Finally, A Look At Record of Agarest War 2’s Inflatable Doll

By Spencer . June 7, 2012 . 11:33am

Last month, Aksys announced a limited edition package for Record of Agarest War 2, which includes an 8 x 12 hand towel compressed in the shape of a heart, a "Heroic Trials from the Lands of Agarest" art book, and an inflatable Felenne Doll. Past images of the package have had the doll censored out, but we snapped a picture of it at E3 this morning:



Yes, it’s super-deformed. Aksys also talked about the art book that comes as part of the package. The art book is written like a Maxim magazine. The idea is to give it the feel of a naughty magazine that you would hide from your parents.

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  • neetloaf

    Well hey, it was a lot cleaner than I was expecting.

  • KotaroInugami

    Ah… Inflatable doll… Boy was I off. XD

  • So it was censored to give the impression of being dirtier than it actually is. I don’t know if that’s genius or just plain dumb…

    • Use your imagination to full in the blanks.

    • Speedo Redempteur

      The publisher on the first agarest used the same technique in their trailers back then .. They continue to do it so i guess it works …

  • Godmars

    The apparent lack of holes comes as an odd surprise…

    • DurableTomb

       Given that it’s inflatable, there is at least one hole…

      • Godmars

         Don’t give me that. You know exactly what I meant :p

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Nice to see it, looking on Amazon, you could probably swap that one out for the hi-res image.

  • Jason A

    Why couldn’t we get something cool like the EU limited edition? 

    • brian yep

      Dat artbook?

  • malek86

    So we were all trolled to the max?

    I salute you, Aksys.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Aksys has yet to  troll me :P

      • Ronald Bixler

         They haven’t, but I just did…

  • Apache_Chief

    One day anime and video game fans will be so jaded that the only way they will buy a special edition of a product is if it comes with a sex toy in it. This is not that day.

    • Didn’t the Agarest War 1 and Zero limited editions do that already (with the f*** pillows and all)?

      • EusisLandale

         What limited edition was that that had pillows? First game had the mouse pad and rather tiny pillow case. Zero had cards.

        • Now that I think about it, the larger body pillow was a contest prize for Agarest 1.

    • Godmars

      (Anyone tell him about the boobie mouse-pads?)

    • Ronald Bixler

       And console makers will hinder the developers efforts by adding in a new “USB Port” into their consoles. I’d hate to RROD with one of those…

  • Are you serious?

    • Ronald Bixler


  • Luna Kazemaru

    I bet everyone who thought it was a sex toy is feeling really dumb right now lol.

    • landlock

      personally I like it. I still have my Yoshimitsu doll that came with on the older tekkens never had to blow it up again and it’s still inflated.

    • Ronald Bixler

       Technically, it could still be… depending how you use it…

  • XxDestinyXx

    This LE and Zero’s LE are both terribly boring. I only bought the LE versions of both of these games for the art books.

    I am giving the Felenne BALLOON and the hand towel to my Fiance. >.>

  • CirnoLakes

    So scandalous~. Spencer, why are you showing us such filthy things~?

  • Christopher Nunes

    So when is this coming out in the US? I got the first two Record of Agarest War for the 360, wanted more RPGs on the 360 and I didn’t really have a PS3 around that time.

    Looking for to getting the game! And I don’t see anything wrong with the doll, rather cute though. ^_^

  • Azuku

    What is this I can’t have sex with that.

    The art book is written like a Maxim magazine.
    So it’s full of advertisements?

    • revenent hell

      if it is its an item im putting on ebay asap

    • Testsubject909

      I’m pretty sure you could have sex with it if you were being really creative.

  • Strain42

    I’m not gonna lie…it kinda makes me sad that stuff like this is what they know their audience is going to be interested in.

  • Elemiel

    Cue disappointed “aww”s.

    • xavier axol

      DUDE!! I was expecting a different type of inflatable doll. It sure missed a great opportunity, I’m sure it would had grab people’s attention. ;-)

      • DurableTomb

         While they grabbed something of theirs…

    • punkchobit

      I said awww cause its adorable.

  • AzureNova

    Wow, its a hilarious day when everyone interested in the game was expecting a “different” kind of inflatable doll XD

    I-I was one of those people =P

    • xXDGFXx

      i want a nendoroid….

  • revenent hell

    I figured it would be normal…well I was hopeing it would be since I planned to attach it to my dashboard under my Raiho plushi

  • i think this actually a case where the Pal collectors ed owns the american one for once xDD.

  • superdry

    So…is the towel to be used after flipping through the artbook?

    I’m still more interested in the EU limited edition at this moment.

  • Stranger On The Road

    I for one am planing on getting both, the EU and US versions of the game. While the EU version does have a better Limited Edition, sadly…

    …it is censored.

    The US version on the other hand won’t be censored. So, the EU package, plus the US game to play ;-)

    • ZeroNova

      Do you by any chance know exactly what is censored in the EU version? I preordered the deluxe edition from Ghostlight, but I actually didn’t know it would be censored while the US version isn’t.

      • Stranger On The Road

        according to this blog post:

        Firstly, while she remains a playable character, we have had to remove the 1st generation version of Fiona from the minigames (and only the minigames). Don’t worry, affection levels have been taken into account when making this change.

        In addition to this we have had to remove 4 static images from the game. Please understand that we are making these changes under advisement from PEGI and the USK

        • ZeroNova

           Thanks =). I actually did some research last night and found a tweet from Aksys stating: “We haven’t altered any of the CGs on the disc. They’re just like the Japanese ones.” so I hope the US version remains unchanged (which doesn’t seem 100% confirmed yet).

          Seems like I’ll be getting both versions as well, for the same reason as you :p

  • I want an xbox 360 version T_T

  • ZeroNova

     I wasn’t really disappointed by this since I could already tell it was deformed in those pics that were censored. I might actually get both limited editions though :p

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