Tales Of Xillia 2’s Scenario Switching System In Action

By Spencer . July 5, 2012 . 2:14am

Players can change how Tales of Xillia 2 unfolds by pressing a button. The scenario shifting system offers two choices and you have to make a decision, like whether to attack an enemy or surrender, by pressing L1 or R1. The main character Ludger, is a 22 year old man who can switch between using swords, a hammer, and pistols during battle.


Tales of Xillia 2 comes out on November 1.




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  • Didn’t Siliconera already post these vids? 

    • s07195

      Yeah, I thought the same thing…

  • http://www.siliconera.com/2012/06/26/tales-xillia-2-event-scenes-with-elle-ludger-and-his-cat/
    This and the news here are not exactly the same.

    I hoped that they would show the second option which the players can chose from BUT those videos in the link here (in my post) aren’t of the same quality nor the official youtube account of NamcoBandai Games.
    Aka it is something new and this time in 720p which is likely the original resolution of Tales of Xillia 2.

    Can’t wait till they announce the release date for Xillia and it’s “Sequel” here.
    Also Thanks for the Videos, still love em, especially in their original resolution! :3

  • Alphabet Soup

    Time for the Tales series to embrace the concept of “Wrong Ends” :D

  • Go2hell66

    Just a heads up

    Namco Europe doing a live stream at Japan Expo in paris. tales of series producer and tekken series producer have an announcement tomorrow 2pm CET


    could this mean what i think it means!?

    • solbalmung

      Oh my god, that was the news I was looking forward too.
      Can’t hide my high expectation from Hideo Baba’s annoucement >_<!!!!!

    • Nitraion

      I want to exited but this could be ToG:F being to europe but i could be wrong
      i don’t want lose hope!!!

      • Go2hell66

         Tales of Xillia coming to western markets in 2013 :D

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          I’m a bit shocked at how many other sites have articles up about this already, while, at least, at the time of me beginning this comment, there was nothing here about Xillia’s localization or Baba saying that if TOX sales are good, we will get TOX2 as well.

          • Go2hell66

             i’m sure the articles will be up soon

  • Cephrien

    They should’ve gotten a real cat to voice the cat.

    Plenty of quality cat voice actors out there.

  • keithmaxx

    Wow, the Tales series just made a turn for… Visual Novels! I have mixed feelings about this, if it means have to make choices for just about every little thing.

    I can see how Baba just made this installment more oriented towards Japanese gamers, but I have this feeling that too many choice points might be a turn off for those unfamiliar to the genre. I can only hope that they would REALLY turn into diverging story branches, something that will positively contribute to the replayability of this game.

  • darkfox1

    Yoooooo was that blood I just seen? Tales series just got REAL?

  • We’ve pretty much all seen these vids before. Also Elle looks and sounds soooo cute, even when she’s being shot at =P

  • RaikageV

    I wonder what happens if you don’t make a decision. Maybe something totally different happens?

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