_iwakura

    Cavia? Interesting.
    Always wanted to get this from day 1. So uh, is it any good? :P

    • Locklear93

       It’s… competent.  It’s not a great fighter, or even an especially good one, but it’s also not a BAD one.  It’s no DoA/Soul Calibur/insert your favorite 3D fighter here, but it’s also no Masters of Teras Kasi.

      For $10, I’d say it’s worth getting, if for no other reason than so you don’t have to wonder what you missed when it’s gone.

  • brian yep

    Google seems to be telling me this was PSN only, even jpn versions.
    I could have sworn it was also at retail in Japan.

    • superdry

       It came out in retail in the Japan – first on PS2 and then on PSP.  Play-asia lists both versions as out of print (even the best hits PSP version).

  •  And now until June 12th, there will be a constant battle with myself as to whether I want this or not…

    • Testsubject909

      Skip 5 morning coffees and consider that roughly 10$ I’d say. Or something similar to that.

      • Nyandroid

        I like the way you think.

        • Testsubject909

          Man there are so many times I skipped out on eating out or whatnot just so I could save the extra buck…

          Gotta find a job…

          • Nyandroid

            I rarely ever eat out. When I do its when I’m out with a friend of mine. And I hate it. Because everytime you go out somewhere with her, she just HAS to eat out somewhere. And of course, if I refuse to buy anything she’ll say: “BUT ILL FEEL BAD EATING IN FRONT OF YOU”.  …seriously. It was my choice not to eat… why should you feel bad? Or she’ll force her own on me. Or suddenly it will be, if someone else is with us, “Oh *eyeroll* she’s worried about her weight”. No. I’m worried about my money. I would rather not spend $10 on a simple burger and fries. This $10 could have went towards another game. Ive already spent money on groceries. I could have just went home and made something. But she just doesn’t understand this.
            Sorry. But I just could never stand that. :/
            Good luck with getting that job. Its tough keeping up with everything, even with a job.

    • edit: nevermind, I tell a lie, this didn’t get a physical release in Europe. For some reason I was thinking of the Generation of Chaos fighter. I am sorry about this!

  • Testsubject909

    It’s sold for 10$ right now though.

    I understand the sentiment, but you need to know well how every system works. For digital for example, and I remind everyone I much favor Retail over Digital. You can backup your data on an external hard drive to then reload if ever your current internal hard drive gets into trouble or gets corrupt.

    • thebanditking

       True but in all honesty this should not happen to digital titles. One of their main benefits is that you don’t have to worry about things like print runs or licensing snafus that prevent older titles from re-released. Kind of sad when you think about the long term, this game will never exist in its translated form except for certain people. Plays and looks great on Vita btw.

      • Testsubject909

        In theory it shouldn’t. In reality, I’m sure there’s possibly a lot of legal and financial issues would prevent this.

        I wouldn’t know though. As I don’t know much about how this works.

  • Ace.Of Hearts♥

    N-NOOOO!!! *cries* why?? Why??? when I have no money this happens…. Note to self: never buy new shoes and clothes whenever there is a sale sign, never lend money to big bro or big sis and start sucking up to parents for money..Why?? T_T

  • Kiritsugu

    The PS2 version is available in japanese psnetwork? Thanks.

  • Diarmund finally got to exact his reveng- “LANCER DIED!” “YOU ARE NOT HUMAN!!!!”
    Maybe not.

    So its a fighting game? Wht the story? 

    • Quinton Cunningham

      Yep. It’s a 2d fighter that has a combat system incredibly similar to MvC3. It’s great and packed full of content. At $10, it’s definitely worth it

    • LynxAmali

       Fighter yes, story not so much.

      Each character has their own route but the story’s pretty much the same as the source material.

      I do like Bazzet’s story though. Loved her going against Kirei, the backstabbing butt monkey.

  • Quinton Cunningham

    Hey Ishaan, could you ask Capcom if those who have purchased it can still download it after it gets taken down?

    • malek86

      That has always happened with games that get taken down. Even games that have been taken down several years ago (such as Gran Turismo HD) are still downloadable as long as you bought them when they were available.

      • Quinton Cunningham

        I didn’t know whether or not that was the case on PSN. I know it works like that one Xbox. Just figured I’d ask.

  • Quinton Cunningham

    If you haven’t bought it by now and still won’t when the price is $10, I don’t think you had any intentions to buy it in the first place.

  • Thats kinda of sad thing. Getting taken down on the 12th. Man, the 12th is gonna be depressing with MGO going offline.

  • mockturtle

    This is why I hate digital distribution. If a publisher discontinues a physical game, at least it’s still out there. Anyone who misses a digital title before IT gets discontinued is sh*t outta luck. 

    At any rate, I’m seriously conflicted because I’d been boycotting Capcom religiously for almost a year (due to not localizing Gyakuten Kenji 2, natch), but despite the fact that I’m not really one for fighting games, this had been on the backburner of my radar, so I may need to make a prayerful exception due to extenuating circumstances. But then that makes me a hypocrite. Dammit all. 

  • Christopher Hughes

    To me, putting sales of Type-Moon products on western sales charts is a bigger positive than almost any potential negatives. I seriously doubt it’s ever going to happen, but I wish that we could get translated versions of their art-books in English one day. And I’d also like to actually buy a physical copy of Tsukihime and F/SN as compensation for all the enjoyment I’ve got out of them. Also, an American release of Carnival Phantasm would be amazing while I’m wishing.

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