Big Daddy Gave The Other PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Players A Beatdown

By Spencer . June 8, 2012 . 12:30pm


"Big Daddy is a beast," a developer from Superbot said to me before I selected him in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The Bioshock guest character has Marvel vs. Capcom 2 super armor, Big Daddy can absorb one hit without being stunned or taking damage.


Actually, none of the characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale "take damage" because the game doesn’t have life bars. Hitting other players charges up your super meter and the only way to knockout other players is with super attacks.


Big Daddy’s level two super fires him up and while he’s glowing red regular attacks earn players a kill. After I activated this mode, I snuck up on the other three players who were to busy battling each other to notice me coming from behind with one souped up shoulder rush. I got three kills with one tackle and that netted me six points. Each kill is worth two points and you lose a point if your character is defeated. My basic strategy with Big Daddy was firing plasmids with circle that stunned other players and tackling them with the rush attack.


Since Big Daddy is so slow, you’ll want to use the rush attack (triangle + forward) to move around the screen. I managed to charge up all the way to a level three super move, the most powerful attack for a character, and pulled off my super attack to cancel PaRappa the Rapper’s level one super. Big Daddy’s level three attack submerges the battlefield with water. While the other three characters try to swim away, Big Daddy can kill any of his opponents by simply touching them. I racked up another four kills with a single super move and ended up winning the match.


Yes, Big Daddy is a powerhouse, but the other characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale have their own strengths. PaRapper the Rapper can generate super meter spheres by singing in a corner. Nathan Drake can "create" cover and hop out from barricades other players have to smash. Kratos felt like he had some of his combos from God of War III in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. He also had tools like the Head of Helios and his bow assigned to the circle button.




Each character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has 24 basic attacks, but the most important one might be throwing. That’s the main way you can sap super meter from other players. The amount of super meter you drain depends on what level their super meter is at, so saving up for a level three super is kind of a gamble.


Superbot teased that there will be more third party characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but unfortunately we couldn’t get them to say who.

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  • Herok ♞

    I bet one of the other third party characters is cloud, but as long as their are alot of 1st party characters I don’t care since I want Cole. also we this game out this year is anyone else afraid it will have a ton of dlc?

    • SamEddy

      I certainly hope not for DLC, but I would say it seems highly likely. They have to beef up the roster a bit more for them to grab my initial interest. Representing the RPG genre like Cloud you mentioned, would be a very good start. Heres hoping they are saving his announcement for TGS.

  • cloud would be great, but if anything it’s probably going to be lightning. Pretty much any characters shown in the “Michael” commercial is probably going to be in allstars one way or another, atleast I think so


    • kupomogli

      Which is extremely unfortunate.  The game might just become one big advertisement for third party developers instead of having characters that the fans truly want to see in the game.

      It’s already somewhat apparent with the release of Big Daddy, as the character is in the game for nothing more than Bioshock Infinite advertising.  I don’t know if everyone feels the same way, but the first third party announcement being nothing more than an advertisement pissed me off.

      Although, Paul Phoenix is a character that will be very welcome in the game. He’s in the Michael commercial and despite also more than likely being advertising for Tekken, he’s a big part of Playstation history being one of the most loved characters since the very first title.

      • just because big daddy is in it doesn’t mean their trying to promote Bioshock Infinite, that game doesn’t even take place in rapture. I do hope they include some fan favorites that are not shown within the trailer, hey sly wasn’t in the trailer and hes one of the first shown characters, same goes for fat princess. I think sony is hurting for good first party characters, that’s why their relying on so many big name third party franchises. I realize there are a ton of older characters that would be good for all-stars, but unfortunately I think they want to keep the game relevant to current gen as much as possible.

        • kupomogli

          Just because you may not like Sony franchises doesn’t mean they don’t have first party characters.  I made a list of on a previous thread about Sony first party franchises that I could immediately think of off the top of my head and if you’ve been a fan of Playstation since the PSX, and have liked these games, then they’re good characters.

          Most Playstation first party characters aren’t as recognizable as Nintendo characters because they’re usually only on a small series of games that hasn’t been picked back up on.  Nintendo characters are recognizable because the same characters have been in use since the NES.

          I sure hope that Mario is more recognizable since Nintendo has made no less than 792.4 games starring him. 

          But what about fan favorite characters like Ike, Roy, and Marth.  About 99% of the people who have played the Smash Bros games favored these characters as soon as they played them and 98% of those people have probably never played a Fire Emblem game or if they have, never played the Fire Emblem those characters were based on, specifically Roy and Marth given the characters never came to a Fire Emblem that came out for the US until later.  Or better yet, how many people played Kid Icarus for the NES or the Gameboy, a game that actually came out in the west.  I have, but I’m not a fan of the character on Smash Bros.

          Is Nintendo the only developer who has characters that people can like despite never playing the games.  Or is that what people think because “it’s not Nintendo and if you I don’t personally know more first party characters then there obviously aren’t any.”

          Copy pasta for your viewing pleasure.  Not including the six originally announced characters and their games.  12 Sony first party ips and a character in each game, plus Crash and Spyro.  Including those already in the game that makes 20 characters.  Definitely not a small number when each character is from a seperate ip.  But yeah.  Keep thinking that Sony has no first party characters just because you don’t know of any.

          Cole Macgrath(Infamous)

          Nathan Drake(Uncharted)

          Jak(Jak and Daxter)

          Ratchet(Ratchet and Clank)

          Sackboy(Little Big Planet)

          Wanderer(Shadow of the Colossus)

          Dart(Legend of Dragoon)

          Gabe Logan(Syphon Filter)

          Sir Daniel(Medievil)


          Shu(Arc the Lad)

          Toro the Sony Cat

          Crash(Crash Bandicoot///Used to be first party.)

          Spyro(Spyro the Dragon///Used to be first party.)

          Aside from Dart, Sir Daniel, and Shu, pretty much every other character is recognizable to most Sony fans.

          • I’m aware of most of the first party franchises, I still however think that they want to include characters that have been relevant to the playstation brand within the recent couple of years, hopefully they do include a few of the older characters (Spyro,Crash) but for the most part they are going to stick to franchises that have had games made for current and last gen. Therefor they need to beef up the character roaster with the help of third parties.  They are playing it safe, if all-stars does well then a sequel probably will include more diverse/older characters. Look at the first smash brothers, it barely had any characters. Finally I think this game was meant to cater more towards a western audience therefor I doubt they are going to announce many Japanese based characters besides big names like MGS, Final Fantasy. 

        • kupomogli

          Also, Big Daddy doesn’t have to appear in Infinite.  You see Big Daddy, you think Bioshock.  Simple as that.  How come you think it isn’t pure advertisement?

          To me, Bioshock doesn’t even represent the Playstation brand.  It was an exclusive for the 360 for over a year before the PS3 version came out.  But yeah.  Definitely makes you think of Playstation./sarcasm.

          I mean really. Is it that hard to put two and two together?

          I’m going to just make up a rumor now. Cole and Commander Shepard at the next two characters to be announced. Why not Commander Shepard, right? Bioshock came out a year after on the PS3, PS3 didn’t even get the first Mass Effect. If you’re going to piss off your fanbase you might as well go all the way right?

    • Who is Michael?

      • name of the commercial, basically sony/playstation paying homage to a random made up gamer

  • Exkaiser

    Super moves are the only way to earn kills, huh?

    I wasn’t a fan of Final Smashes in Brawl. It’s a similar concept, so it seems like this probably won’t be my cup of tea either. ‘course, I’ve really fallen out with the whole Smash Bros thing in general. Getting stomped repeatedly by over-competitive friends sort of wrung the fun out of it for me.

  • I never seen not one match where Kratos scored one positive points or win a match.

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