Etrian Odyssey IV Sells 75% Of Shipment, Little Battlers Does Well, Too

By Ishaan . July 16, 2012 . 10:30am

Etrian Odyssey IV on the Nintendo 3DS had the best opening week in the series to date when it was recently released in Japan. The game moved 95,506 copies in its first week, and sales tracker, Media Create, report that it sold through 75.68% of its shipment.


For comparison, Etrian Odyssey III, which has the second-best opening week in the series thus far, sold 87,765 copies in its first week on shelves in 2010. That number amounted to a 74.75% sell-through. Seeing as how Etrian Odyssey IV had both greater opening sales and a slightly better sell-through, it means the series is gradually reaching out to more people.


Meanwhile, also on 3DS, The Little Battlers: Explosive Boost sold 54,354 copies in its first week. That represents a 60.90% sell-through, according to Media Create.


This is particularly impressive because Explosive Boost is the third release of the very first Little Battlers title. Prior to this, The Little Battlers eXperience and The Little Battlers Boost were released for the PSP. The latter, which, like Explosive Boost, was an updated version, sold 60,727 copies in its first week, with a 43.48% sell-through.


Later this year, Level 5 will release The Little Battlers W, the actual second game in the series, for the PSP and PlayStation Vita. It would be very surprising indeed, if this game, too, didn’t see an updated release on the 3DS next year.

  • Can’t wait to play my copy.

    Bought the Famitsu DX pack, too ;D

  • I would buy the game just to hear Yuzo Koshiro’s amazing music.

  • Though I’ve never played any title in the series, I’m glad to hear that Etrian Odyssey IV has been an overall success.

    I understand that Level-5 want to tap into the the already established userbase of the PSP to drive up sells but it will hurt any potential sales for the Vita. I think that Sony lacks that “mascot” that can traverse both the handheld and home console. Like how the 3DS seemed to be “doomed” but a combination of a price drop and and everyone’s favourite plumber came to their rescue.  

    • I don’t think they need a “mascot”. I think Sony have a couple of strong-ish franchises up their sleeves that can probably save the day if they put a little more work into it. They probably have even more options if they considered third party franchises too.

      I think it’s more like Nintendo is the special case with Mario. Video games as a whole have always been viewed as something for kids to the general public. When parents are clueless for what game to get their kids, a Mario game is usually the first thing they pick up. They know it’s safe, non-violent and enjoyable. Nintendo monopolized on this market first and now they’re kind of recognized for it.

      I think the Vita’s floundering is only temporary. Just the same ol’ thing that happens every time a next gen console comes out.

      EDIT: Ack, I guess I got a little ranty there. xD But it was a just an interesting comment, and I felt like I wanted to say something.

      • I don’t mind a good ol’ rant, I love reading them from time to time; just not negative ones. :D

        Well, maybe not a “mascot” for both systems but one that gets people excited for the system and for any future handhelds that they develop; a staple to that platform that people expect to see that helps show off the systems features.   

        I totally agree with you. Mario is just one those phenomena that can be enjoyed by the young and old, core and casual gamers.  

        I too think the Vita is just going through a phase. I didn’t get my PS3 until the 4th iteration. So once the games become more constant in their release, the system will see “success”.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Mario’s definitely special, but I will say that MS has something similar with Halo. Saved the original Xbox and remains the biggest franchise they own (since Gears is Epic’s baby). Not Mario “I’ve sold several different consoles” big, but similar on a smaller scale.

        • Hmm.. I guess that’s true. It’s really Sony that has decided on a flagship yet then, isn’t it? :/

          • Solomon_Kano

            It’s kinda funny because the characters most associated with PS have never been theirs, so I wonder how they’d even pick? Crash was practically their mascot on PS1, but he suffered a fate worse than death (falling into Activision’s hands lol). On PS2 they had MGS, but that was when the series was also multiplatform.

            Ratchet & Clank are probably the closest Sony’s got to a flagship after having been loved last gen and doing well this gen, but that’s only in terms of recognition I’d say. I think… I think it might be Nathan Drake and Uncharted. Kratos, eh, but Drake is pretty well-liked by the Playstation fanbase and the Uncharted series keeps selling. Sony just has yet to really commit to any series long enough for them to have a Halo or Mario though.

          • I think Drake would be it, actually.

            The thing is, Drake can always have more adventures because of his Indiana Jones-like nature. But most of the other series kind of tire out. How many more times can Kratos seek vengeance on all the Gods? (Even Halo’s starting show signs of that, but they’re trying to reinvent themselves.)

            I guess, none of them are deliberately supposed to be flagships. Sony was just depending on having a diverse bunch of franchises.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, I suppose that’s why it’s actually harder for Sony to determine a flagship: they aren’t after one. I don’t imagine that Nintendo was either, and I know MS wasn’t, but they certainly haven’t shied away from the fact that that’s what those series have become. Sony just keeps pumping out these different franchises and once every gen they get that one series.

            I do think that, if they wanted it to, Uncharted could be that series for a while longer for the exact reason you listed. There’s no end to the stories they can tell with Drake. They’ve done two prequels (one wasn’t even a game, so he’s fit for other media too) and the series hasn’t hit a wall after its 3 PS3 entries, so there’s definitely room for it to remain Sony’s Halo.

            Beyond this is a tangent. Barely related, you don’t even have to read it. I just felt like saying this since it popped into my head lol.

            Speaking of Halo, I’m probably the only one, but I do think that 343 is being smarter about keeping this series alive than Bungie was in attempting to end it. I understand them wanting to leave it behind, but its a series that has a lot of room for expansion (hence the series move into books and that Halo Legends anime thing). I’m not encouraging them to milk it or anything, but I honestly never felt like Halo 3 was the ending it deserved. Not that it was bad, just that the series was fit to go on longer. They apparently thought so too, since they did Reach after lol. Out of the big 3, MS has probably the most natural franchise in Halo. Mario, much as I love him, never changes. There are no new stories there because he’s never had any. And I love him for that, but at the same time it gets… I dunno. It feels weird when you try to tell someone what Mario’s about from one game to another. “He, uh, saves the princess… again.” I’m not knocking that, but I like that MS has a series that’s big enough to actually lend itself to the kind of milking that flagship franchises are prone to. /tangent

  • doubletaco

    I wonder how that compares to how it sold in the US. I guess it had to do reasonably well for them to bring over all 3 of the others.

    Too bad we’ve gotta wait until Atlus’ Persona 4 blitz is over before we’ll hear about anything else.

    e: And in the case when we do get EO4, I really, really hope they get a new translator for it. I’ve recently dusted off my copy of EO3 and while playing it I’ve found some frustratingly awful translations. Not “I can’t believe they localized it like that!” awful — “But that’s completely wrong” awful.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      Can you give an example? I don’t remember seeing anything that awful in localization.

      • TedsterX

         First one that comes immediately to mind is sword mastery and katana mastery’s descriptions were reversed.

      • doubletaco

        There are times when an enemy will “Chase” an attack (follow up an ally’s attack with their own) and the game describes the action as “preparing for a counterattack.” I spent many a frustrating wipe on enemies that were counterattacking nothing.

  • NeoAthanasius

    I wish we could even get a quarter of the games in NA that Level-5 releases. So sad… 

  • riceisnice

    Maybe if they release the demo in America, Etrian Odyssey 4 could see that kind of success over here… HINT HINT.

  • $29082171

    Nintendo Power showed EO4 in their latest list poll of ”which 3DS games are you looking forward the most?”, in the midst of games that we already knew were being localized so it wasn’t an overview of japan-only titles as well.

    Strangely they also added Contra.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    They need to hurry up and release Etrian Odyssey 4 in the US.  My 3DS is useless without new rpgs.

    • keithmaxx

      This month-end sees the arrival of KH:3D… Maybe that’ll sate your need for the time being.

  • AnimusVox

    Am I the only one who read the title as ‘Elder Scrolls Oblivion’ at first glance?

  • This is good news. Hopefully it will make it to the US as well.

  • Sorta and not sorta surprised, isn’t how the EO seems well known (many Doujin remixes of certain themes) but i’m happy to hear its doing awesome.  Now just wait a few months for that NA/EU release 8D

  • Spectacularity

    Love Etrian Odyssey<3
    So glad it is doing well! 

  • Solomon_Kano

    Whoo! LBX! Whoo!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This is a good news for both Etrian and LBX there.^^ Considering, theya are facing a collosus named Pokemon that week lol.^^

    Well hoped that this week, they will still be selling as i see both of the game there is really a solid title there.^^

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