Final Fantasy III Has A Few More Features On PSP

By Spencer . June 12, 2012 . 4:50pm

ffiiipsp2So, Square Enix is bringing the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy III to PSP on September 20. This port will have enhanced graphics, an option to play with the Famicom music, and an auto battle mode, which should make leveling up jobs even easier.


Famitsu also mentioned a wireless connectivity feature where players can acquire the strongest equipment in the game. It isn’t clear if this is done by trading or through "PSPpass." Final Fantasy III for PSP will also include a bestiary and other in-game data libraries.


Final Fantasy III will retail for 3,990 yen ($50) in Japan.

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  • MrRobbyM

    I hope this gets localized as both physical and digital release. It’s Final Fantasy so chances are, we’d hopefully see at least a digital release.

    • MGSBigBoss

      Just like we saw Final Fantasy Agito XIII right or rather Type-0 -.-

      • MrRobbyM

        You know, since it’s apparently all done, they could at least pass it over to someone that would publish it for them but noooooo. Square would never T_T

        I also prefer Agito :P

  • Ha ha here so instead of trading mail for the Onion Knight, it’s trading mail for equipment.

    Tehe , oh square

  • Tom_Phoenix

    ….Nope, still not different enough to justify buying over the DS version.

    • GGear0323

      you wound’t have to justify buying it OVER the DS version. you mean in addition to the DS version. if you don’t have the DS version, which one you buy would only be directed by which system you prefer.

  • I’m so glad that this game will come to PSP, I’ve already beat this game in NES emulator with poor translation, now I hope it’s got localized so I can beat it again. It’s one of my favorities Final Fantasy, if you think of it as a NES game it has a incredible history.

  • MAO

    How about adding in the original Famicon version of FFIII as well Square Enix?

  • FFIII? I’d rather cough up blood.

    • Dylan Anantha

      Still has gameplay that blows XII and XIII out of the water.

      •  Not really

      • Tien Ron

        Not even…

      • MrRobbyM

        2/10. Made me laugh.

      • KuroiKen

        Agreed. Everything is better than watching HD movie instead of a game…

      • 128bitigor

        that just proves that hardcore FF fans have bad taste (I’m talking about XII)

      • this~! old FF over new FF any day.

      • kupomogli

        Just FF13. Still has gameplay that blows FF13 out of the water.

    • kupomogli

      While I wouldn’t want to cough up blood, I’ll agree with Kashell’s sentiments.  Final Fantasy 3 is complete garbage and was only praised prior to the DS release because it was an unreleased title in the west.

      • komiko12

        Love it or not, Final Fantasy III is still part of the main Final Fantasy series. It is part of the game’s history.

        It is said to be noted for the difficulty during the NES era. Also, it’s Job System paved way for the Job System in FF5 that many people loved.

        • kupomogli

          Ah.  How some people love to give credit for things and such that don’t deserve the credit.  I mean it’s not like there hasn’t been job systems in any other game ever has there?  Oh how Squaresoft is such the entrepreneur. 

          But wait.  Why yes.  Dungeons and Dragons has a class system.  Dragon Warrior 3 has a job class system where you can change your class at whim once you reach Dharma Temple, but of course, it’s all because of Final Fantasy 3.  Hell.  Final Fantasy 3 isn’t even the first game in the series to have a job system.  You couldn’t change classes after the beginning of the original Final Fantasy outside of going to your master class, but there’s a job system nonetheless and it’s far far better than the garbage induced vomit of Final Fantasy 3.

          The only thing Final Fantasy 5 borrowed from Final Fantasy 3, thankfully, is the ability to go to the menu and change jobs at anytime.  The job class hub if you will.  Thank God nothing else was borrowed from that terrible game, like requiring to change yourself mini and switching to all magic users in order to get through a dungeon, or doing the same except with toad on the very next dungeon, or using the Magic Sword class in another dungeon in order to kill enemies, etc.  Or how about having to use points to change classes, such an amazing idea on Final Fantasy 3.  Need to change classes because the garbage next dungeon requires it?  Grind moar, although you probably won’t need to with all the required grinding anyways.

          Hey.  It’s the first game with a changeable job class system in the series.  Let’s praise it even though it’s complete garbage ^_^.  Let’s praise it because it hasn’t came out in the west ^_^.  Let’s praise it because it has the name Final Fantasy ^_^.  Let’s all do ^_^ and praise Final Fantasy 3 despite it not being remotely deserving of any of the praise ^_^.

      • Kefkiroth

        It’s still pretty classic on NES. The first cave music is the best, and overall it just feels better to play. It definitely beats I and especially II during the NES era at the least.
        I thought the DS remake wasn’t anything special, though, it played and looked awful. Same with iOS.

        • kupomogli

          I don’t think it bests the original or FF2, although personal opinion is everything.  I know a lot of people don’t like FF2 one bit, but if you go where you’re supposed to, and try to equip a shield with everyone and have a dedicated magic user, the game isn’t as hard as it first seems, even without power leveling by attacking yourself.  The NES version is quite a bit harder because it takes 100 attacks to level your weapon skill up, or the attack/cancel trick, but overall still a very playable game.

          I can see your opinion against Final Fantasy 2, but the original?  The original is better than FF3 no contest.  The original Final Fantasy has near perfect pacing, better balancing between classes and items when acquirable, and even without a changable class system, it’s a better class system.

          • Kefkiroth

            It’s not that the game is hard, it’s just that the development system annoyed me in general. Kind of annoying to have stats lower when you play through, but it wasn’t too bad. Also I actually vastly preferred FF2’s story over the others. The story felt a bit deeper than the others (the rebellion and ‘wild rose’, added some depth to it).
            I think the original had good gameplay, but the story wasn’t anything special sadly. 
            I liked FF3 the best because it fixed some minor gameplay problems of the other two (displaying the damage in front of the enemy instead of having it in the textbox, getting rid of the ‘ineffective’ attacks), and the class changing mixed it up a bit, though I do admit it’s annoying to have to worry about changing classes from onion knight to first set jobs, then upgrading to second set jobs, etc. in the first place compared to the original where no class changing is required. Also, there was a lot of exploration in the later parts of the game compared to the others. I also loved the music, mostly that first cave music you hear (probably in other caves too), which felt more classic than the newer FF3’s cave music.
            Overall, I enjoyed all 3 FFs in some way.

            EDIT: Forgot to mention. The Rebel Army in FF2? My favorite FF music from the NES generation. It just oozes epic.

  • ok… so, nothing really useful was added, except for the graphics (which was kind of obvious).

  • Ahhh you almost had me.  I heard ‘wireless’ and expected something decent to be attached to it.

  • kevinposta

    Quite honestly, that doesn’t sound like very interesting new stuff.
    I hope they add new jobs or dungeons.

  • davidvinc

    If they overhauled the job system to be almost identical to the one used in FF5 then I would buy it. Otherwise, no.

  • And the FF fans below me rant…

  • Lyh Scully

    Im still disapointed its not a 2D remake ,  its does not seem  to  differ that much from the DS version, wich i have already beated 100 %  , if you give me a nice CE squeenix , or throw in more goodies ,  ill buy …… ( and i do mind the gap in my psp shelf ) 

  • mikedo2007

    Well this is a nice features for the PSP version, original Famicom music.  This is going to be nice for the fans that like 8-bit music.

  • epy

    *Conspiracy Keanu Mode*

    What if the only reason they did this is to have all the Final Fantasies on Sony consoles in preparation for the release of the remakes of Final Fantasy V and VI on the Vita instead of the 3DS like everybody is expecting?

  • Here We Go Again Let Remake All The Other FF Games Out There And When The Fans Ask To Remake FF VII You Said No Thanks A Lots
    Square Enix?

    • awaiken

      because there are ff games other than 7? I know a lot of late train ff fans don’t realize that.

      • i know that but we want FFVII Remake 

        • Anime10121

           This isn’t a remake, its a port (with minor added features that cost little), BIG difference.

        • awaiken

          I don’t. Stop loving in the past. Steam version of FF7 Is coming soon. Buy that, increase resolution to HD and enjoy.

  • Marco Tinè

    It’s a quick cash-in of a game no one is interested to nowadays. Rather than a DS to PSP port, why don’t they port Bravely Default to PS Vita instead, or bring on the long awaited Type-0? There’s a total lack of courage in Square-Enix, that’s why they’ll never return to their former greatness…

  • awaiken

    You’re making too much sense for these clowns

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