God Eater 2 News Coming Soon

By Spencer . June 25, 2012 . 2:39pm

imageWhat happened to God Eater 2? We haven’t seen the game since it was announced at Tokyo Game Show, but don’t worry says producer Yusuke Tomizawa.


On Twitter, Tomizawa asked fans to please wait a little longer for news. The team is continuing to develop God Eater 2 as a game they believe will satisfy all players.

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    Kind of a curious game, I enjoyed it overall but something about it wasn’t particularly memorable for me, also it just didn’t seem to be as interesting 4-player as I’d have hoped o3o;; It’s definitely not a bad game, and I thought it was really fun >w<;; but just fell into a strange place with me o3o;; 

  • kupomogli

    Vita port?

    • Merveilles Lespace

      Yeah, probably. A bunch of PSP are getting Vita versions, so I could see GE2 getting one too. Upscale some graphics, add online play, slap in some trophy support. There you go.

      • Solomon_Kano

        It says a new God Eater was likely in development for PSP or Vita. Look at the date. One month later God Eater 2 got announced for PSP. That doesn’t really tell us anything.

  • News: “God Eater 2 will be converted and released on the Vita, because planning a release for another PSP game at this point would be ludicrous”

    06/27/12 — Edit —
    Jeez, what did I start here…?

    • Zetsomaru

      I wouldn’t say it’s ludicrous.
      The PSP seems to be doing pretty well, despite the VITA’s release.

    • There’s something like 20 million PSPs sold in Japan so far. They aren’t going to cancel the PSP version in favour of a platform that doesn’t even have a million users.

      • Darrel Daley

        Actually, i wouldn’t be surprised if a 3DS version comes out since the Monster Hunter crowd moved to 3DS.

        • That’s a distinct possibility, but it could go both ways. 

          On the one hand, yes, the Monster Hunter crowd is starting to move over to 3DS, and will move over in its entirety when Monster Hunter 4 comes out. God Eater could very well benefit from being on the “Monster Hunter console” and also on Japan’s most popular system at present.

          On the other hand, perhaps they can move the series to Vita after GE2 or do an updated Vita port to eventually start moving their God Eater audience there. On the Vita, they wouldn’t have to compete “directly” with Monster Hunter, and they could use the Vita’s better hardware to try and set themselves apart.

          The question is, which scenario would bring in more sales/revenue? My money’s on #1, but we really have no way to know for sure until they pick one of the two options and we see how things play out from there.

      • fds_nextdart

        The Vita will never sell millions if developers continue to support an old system instead of moving on. I own both the PSP and the PS Vita, I just find that it’s a self fulfilling prophecy that devs would make games for the PSP on account of the Vita not selling well when the reason it’s not selling well is the lack of exclusives that are going into the PSP~.

        • Yes, however, third-party publishers don’t care whether the Vita sells millions or not. Their primary concern is selling their own software, and as long as they have viable platforms to do that on, they’ll be happy. 

          The PS3 and 3DS are both viable platforms at this point in time, and the Wii U is potentially another viable upcoming platform for them as well. (emphasis on “potentially,” of course)

          Also, I wouldn’t say this is a case of devs making games for PSP because Vita isn’t selling well. God Eater 2 was announced prior to the Vita’s full reveal, if I recall correctly. I’m sure there are cases whether developers are consciously choosing PSP or 3DS over Vita, but this isn’t one of those cases.

      • jujubee88

        Haha. VITA hardware install base is well over a million dude!

        Do you mean, in terms of potential software sold? i.e. ‘this wont sell over a million units’ at launch or around that time. If so, I can probably agree, but even than software sales for the digital download will bring in big profit since no ancillary manufacturing costs need be calculated.

        I think D3R for VITA was actually one of NIS’s most profitable games when they recorded their fiscal results. 


        So I am right and you are wrong . . . now suck my VITA’s analog stick! /troll

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Hello again. Not quite seeing the humor in this post, either. Best sell through I can find is 1.5-1.8 million tops, that’s still far removed from 20 million. Watch the troll comments, thank you.

        • Vita’s userbase in Japan is over 1 million? Please show me evidence of this. And don’t include worldwide sales. This discussion is about the Japanese market.

          (Also, even if you do include worldwide Vita sales, it wouldn’t make a lick of difference to God Eater, specifically, because the number of sales that would come from a western release is negligible.)

          Finally, you’re comparing apples to oranges. Nippon Ichi is a tiny company. Namco Bandai is not. Selling 50-100k copies of Disgaea 3 on Vita may be a victory for NIS, but it isn’t for a larger publisher like Namco. It’s peanuts.

          And as M’iaut said below, keep your composure if you intend to leave comments on this site. Jesus, and people wonder why I’m harsh with the folks that get out of line here.

          • jujubee88

            “And as M’iaut said below, keep your composure if you intend to leave comments on this site. Jesus, and people wonder why I’m harsh with the folks that get out of line here.”

            Thanks for responding! Did not mean to make this conversation so confrontational; all things considered.


            ..And I need to check out the latest numbers but 700k VITA’s shipped at launch,


            Those units thinned out pretty quickly in the year (I think by late Jan, early Feb that shipment was all done) than stuff like the strength of “Ciel No surge”, “Ragnarok Odyssey”, P4TG, “Gundam”, etc. needs to be taken into consideration when looking at how quickly these new shipments of Japanese VITA’s will fair.

            Sales that would come from a Monster Hunter like game on a platform that is the successor to a plaform (i.e. PSP to VITA) which was known for MonHun games would have some success. Especially considering there is no MonHun game currently on VITA in US or Japan. 

            I never thought of “God Eater” for VITA selling in the hundred thousands at launch, if you see my comment I talked about profitably on the digital front. It was revealed that 80% of all Playstation products where activated to PSN. Hypothetically speaking, a God Eater VITA game can be released ONLY via digital download this holiday and indeed net a huge profit for Namco. Not “peanuts”. 

            And yes, I realize NIS is a small company but they found a profit. What’s more, now NIS have “saturated” the worldwide market with “Disgaea” on more platforms thus indicating the audience being much more receptive to future “Disgaea” titles on VITA. 

          • Let me address your arguments one by one.

            Vita sales:

            Yes, 700,000 units were shipped at launch, not sold. Media Create, the sales tracker that gives us hardware and software sales on a week-by-week basis, and is used by every major Japanese publisher in the industry, says that Vita has only sold 765,000 units in Japan thus far. (link: http://bit.ly/MVRbx0)

            Furthermore, for the past several weeks now–discounting last week–the Vita has been selling around 6,000 units per week. At this rate, the Vita will not hit the million mark at least until sometime in August. Maybe when Project Diva f is released.

            Bolstering sales:

            You’re right in that God Eater would likely bolster Vita sales. But here’s my point: are Namco Bandai interested in selling Vitas or are Namco Bandai interested in selling their own games? The answer is the latter, obviously.

            Now, taking into consideration that Namco would want to sell lots and lots of this piece of software, it would be utterly foolish of them to ignore the 20 million PSP userbase and opt to, instead, release their game on a system that has less than 1/20th of that userbase. Even more so if they were to release it exclusively through PSN. Download sales in Japan make up a very tiny fraction of total sales.

            Could they also release it on Vita, as a second platform? Yes, they could. But then, the question becomes: Why Vita? 

            We’re now on the subject of them releasing God Eater 2 on a second platform, aside from PSP. This would presumably be done in order to start building up an audience for the God Eater series on a new platform, so that it can continue there once the PSP’s tenure comes to an end. 

            So, that makes one ask: why Vita and why not 3DS? Monster Hunter is already on 3DS, and with Monster Hunter 4, that entire audience will be on 3DS in the near future. Furthermore, by the end of this year, 3DS sales will be close to 10 million in Japan. That’s a huge audience in place for you to sell your game to.

            So, my point is:

            1. Ignoring the 20mil. PSP userbase for Vita is a bad idea.

            2. Vita could be a second platform for GE2.

            3. However, while choosing a second platform to help prepare for the series’ future, 3DS makes more sense than Vita.

          • noctis_nox

            Lol at this   
            3. However, while choosing a second platform to help prepare for the series’ future, 3DS makes more sense than Vita.   

            PSP and Vita can have the connectivity that’s why Vita makes more sense than 3DS
            aaand I also remember you telling us that Multi-plat monhun for the vita and 3DS is a bad idea because it will split the fanbase and here you are suggesting a PSP and 3DS release. Wow!
            Double standard much?

          • 1. Connectivity isn’t important in the least if you lose potentially hundreds of thousands of sales in the process.

            2. Yes, splitting the multiplayer community is a bad idea. However, God Eater is at a point where a future platform for the series needs to be decided upon soon, and Namco need to start building up an audience for it there. 

            Monster Hunter’s future is already set. That’s why Capcom released Tri G early on: to start creating an audience for Monster Hunter 4. MH4 is going to be on a healthy platform where it will undoubtedly sell millions of copies. Tri G is evidence of this. Capcom have absolutely nothing to worry about.

            God Eater’s future, however, is uncertain. If a decision is to be made, it needs to be made relatively quickly. I do think that releasing GE2 as a multiplatform title from the get-go would be a bad idea, but sometime after its release, Namco would need to start making the move to the series’ next home.

        • sherimae1324

          hey look whos here…. another Troll from Youtube ^_^

          • jujubee88

            Holy crud! That is literally the worst insult I could receive.

            Compared to a youtube troll? Youch. 

            … I will be picking out those claws for a month! 

            Just joshin. I am not a troll, I honestly just throw in that last line ’cause I thought it’d be funny and capture the “know it all”-ness of a youtube troll/childish person online.

            Apparently, I succeeded. And I wont do that again. Not because of your comparing me to a “Troll from Youtube ^_^” but because I do not want to make the staffs jobs less pleasant and I actually kind of want Siliconera to keep on being pleasant for me to visit.

            Cheers! =)

          • sherimae1324

            uhh…..ummmm soweeeeeee oni-chan ^_^

        • Solomon_Kano

          He’s clearly talking about in Japan… where this game is set to release on PSP. At present the Vita’s sold something like 600,000 units domestically. Also you just compared a Monster Hunter knockoff to Disgaea. Not the best support for your case.

          And the point of his comment to begin with was exactly what you questioned in your first sentence. There’s a significantly greater potential userbase on PSP than on Vita. That’s it.

      • My mistake, I meant “For a PSP Exclusive”
        But in response to your comment, how much longer do you think Sony is gonna let developers keep pushing new PSP titles? 

        • As long as they want, I would assume. It’s money in Sony’s pocket at the end of the day. Even if they forced them to stop making PSP games, there’s no guarantee devs would move over to the Vita. They’d probably just go to the 3DS instead (and several of the already are).

          What Sony could try to do is create a situation where they subsidize licensing/royalty rates for developers to put their PSP games on Vita as well. 

          • Wow, I never thought about it that way…

            Out of curiosity, what do you think will happen to the Vita in Japan, long-term? I think it’s gonna be pretty much Stagnant in the US for the rest of this year, thanks to this 2013 delay craze, but I dunno about Japan.

  • Vampiric

    yes i want it so bad

  • Carocaro4

    I wonder has any game producer said that their game sucks? I’m not saying that this game is  going to suck though, I can’t wait for this to come out! Don’t hurt me.

  • (O_ O  ) *On edge of seat while crossing fingers*

  • Palmer Nyako

    Also, the cannons we have for guns are annoying. i honestly hate how slow the weapons are in this game.

  • Spider-Man

    Jesus, FINALLY! DX 

  • Solomon_Kano

    With the game being under so long, the wishful thing would be to assume they’ve been retooling it for Vita. That said, unless they restarted the entire development, that still wouldn’t have taken this long. So I expect this to still be for PSP and to still have no chance at localization.

    It would certainly be interesting to see the series move up to 3DS or Vita though. It could benefit from all the MH attention on 3DS or it could benefit from the utter lack of genre competition on Vita. At the same time, it’s still cheaper to make it for PSP and there are many times more PSPs than there are Vitas or 3DSs.

    • zeta

      you made the best point for the day.

    • sherimae1324

      ummm maybe they also making a VITA version of the game….

      well who knows, tee-hee ^_^

      • Solomon_Kano

        It’s possible, just doubtful. I wouldn’t even be mad if it stayed a PSP game. I mean, that’s what we’ve all expected it to be since that’s what they said. It’ll be a pleasant surprise if it does come to Vita though.

  • I hope they still use anime op…

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Ufotable to the rescue.^^

      • Anime plz? ufotable?

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Yup.^^ The OP for God Eater 2 is assigned to ufotable there.^^ So maybe we can wait for Valentine edition where MC’s kills his GF that has turned into “God” lol.^^

          • Good to know. Actually I mean GE the ANIMATION done by ufotable. Tht would  worth a Aragami Core. 

  • No No

    If this did come out for the Vita I’m sure it would grant a lot of sales for the system.  The first GE was a success more or less or at least created a cult love for the game.  Problem with the Vita is that it doesn’t have a lot of appealing games, it’s very limited in it’s selection.  GE already set itself in the eyes of fans and marketing would make it look like a MH game which I’m sure will make Japanese gamers all giddy inside.  

    inb4 I get rammed up the ass for saying Vita has no games.

    • sherimae1324

      No No no no no no no and no!… doesn’t have a lot of appealing games?! 

      can you tell me exactly how long does the PSP is in existence? ofcourse it has a LOT more appealing games right now after all those years, but you must also consider that it has a slow start and few games when it is still in its Early Years ^_^

      • brian yep

        Um exactly, it needs a killer app (or at least a modest one like this) and this would be perfect.
        God Eater needs a second analog thing anyway.

  • eliel

    sweet can’t w8 to c some new info on this game ;D

  • sherimae1324

    owwwwwwwww SILICONERA…… 

    You gave me a Happy Week ^_^ tee-hee

  • Zonron

    i was just looking for news of this yesterday! im glad to hear its still in production. i tried to play the first one, but then i remember about this game and i keep thinking, but i could do this with hammers…

    i hope soon doesn’t mean 3 months from now.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      That avatar — always the yandere…..

      • Spider-Man

         Yandere girls are truly amazing. <3

        • I disagree. They r like those hitman who will stop at nothing to get to you >.<

  • Games like this stay in development for yeaaaars

  • brian yep

    Will it satisfy people outside of Japan?
    Because it still being a PSP thing makes me think no.

    • As long as it does have a Digital Release as well, it wont bother me much. And actually Bamco can make more money with releasing it as a DD Title, enabling PSP Owners and Vita Owners access to this game.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Companies of Namco’s size don’t seem to go for that in the west, that’s just our niche publishers. I’ve yet to see one like Namco do a DD release for a PSP game that otherwise wouldn’t see a release. At this point in the PSP’s life they usually just skip it all together.

    • Solomon_Kano

      The fact that they announced it for PSP in 2011 pretty much says that they really don’t care who’s satisfied outside of Japan.

  • this time, make sure at least 50% of the jp dlc goes west if this gets a localization with, below 50% chance to be granted. and oh, a mode where we can hack and slash not just aragamis but fellow god eaters as well. *_*

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well a good news here.^^ As i almost forget about this game here lol.^^

    While the wait is not terrible considering many games is coming out, this makes me think whether the long development time here means they are having problem or just that they are trying to polish the game more lol.^^

  • Really like to get my hands on this one! It looks to be a real gem.

  • Looks lk some1 pressed Nyaa-Shan sensitive spot.
    Just curious, why PSP is much more alive in JP? 
    I’m betting we will see this on TGS. Would lk to see some gameplay and story trailer.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Mon Hun series.^^(Thats all.)

  • This Game will be much Bigger than Monster Hunter Third
    I hope this will be localized :))))

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Hopefully announcement for a dual PSP/Vita version like Level-5 is doing for Little Battlers W. I enjoyed God Eaters 1 quite a bit, so if 2 can make it over that’d be awesome.

  • AzuNo17

    The customization and overall atmosphere of the first game makes this one of my most cherished franchises. That music as well.. Go Shiina, I can’t wait for you to return for this sequel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtfzwOOlOII

    Thank you for the update!

  • Historiata

    Surprise! Turns out that the ‘news that God Eater 2 is getting news’ counts as ‘news’, thereby justifying a delay in release!

  • neogeno

    Thank goodness! I thought God Eater was going to vanish without a trace.

    Burst out swingin’ Tomizawa!!

  • arrhh.) I can’t take it anymore! this game is too awesome for me to be waiting so long. main I just love this game. Give me a demo or something to keep calm! I know you guys must be working very hard to bring the way you want it.oh well? I’ll keep waiting till the day I die lol

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