You’ll Have To Scavenge For Weapons In The Last of Us

By Ishaan . June 4, 2012 . 7:44pm

The highlight of Sony’s E3 media briefing this evening was a play session of The Last of Us, in development by Uncharted developer, Naughty Dog, for the PlayStation 3. In the footage shown today, Naughty Dog demonstrated how you need to scavenge for weapons in order to survive, and keep the game’s protagonists, Joel and Ellie, alive:


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  • SirRichard

    I’m loving the neat touches here and there; enemies react to guns, and they react to a gun that’s fired without any shots left, they try and sneak up on you and fight with what they can, and Ellie will even sneak around and help you without being ordered to!

    That and it looks mindblowingly gorgeous. The item management and parts-gathering for weapons like Molotovs is also neat, it was easily a high note to end the show on.

    • ThatBlackGuy

      I wish they would release the E3 demo later this month on PSN but that’s probably not gonna happen.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Game looked so incredible, god damn. I want it now.

  • shadowseer

     Naughty Dog never fails to impress me, this game is looking great! I wonder if they maxed the Playstation 3’s power, as the level design looks outstanding, didn’t expect anything like that on a PS3. I’d expected that on a PC or next-generation consoles.
    I’d better start saving up for those impressive games announced!

    • Testsubject909

      Last I was informed of it, Naughty Dog is pretty much the only company out there who’s making extensive use of the PS3’s Cell. That is to say, of it’s multiple cores to multitask.

      Most games, I hear, take anywhere between 1 to 3 cores, whereas the PS3 has well beyond that… Though I hear, coding for multiple cores is a pain.

      • Guest

         No love for Beyond? That seriously had the best Sheriff simulation ever made

  • The_Real_Oyashiro

    This looked AMAZING!

    “Hey asshole!” *BLAM*

    I need this in my PS3 NOW!

  • Jonathan Keycross

    The way the “bad guys” cared for their comrades made more realistic the situation. There is no “good vs evil” but rather “We vs Them” situation, it´s so well implemented that I really felt bad for the group Joel (and Ellie) had to kill this time, reminding us of the apocaliptic scenario the characters are going through.

    • Testsubject909

      It further encourages me to play sneaky and just chokehold/put to sleep every enemy I find… if possible… That and it’d save me ammo. Which I saw, is very limited.

  • Sony’s conference blew out completely all of the others today with just this new game from Naughty Dog. Man, what an amazing demonstration…I’m speechless.

    A bit disappointed for the lack of news on The Last Guardian though. Oh wells…

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      The Last Of Us was amazing, but I don’t think it gave Sony the “win” for today (though it was a close second).

      Ubisoft had the best consistency for the day with Far Cry 3, AC3, and Watch Dogs. If Sony didn’t spend so much time on Wonderbook (which not knocking it, since it was “different”), and spent more on other Vita titles (only a blurb announcement on COD? What?) or PS3 titles, it would have been the best conference of the day. And yea, no The Last Guardian? Come the F*** on!

      Lex’s E3 2012 Day 1 Results:
      Ubisoft: B+
      Sony: B
      EA: C+
      Microsoft: C

      Nintendo could bring the upset win if everything they bring for tomorrow is on point.

      • SlashZaku

        This is my only complaint.  The amount of time spent on Wonderbook should have been cut down and they could have fit in another Vita title or something (showed off Soul Sacrifice for instance).  Wonderbook brought an unneeded halt to the presentation.  Should have left it at ‘Rowling will be writing for the game’ and be done with it.

        Otherwise, pretty decent showing.

        I don’t think people are concerned with Nintendo bringing an ‘upset’.  They’re going to be showing off games for their next gen system so they have the most to live up to expectations-wise while Sony & MS pretty much put out whatever they have left before announcing their own next year.  Nintendo is really the one who can’t mess it up and I don’t think they will cause really, aside from maybe announcing pricing and a date, all they really have to do is show off games and what they can do with the new console.

        • Testsubject909

          You know what I notice that they slipped in?

          Using the Vita as a controller + touchscreen to play LBP2.

          They sneaked in there that the Vita, a console on it’s own, could behave in the same way as the Wii U’s motion + screen controller.

          I just found that awesome… It means that any game that can be made for the Wii U could be adapted for PS3 + Vita. Yes, it’s a more expensive setup to play those same games on the PS3 (+Vita), but then again we’ve yet to know what the price is for the Wii U’s controller.

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          I agree. There were a games from the initial E3 2011 Vita teaser that I thought they would show a bit more about this year. I was really wanting there to be more news on the Killzone Vita game and the Warrior’s Lair game that they teased/showed off last year (though for Killzone’s case, maybe this wouldn’t be a good time for more info since Resistance: BS was released just last week).

          And I agree on the part about Nintendo too. I highly doubt they will mess it up for tomorrow, but truthfully, I don’t see them announcing a price or date for the console. However, I do see more spec details being released as well as games.

          • Testsubject909

            I’d like to hear more about Warrior’s Lair.

            I want a nice dungeon crawling looter….. And not the one that’s currently available, because I feel a bit cheated by that one just by comparing prices between the Vita version and the PS3 PSN version.

        • Guest

           Wonderbook seemed like it was rushed in. If you recall, even the announcer head developer guy said he wasn’t expecting this as the game was meant to be a surprise (?) so the presentation seemed rushed due to that I think

  • brian yep

    I hope it’ll have subtitles in-game.
    Assassin’s Creed really neede some and I get a feeling lack of subtitles with this would tarnish it.
    edit: I was really looking looking forward to seeing gameplay of this, but it makes sense it would give off an Uncharted feel, though I played a demo of Uncharted and absolutely hated it mainly for it relying too much on QTEs and having poor aiming controls.

    • Testsubject909

      Uncharted 1 or Uncharted 2?

      Uncharted 2’s improved a lot from Uncharted 1. Though between Uncharted 2 and 3, it’s just minor improvements.

  • Aoshi00

    As always love the post-apocalyptic NY setting like Enslaved or I am Legend, something creepy seeing civilization being engulfed by nature once again.. AC3, Beyond: Two Souls, RE6, Tomb Raider, and the Last of Us all look amazing blending exciting gameplay and realistic cinematics so naturally.. Need to finish Uncharted 3 first, backlog *.*;.. I like the cover art if that’s indeed the official cover..

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Except, this is apocalyptic Pittsburgh. 

      • Aoshi00

        I see.. guess I just automatically think it’s NY in this kind of setting :)  Anyway, this is the Ellen Page year, gives me the urge to watch Juno *.*..

      • Guest

        Which is strange because Pittsburgh already looks apocalyptic..XD

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    The gameplay was pretty awesome. I like the more realistic feel the game had, from bullets really doing damage to enemies, to combining items in the field to produce weapons, to the interactions between Joel and Ellie, to the physical struggle between Joel and his enemies when in fisticuffs. This definitely is one of the front runners for Best Game of Show E3 2012.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    The most interesting portion is seeng how Ellie is useful to the situations. I was surprised she contributed to some aspect of defence. You go girl!

  • they might have answered this during the conference, but that wasn’t scripted?  If not, then that is some pretty cool dynamic AI, especially on the girl.

  • AzureNova

    Day 1. That is all.

    No but seriously this game looked so very amazing. Sony did a very good job saving this as their closer. I already wanted this game, and now I want it even more. Good job Naughty Dog, and Sony ^_^

  • Solomon_Kano

    You know what’s the most exciting thing here for me? The fact that, even amid gorgeous scenery and combat, Naughty Dog infused everything with so much character. The enemies reacting to his gun being empty, the struggle when he choked the guy out as opposed to the usual quick game flare, the way Joel would peek over cover, his conversation with Ellie as they moved.

    These are minor things, but they added a lot to the feel of the world. Touches like that are why Naughty Dog’s so great to me.

    • Testsubject909

      It was also pretty fun hearing the crowd cheering when he grabbed that last guy and smacked him against the drawer.

      There’s a lot of smart context sensitive actions there that makes it feel like the guy is a badass fighter who can improvise pretty damn well… It’s awesome.

      • Guest

         They were cheering because of Ellie’s surprise brick attack

    • Guest

      If you noticed, Leon Kennedy also peaks over in his cover in RE6. That was one of the first new things I noticed.

      Not sure if Lara does it in Tomb Raider..

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, I noticed Leon do it. I love catching little stuff like that.

  • SLick123456789111

    “I know that sound , I got you now motherf*cker.”
    It’s the little things.

    • It totally is. Also, I noticed how you actually have to keep your hostage under control, or he’ll break free on his own. And I love how Ellie actually helps out without taking over or being stupid. And she doesn’t get into trouble either!

      Also, I couldn’t help but notice he took the molotov from underneath the backpack. I know it sounds like I’m being really nitpicky, but what I’m really trying to say is that it flowed together so well that it was the only thing that broke immersion for me. Snapped be back to reality and realized it was a game, and not an episode of the Walking Dead or something.


  • Tom_Phoenix

    Holy s**t, a HEALTH BAR? I haven’t seen one of those in a shooter game for a very long time. That’s extremely refreshing to see and it goes very well with such a game. Also, I like it how ammunition is scarce, meaning you can’t afford to just go in with all guns blazing.

    That said, I’m not fond of how heavily scripted and linear the game seems, especially since (usually) the point of health packs and scarce ammunition is to encourage exploration. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

    • Testsubject909

      Survival just doesn’t work when you’ve got regenerating health, y’know?

      So yeah. Very happy with what I saw.

      • Guest

         If I’m not mistaken, I Am Alive, Disaster Report and Disaster: Day of Crisis does not have regenerating health either

        • kupomogli

           I Am Alive had so much potential.  Sure I’ve only played the demo, but was just mind numbingly boring.

  • Farid Belkacemi

    The best part of Sony’s Conference :)

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Can we play as Ellie?
    nvm I’ll go look it up instead of being lazy…

  • Testsubject909

    Soooo… I’m just going to toss this out here…

    Since Sony showed that it can do what was done with the Gamecube (edit: Plug up a portable gaming device to serve as an additional screen) and as such emulate the touchscreen controller functionality of the Wii U via using the Vita…

    How’s about they implement an optional use of the Vita as a controller, rear touchscreen for L2 and R2 respectively of course, front touchscreen with clear depiction of L3 and R3 and an active inventory system, making it so that you can just quickly look to your Vita screen without ever having to pop open an inventory window so to more rapidly access your stuff, just have the character on screen appropriately crouch and check his backpack whenever you decide to browse through your item bag or start mixing stuff.

    And possibly simple commands you could select from a short list on the sides of the screen that you could just touch to tell the girl to stay put, follow you, that you need a distraction, run away, stuff like that…

    Just saiyin… I’m only now realizing that thanks to that little bit they showed with LBP2 controlled via the Vita that any ideas I can formulate for the Wii U can now apply to, an albeit pricy setup for, the PS3.

  • Niermyico

    I knew The Last of Us was going to be a big hit after I saw that first trailer. :)

    It’s just me, but I found it funny how Sony (the way I saw it) bought their conference with their free 1-year plus. Hilarious.

    • Testsubject909

      Sorta, but it’s still a smart move. Plus with the PSN fiasco last year, it’s a good way to regain trust in their brand and their services.

      edit: And if I heard them right, they were smart enough to find a way to trade the vouchers for other services if anyone would rather not make use of the voucher.

      • Niermyico

         That’s cool because i have no use for the PSP vouchers. Gotta find more info on that then.

    • zweii

      Bought. Like giving away free consoles right?

  • Rohan Viajar

    one word: AMAZING! :D

  • amagidyne

    Oh yes, this is the stuff.

  • zeta

    is it just me or Lust of Ass really hyped me out. Cant wait to play this.
    err *Last of Us i mean…

  • joe ling

    Nice way to end a conference. I really liking the AI in the demo.

  • The AI in this game is incredible… They wait and ambush you at the door.. Once you hold the hostage as a shield and point your gun at an enemy in front of you, he actually runs for cover… The way enemies react like the sound of out-of-bullets gunshots, they take advantage of it… I lol at the part where the girl threw a brick straight into an enemy’s face…

    If the Last Guardian was there, Sony would have won E3 with the Last of Us hands down…

    • Guest

       Also Versus XIII & Shenmmue III. Then the entire building would have exploded.

  • This game is beyond amazing. I’ve nothing to say and Troy Baker is icing on the cake. Naughty Dog, take all my money!!!

  • Its the end of the worlds, dudes. Can’t they just deal with it w/out the human violence!? Man, I wonder wut push them to it…. Is it the need for survival?

    • JazzWithAttitude

      The problem is the people thats is already violent before the end of the world.
      I would prefer without the violence as problably you do, but there are people…
      By the way the game looks amazing, i am thinking of changing my xbox for a ps3, but i will wait for a Persona 5 news xD

      • Dude, taht gonna be >2012/13…. go get one now if u hv the resources.

        • JazzWithAttitude

          The resources are the problem xD

  • Prinnydoom

    Damn Naughty dog……….First crash and now this. Come along way now and never looked better ^____^

  • Göran Isacson

    I wonder how many of these sequences are scripted and how much we can explore on our own. Uncharted looked gorgeous and all, but I for one didn’t really warm up to the linearity. Ah well, at least the enemies don’t look like they’re respawning in this game.

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