It’s A Lion Eat Dog World In Tokyo Jungle

By Spencer . May 31, 2012 . 3:58pm

Tokyo Jungle’s motto is eat or be eaten. Players control different animals ranging from a pomeranian dog (who has its own story mode) to tigers and have to keep their hunger gauge full. Similar to Shiren the Wanderer, you start losing life when your hunger meter runs out.


Judging by the video, it looks like carnivorous animals have a smaller hunger meter, meaning lions will have to feed more often than herbivores. You can also find an animal partner and hit up survival mode where there are over 50 animals to choose from including AIBO, Sony’s discontinued robot dog, as a secret character. Hmm I wonder what AIBO eats…


Tokyo Jungle comes out on June 7th for PlayStation 3.

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  • Code

    God I’m probably wayyy too interested in this game considering how long it’s been in development hell >3<; But I can't help but think the concept is really neat, weird games like this are right up my alley uwu;; It reminds me of EVO mixed with Disaster Report, and seriously what's there not to like about that~ I just hope someone, somewhere, will confirm localization or not, just so I'll know if I need to import or what o3o;

    • Yeah! I totally see the Disaster Report side to it as well. Maybe it’s because of the cancellation of DR, but I’m really craving for this game.

  • brian yep

    I found this through PlayAsia and this makes me want it~
    At first I thought it having a C rating was weird, but with that part around 2:04 it makes sense now.

  • MrRobbyM

    That dog sure can jump.

  • Smashlampjaw

    this looked like “Afrika” when I first thought that game was gonna be about animals fighting, but it was actually just Pokemon snap :/, this looks interesting.

    • boundries_san

      U mean Tokrica?

  • Solomon_Kano

    I really wanna play this. It looks so… different.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Lol mating. Wonder how many Pomeranian dogs it takes to bring down a lion XD
    Yeah AIBO is definitely going to be interesting. Maybe it doesn’t eat and the challenge will be clearing the game with it :3

  • Samurai_Heart

    The constant barking throughout the video almost made me believe I’ve gone crazy XD, especially during parts where there was no dog.
    …wait…on 2:35 did I see a raptor there? XD

  • GOTY 2012?

  • Nitraion

    I saw it on jap psn store is it going to be localized? XD

  • OHH! I saw this scrolling when I logged on to PSN today. I thought it might’ve been a band and was gonna check it out, woah!

  • Daniel T

    Come on Sony, confirm you’re bringing this overseas already.

  • boundries_san

    This game is dreams come true for me lol.^^ At last… the day where dogs can take down lion is coming.^^

  • Come on Sony bring this to us.

  • Reno Evangelista

    Hey, in actuality I’ve known about you for a while and this is crazy.

    But here’s my money, so localize, maybe?


  • Ravage27

    Crazy game is crazy :)

    Can’t wait to play this (yes i know it’s not announced for the west yet)

  • The dreaded Pomeranian, one of the most vicious predators alive.

  • Learii

    what the point of this game i don’t get it

  • So this is what they meant by an “Urban Jungle” and “Cuteness kills”.

  • I’ll look forward to see the animals “getting it on” in a HD game… Seriously, why did they even highlight it in the promotion video?

  • Göran Isacson

    You will believe… a Pomeranian can take down a giraffe.

    seriously if this game has a super-dramatic story about a little dog at the end of the world becoming the most bad-ass ruler of the animal kingdom after the man-animals have left the building, I will buy this game instantly.

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