Imageepoch Considering To Release Anime RPG Time And Eternity Overseas

By Spencer . June 1, 2012 . 12:05pm

tokitowa12Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage held a meeting to discuss whether they will release Time and Eternity: Toki Towa in the United States. Namco Bandai will publish Time and Eternity in Japan as a PlayStation 3 title. Earlier, Imageepoch signed a deal with NIS America to release their titles in the West.


Mikage didn’t tweet the result of the meeting, but he did say he was happy to see all of the responses from fans outside of Japan about the idea of releasing Time and Eternity: Toki Towa overseas.

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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Hopefully it makes it over, the one whom she is marrying is pretty cool looking.

  • VietKnight

    That is very good news so can’t wait for it to come out though who know when

  • If it’s NISA, then I won’t worry too much – they’ve always been great with releasing overseas these niche titles we love. I believe! Bring it over!  ^w^/

    • MrKappa

      I would worry. NISA is very avid at changing anything they can in any game they localize to make it a comedy fest. I want the game script to retain it’s original intent and meaning, not for some 3rd rate hack of a writer to insert childish jokes into the game and change names because he can.

      • LynxAmali


        I’m gonna get flamed and what not for this but I think you’re confusing NISA for Working Designs.

        NISA hasn’t changed much in my experience of playing games localized by them. 

        Just saying.

      • Guest

        What they change isn’t that big of a deal. For example (and if I’m not mistaken), Disgaea 2 PSP. Many things are still intact. The only things that changed is that there are no voices for DLC characters and that all of them aren’t available (Dark Eclair, Gig, the other girl I forgot what her name is). This definitely doesn’t hurt us badly, so there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about. ._.

        • MrKappa

          That isn’t my issue as such things are understandable. Even in the Hyperdimension games they only pick and choose some dialog to voice and while that is sad that is also something I have no problem with.

          But when you change the entire meaning of cut scene and make it funny and straight up rewrite the intent of lines that is where the buck stops. If that kind of stuff was okay no one would hate 4Kids with genius stuff like the hammer gun or rubber knives.

          • Guest

             Whoops. I misunderstood ya before. My bad.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Are you one of those people who complained when NISA gave the Trinity Universe characters actual personalities? Never understand people like you.

        NISA are gods among publishers, as far as I’m concerned.

        • MrKappa

          They already had personalities and they weren’t bad. What gives NISA to right to rework something the original author wrote?

      • I read a couple examples of what they changed and they were so, so minor that I can’t honestly see where all the scorn for NISA comes from.
        They changed a name for a character or two, but if that is the worst they can do, they’re doing a pretty good job.
        If there’s something we’re missing here….?

        • puchinri

          Just going by what I can still understand of Japanese and their dubs, they do change a lot. I mean, the general translations are usually off, and sometimes almost horribly so. Some of the voices (and tone, etc) they choose feel more like cheap comedic pandering than an attempt to actually grab what the original script was going for.

          I think they used to do pretty excellent localization, but now, I can’t say I have too much faith in them.

          • This is usually the response I get when I try to get an answer. :/
            Not that I want to discredit these observations, especially when there seems to be a handful that stand by this, but how about some clear examples? Shot-by-shot? I read what was posted at GameFAQs and I wanted to laugh.
            At any rate, what NISA is doing is keeping me interested and I enjoy it. Whether it’s faithful to the original is another matter. 

          • puchinri

            When we get back to playing, I’ll take notes and reply again to show you what I can~. Although it’s some of the minor characters that get it the worst, it stuck out with Emizel. The over the top gangsta speak was not a proper translation, and some of the girls’ dialogue is awkward too. A distinct one I do remember is the wolf saying to the girls, “shut up you little bitches.”

            I was kinda miffed. That the translation was off, and that it was just random and totes unnecessary. But yeah, I’ll keep a log of it next time~.

          • MrKappa

            Contrary to what you are saying you DO want to discredit the observation of the majority of people. Truly no offense intended when I say this but no one is entitled to give you any examples and even if they do what would change? Hanging around GF is probably why you don’t get any examples though.

            You can be entertained by what NISA is doing but why not they just rewrite the entire game into something funnier if you couldn’t care less that they mess with the script at will?
            Disgaea 2 was the NISA’s first work I believe and sadly their best. After that they just do their own thing. Most people are just happy to have the games though even if they are wrong so it’s not like any of this matters.

        • boundries_san

          For example, On Ar Tonelico 3, there are a scene where it is very serious on the japanese voice however after the translation by Nisa, it tturns into something similiar(not really) however all the seriousness effect change into some comedy feeling.

          Neptunia also suffer a lot from this translation however…… i am still happy that someone bring the game here.^^(Not like some bastard who said that the game is better staying in Japan rather than falling to the hand of NISA.)

      • puchinri

        This. I prefer a closer to original translation, and lately especially, I feel that NISA is lacking real charm and the ability to stick to source material. Disgaea 4 made this especially apparent. I have been very disappointed with their localization since playing it (and we’re still in the beginning).

      • Well, Kappa, I only checked through GameFAQs after your remark since that’s *the* forum I know where they make a stink out of something/anything that you’re guaranteed a fresh tread about it. But I’ll take full responsibility for that one ;)

        And contrary to what you want to believe, I’m interested in what was changed for the game’s sake if noting else, regardless of what was “wrong”. If you feel like brushing the details aside, hey, that’s fine. It doesn’t say how exactly how poor the localization quality is done on NISA’s end, though, so just be aware of that. I’m just looking for credible sources to very vague claims. If you say it’s better then I’m just going to take your word on it? 

  • Not even gonna consider buying this until I see some gameplay.

  • Anime10121

    Mikage make it happen! I need Toki Towa like I need hot sauce (currently munchin on some chicken):P

  • Zoozbuh

    OMG OMGGG, PLEEAAASE!~ I absolutely loved the Luminous Arc series, Sands of Destruction, Fate/Extra… Basically everything they’ve developed… so this NEEDS to come out in english! :’D

    • yalissa

      Speaking of Luminous Arc…

      Someone really needs to localize Luminous Arc 3 ; A ;
      It feels really sad knowing that my trilogy will forever be 1/3 incomplete.

  • I really hope that they do release it over here. This could be an amazing addition to the PS3 library and one that would be a great boon for Japanese made RPG fans (in other words, niche gamers). I for one would make sure to be there for a day-1 purchase.

    Now, where’s the gameplay trailer?

  • Solomon_Kano

    I hope it happens. The game looks really promising so far. The story still has me on the fence since we know so little of it, but everything looks good.

  • SirRichard

    It sounds like things went pretty positively, and I would honestly be surprised if NISA didn’t pick it up given their deal. 

    Then again, given the time they’re taking with Black Rock Shooter, maybe they’re a bit swamped? They also have NIS Japan’s titles to put out there, and given that they’re dealing almost exclusively with RPGs even one game is going to take a lot of time to get out the door.

    • Ryos

      Doubtful.  Wouldn’t be surprised if the BRS delay had more to do with having more profitable releases on tap.  The only way I don’t see NISA releasing this over here is if Namco Bandai did it themselves, which, um, yeah, so we’ll be seeing this come from NISA at some point.  Assuming the game plays half as good as it looks, anyway…

      • SirRichard

        Namco Bandai have been getting better about releasing stuff, though, but I don’t see them considering this to be the sort of game that would sell outside Japan. That, and I don’t think they’d release it over NISA after the deal they had with Imageepoch.

      • malek86

        Do we even know how good the game looks anyway? We have had a grand total of a couple screenshots and zero videos.

  • As long as it’s not Ignition…

    And probably shoudn’t be localized by Namco too, this game, if it comes here, is kinda obligated to have Japanese Dub.
    So NISA should be fine… as always

  • frokenok3

    Yes! Yes! What is this melody? It comes from really far away but i can hear it for sure….it sounds like, localization! :D

  • Hope NISA will release this game in USA and Europe. PlayStation 3 is so underveveloped in jRPG question, especially compared to its predcessor PlayStation 2, that every RPG title on it is worth its weight in gold.

  • you people shouldint worry about dub at all be lucky we get these games to begin with

    • amagidyne

       I just hope the dialogue has a smooth riddim.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      People shouldn’t even be complaining about dubs in this day and age. This isn’t the 90s.

      • puchinri

        Bad dubs still exist, and even for shows or games that have other Western origins. There’s also bad translation jobs.

        If NISA is handling it, I’m only half worried. If it’s another company, I’m a bit less worried. Because not many companies could do that bad of a job anyway.

        Well, at least NISA would keep it dual audio~.

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          They might still exist but it’s definitely the minority these days. Luckily, you don’t see bad dub jobs like Star Ocean 4 or Arc Rise Fantasia being the majority like you would have in the past.

          I also can’t find anything wrong with NISA’s translations as you mentioned in other posts. Like you I can understand the japanese they use (on the extreme rare occasions I even use the Japanese option) and it seems spot on. You have to realize, it’s a localization – things will be changed as it’s being localized for a certain region.

          • puchinri

            I do think there’s still a sizable amount, but they’re not as many. And actually, I didn’t find the actual dub for SO4 and ARF as bad as people exaggerated it to be.

            Well, if they’re changing anything, it’s already not spot on. x’D
            My problem is mainly with how some characters are translated entirely, rather than a couple of lines. Someone else mentioned the comparison in translation and intent, and I think it’s pretty apparent.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            If you consider ARF’s dub to not as bad as people “exaggerate” it to be, I find your preferences in dub extremely questionable.

            And from what I’ve read, I don’t see any examples of characters being translated differently. Just examples of not getting DLC or voice overs. If you’re that set on it though, you might as well import to dismiss any possible issues you may have.

          • puchinri

            Well their base translations were apt, and the voices themselves weren’t terrible at all, except for one character (but his voice I can stand a bit at least, in comparison to that character from Baccano!). 

            I think some of the emotion in some of the early scenes is lacking, but I actually think the dub fits the atmosphere and characters of the game pretty well. If you put that dub on a more series title though, it would not transfer over well. It’s like how Grandia has a charming dub, for as not great as it is. x’D

            Personally, I don’t mind importing, and if it’s NISA, they’ll at least have dual audio. But then again, my main problem is usually with the actual translation, so if they go too far from the original, I guess I might as well import.

    • Yamaneko22

      Agreed. People are too spoiled nowadays:( I would be ok even if there were no voiced dialogues at all, so it would be easier and cheaper to release games here, but I guess I’m minority…

      • puchinri

        Actually, I like games without voice work. Some games do benefit from it plenty, but games lacking voice entirely, or that are just like LoZ, Klonoa and Zack & Wiki work just perfectly to me. ^u^;

        • boundries_san

          Even DeSu on DS series is first released voice less.^^ Hell even Megaman series Zero series and ZX.^^

          • puchinri

            Heh, that’s true~. That are definitely plenty of good games without voicework.

          • boundries_san

            Yup.^^ As long as the game is fun for me.^^ No Voice Acting is even okay for me.^^

  • Givemeblood…Nyaa

    I would buy this game days one… no that’s not true i would preorder as soon it’s available here, if it’s available someday of course.

  • Vivian Mai

    Gameplay vid? I can’t say whether or not I’d buy it without a video of the gameplay…

  • Xapth

    Please, yes! 

    I’m sure a lot of fans overseas would love the opportunity to play “the world’s first HD animation RPG”!

    Although I would like to see it dubbed in English, I’d be completely fine if they left it with the Japanese dub, considering Kana Hanazawa voices Toki and she’s an amazing voice actress!

    • puchinri

      Yes~! I wouldn’t mind a dub as good as the original, but when there are great seiyuu that I love, I always want for them to keep the JP audio, whether alone or as dual. >u<

  • Darkrise

     I would be very happy and throwing up my desk along with my laptop in excitement but I’d also like to see a gameplay video first.


    This is great news! though i will still import a copy :P

  • Crimson_Cloud

    USA only? Import ether way XD

  • Sergio Pinheiro

    Like they say:
    Day one!!!
    LE please!!!
    I can’t wait to play BAKEMONOGATARI RPG


  • AzureNova

    O_O!!!!! No words to describe how happy I am.

    • Christopher Nunes


      Nice one! I love the Foam Mouthing Guy from Avatar! XD

  • Xerain

    Was it wrong of me to have just ASSUMED such a beautiful looking game would be released in the west? This looks like possibly the best of what anime style games have to offer.

  • ivanchu77


    DO IT

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Come on, NISA!

  • DO EET!

  • revenent hell

    Im almost sad…recently I havent been interested in any games NISA has announced barring black rock shooter and Neptunia…..Sadly im not very stoked for this game either…

  • scratchbach

    yesyesyesyesyes, please.

    • Croix

      Ha, I kid you not, that’s the EXACT response I had in my mind. So once more for emphasis:

      yesyesyesyesyes, pleeeease!

  • Prinnydoom

    Do It would love to see this over here european style ^_____^

  • I’m glad they’re talking about bringing it overseas, and I’m hoping to see it happen, but I also have to say that they have to show actual in-game battle footage before I can make any kind of decision on whether or not to buy it.

    So far, the company seems to be absolutely terrified over the idea of showing off gameplay footage of any reasonable length. This makes me think they have no confidence in their own product, and that the lack of confidence might very well mean it looks and plays terrible.

    I need to see that the theory of it turning out awesome actually works in practice first. A tiny clip that lasts a half a second or less in the middle of a trailer isn’t enough.

  • Awesome! I actually really wasn’t expecting this to get a western release (if it does), so this is pretty good news.

  • Learii

    come over plz  NIS Ameroixa pubilsh it  plz you  guys always  get my money

  • Awesome!

    Now we have a good reason to start bitching about the lack of gameplay footage. 


  • no Consider, just Confirm. 

  • Natat

    Confirm it already! DO IT DAMMIT AAAAAA

  • puchinri

    I’m excited to hear that they’re considering it, and I really do hope that they can get the game over here somehow. I think a company like XseeD or someone would be great for it. Somehow, I feel like Squeenix would be a good choice for localization too.

  • Nyandroid

    Oh please! Oh please! LET IT BE SO!!!! >w<~

  • kroufonz

    yes yes yes please localize this.
    and hope nisa could use their relationship with imagepooch and get to localize this one. (scamco will take long time to localize with lower posibility to have dual voice and collector edition)

  • boundries_san

    ^^. I can’t stop grinning when i see this news lol……..

  • Kawashima

    I would be glad to see NISA localize anything made by imagepoch, I’m still hopeing for 7th Dragon 2020.

    On a side note, why hasn’t NISA given a release date for BRS yet?

    • Christopher Nunes

      That’s a good question… should we ask NISA about BRS? Could they be any reason for the delay… or could they cancel its localization!? Brrr… I rather not think about it!

      I think I’ll go on their forums and tell them that I and several others are eagerly awaiting the game and will gladly buy it for our PSP, whether it be physical or digital as long as we get the game! Right now I know they had a poll to determine if we wanted the physical box copy with a special bonus thrown in at the cost of the game opening changing or just be released as a digital download with the game opening intact. Hmm… maybe they’re having problems with the game opening issues? Like we they can use it or not? I doubt it, but something’s up.

  • As long as you give NISA a green light for localization… My money is always here for you to take….

  • It would be great if Toki Towa will arrive in Europe too :]

  • i want to see some gameplay. its not every day that make a anime rpg

  • “Shut up and take my money!” Comes to mind, but really, what I want to say is. “Please do.” I hope to see this game localized in the USA.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Yes, make it happen! I love to get this game! Please do localize it for the US! ^_^

    Now let’s see some gameplay, I like to see how combat and the other RPG elements will play out in the game! Looks really interesting so far!

  • Please please please make it happen. This one of the RPGs that I would love to see outside of Japan.

    Come on NISA, you haven´t let med down once yet. So keep titles like this comming :)

    • artemisthemp

      They only issue I have with NISA is that, they don’t release DLC in Scandinavia or Polen (Know it’s Sony fault) and no SE for EU, but then again always buy US version.

  • Nice…. plz release Sol Trigger too.

  • bL4Ck

    DO IT

  • I’d buy it.

  • It’s awesome that thanks to the internet, we can show developers how we actually care about the games and how much we’d want to play them. Seriously.

  • Speedo Redempteur

    i kinda want to see what they started to do …Something with ambition ..

    Something to move the lines and show that such crazy projects can be done ..

    So yeah Unless the battle system turn me off ( since we haven’t seen anything yet on that ), i’ll buy it

  • l777l

    Do that.

  • dziwny

    This is great information. I’m hocked
    planing importing game to EU and I still don’t see video describing battle system. 

  • Ravage27

    In NISA we trust

  • Zenkito

    Awesome sauce! If and when they release it, I’ll make sure it’s a day one purchase!!

  • One does not simply “consider” releasing Time and Eternity in the United States.

  • XxDestinyXx

    YES! I really hope this happens! I have been looking at this game for awhile, but I have not let myself get excited for it because I thought there was no chance of localization. :3

  • Please do, this game deserves more attention than it already has. We need more fully animated RPGs, instead of those lazy NipponIchi games with 3D PS2 graphics or 8bit characters (no offence)

  • Göran Isacson

    That’s very nice mister Imageepoch CEO. Now can we please see some actual gameplay for this title? Or an explanation as for what happens to the prince? Just a little hint, I’d be satisfied with just a little hint…

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