Battle Season 1’s Taichi And Sora In Digimon World Re:Digitize

By Laura . June 13, 2012 . 5:12pm

Digimon World Re:Digitize supports wireless battle, which uses the PSP ad hoc connection to link up to four players together. The option is selected from the title menu, and from there, you can select to play Cooperative mode or Versus mode. Cooperative mode places all players against enemies, and there’s a special mode called Boss Raid that pits you against a boss from the game.


In contrast, Versus mode places all players in a free-for-all against each other. Fighting the wireless battles may get you rare items and titles upon victory, as well as unlock new evolutions. You can store up to ten Digimon in the DigiStorage to choose from for wireless battles. These can be selected and saved from Digimon you’ve raised and DigiMemories.


Guest characters will appear during the wireless battles, too. You can fight Taichi Yagami and Sora Takenouchi, protagonists from the first season of the anime, in battle against their partner Digimon. Only after you’ve defeated Taichi’s WarGreymon can you get a WarGreymon of your own.


(Interestingly, their appearance matches their appearance from the anime despite the supposed time lapse.)

There’s also new information available about a few locations on File Island. Powdery Cliffs (below) is an area with ever-falling snow, surrounded by ruins, sunken ships, and mountains.



Meanwhile, Binary Castle (above) is a strange area revered as a holy area, with arching ceilings and pillars covered with monitors. It’s said to be where all the data in File Island is calculated.


More information has been released about the DigiTower, too. The DigiTower, where the Coliseum and the training facilities are, is actually what was once Infinity Mountain. Enormous amounts of data constantly flow in and out of the tower between the Real World and the Digital World, and it can be said to be a pillar that supports and links both worlds.


Several more Digimon in the game have also been released. These include Omegamon, Rosemon, Vamdemon, DORUmon, MegaSeadramon, and MegaDramon. Most appear as enemies, though you can almost certainly raise them as well. DORUmon also manages the wireless battle menu for you.


Finally, there’s some more information about the plot involving GIGO Co. and the blackened Digimon. Digimon of this form are composed entirely of data crystals, which gives off a high energy but also constantly leaks data, causing the Digimon’s body to deteriorate. Someone who may hold the key to the secret behind these new Digimon may be Prof. Petrov, Nick’s father, who works at GIGO. (This information is available from this blog.)

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  • KyoyaHibari

    It would be awesome to battle Takuya, Davis or Ken, they are my favs. Then again, it might be weird to have a standard Digimon and its tamer fighting Takuya with an armour spirit lol.

    • LunarKnite

      I’d prefer some Tamers love. But this is good enough for me. Well, not quite, still needs to get brought over.

      • Mixkon

        I was thinking about this as well today… it’s really hard I guess for them to introduce Frontier characters in any game as ‘normal’ digimon due to their unique evolution from Human to Digimon… Wish they appeared in this game though!

      • Include Puppet Girl or the Serious Girl!!! (Sry forgot their name)

        • Ah, it’s Tamers’ Juri/Jeri and Ruki/Rika.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          i think including the Juri Katou isn’t good.. We’ll just see Leomon die/beaten again in there :(
          She’s not the type of battling girl anw.. maybe adding Ruki will be slightly better

    • Maybe have Takuya appear as Agunimon. After the fight, Taiga will express surprise and shock as he sees the latter reverting back into a human.

    • Well… they’ve already got Lili, a completely unrelated Tekken character in there. At this point, I wouldn’t think Agnimon would be that farfetched for a Digimon game that retreads the old times.

      • Historiata

        Hmm… I don’t know. The Digi-rangers will always be an oddity for me. Maybe the armor evolutions, but this, not so much. Besides, aren’t the Digimon world games supposed to be more about capturing the ‘true’ taming experience rather than reiterating the exaggerations of the anime?

  • KotaroInugami

    Wish they’d match the art style. I feel like it was just copy a pasted. But I know that’s asking for a lot.

    •  Yeah, it feel weird looking at those screenshot actually.

      •  Stock art, yep. Though you have to wonder what the anime characters look like in the game’s artstyle.

        • Barrylocke89

          Seeing as the artist is the same person that did the art for DeSu, I’d imagine they’d find an excuse to make Sora grow about 8 cupsizes bigger.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            8 cupsizes bigger IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN *MR.BEAN.JPG*


          • Historiata

            Maybe 5 or 4. Suzuhito Yasuda doesn’t go -totally- crazy with his busts.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            trololololol.. but i see Lily’s and I think it was ummm if you know what i mean *mr.bean.jpg*

          • Teenage Sora > Kid Sora.

  • xavier axol

    i really like the first apperance of digimon (season 1,2, and 3) were awesome. yup the good old times.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Just toss in the ability to fight Tagiru and Gumdramon/Arresterdramon and you’ll have my money. I don’t care that I can’t understand Japanese, I’ll find a way to play this.

    • I also go for the two Young Hunters main human character and Digimon.

      Heck, throw in as well Takato with Guilmon, Agunimon (Takuya), Masaru with Savers Agumon and Taiki with Shoutmon since it’s 15th anniversary of the franchise.

    • Man I hope Tagiru is the one fighting you I’d really have a laugh when I beat his whiny a**. For those who say Takato is the worst character. Sorry but Tagiru is the worst

      • Spirit Macardi

        I liked Tagiru. He was so insanely energetic that he was always fun to watch.

        Plus, he had his share of awesome moments. When FlameWizardmon stole his essence, he created more through sheer force of will. There was also the wake-up punch he delivered to Gumdramon, which gave me flashbacks to Gurren Lagann. Not to mention powering up Arresterdramon to Superior Mode, even though Super Evolution is supposed to be the most powerful that a Digimon can ever be.

        Plus his main Digimon shares a voice with Klonoa XD

  • Strain42

    Okay, I confess…if this doesn’t get localized, I think I am going to cry. There, I said it.

    • Let strt a drinking party shall we?

  • poisui

    I am happy to see that Siliconera is informed. Yes, their proper names are Taichi, Yamato, Koushiro, and Takeru, not their silly westernized names.

    • LunarKnite

      Does it matter which names they use? Neither is more proper than the other. The westernized names are pretty close to the originals. Honestly, they’re more like nicknames than anything “silly”. Tai, Matt, TK?

      • AuraGuyChris

        Oh yes, I actually like the Westernized names over the Japanese ones.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          but in my country, Tai means poop and Kari means curry. It’s so annoying so I stand with the original one…

      • Exkaiser

        Well, they are nicknames! Everyone’s full name was the same (Taichi’s surname got changed for some reason), but they just referred to them by the nicknames.

        Works for me.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          except koushiro (izzy).. and changing surname is same as changing the whole name..

      • Renaldi Saputra

        izzy, yolei, cody, and henry don’t seem resemble to the original one.. Their real names are koushiro, miyako, iori, and li jian liang (chinese name).. Pretty close, huh?? I don’t think so..

    • Yeah, you’re right. I led cursed childhood by not knowing that Tai was a renaming of..*blech*…TaiCHI! Oh god, my whole life is a lie!!!

      • CrimsonalCore

        But they gave us a memories to remember, you know. ;3

        • Renaldi Saputra

          yeah, nostalgia indeed. But what’s wrong if they able to renew the characters without removing the most important part?

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Hurr Hurr

  • Calling it.. Nico’s dad maybe just mind controlled by a greater threat in this game.

    • Renaldi Saputra

       maybe that black mechanized dinosaur thing would be same as D-Reaper and isn’t a digimon..

  • Throw Rika in there and a localization and consider me interested.

    • AuraGuyChris

      And Takato to beat the living crap out of him. Most horrible Digimon male lead ever.

      • LunarKnite

        I wouldn’t go that far. Takato was always supposed to be a plain kid with a Digimon fascination. Sure the others may have been more extraordinary in their leadership roles, but Takato always felt more relatable, which was their main goal with him.

        • AuraGuyChris

          But he felt like a fanboy to me, and I hate fanboys. So there.

          • Then it’s not really about Takato being “horrible” any more, but merely about your preferences. You could have worded better. The “fanboy” part doesn’t make sense either. He was just a kid who was enthusiastic about his toys; you know, like real kids.

            In terms of context, meaning and purpose within their own respective stories, I’d say Takato is actually the best-crafted among the TV series’ Digimon leads so far.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            yeah I agree bcos he’s not same like another leaders..
            First, the name Takato wasn’t much used in Japan.. not like Taichi, Daisuke, or Takuya which are often used..

            Second, Takato’s personalities aren’t crafted to be same like another leaders in every anime even in digimon. That’s why he’s very different compared to Taichi and Daisuke, an unusual type of leader..

            I also know from reading it at Chiaki J. Konaka’s website, so I understand about Takato..

          • I don’t even think Takato is a leader character at all. When it comes to battle prowess and foresight, Ruki and Jianliang, respectively, are much better than he is. On the other hand, the way he was crafted is as a simple-minded child that learned and grew as he experience new things, all the while never losing his emotions. Which is why I find him to be the most human Digimon protagonist, and I love him the best.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            yea, i agree with you.. there were no leaders in there.. they all cooperate and each of them have their own major role.. Even at the end of episode, the one who really stopped the D-Reaper was Jiangliang in SaintGalgomon form, not Dukemon CM. Even though dukemon stopped the d-reaper with losing all his weapon and did it only with punching match.. Well, kinda not cool indeed bcos he didn’t show and unleash his greatest attack.. Well, In most anime in general, usually the one who beats the final villain is the main hero (leader) him/herself and with the greatest attack he/she has.. but that statement is invalid in Digimon Tamers..

            Conclusion: Digimon Tamers is an unique anime that is not same like the other seasons of digimon even another heroic anime.. or simply I can say it’s not a mainstream type of anime..

      • Marcus from Savers is WAY Worse. HE doesn’t even wear goggles! Blasphemy.

        Plus, I love Takato (Rukato4life), so I can’t agree with your statement. I’d be fine with putting him in for other reasons, though.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          way worse?? well, not wearing google doesn’t mean worse.. anw I can learn many positive things from him.. especially the manliness..

          conclusion: every leader have their own personality.. not all leaders are same in general.. they all have positive and negavite sides even though different

          • The not wearing Goggles thing is a joke. I’ve been watching Savers for the past couple of weeks and, honestly, I feel that, overall, it’s the weakest of the 5 so far. None of the main 3 are likeable (They’re all stupid, Marcus is always yelling, Yoshi is always complaining and being useless, and Thomas is the least unlikeable out of the three, but there’s nothing really to like about him either because he’s at the point where he’s beginning to stagnate (I’m on episode 30, I think)) and Kenan is aggravating as all get out (Me digimon, no wait, me humon, no wait, me hate humon but no have place to go! Me hate humon but hate digimon, but love digimon and love humon, oh wait!) and speaks in a stupid caveman dialect that makes no sense for him to be using.

            The only thing I like about Savers is Kristy and that’s mainly because she’s voiced by Melissa Fahn and is incredibly sassy.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            idk maybe you watch the dub.. maybe a bit or more different than the japanese ones (with eng sub that i watched)…

            Well, you maybe right that Masaru is kind of stubborn guy, always solves something with his fist, never calm down.. even though so, he really loves his family. He even promised to Sayuri (his mother) to bring his father (Suguru) back. He kept struggling hard to find and bring his father (whose body was being possessed by Yggdrasil) back until the most touching things… Suguru (whose the real soul was in Banchouleomon’s body) sacrifice himself to save the world and give Masaru a responsibility to take care the family. I love the words that Suguru said..

            “There will come a time when a man must accomplish something at the risk of his life.”

            And from that, manly tears is inevitable for me..

            Masaru is stupid indeed, but after learning something important, he has grown up and become a real man.. And idk about Touma, Yoshino and Ikuto..

            I think it’s all reasonable for characters to be stupid at first, but be grown up after it..

          • Wow, thanks for that spoiler, Jerk. I said I was only at episode 30. 

            And I don’t care if he “grew up”, he’s the most annoying protagonist I’ve faced so far and his entire crew is stupid. The writing is also annoying, with the characters constantly pointing out and repeating obvious things for no reason. 

            Basically, Savers sucks and screw you for spoiling it.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            okay, sorry my bad. I didn’t notice it and I thought you’ve watched it all. Maybe next time you better watch them first until finish before judging the characterizations. Bcos only watching a part won’t make you understand the whole series. Judging without finish watching is kinda ‘smartass’ for me..

            And once again, no offense

          • I was midway through watching (I finished it over the weekend). I stand by what I said; It’s the worst of the First 5 seasons by far. Half of the cast was completely pointless, there was no character development for most of the character’s, and the ending, while happy, was completely cheesy, though slightly enjoyable).

            I felt no connection to anything that was happening and, as far as I’m concerned, if I don’t care, it’s not doing it’s job.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            well, i can’t say anything again. It was your opinion, at least I think it’s still a way more better than the repetitive pokemon anime

      • That’s because Takato’s character was supposed to experience the realistic consequences of having a dangerous monster partner; it’s also why he’s written as 10 years old – so that he can show emotions about it. Give the boy a break. You may not like him for any reason, but his character had a lot of purpose and meaning within the story.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        dude, every main characters have their own unique personality. Don’t assume that every main characters (a.k.a. the leaders) should have the same personality and have a leadership.. you’re totally wrong

        • AuraGuyChris

          Firstly, I didn’t even say anything about the leaders being the same in personality. Don’t make things up.

          Secondly, even though all characters have their own unique personality, it’s still not an excuse to like them.

          People, I have opinions. Respect them.

  • Code

    Awww… I kind of hoped they would match this game’s art style o~o; Can’t help but feel like it’s a little cheapened with them pretty much being copy/paste from the original promo artwork T3T; That being said I still think the game sounds great owo’

    • Renaldi Saputra

       i feel the same thing.. but if they change the art style, then the circumstances will be different, seems no nostalgia anymore..

      But renewing the characters (from the 1999 style into the 2012 style) will be better i guess

  • boundries_san

    It is a good thing to see that old classic digimon anime get some love there.

    Now….. Mqybe we get hikari there^^?
    My favorite char from classic digimon series.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Less than one more month remaining! Oh maaaan!

    Also lol at the contrast in artstyles.

  • Dorumon Mega evolution is Alphamon right??
    I hope Alphamon got in too…
    And Davis….Or Ken…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I see what they did there

  • Thespian Thief ♢

    GIMMEEH!!!! D:

  • Anime10121

    I shed a tear every time I see news for this game, because I know we will never get it :(

  • Christopher Nunes

    Wait… wireless? o_0
    Do I have to be online or something to fight Tai and Sora? Can’t I do a plain Versus mode with enemy AI at will? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve pre-ordered the game and I would LOVE to fight my favorite Digimon heroes!

    By the way, you mean the WarGreymon evolution is locked until Tai is beaten? Or beaten Tai gives you a WarGreymon? I mean, fighting special cameo characters are cool and all but if the content is locked due to wireless connect battle… I’m kinda screwed. ^_^;

    Also I wonder who else will join Tai and Sora? I mean, Marcus, Yoshika, and Thomas from Digimon Data Squad appeared in the Digimon World DS games as special cameo characters to fight… I wonder if ALL lead characters from series 1 -5 will appear in the game? Think how awesome it is to have characters (even if it’s not everyone) from each season to appear in this game and fight them? Best Digimon fan service ever!

    Anyway this news excites me! I know for definitely Dorumon is going to be a Digimon partner to have, they have in past Digimon World games and Dorumon’s baby form is shown to be the MC’s partner in a screenshot or video IIRC.

    Truly, this is going to be the best Digimon World game ever. *sniff*
    Please Namco Bandai, you HAVE to localize this game! >_<

    • “After much consideration, we’ve decided to pour our resources into localizing the Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Kinect games instead.”

      ﹁⩊﹁ #TotallyNotTryingToJinxAnything

      • Christopher Nunes

        How can you localize Dragon Ball Kinect games when Japan doesn’t like the 360?

        Seriously… well it’s a good thing I’m pre-ordering this bad boy!

    • I’m pretty sure like in most games you can start the versus mode in offline mode. However if the bosses are designed to be beaten as a team it might be harder by yourself. Still lets not assume stuff based on lack of information. I’m sure there is some sort of offline mode. 

      • Christopher Nunes

        I’m remaining optimistic. ^_^

  • Solomon_Kano

    This game keeps sounding better by the day. It’s a pity that both this franchise AND the PSP are dead over here, otherwise there might have been some glimmer of hope that we could see this. I guess I’ll just have to hope that there are fans out there of a like mind willing to translate it when it comes out.

  • Making digimon frontiers characters battle able will be a problem…

    • Renaldi Saputra

      also xros (if you’ve watched it), don’t forget

    • Or they can handwave it as Character Avatar/VIP Pass player.

  • OK. NOW I NEED THIS GAME. I’m sold on pure fanservice. *w*

  • Wait… I thought I’ve seen Furigana text in previous reports’ screenshots. Was that just a prototype feature or a toggle option?

    • shinychocobot

      Yeah, can someone confirm if Furigana is an option? It would really help since I’m just learning Japanese, and I’d love to import this if that’s the case.

  • I really hope this game gets an English release! 

  • Vampiric


  • Scott

    YES, dorumon!! i would LUV a Alphamon!

  • Scott

    plus knowing that the tower is Infinity Mountain is just boss sauce!the art is already kick ass, this plot point just shows the devs love Digimon

  •  I really want this for the vita, make it happened sony.

  • NorthernPatches

    I would buy this game just a beat Tai’s face in. 

    Never liked that guy.  Would love to wreck whatever digimon he throws at me.

  • Freesun4

    Am I the only one who thinks that the main character’s googles look like a bra?

  • I hope to see Taiki, Nene and Kiriha. I also notice the Agumons in the screen have no red bracers and GeoGreymon is not there. I hope to see Greymon(99), GeoGreymon, and Greymon(Xros Wars).

    • Renaldi Saputra

      sorry dude but there will be no xros digimon in here.. if that so, the leveling settings would be confusing… you know that in xros there’s no levelings (child, adult, perfect, ultimate). And about the agumon u mentioned, this game only use the original agumon, not the raptor-1 version. Even though so, it can evolve into geogreymon besides of greymon..

  • Renaldi Saputra

    ugghh i must calm down myself, just 1 month left

  • Reno Evangelista

    The protag next to Taichi and Sora pretty much just draws attention to how ill fitting the protag’s design is.

    •  Isn’t it the other way around? Tai and Sora are drawn exactly like in the anime, while the rest of the game have it’s own artstyle.

  • Taichi and Sora design should be redraw by the artist….They looks so out of place.(Or is it the intended effect?)

    (Interestingly, their appearance matches their appearance from the anime despite the supposed time lapse.) 

    Does this mean they r in the same continuity!?

    So Digitowers are the same thing as those pink beams in Tamers? (Lol I though we hv a Tartarus grinding ground). And Blackened Digimon disrupts the normal digimons data? GIGO is the company evil? Wonder wht other cameo are they going to throw us? Will this get out of Japan?

  • JazzWithAttitude

    Just like Pokemon, protagonists never get older…

    • Renaldi Saputra

      i doubt it, all protagonists in season 1 got older in season 2, and so in xros 1, all got older in xros 2. Bandai was just take the protagonists on a certain time and on certain dimension when they’re still on their adventure and still go with their digimon

  • Anthony James Moffett

    Ehh, this might be a bit of an art-nerd being picky but….They could have at least had the games concept artist redesign Tai and Sora. The nostalgia is nice but they stand out visually like sore thumbs.

  • Wow this game sounds better and better the more I read about it! Man I really hope that this gets an overseas release! The PSP should end with a huge bang!

  • Syn

    I hope lucemon is in this game, by far my favorite digimon, if he’s there, will de-evolve him and level him up to the point he can take on any supped up mega. Loving every update i see.

  • anyone know name of backned digimon in redigitize?

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