Kenka Bancho Bros. Lets You Dress Up Like A Girl Or North Star’s Kenshiro

By Ishaan . June 11, 2012 . 8:30am

New to Kenka Bancho Bros. is the ability to choose from two protagonists—Ikki or Kousuke. The character you don’t choose will follow you around as an AI partner, or you can play the game cooperatively with a friend controlling the second character. The two can team up to perform combos together. Spike Chunsoft showed off this feature alongside others like customization in a new trailer today:



Hey, is that a costume based on Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star?

As previously reported, Kenka Bancho Bros. takes place in an alternate reality Tokyo, with alternate versions of popular landmarks such as Tokyo University, Akihabara, and so on. The game is due out on June 21st.

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    • rebecasunao

      Real men aren’t afraid of wearing a maid costume

      • But wouldn’t the male version be a butler costume then? No, wait: Maidtler.

        • rebecasunao


          Any men can be a butler, but only real men can be maids

          • Code

            *nods* Exactly, go the extra mile >3<~! 

          •  Real  Men wear pink thats it.

            No man should ever wear a maid costume


            * still  trying to find brain bleach to get rid of the image of Jim Parsons in a maid outfit*

      • Luna Kazemaru

        ok I lol’d.

      • I would have commented something similar but yours is close….

    • MrRobbyM

      Got a problem with cross dressing, yo?

    • Quite a shame. I’ve been looking into flowers lately. Blue ones make a nice contrast with blonde hair, I noticed~

    • Code

      Nyannn, seriously where’s the fun in that >3w<~?

    • Nitraion

       I will support you brother!!! MAN CROSSDRESING IS NO NO NO!!!! I HATE TRAP TOO!!! GIRL CROSSDRESSING IS OKAY!!! -_- fuh 

      • Anthony Black

        You’re just as bad as people who hate gays but think lesbians are hot. Stop hating, you insensitive jerk.

        • Finally, the voice of reason. Surprised and disappointed to see that kind of prejudice here.

        • Nitraion

          ==” I just don’t like guy crossdresing that’s all…

    • WyattEpp


  • Code

    Haha love this series >w3<~

    • A translated release would be nice; just look at the massive amount of Kanji in that video alone!

      • Code

        Yeahh it’s I imagine going to be a case that, you could play the game and get byy… but you’ll get so much more outta the game if you can read it opo;

    • Kevadu

      Given that the previous Kenka Bancho game and Gachitora (not technically a Kenka Bancho game but it’s by the same peope and is similar in many ways) were not localized and the one that was didn’t sell very well at all, I would say that the odds of anyone picking this up for localization so late in the PSP’s life are basically nil.

      • Code

        Yeah agreed o~o; This is really the type of title that has one shot I guess sadly. It’d still have been nice though u3u~

  • rebecasunao

    Is that the only girl you can date? She looks pretty bland…
    Well, it’s nice to see you get to customize the main characters and not only the girl!

  • MrRobbyM

    My only comment is that I like the blonde dudes hair and Kenka Bancho Bros. has a nice ring to it.

  • PizzicatoSpirit

    Ever since I played Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble, I’ve wanted to play the others so I might import this one since its unlikely that this one will get localized.

  • Abhishek Posooa

    You don’t know it but you are already dead…

  • Guest

    Dat swag walk

  • I just KNOW this is inspired by “Kamen no Maid Guy”.Looks just as disturbing as the main character there.

  • Rolling Guy

    This is so gonna be F!!!ING AWESOME.

  • Marco Tinè

    Co-op brawlers and RPG are the perfect fit for portable platforms like the PSP or the Vita. Too bad Spike-Chunsoft got there a little too late. I hope they’ll be smart enough to release a localised version on PSN, making it compatible with PS Vita as well.

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