Look, Street Fighter X Tekken For Xbox 360 Won’t Ever Have Mega Man Or Pac-Man

By Spencer . July 13, 2012 . 1:00am


Capcom bumped up the release date for the twelve downloadable Street Fighter X Tekken fighters. On July 31, you’ll be able to set up fights between Blanka and Alisa or Dudley and Mega Man. Well, you can do that last bout on the Xbox 360 version.


"Unfortunately for Xbox 360 users, Mega Man and Pac-Man are exclusive to the PS3 version of the game," Street Fighter X Tekken producer Tomoyaki Ayano explained to Siliconera.


I was curious if Mega Man and Pac-Man were a timed exclusive since hackers found data for both characters on the Xbox 360 disc. Ayano addressed this with a candidly, "Every game has data on it that is unused. In this case, Street Fighter X Tekken for the Xbox 360 did have the Mega Man and Pac-Man data on it. But, we never intended to release these characters on the 360. They are PS3 exclusives and that was our intention from the very beginning. The are not going to be timed exclusives either, they’re PS3 exclusives."

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  • TheInternetNomad

    lol, one advantage in having a hacked xbox 360 I guess. pretty lazy, should of just altered the disc for the xbox 360 version if they knew the characters would be exclusive to playstation.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I actually find it a shame that people think like you. It’s basically the same as, shouldn’t have had your wallet in your glove compartment if you didn’t want someone to break into your car and take it.

      • TheInternetNomad

        I don’t have one,  i’m just saying it’s kind of cool to be able to poke around where other wise it would be restricted. not promoting piracy or anything. hacks and homebrews are awesome however.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          But when we are talking about accessing this content, we are not talking about ‘homebrew’. It is also a subject which as you can clearly see, engenders a lot of negative reactions on both sides of the fence. As such, it is talk that we ask be kept from the site.

  • The sad thing is bloggers (I refuse to call the majority of the people out their journalists) and people in the industry in general defend this crap and call us “entitled” for being pissed off about it. *COUGH8-4PLAYCOUGH*

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      But you are. You had the option of buying it for the one system that has the characters or doing without. It’s a simple choice. I own both systems and I’d never buy a fighter on 360, just like I’d never buy a Mass Effect game on the PS3. 

      Don’t complain because you didn’t make the right choice of which version to buy. I guess, if it bothers you as much as it does, you could always just be a thief like the other people with hacked systems.

      • Chippel

         Any major differences between versions are the fault of the developer, not the consumer. The idea that there’s a “wrong” console for a game, let alone an entire genre of them is silly. And are you belittling people that do not have both consoles?

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          No, I’m belittling people who only choose to own one console and then complain when they don’t get something from the other console. That IS your fault.

          And if there’s stuff on one version that you wanted, but you don’t have that version, you’re damn right that’s the wrong version.

    • Repede91

      Everyone knew before release Pac-Man and Mega Man were Sony exclusives. Everybody had a chance to choose the PS3 version if these 2 bonus characters were important to them.

      If you just own a 360 you could also just opt not to play this game if platform exclusives are that important to you.

      That being said; there really was nothing malicious about this move since Capcom was up front about it.

    • heartless141

      i gotta stand with capcom on this one, dood, they put trailers and everything beforehand stating that it will be system exclusive.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Plizz at least know the truth here.T_T


      Those character from first had been designed as exclusives for PS3 not 360 here.

  • Repede91

    Well 360 peeps, you do get 2 months early access to the RE6 demo. Though it won’t matter in a few weeks, it is something.

  • Colin Tosh

    I don’t believe them. If they were found in the code they were found for a reason. Unless they put them there to encourage hacking and get you banned from Xbox live.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Just like how the hot coffee mini-game found in San Andreas for the PS2 was there for a reason, right? They probably just didn’t think anybody would hack it. Admittedly, that’s a naive way to think in today’s day and age, but in all likelihood, it was just easier to keep the characters locked on the disc than to remove them at whatever stage they made the deal with Sony to make the characters exclusive.

    • Code

      Honestly a lot of stuff like this is left in games. And now that more then ever games are going multiplatform, it’s just something that’ll happen. There isn’t really a reason outside of the fact often these games aren’t cleaned up on disc before release. Here you can read up on others >w<; Enjoy~!


    • Paradox me

      Developers occasionally leave snippets of code in games simply to avoid any bugs/glitches that may result from its removal.

      That may or may not be the case here.

    • heartless141

       just too lazy to remove the data. and there’s almost no harm leaving them there.

      • Lol, but I guess there was some harm after all, wasn’t there? :P

    • Roberto Armando Iraheta

      From what I heard, Xbox was supposed to get exclusive content, but they decided to dropped the whole thing. 

      • xavier axol

        let me guess ms spend the money on cod, and here i thought ms had an infinite amount of greens.lol just so you, i love my xbox360 and play mass effect 2&3, skyrim, and kingdoms of amalur on it. summer arcade will be awesome (better than sony’s take on…. probably), but i don’t like ms for starting this whole trent.

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    Street Fighter x Sony money

    • Unlimax

      What’s the point of saying that .. The game sucks so bad And those characters are worthless !!!

      “Sony Money” .. more like Micro$oft money , look i’m not trying to act like a fanboy but Roberto Where are you going   , Sony .. REALLY WTH !?

      • Solomon_Kano

        … the hell are you talking about?

        • Unlimax

          O_o Ummm … Is there anything wrong with that !?

          my apologize if that mean something to you “personally” .

          • GWTrinku

            At a marketing stand point, this game is definetly skewed towards Sony sales.

            Megaman, Pac-Man, Sony Cats, Cole McGrath… that’s a good number of exclusives for a game you’re not trying to fanboy over.

          • Unlimax

            What makes you angry to this extent about some extra characters being on sony side .. the game was awful .. terrible .. sucks .. bad so so bad  I can not believe that this game is titled ” Street Fighter x Tekken ”
            .. It is just a disgrace in the history of both games to be honest !!

            That’s it … I’m waiting for Tekken X Street Fighter !

          • Solomon_Kano

            It didn’t. Your response just didn’t really make sense though.

            What he was saying had nothing to do with any opinion regarding the actual game’s quality or the merit of those characters. He was making a statement as to why the PS3 got those characters exclusively.

    • xavier axol

      Just stop it, you think that m$ don’t practice that kind of dirty business? just look cod and skyrim. in fact it was m$ that started this whole trend, why do people have to suffer just because of some dummy came up with the stupid idea of creating exclusive content on a particular platform (again m$). as if DLC wasn’t bad enough. thanks m$

      • Solomon_Kano

        He never said they didn’t. That’s merely the reason why the game had exclusive characters on PS3.

        You aren’t wrong, but what you’ve said isn’t really relevant to his comment.

        • xavier axol

          ok not to be rude, but what part of blamed m$ for introducing exclusive platform content didn’t you get. “in fact it was m$ that started this whole trent” as if dlc wasn’t bad enough.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I didn’t miss your point and I’m not sure how you didn’t understand that. What part of “you aren’t wrong” didn’t you get? No need for such an answer, bud.

            His comment was that that’s the reason why the game had exclusive characters on PS3, because Sony paid for them. Your blaming of Microsoft for starting that trend had nothing to do with his comment. That’s pretty straight forward. Who the hell cares who started it? What does that have to do with him asserting that Sony paying for these characters is why they’re here? Your comment was only tangentially related is what I’m saying.

          • xavier axol

            sorry!! somehow i read “you are wrong” forgot that there was a n’t after “are–“. anyway …. i’m sure or correct me if i’m wrong that since we are also talking about ms then. why is he blaming sony for paying crapcom when you know that if ms was interested in the game (it would have no dout paid for some sort of “exclusive content”) and i know that if ms was interested in such game, it would have paid anything to get some exclusives. i can already predict that gta v will have xbox360 exclusive content and the ps3 won’t. want to bet?
            p.s. not everything is fair

          • Solomon_Kano

            Why is he blaming Sony for paying Capcom? He’s not blaming anyone, it would follow logically that Sony got 5 extra characters (3 of which are owned by Sony themselves) because they paid for them. That’s all. He isn’t saying Sony’s the only one who does this, he isn’t saying it’s fair or unfair, he’s just saying that’s what happened.

            If MS was interested they certainly would’ve paid for some (they do it for COD every year) but, then, that kind of makes anyone’s anger at Capcom in this article pointless, doesn’t it? Tell the people who are angry that they have 5 less characters that MS didn’t ante up this time.

  • Nitraion

    The title looks like a troll to me….

    • Peace Legacy

       Yeah, you’re right, the title sounds like something I would expected from a Sankaku Complex troll tabloid article

      • Nitraion

        Lol sankaku complex… XD don’t start it bro…..

  • I’m laughing for real right now.

  • People actually complained about not getting bad box art Mega Man? I thought everyone hated him?

    • MrJechgo

      Long story short: both Pac-Man and Mega Man were found in the 360 version when it was hacked, with every single detail possible that could be found in the PS3 version. They were technically ready to add. While the version of Mega Man might be another issue, people complain because these two characters are Capcom and Namco IPs and shouldn’t be PS3-exclusive.

  • So… You want ’em, buy a PS3?

    Shrewd marketing tactic.

    • pressstart

      Considering all the goodies the Playstation 3 and Vita has for SFxT, UMvC3, and 25th anniversary, Sony obviously has a business deal with Capcom.

  • xavier axol

    i got an idea why don’t we speak with our wallet and for those who don’t like that kind of dirty practice and seem to be hating the game just don’t buy the thing. just like how i didn’t bought the ps3 version, but will plan buy the vita which is the complete version. that way i can let know crapcom that i’m not fine with their shitty scams. see that’s not so hard to understand, now let’s all move along.


       “Speak with our wallet”…

      “will plan buy the vita”…

      A bit of a hypocrite over here, eh? You want to vote with your wallet? Don’t buy the game, period.

      • xavier axol

        mmmm.. so i’m hypocrite for wanting a “completed version” of a game i want, ok genius how would you go about this then? and please stop it with your irrational (child like) shenanigans because unlike you, i’m not going to deprived myself from playing a good game. note that i said “good game” not great but good none the less.

        • SirRichard

          For one calm down mate, a childish rant isn’t called for, he just told you to not buy the game. And childish and child-like aren’t the same thing as irrational, for reference.

          For two, if you don’t support what Capcom did, why buy the game in any form? If you want a fighting game like this, you could get Super Street Fighter IV AE preowned or otherwise on the cheap, and if you want a fighting game on your Vita, there’s other fighters.

          Buy it if you want, don’t let anyone stop you, but don’t explode on people over little things.

          • xavier axol

            why don’t just read my previous comment “speak with your wallet” suddenly i’m called hypocrite. for supporting a good sence of practice that capcom is doing on the vita version( for onces). yes i guess i’m wrong and sbkjazz is being very rational. i was telling people to not hate the game just because of capcom dirty scams, and that i was willing to give the vita version (the completed version) a chance.

    • British_Otaku

      If you want to speak with your wallet but still want to enjoy the game’s complete version. You should be buying the game second hand on the Vita and perhaps advertise the fact you did so through forums or other media sites to get the point across.

      Giving Capcom $40 for a port instead of $60 (+ potential DLC) for the original game isn’t much of a difference given that the original game doesn’t even have much value anymore.

      • xavier axol

        wow that’s a great idea! :-) but don’t you think that this time, it is very critical for the vita. i mean…. won’t it also send a bad massage to third party about the vita. i feel that the vita needs more support for both consumers and publishers. just a week ago 2k ceo (randy pitchford) ask for sony to publish the vita version of borderlands 2, but wasn’t able to do that themselves. i believe they can if they want to, but are affraid to.

        • British_Otaku

          I’ve thought about that, as I have to confront cases where “The game may be good” but the policies, company behind it, means of distribution and/or lead designer’s cat are bad quite often.

          I think it is good enough if you buy the Vita and support Sony’s system through taking the money saved to other good Vita games aside from recommending a Vita to others if you have one, it will work out with more games which need sales on the Vita getting that supports. If it is only you, that’s one lost sale for Capcom (which was a sale anyway as it is second hand) and other third parties will benefit as long as they don’t go out of their way to harm gaming with you finding out.

          • xavier axol

            honestly i just wish that capcom learned from these mistakes. off topic , but how awesome would it be if we see a ps vita version of borderlands 2 and resident evil 6? better yet a gta v or skyrim. ohh a man can only dream.

  • MrJechgo

    Wow, another low blow for 360 users ? Capcom is really losing its reputation with that game.

  • SirRichard

    With each passing month and game I feel more and more sorry for people who only have 360s. Kinda feel sorry for my own, in fact.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I started this gen, only owning a 360, because of Infinite Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia and the like. Then when I saw the PS3 start getting enhanced ports and better exclusives for the JRPG and fighting genres, I went dual-system. It’s really the best of both worlds. There’s nothing I can’t play now. 

      As a dual system owner, I can go play with Pacman and Megaman right now in SFXT on my PS3 and then load up the RE6 demo on my 360. And you’ll never see me complaining, because I don’t have a reason to.

      If I had chosen to just stick with my 360 all these years, I wouldn’t have a right to complain because I would’ve chosen to stick with one system.

      Just like I don’t feel PS3 owners have a right to complain about the Witcher 2, I don’t feel 360 owners have a right to complain about this or Disgaea or example.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Infinite Odyssey, eh? :D

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          It was early and I was waiting for a call from overseas. lol. I was confusing Infinite Undiscovery and Lost Odyssey. XD

    • malek86

      You are making it sound like the people who bought a 360 only did it for JRPGs and fighting games. If that were the case, you’d be right. But I assume the vast majority of them (me included) bought it for shooters, action or WRPG games. In that regard, there isn’t much to complain about.

      • SirRichard

        I wasn’t intending to make it sound like that, mate. I have a 360 as well, I don’t use it for fighting games or JRPGs. Even then, I still feel it’s getting a bit shafted, what with more and more games coming on multiple discs and needing installs to load reasonably, getting left out of Steamworks (Microsoft’s decision, I know) and Microsoft themselves seemingly trying to do anything but bring games to the platform.

        Perhaps I could’ve worded it better, but still, I haven’t used the thing in a while and I know a friend who only has a 360 who’s growing more dissatisfied with it, I don’t think my sentiment is unfounded.

        • malek86

          No sentiment is unfounded. If you’re dissatisfied with the console, you’ll have your reasons, which differ from mine.

          I have no problems with the catalog, which seems pretty ok to me, or even multiple discs. My qualms are only with having to pay the Gold subscription (which I don’t want to) for extra services and multiplayer.

          I wouldn’t say I’m dissatisfied with it though. It still does what it was supposed to do when I bought it. No more, no less.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Ha, this must have brought several smiles

  • doubletaco

     Oh, Capcom.

  • KingGunblader

    If it makes you 360 owners feel any better, Cole is the only PS3 character is isn’t complete and utter shite.

  • Shadowman

    Well whatever then I don’t own your game any more.

  •  I think console exclusive characters are fine in fighters as long as they’re done like what they did with Soul Calibur. This seems a little much…

  • thaKingRocka

    How do these people get to be so foolish? If you put everything on every disc, then the people will find it, and they will know that you made the decision to deny them something. They will then want to know why they were denied access to something. It would have been nice to receive an answer as to WHY they were decided to be PS3 exclusives instead of simply being told that this was always their intention.

    These companies, Capcom in particular, keep making hugely stupid moves that upset the consumers and they have no idea how to respond when confronted. Of course, that is mainly because they are usually in the wrong. My major concern with this sort of thing though is the preservation of games. If they want a game to be taken seriously in the fighting genre, they can NOT keep splintering the community in all of these stupid ways. I love alternate costumes, but at least those do not affect the game in any real way. They are purely cosmetic.

    How could a game from this time period survive the way ST has if they lock away content that is only available via online services? They care about the money more than they care about the quality, public perception, and long life of a good product, which is weird because if you worry about those things, it is very likely that the money will follow.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      “Why they were decided to be PS3 exclusives?”

      Because from the beginning, they are being advertised like that?


      Why does everyone so quickly blame everything on Capcom here? When from the first they already mentioned this?

      • thaKingRocka

        “Because from the beginning, they are being advertised like that?”

        Is your answer as to why these characters were exclusive that they were ADVERTISED as being exclusive? The chicken or the egg?

        The fact that they had mentioned this early on does not provide us with an explanation and it does not serve as an excuse. Also, you should understand that the word “exclusive” has mostly lost its meaning in the world of video gaming since it is generally employed only temporarily these days, which people don’t much care for either. It seems that advertisers are not required to differentiate between genuine exclusives and timed exclusives.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          People don’t care much? Exclusives has mostly lost its meaning???

          Please here, it seems now you are smoking things totally out of context now. 

          Advertised here means as a “contract” which means it is an agreement from companies againts customer. So no matter what you said here, Capcom is not on the wrong sides here. And if they allows the exclusives character to be played on 360 there, it means they broke their promise here with those customer who bought the PS3 edition that can cause them being sued here.

          I think you should calm yourself here and understand that this case is almost the same as Soul Calibur case where each consoles had their own exclusive character. It is just this time, Capcom being stupid does not take out the character data even though i understand that taking out some data that already exist in the disc sometimes can cause the game being unable to be played at all and they wanted to avoid all those works.

          • thaKingRocka

            “People don’t care much for” is an understated euphemism meaning that they don’t like something. I was saying that people don’t like how exclusives are now often temporary. Exclusives used to actually be exclusive, but nowadays we see so many exclusives turn out to actually be timed exclusives. That’s what I meant by the word losing its meaning.

            What about the following broken “contracts” between companies and customers?
            Tales of Vesperia, Mass Effect, Idolmaster, Bioshock, Trusty Bell, etc…

            I remember the Soul Calibur situation. I didn’t like it then either, but at least the Sony and Nintendo characters made sense for the platforms. I think you mistake my disapproval for excitement. I have been perfectly calm the entire time. I understand the situation regarding exclusivity perfectly well; I just don’t like it. I think that they have a right to make a game or some content exclusive, but it is foolish to think that the people would be okay with learning that all of the content was there and that they were locked out of it.

            Now, here’s the real problem that I was talking about from the start. Nobody has answered the question as to why non-Sony characters were exclusive to the PS3. That’s the answer that I said we wanted to hear, and nobody has addressed it.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            About those “broken” contracts, i am not really sure there as indeed they are some timed exclusives or real exclusives there. For example: Lost Odyssey, Infinite Discovery and Blue Dragon is real exclusives or all other Microsofts own product here.

            Tales of Vesperia is also exclusives for 360 however, not outsides of Japan. Idolmaster while the first one is exclusives to 360, it seems Microsoft themselves never tries to grab hold the second ones for exclusivity.

            Now to answer you question here. Why the non-Sony characters were exclusives to PS3? Because Sony must had strike a deal with Capcom to make sure that they get those character being exclusives here. I mean, they use the facts that they get more characters to get people buying their products here rather than the other edition here.

            It is just business, and of course it is all about money.

          • We don’t know. Most games Internet trolls claim are “timed exclusive” never get proven. All sorts of accusations of backdoor deals or being paid for content, often without the thinnest evidence shred presented. Vague or inaccurate information spread to a large enough audience can become generally accepted as true by the innocent.

            Mass Effect is a special case. Its developer and IP holder (Bioware) was purchased by EA right before the 360 version’s original development was complete, within weeks of release under Microsoft publishing. They might’ve had to delay the game to switch at that point. Instead EA waited to begin handling new Mass Effect games until the PC release soon after.

          • thaKingRocka

            I couldn’t reply to the other.

            “It is just business, and of course it is all about money.”

            THIS is a reason. They need to come out and say it. However, the 360 owners of the game have a right to complain having paid the same price as PS3 owners for five fewer characters and 150% of the Vita version for 17 fewer characters.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Well I remember reading that they planned Nathan drake for ps3 and  marcus fenix with master chief for 360…
    1.Take the kitties out give us Nathan.
    2.Give 360 marcus and the chief AND megatroll with pacman
    3.They will never do that.
    4.Sell your SFxT and wait for TTT2 and TxSF

    • TxSF will be ultimately superior!!!

  • Setsuna ♥

    If anyone buys the DLC for the 12 new characters at the end of the month, I reserve the right to take their money away from them :x

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      You reserve nothing. Sorry that some of us are actually honest people who don’t believe in hacking our games.

      • Asura

         It looks like some of you also can’t read very well…

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Welcome to Siliconera but please understand our community rules before you post. We are a site that asks one to think before they post and not simply say things designed to bring about negative reactions in folks. Allusions to hacking and modding activity are still posts about hacking and modding activity. Leave such posts elsewhere.

      • Dantis

         Pretty sure he was making a joke about confiscating other user’s money, not hacking the game.

        Y’all have gotten mighty touchy the last few days…

      • Setsuna ♥

        I made an out of turn comment in the Naruto article I know but this one was simply a joke, sarcasm, nothing meant to be taken seriously and hopefully a way to make some people chuckle if they understand why I made the comment (Capcom has that sort of reputation).

        You guys have just recently started making yourselves known as moderators on the site for these articles but if you can’t tell the difference between a short plain joke comment and a serious one then you may want to rethink your selection in moderators. 

        My comment wasn’t even in regards to hacking or modding but to the DLC coming out at the end of the month. You told me to understand the community rules before I post but maybe you yourself should read the comments carefully before playing moderator on us.

        This isn’t meant to be an attack or insult on you guys but an observation I have with the recent activity in moderators, please take this to heart for the future.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Thank you for taking the time to respond, and for the earlier understanding. I actually was not asking you to delete your list, just asking that the thread not turn into a mess of other folks lists. I was more concerned with the comments you had made regards to another poster.

          As to this thread, your ‘short plain joke’ came rather late in a thread that as can be noted below, had already seen comments regarding hacking or otherwise obtaining the DLC by other means. Capcom threads have gone places no one wishes more than once, so I’d also ask you consider why we pay a bit more attention to comments made in one of them.

          • Setsuna ♥

            When I said “crush him” ? I didn’t mean it too offensively like I was going to hold an eternal grudge against him but more so that I would win that debate no matter what. Either way I deleted it because I felt I was being overly aggressive about it too after re reading it.

            So my comment for paying for the DLC was confused with “Don’t buy the DLC when you can hack it then? , I meant nothing of that sort but with the talk of hacking I’m sure people just went down the list and thought that was what I meant upon posting it.

            I can understand the attention to articles such as these and Ill put that into consideration but as a moderator youre representing Siliconera as well, small mistakes like these shouldn’t happen … I know its just a one time thing (for me anyway) but if it were to continue readers may not take moderators seriously.

    • ToshiChan

       wow does no one actually see this as sarcasm? disappointed in humanity

  • Klaus00

    I remember there being an article on here , Ono asking us what Xbox exclusive character we would like to see.? What ever happened to that? 

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      It seems Capcom scrap that idea out which is the main reason why all 360 owner here goes crazy about this case lol.^^ As only Sony who are going to get exclusive character here.

    • apparently the characters that they were considering as xbox exclusives didnt work out because of licencing and timing issues. unfortunately, they settled with giving us nothing. lol. we couldve at least gotten an exclusive sf or tekken character.

    • They should of just made some random dudebro shooter character. Xbox users will eat that up.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Hurr hurr because I don’t like shooters I’ll slap that crappy dudebro meme on it to make myself cool when it really doesn’t hurr hurr.

    • Chee Yang

      I think Ono wanted to put Marcus Fenix in, so XBox would get exclusives too. But the deal never fell through with Microsoft.

  • Fidelis

    In all honesty, does it really even matter?
    Two characters you probably wouldnt play as much and a playstation property.
    This really doesn’t seem like something to cry about especially months and months after the characters were already announced to be exclusives

    • heartless141

      5 exclusives to be precise, :P but yeah, they did announce it before hand, so no whining there.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      People will always complain here even though they know they are wrong here considering from the first, Capcom already mentioned that 360 ones will not get those Sony exclusives lol.T_T

  • Tee Niitris

    And Capcom strikes again! lol

    Weren’t they advertised as Sony exclusives the entire time; I don’t see why they should suddenly change that stance. Sure hackers got hold of the 360 data and unlocked them, but that’s illegal anyway. Cacom should seriously consider making a statement in regards to Microsoft and 360 owners rather then stating their plans and not giving a good enough reason why.

    • Michael Synodis

       There is nothing illegal about doing something with software you purchased.

      •  You aren’t buying anything, technically, except the right to use the license. The company still owns the data on the disk.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        This post is full of fail.

      • Tee Niitris

        I knew I’d ruffle a few feathers with that post, I should’ve kept quiet about it.

        Anyway, I do feel bad for 360 owners that Capcom gave rather poor treatment to the 360 release. However, pulling the justice card and saying “I own the disc, so I own the data” is completely wrong.

        If you’re given a video game disc (such as this one), you aren’t allowed to burn the data off the disc and make copies for use and/or profit. Why? Because the data isn’t yours. You didn’t create the data, nor did you store it inside the disc. For what reason does it become “your” data… because you bought the game? You own the disc to use the software interface provided in the CD, but that’s as far as it goes.

        In other words, if the data was truly yours, piracy and hacking wouldn’t be illegal.

        Should Capcom sell the Sony exclusive characters to the 360? Perhaps, but they clearly advertised that these characters are “Sony exclusives.” They don’t have to change their stance simply because they were lazy with the 360 port.

        People may have an argument about the co-op online play because that’s false advertisement. This is why I don’t “pre-order games” (but that’s besides the point).

        I’m not defending Capcom, I don’t need to. Besides, this game flopping the way it did states that they deserve all the criticism they get. However, that’s no excuse to justify “being a rebel” and “fighting the man,” and its not very courageous either. Complaining to Capcom would make more of a statement than throwing that logic over here.

    • LynxAmali

      Same reason quite a few video games series were marketed as exclusive and got enhanced ports on other systems?


      Yes, I’m still erked by that.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    It’s like Capcom finds new ways to make their fans mad at them with every game release. I don’t think Ayano’s attitude helps much either.

  • I don’t care, give me Tekken X Street Fighter.  It will be the superior version.

  • Hinataharem

    Don’t be upset 360 owners. You really aren’t missing out on any good characters.

  • isfuturebright

    Ultima Street Fighter x Tekken coming lol I just think Capcom keeps messing up with the fans! I really think alot before buying one of their games :P

  • Crevox

    This is even funnier. The characters are there, but you will NEVER be able to play them.

    Yeah I understand licensing agreements and all that, exclusivity, blah blah blah…

    But in practice and logically, it’s just silly. I wish an easy to install hack to unlock them was released just so everyone that has the 360 version can play them and get their money’s worth (it’s on the disc!).

    I don’t own the game anyways, just saying…

  • DS23

    Wait, weren’t the hacky kids playing both of those characters on the 360 version? This is really bizarre.

  • NTyron52

    Nah I don’t think this is too much of a problem tbh, and honestly these 2 characters are really really awkward to play, I don’t really know anyone who plays them on the PS3… they are not really meant to be taken seriously anyway.

    Plus, weren’t a lot of people pissed off when they saw bad box art Megaman and now you want him to become playable? Am I missing something or what?

  • Pipiskin99

    kinda strange move, i feel for xbox360 users

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII

    Capcom lost a customer for life witht his game and the endless dick moves for it.


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